Teirdras, Goddess of Fairies and Heavenly Stars.

Basic Info:

Long ago, while on a journey with four other gods, Tierdras found an egg that hatched a cosmodian. Teirdras raised the Cosmodian and with only one goal in mind, Teirdras and her companions set out to save the world from an impending doom. While they were successful and she parted ways with the other 4 gods, Teirdras painfully bid farewell to her Celestial friend. Returning to the stars, Teirdras always kept a watchful eye on the night sky, in hopes to see her baby again. It is said that to this day Teirdras watches her starry companion from the shadows of the woods, ensuring that nothing grave should ever happen to him.


The following names have been given to Teirdras by her worshippers: Daughter of Snapdragons, The Lady of Dawn, Mother of Heavenly Stars, The Celestial Keeper, Starry Mystery.


Due to her protective and motherly instincts, Teirdras' domains are Nature and Life.


A Full Bloomed Red Rose with 5 Black Stars


Elves, Half Elves, Halflings, Pet Supporters, and Undead Opposers.

• Teirdras’ worshippers seek out and destroy undead creatures, people who pose a threat to the woods and the fairies, and those who mistreat their animal companions. Teirdras views necromancers as blasphemous and those who practice in the art are punished should they ever wander into Teirdras’ domain.

• Worshippers of Teirdras love trickery and deceit but not usually with malicious intent. Most followers of Teirdras live within woods, since they prefer to be closer to the natural world in an attempt to be more attuned to their goddess. Most of her worshippers are Elves, Half Elves, Halflings, pet supporters(<3), and undead opponents. Their favored weapon tends to be long bows and using their animal companions to fight as well.

Communication and Worship

• As befits the goddess, Teirdras prefers to speak through her fairies. Teirdras watches over her followers, keeping them from harm and sends them fairies to warn them of a future danger. She watches over the passage of her followers from the world. Worshippers who wish to request something from Teirdras can summer her fairies by making an offering in the woods. In a clearing, Worshippers are to leave dried Rosebuds, Red Dragon Snaps and White Mandevillas at Dusk. Then they light 5 candles in a star formation around the flowers and say their wish. If it is to be granted, a single red rose shall appear at their doorstep at dawn.

Teirdras' Symbol

Unbeknowst to her worshippers, Teirdras' true name is Rose Snapdragon. As a nod to her time as a mere mortal, Teirdras symbol is of a fulled bloomed red rose with a black star to symbolize her "heavenly stars."


• Few have seen her, leaving only her most devote followers ever laying eyes on Teirdras. Many have described Teirdras to have an indescribable beauty that surrounds her serenity and tranquility like a mantle of roses. Despite her beauty and Goddess status, the few who have seen her are left confused on whether she truly is a woman or not. Most remark that her beauty is beyond this world and they simply cannot comprehend it.


• As protector of the fairies, Teirdras’ only wish from her followers is that they preserve the natural world and protect any animal in need. Due to that, her followers value the importance of having animal companions and most have at the very least 3 animal companions.

A Brief Moral Story from Teirdras

• The sun blazed through the trees, illuminating the path in the woods softly as two children wandered and explored. As they approached a clearing, they could hear a tiny whine. The older child edged closer to the sound, only to find a wolf pup. He had gotten left behind, and despite the younger child being afraid, he urged his older brother to help him care for the pup. He brother stubbornly denied and began to walk back to the village. The younger brother looked back at the wolf before deciding to come back later by himself to help the pup.

Months go by and wolf pup is no longer a baby. The younger brother nurtured the wolf back to health and began to spend more and more time with the wolf. No one in the village had taken notice of missing food, or toys. The boy had befriended a wolf and despite taming the wolf, he knew that his village wouldn't agree to keep him.

One afternoon, the men came from the village telling everyone to hide and lock themselves in their houses for goblins were coming and quick. Hours of silence passed before they could hear the grunts and chattering of a goblin tribe. Being a village of small farmers, they were helpless to the threat that the goblins posed. The boy wondered about his wolf and if he was okay or not but before he could think about it too hard, he began to hear snarling and the sounds of flesh being ripped apart outside of his home. Soon silence took over again and all that remained outside was the younger brother's wolf laying on top of the dead goblins who threatened to kill the village.

When we are born, we are born clean and pure, like the first snow of the winter. Nobody is born inherently evil or good. Just like the younger brother taught the wolf good, we too are taught kindness or malice. How we treat others defines us and how we treat others can help form bonds that could help shape our future or the future of the world. Kindness is important and understanding one another is just as important.

The Stars of Heaven Festival

Followers of Teirdras only have one holy day to celebrate. Named in honor of the friendship Teirdras and her cosmodian friend shared, The Stars of Heaven Festival is a celebration of friendship and the celestial stars. Legend has it that sometimes during these festivals, Teirdras' followers could see the stars above them shifting and moving quickly, as though they were alive.

The Festival is celebrated at the beginning of Spring. It begins at twilight and last until dawn.The festival focuses on the values of friends, familys and the nature around us. Followers would light paper lanterns, that are red or black, up into the air. These paper lanterns would contain a wish or goal they want to be granted. The Worshippers would then watch their lantern float into the starry abyss and proceed to make their offering to Teirdras. Offerings of Red Roses, Snap Dragons, and White Mandevillas are left at the center of the festival.

All of Teirdras' favorite foods are served at the festival, which consist of sweet cakes, cookies and candies. Along with that, the festival has traditional games in honor of Teirdras' travelling companions such as:

Rose or Linder?: Involves 3. One person is blind folded and is the Goyle. The other two players are Rose and Linder. The point of the game is to trick the Goyle into thinking that you're the Rose despite being the Linder or to convince him that you're the Rose!

Tower of Coin: The point of this game is to stack the most coin than your opponent! A true master of coin should have no problem with this game!

Rites of Kung Fu:This game is a test of who has the best Kung Fu fighting moves. Most of the participants don't really know Kung Fu but that doesn't stop them from acting like they do! A competition takes place and whoever

Ordinary or EXTRA-Ordinary!: Participants of this game all have to judge several men and decide who is simply ordinary or EXTRA-Ordinary!


Teirdras' worshippers dance and sing and laugh well into the night but as dawn closes in, the festival comes to an end with everyone coming together to watch the sun rise.

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