Pugilist Fight Club: Drunk Tank

Drinking is a an act that many engage in, but few are defined by. Often, for the better, of course. There are those who take their alcoholism in a different direction, however. Bobbing and weaving between blows, belching bile, and occasionally passing out, the Drunk Tank contains pugilists who get a little too rowdy.


When you choose this fight club at 3rd level, you gain proficiency in Brewer's Supplies. You may use a short rest to create cocktails with your supplies.


As a bonus action, you can imbibe any alcohol whose bottle-worth exceeds 1 gp, or any cocktail you mixed. You can enter random combat stances which enhance your abilities, which last a number of turns equal to your Pugilist level.

Roll on the Imbibery table to determine effects.

d20 Effect
1 You puke a putrid bile in a 15 ft. cone, losing your last meal and becoming Poisoned for one round. Those in the cone must make a Constitution saving throw (DC 10) or be Poisoned for 1 minute. A successful save ends their condition.
2–5 You belch, throwing yourself off balance. You gain disadvantage on attacks. Enemies get disadvantage on attacks against you. These effects end at the start of your next turn.
6–10 You gain one temporary moxie point, which does not stack with other temporary moxie points.
11-15 You enter the Stagger Step stance.
16-20 You enter the Flow-Fall stance.

Hair of the Dog

At 6th level, you've been drinking enough that there's always a little bit of booze left on your tongue. Once per long rest, you can enter a combat stance of your choice as a bonus action.

Hardened Gut

At 11th level, your body is used to your obscene drunkenness. You gain expertise in constitution saving throws, and may swap between stances as a bonus action, without imbibing.

Permanent Swagger

At 17th level, you are so used to drinking that you rarely feel sober. Your stances last until your next short or long rest.

Long Nap

At 20th level, you have mastered pugilism, gaining your usual 20th level pugilist abilities. Your liver also expires, killing you.

Stance: Stagger Step

You appear to stumble and stagger but you are in complete control of your momentum. You gain the following benefits:

Fade and Evade. If you hit twice with The Old One-Two, your movement speed increases by 10ft until end of turn.

Bob and Weave. After hitting with two consecutive melee attacks, you can dodge or disengage as a reaction.


At 6th level, you are able to move more rapidly. While dashing, you may spend 1 moxie point to make an unarmed melee attack as a bonus action. This attack is made with advantage, and gains the Reach property. On a hit, the target is shoved. At the end of your turn you fall Prone.

Momentus Momentum

At 17th level, your stumbling is incessant. After every successful attack against a creature, you may spend 1 moxie to immediately shove them, and gain 5ft of movement until the end of turn.

Stance: Flow-Fall

Your posture appears to go loose and you may even drop to the floor but your muscles are coiled to react, absorb and redirect what comes at you. You gain the following benefits:

On a Bender. You do not suffer disadvantage on melee attacks while prone. You may stand up from prone using 5 feet of movement.

Trippy Dippy. While benefitting from Brace Up, you gain advantage on Dexterity saving throws against spells and ranged attacks that you can see.


At 6th level, you can redirect your opponents' momentum. When a creature misses you with a melee attack, you can spend 1 moxie to attempt a redirection as a reaction. Perform a grapple. If you succeed, the attack hits a target of your choice within reach, and you then swap places with the attacker. On a fail, the attacker is shoved.

Wrestle S-Leg

At 17th level, you drift with such force that you can knock enemies prone easily. You may spend 1 moxie to make up to four grapples against seperate targets as an action. On success of each, the target is knocked prone, and you ungrapple them.

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