zontoxira's brews

Athasian Bard

The Athasian bard.. or rather three iterations of it.

zontoxira 1189 a year ago

Athasian Fighter: The Strategist

A subclass to suit the specialized in mass warfare fighter.

zontoxira 508 a year ago

Athasian Gladiator

The Athasian gladiator.. or rather three iterations of it.

zontoxira 1536 a year ago

Money and Equipment of Athas

For your Athasian daily needs.. if you survive past the city walls, that is.

zontoxira 1389 10 months ago

Priests of Athas

A twisted take on the practitioners of elemental, primal, and divine magic on Athas.

zontoxira 363 7 months ago

Races of Athas

Eight mighty races, each nastier than the other. Which to choose, which to choose?

zontoxira 2211 10 months ago

Wizards of Athas

How does arcane magic work on Athas.. or rather, three iterations of it.

zontoxira 457 10 months ago