Duermar Encounter Creation Contest

Hallie Shadowstrike

Appearance & Tactics

Growing up as an orphan, Hallie learnt from a young age to fend for herself. As she grew up, she somehow gained the ability to manipulate shadows. Before long she could create areas of shadowy darkness and even step from one shadow to another. These new found abilities definitly had their advantages and before long she found her true calling as a mercenary. As an assasin fo hire, she still had a moral code that she followed and always made sure she got paid. After all, nothing in life is free.

Encounter Behaviour

Generally, Hallie will find an advantegous position and if need be, use her Summon Shadow to create areas of oppurtunity.

She prefers to use Assasin's Strike first up to take out her oppoenents quickly and quietly. Failiing that there always Not a Word to prevent the target from raising the alarm.

Once the combat is in full swing, She wields her Katana with great skill and agility, positioning herself using Shadow Leap to get off as many Lethal Strikes as she can.

Hallie Shadowstrike

Level 5, M Size, 30' speed

HP Guard Toughness Resolve
30 20 17 16


Agility 6 (2d8), Fortitude 4 (1d6),Might 2 (1d6), Perception 3 (1d8), Will 3 (1d8), Persuasion 3 (1d8), Presence 3 (1d8), Entropy 2 (1d6), Movement 5 (2d6)


Boon Focus II (Teleport), Boon Focus II (Darkness), Lethal Strike II

Favoured Actions

Rapier (damaging attack): Agility vs Guard. Using her weapon of choice, Hallie slices her enemies apart, the sheer brutality and elegance of her strikes often leaves her victims in pieces

Not a word (inflict Silence PL 2) Agility vs Toughness, Wrapping her hands around a target’s throat, makes sure that they stay quiet

Summon Shadow (invoke Darkness): Entropy Her connection with the Shadow Plane allows Hallie to summon a patch of darkness at a target location.

Shadow Leap (invoke Teleport): Movement By using shadows, Hallie is able to leap between them, but only ones she can see.

Assasin's Strike (inflict Incapacitate PL5): Agility vs Toughness, Carefully timing her strike, Hallie can Incapacitate her target

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