Random Tables!

Faerie Fruits
d4 result Effect
1 You gain 1d8 temporary hitpoints
2 You are poisoned for an hour
3 You are intoxicated for an hour
4 You are hungry, and roll again on this table

Use this table for when your players are tempted by strange fruit, within and without the Feywild.

Magic Bean Tables!

When Planted (Prime Material Plane)
d6 result Effect
1 A very unusual flower pops up at exactly twilight.
2 Every plant in a 30 ft radius dies; if the bean is removed, the area will return to normal at the next twilight.
3 You grow perfectly normal beans, at a perfectly normal rate. However, once the plant grows it continues to yield throughout the year and lasts for a very, very long time.
4 A strange mushroom spawns at twilight.
5 You grow a bean plant instantly, and it continues to yield throughout the year.
6 The area where you planted is incredibly fertile and continues to be so until the bean plant is removed. Plants grown there are hardier and grow faster.
When Eaten (Prime Material Plane)
d6 result Effect
1 Make a constitution save DC15; on a fail, you become intoxicated for an hour.
2 Your health is restored to full.
3 Make a constitution save DC17; on a fail, you become poisoned for an hour.
4 Mmmm, tastes like beans!
5 Make a wisdom save DC18; on a fail, you are bound to the Feywild.
6 The beans taste of your favorite childhood comfort food.

For when your players have magic beans!

NOTE: While in the Feywild, the beans have only one function in each use: when eaten, when eaten, they restore health to full, and when planted, they insta-grow a Very Big beanstalk.

Random Tables by O. Captain