mörk glöd

Dark Ember

Character Creation

  1. Roll for your starting equipment from each of the three equipment tables below.
  2. Roll for your starting weapon and armor.
  3. Roll your abilities.
  4. Determine Hit Points.
  5. Roll a number of Omens.
  6. Name your character if you wish. It will not save you.


In addition to what is gained from the three tables below (D6, D12, D12).

In addition, all characters begin with:

  • 2d6 × 10 silvers
  • waterskin
  • d4 days worth of food
1–2 nothing
3 backpack for 7 normal-sized items
4 sack for 10 normal-sized items
5 small wagon or one item above of your choice
6 donkey, not bad. Or one of the above of your choice
1 rope 30 feet
2 Presence + 4 torches
3 lantern with oil for Presence + 6 hours
4 magnesium strip
5 random unclean scroll
6 sharp needle
7 medicine chest with Presence+4 uses (stops bleeding/infection and heals d6 HP)
8 metal file and lockpicks
9 bear trap (Presence DR14 to spot, d8 damage)
10 bomb (sealed bottle, d10 damage)
11 a bottle of red poison d4 doses (Toughness DR12 or d10 damage)
12 silver crucifix

1 life elixir d4 doses (heals d6 HP and removes infection)
2 random sacred scroll
3 small but vicious dog (d6+2 HP, bite d4, only obeys you)
4 d4 monkeys that ignore but love you (d4+2 HP, punch/bite d4)
5 exquisite perfume worth 25s
6 toolbox 10 nails, tongs, hammer, small saw and drill
7 heavy chain 15 feet
8 grappling hook
9 shield (-1 HP damage or have the shield break to ignore one attack)
10 crowbar (d4 damage)
11 lard (may function as 5 meals in a pinch)
12 tent


Roll a d10 (or a d6 if starting with a scroll)

1 Femur d4
2 staff d4
3 shortsword d4
4 knife d4
5 warhammer d6
6 sword d6
7 bow (+10 arrows) d6
8 flail d8
9 crossbow (+10 bolts) d8
10 zweihander d10


Roll a d4 (or a d2 if starting with a scroll)

Scrolls will never work when wielding zweihand weapons or medium/heavy armor.

1 no armor tier 0 -
2 light (fur,padded cloth, leather, etc.) tier 1 (-d2 damage)
3 medium (scale, mail, etc.) tier 2 (-d4 damage)
4 heavy (splint, plate, etc.) tier 3 (-d6 damage)

A Note on scrolls

Scrolls are the twisted magic of Ember. Find some to discover what power they may hold.


  • AGILITY Defend, balance, swim, flee
  • PRESENCE Perceive, aim, charm, wield Powers
  • STRENGTH Crush, lift, strike, grapple
  • TOUGHNESS Resist poison/cold/heat, survive falling

Generating Abilities

Roll 3d6 and use the table below to generate each ability score from −3 to +3. For two of the abilities (player's choice), you can roll 4d6 and drop the lowest die.

The score itself is not used in the game once the character is created, only the bonus value (i.e. -2, +1, etc.).

When the character is later improved, an ability can never exceed +6 or −3.

1–4 –3
5–6 –2
7–8 –1
9–12 +0
13–14 +1
15–16 +2
17–20 +3

Hit Points

Begins as 4 +/- Toughness.

Characters at or below zero HP are considered broken.


Characters that become Broken, must roll a d4:

  1. Fall unconscious for d4 rounds, awaken with d4 HP.
  2. Roll a d6: 1-5 = Broken or severed limb. 6 = Lost eye. Can’t act for d4 rounds then become active with d4 HP.
  3. Hemorrhage: death in d2 hours unless treated. All tests are DR16 the first hour. DR18 the last hour.
  4. Dead.

Carrying Capacity

You can carry Strength+8 normal-sized items without a problem. After that when testing Strength and Agility DR increases by 2 (from 12 to 14 etc.).

It is impossible to carry more than twice Strength+8.

  • Waterskins and up to a week's rations count as one normal-sized item
  • Backpacks/sacks/pouches do not count against your carrying capacity
  • Wielded weapons do not count against your carrying capacity. Extra/stowed weapons count as normal-sized.
  • Silver coin does not count against your carrying capacity.


Clearly the eyes of Other powers are upon you, Eldritch watchers or the tangled Fates of alternate worlds. Call it luck if you like. Every character begins with d2 Omens. When depleted roll d2, and regain that many Omens after resting at least six hours.

Use Omens to:

  • deal maximum damage with one attack
  • reroll a dice roll (yours or someone else’s)
  • lower damage dealt to you by d6
  • neutralize a Crit or Fumble
  • lower one test’s DR by -4


Tests are made against a Difficulty Rating (DR). To succeed roll d20 + your ability with a result equal to or greater than the DR. Creatures don’t use abilities, they just roll a d20 against DR.

For example, find bear trap DR14 or resist red poison DR12.

Difficulty Ratings (DR)
6 so simple people laugh at you for failing
8 routine but some chance of failure
10 pretty simple but not simple enough to not roll
12 normal
14 difficult
16 really hard
18 should not be possible
A note on skills...there are none

In Mork Borg, any check you might normally have done with a skill, is instead perfromed with a straight Abiility Test.

Aiding Another

Characters can lend aid to their companions in the completion of a task. Reduce the DR of any test by -2 (from 14 to 12 etc.) when another character directly helps them perform the task.

At the GM's discretion, additional DR reductions may be applied when multiple PCs help complete the same task (e.g. multiple PCs pushing on the same boulder).


Roll Presence + d4 every morning to determine how many times you can use Powers that day; choose from your available scrolls.

When reading a scroll, test Presence DR12. If you succeed, the Power is activated and you subtract one use from your daily total. If you fail, the Power doesn’t work, you lose d2 HP and you become dizzy for the next hour. During this time, Powers will always fail in the worst possible way.



GM rolls a d6 for enemies. Character with highest agility rolls d6 + Agility for the group. Highest roll determines which side goes first.

Attacking & Defending

Players roll for both their attacks and defences. Creatures and enemies don’t roll dice in combat. The DR for attacks and defence are modified as with any test.

  • MELEE Test STRENGTH DR12 (DR14 if attacking with a weapon in each hand)

If you fail a DEFENCE test, the enemy hits you. Enemies attack once per round unless noted otherwise.

Crit (natural 20)

Attack: Double damage, armor/protection is also reduced one tier.
Defence: PC gains a free attack.

Fumble (natural 1)

Attack: The weapon breaks or is lost.
Defence: PC takes double damage and armor is reduced one tier.

When armor is damaged, penalties to Strength and Agility tests are not modified. Non-magical armor reduced below 1st tier is ruined and cannot be repaired.

Hits Always Hurt!

Hits always deal a minimum of 1 damage regardless of armor reduction or other negative damage modifiers unless that would bring a character down to 0 HP.

Dual Wielding

Whenever you wield two weapons, you may attack with both. Add half of the weapon's die value from the 1st attack, to the DR of your 2nd attack.

If you miss your 2nd attack, the targeted creature may make one attack against you.

You may also parry when you are attacked by taking a -2 to the defense test. If you are still hit, one of your weapons breaks, chosen at random.


  • Catch your breath, have a drink. Restore d4 HP.
  • A full night’s sleep restores d6 HP.

Without food or drink no HP is restored when resting and after two days a starving PC loses d4 HP per day. An infected character does not benefit from resting. Instead, d6 HP is lost daily.

Getting Better

The Game Master decides when a character should be improved. It can be after completing a scenario, killing mighty foes or bringing home treasure.

When this happens, the following things occur:

  • More HP: Roll 6d10. If the result is equal to or greater than your current maximum HP, increase it by d6.
  • Left in the debris you find: (roll d6): (0-3) nothing, (4) 3d10 silvers, (5) an unclean scroll, (6) a sacred scroll
  • Ability changes: Roll a d6 against every ability. Results equal to or greater than the ability increase it by 1, to a maximum of +6. Results below the ability decrease it by 1.
  • Unheroic Feats: You may select a feat for which you meet the prerequisite. You may only have a maximum of 3 feats, though you may replace one if you Get Better again.

Abilities from −3 to +1 are always increased by 1 unless the d6 result is 1. The ability is then reduced by 1, but never below -3.

Weapons, Armor, & Equipment

Damage Weapon Cost
d8 Battle axe 35s
d6 Bow 25s
d6 Club 10s
d8 Crossbow 40s
d8 Flail 35s
d4 Femur worthless
d6 Handaxe 15s
d4 Improvised -
d4 Knife 10s
d6 Mace 25s
d4 Shortbow 13s
d4 Shortsword 20s
d4 Sling 8s
d4 Staff 5s
d6 Sword 30s
d2 Unarmed -
d6 Warhammer 30s
d2 Whip 5s
d10 Zweihänder 60s
- 20 arrows 10s
- 10 bolts 10s
Class Armors Tier Protection Cost Notes
No armor - 0 - - -
Light fur, padded cloth, leather, etc. 1 -d2 damage 20s -
Medium scale, mail, etc. 2 -d4 damage 100s DR +2 on Agility tests including defence.
Heavy splint, plate, etc. 3 -d6 damage 200s DR +4 on Agility tests, defence is DR +2.
Shield - - -1 damage 20s -

*Scrolls will never work when wielding zweihand (2H) weapons or medium/heavy armor.

Item Cost Notes
Tent 12s -
Toolbox 20s 10 nails, hammer, small saw, tongs
Torch 2s -
Sack 3s Holds 10 normal sized items
Salt 4s -
Scissors 9s -
Scroll - worth roughly 50s to the right buyer
Sharp needle 3s -
Waterskin 4s 4 days of water
Night in hospice 3s
Drink 1s
Steady meal 2s
Bribe, guard 20–40s
Bribe, clerk 30–60s
Bribe, rabble 5–15s
Repair Armor
Tier 1 to 2 25s
Tier 2 to 3 40s

*Armor cannot be repaired to a tier higher than its original.

Dog (trained) 25s
Dog (wild) 10s
Horse 80s
Mule 10s
Rat (tame) 8s
Item Cost Notes
Backpack 6s Holds 7 normal-sized items
Bear trap 20s Presence DR14 to spot, d8 damage
Blanket 4s -
Caltrops 7s d4 damage + infection on 1 in 6
Chalk 1s -
Crowbar 8s -
Crucifix, silver 60s -
Crucifix, wood 8s -
Dried food 1s 1 day
Exquisite perfume 25s -
Firesteel 4s -
Grappling hook 12s -
Hammer 8s -
Heavy chain 10s 15 feet
Iron nails 5s 10 nails
Ladder 7s -
Lantern oil 5s Presence + 6 hours
Lard 5s May function as 5 meals
Large iron hook 9s -
Lockpicks 5s -
Magnesium strip 4s -
Manacles 10s -
Mattress 3s -
Meat cleaver 15s -
Medicine box 15s Stops bleeding/infection and +d6 HP. Presence + 4 uses
Metal file 10s -
Mirror 15s -
Muzzle 6s -
Noose 5s -
Oil lamp 10s -
Poison (black) 20s Toughness DR14 or d6 damage + blind for one hour. 3 doses
Poison (red) 20s Toughness DR12 or d10 damage. 3 doses
Preserved corpse 66+d6s -
Rope 4s 30 feet
Small wagon 25s -

Unheroic Feats

Assassin’s Deathblow

Prerequisite: You have struck an unaware foe with a one handed bladed weapon.

A firm grip. A sharp knife. That’s all it takes for someone to disappear into the alleys of Galgenbeck. You’ve become adept at it over the years.

Succeeding a DR12 Strength test allows you to grapple an unaware foe and automatically crit with a one handed bladed weapon.

Battle-hardened Deathspeaker

Prerequisite: You have killed with a power.

You were called to battle, not for your prowess with blade and shield. Not for your speed and might. But because the words you spoke brought death to your enemies.

You may cast Powers while wearing medium armor. You may take this feat a second time to also include heavy armor.

Beastly Scholar

Prerequisite: You have killed a beast, and seen what's inside.

You study the beasts of the land. Gutting them and spilling viscera to uncover secrets of the world.

You may scry and see the future with an animal’s innards. Gain an omen for every 10 hp the beast had, but never more than your maximum omens. Usable once per animal kind. The beasts’ innards may also provide enlightening information.

Bloodied knuckles

Prerequisite: You have killed with nothing but your bare hands.

Years of bare knuckle fighting have turned your hands into deadly bludgeons. They are heavy with scars from the guilty and innocent.

Your unarmed attacks deal d6 damage and ignore light armour. You may take this feat a second time to increase this to d8 damage and medium armour. You may take this feat a third time to increase this to d10 damage and have them ignore all armour. Fumbling an unarmed attack means you break a hand dealing the damage to yourself. You must seek out a specialist help to set your bones.

Bloodthirsty Rage

Prerequisite: You have killed at least two enemies in a single combat.

The rush of combat is addictive. You’re always chasing that high. It’s kill or be killed. You can’t stop to ask questions.

When landing an attack that kills a creature you must move and attack another (this may include allies), adding d6 damage for every creature slain. Your onslaught stops when you fail to kill and you fall to the ground exhausted, losing your next turn.

Bone Crafter

Prerequisite: You have crafted something with the remains of a corpse.

You don’t believe in letting things go to waste. Including the corpses of the fallen You can craft equipment of strangely high quality using a number of humanoid corpses.

  • A d6 weapon, 1 corpse worth of bones.
  • A shield, 5 corpses worth of bones.
  • Light armor, 10 corpses worth.


Prerequisite: You have used a needle and thread to stop someone from hemorrhaging.

You’ve hacked livestock and poultry into small pieces before. You know what makes them work and how they are made. Humans aren’t that different.

On a DR12 Agility test, any ally that dies near you instead becomes broken as you attempt rapid life saving surgery. Should the person still die you may make d4 rations out of the corpse.

Calm Killer

Prerequisite: You have killed someone wearing tier 2 or 3 armor.

The knife or arrow that is most careful is the deadliest. You have a sharp eye for gaps and kinks in armour.

Once per turn when making a ranged or melee attack, you may reroll the damage dealt and keep the higher result.

Dual Wielder

Prerequisite: You have killed an enemy as a result of damage from two weapons that you are dual wielding.

You’re no trained soldier. But you think two weapons should help you kill twice as fast. It hasn’t failed you yet.

You suffer no penalty when attacking with two weapons.

Fateful Visions

Prerequisite: Spend at least 4 omens.

The fates steer your journey across the dying world. One can only hope they guide you to redemption and not destruction.

Consume an omen and spend a few moments in quiet meditation. Ask the Game Master a question pertaining to the current situation. You will be granted a bizarre vision that provides enlightening information. GM rolls a d4 in secret, on a 1 the vision is deceptive.

First Strike

Prerequisite: You have struck an enemy during the first round of combat when your side has won initiative.

You believe that the Shimmering Fields are for those who leap into battle, those who are first to reap glory.

Whether your side passes or fails the initiative roll, you may always act first if your action involves inflicting harm.

Gutsy Strike

Prerequisite: You have dealt, or been witness to, a critical attack from a zweihand weapon.

You once saw a man decapitate a horse with a giant sword. It was less a sword and more a large slab of iron. You can’t help but think of the beast’s vacant eyes whenever you swing your own sword.

When wielding zweihand weapons, you may swing with +2 to your DR. If the attack lands you add d6 to your damage. Missing allows your opponent to strike with an attack that you can defend against at +2DR

Herbalist Healer

Prerequisite: You have used a medicine box at least 4 times.

You’ve spent what seemed like an eternity under the haze filled apprenticeship of a herbalist master. You left with a new outlook on life, and a few extra skills.

Once per day you may scrounge to find the necessary herbs and flora to create an infection curing elixir that also heals d4 hp. DR12 Presence to attempt this treatment, failing instead creates a toxin dealing D4 damage.

Hyper Awareness

Prerequisite: You have found someone or something laying in wait to ambush you, before they were able to spring the trap

You are paranoid. Seeing danger in every shadow. Everything wants to kill you. You are jittery with bird-like movements.

You can never be the victim of a surprise attack. Additionally your side takes the initiative on a 3+.

Immortal Memory

Prerequisite: You have used a power before and have also attempted to recall information about a location where a great tragedy took place.

You are haunted by the memories of those that have fallen. Even if their spirits have moved on, and the bodies are dust, their memories linger for eternity.

Whenever encountering a place of great suffering. You may relive the tragedy through a memory that lingers. There is a 1/20 chance that things become all too real. You suffer the same fate in reality. This might cause creatures and Powers to reappear.

Inspired Storyteller

Prerequisite: You have told a tale to others that was found compelling (DR9 Presence test)

Your tales bring joy and smiles to everyone around you, even in the bleakest of times. All of it lies of course, but who cares?

DR9 Presence test whenever resting to weave a compelling tale. increase the DR+1 for every additional audience member. Success allows everyone to gain an omen. You cannot exceed your maximum number of omens.


Prerequisite: You have had cause to consume flesh or blood.

An acquired taste. Or perhaps a disease. Maybe a curse. An eternal thirst.

Blood heals and sustains you. A pint of blood heals you for D4 hp. You may still eat regular food, but you suffer the effects of starvation after one day.


Prerequisite: You have had at least two positive reactions upon meeting other NPC's.

There’s something about your smile. The way you compose yourself. The way you speak. You’re best described as approachable. It’s weird.

Whenever a reaction roll is made, roll 3d6 and keep the highest two dice.

Living Armor

Prerequisite: The armor that you are wearing has saved your life on more than one occasion.

You’ve survived war. You’ve survived because of cold steel that has been scarred so that you may live. It’s become a part of you and you’ve learned to carry its burden.

Remove the Agility penalty for the armor you are currently wearing. This does not affect your defence rolls. You may not remove your armor without painfully dying. This also happens if it breaks. Repairing it is possible, but very painful.


Prerequisite: You have never used an omen.

Fate? Sounds ominous. You prefer luck. Good things always seem to happen to you. This has lulled you into a false sense of security. How long will this last?

You do not have any omens. And no omens can be spent to influence your roll. Instead you always roll 2d20 for your tests and pick the highest result. However, you still fumble if either of them come up as 1. Your luck has to run out eventually.

Mortal Draw

Prerequisite: You have dealt maximum damage with a bladed weapon.

Your blade hungers. Blood is the only thing that can sate it. Once drawn it demands it, and will punish you for failing.

Your first attack in combat always deals max damage assuming the attack hits. If you miss, your opponent may attack you. This can be defended against at +2DR


Prerequisite: You have resolved a conflict peacefully.

You abhor conflict. A pacifist by nature, sometimes it’s best to try de-escalate the situation. Some call you a coward.

Roll a Presence test, DR6+ opponents highest morale. Success means the fighting stops. For now.

Outback Survivalist

Prerequisite: You have prepared a comfortable campsite (DR9 Presence test).

Time spent in the harsh wilderness has taught you how to thrive. Small comforts can be made even in this bleak world.

DR9 Presence test to create a comfortable campsite. DR+1 for every additional person it shelters. When resting at this camp everyone recovers 2d6 hp instead of d6

Party Chef

Prerequisite: You have sucessfully prepared a meal while resting (DR9 Presence test).

You’ve mastered the art of cooking slop. Able to turn the most horrid of food somewhat palatable.

DR9 Presence to cook a meal when resting. DR+1 for any additional servings. On success you may stretch a single ration to feed the entire party, failing means the ration is spoiled.


Prerequisite: You have/had a pet rat.

You may speak with rats.

Whistling allows you to attract d4 number of them. They might not have reliable information but are always happy to converse with you.

Power Word

Prerequisite: You have cast at least two different powers.

The powers that be whisper dark secrets in your ears wherever you walk. Their incessant chittering never gives you peace.

You innately know one random sacred or unclean Power. Additionally once you have read a scroll you may carve its esoteric glyphs into your flesh and no longer need the scroll itself to cast it. Every night there is 1/20 chance that you accidentally cast a Power in your sleep. This Power also has a 1 in 6 chance of fumbling.

Reckless Attacker

Prerequisite: You have landed two consecutive attacks against the same target.

Overzealous, constantly making bad calls, an extremely poor sense of judgement. But you’ve lived this long so you must be doing something right.

You may attack the same target twice on your turn. Missing the second attack allows your opponent to land an attack that you can defend against at +2DR.

Shield Breaker

Prerequisite: You have used a shield to block all damage.

You know that the moment an opponent is at their most vulnerable is right after they’ve attacked.

Whenever you use your shield to block all incoming damage, you may attempt a counter attack with +3 damage.

Unclean Scrolls

Palms Open the Southern Gate

A ball of fire hits d2 creatures dealing d8 damage per creature.

Tongue of Eris

A creature of your choice is confused for 10 minutes.


Move an object up 1d10×10 feet for d6 minutes.


Hover for Presence + d10 rounds.

Daemon of Capillaries

One creature suffocates for d6 rounds, losing d4 HP per round.

Nine Violet Signs Unknot the Storm

Produce d2 lightning bolts dealing d6 damage each.

Foul Psychopomp

Summon (d6): 1–3: d4 skeletons, 4–6: d4 zombies.

Metzhuotl Blind Your Eye

A creature becomes invisible for d6 rounds or until it is damaged, attacking/defending with DR6.

Eyelid Blinds the Mind

d4 creatures fall asleep for one hour unless they succeed a DR14 test.


All creatures within 30 feet lose a total of 4d10 HP.

Sacred Scrolls

Grace of a Dead Saint

d2 creatures regain d10 HP each.

Grace for a Sinner

A creature of your choice gets +d6 on one roll (damage, test etc.)

Whispers Pass the Gate

Ask three questions to a deceased creature.

Aegis of Sorrow

A creature of your choice gains 2d6 extra HP for 10 rounds.

Unmet Fate

One creature, dead for no more than a week, is awakened with terrible memories.

Bestial Speech

You may speak with animals for d20 minutes.

False Dawn/ Night’s Chariot

Create light or pitch black for 3d10 minutes.

Hermetic Step

You find all traps in your path for 2d10 minutes.

Roskoe’s Consuming Glare

d4 creatures lose d8 HP each.

Enochian Syntax

One creature blindly obeys a single command.