The Book of Powers and Deities

Welcome traveler, for you have come to a place of worship and privy. May the just gods have mercy on your tireless journey.

An Old Man's Tale

"Sit. Tell me, whom do you follow? The mighiest of powers offer their endowment upon those who show devotion and fealty. Not all powers are deities, however. I have heard that men and beasts roam these lands, all with enough might to have achieved divinity.

I have heard of congregations of people that have formed legions and conclaves in order to increase their influence among the lands. Do not be mistaken, these conclaves are no small power. Dark forces exist in every corner of the realms, they offer power in exchange for servitude. Power beyond your wildest imagination, so much so it would corrupt even the greatest.

"So tell me, adventurer, to whom do you align yourself with? Will you be its chosen or will it be your demise."


Piety, a measurement of your devotion to the diety or patron of your choice. You curry favor with your gods in exchange for great gifts, though at a significant sacrifice of your own self-interest. Some are bound to a patron at birth, others seek redemption in the eyes of gods. Whatever your story may be, earning favor through devotion will bestow amazing powers to the truly faithful.

Greater Deities and Patrons range in all aspects of the spectrum. You will find gods who are just and merciful much like you will find those who are cruel and selfish.


Renown is a reflection of your character’s growing fame or infamy as they go on their various adventures.

Not all choose to worship a single entity or being. There are those who choose to instead focus their time towards more mortal organizations. large guilds, a collective of magic users, approval of a king or royal household.

Multiple Powers

A character can choose to worship multiple Powers and may even be granted favor in another category however, the DC for the checks is equal to the total number of Favor across all categories and your maximum across all powers combined is 100.

Your highest favor is your primary attribute, all attempts to gain favor in another attribure (Piety or Renown) are done so at disadvantage, for the watchful eyes of your Power is ever vigilant.

Combining Favor

Player characters will eventually earn points in all three respects, however it would not be wise to try and progress in them equally.

Progression though a single favor takes time, dedication and resources.

Favor and Alignment

Gaining Favor

Gaining favor takes time, resources and dedicaton. It takes 50gp per current level of favor, a week of downtime and a successful roll to increase your chosen favor by one.

Increasing Piety requires a Religion, Medicine, or Performance check. Renown requires an Insight, Althletics, or History check.

This happens over the course of a week and thus cannot be subject to spell modifers such as Guidance.

Losing Favor

Losing favor is far easier than it is gained. A GM might ask you to make the relevant roll at anytime during the game, should you fail you immediately lose a single point of the favor determined by the GM. Following your alignment and beliefs of your power is the best way to prevent such loss.

(See blessings of the Devout for save DCs)


Your deity or power is heavily reliant on your alignment. Most powers do not accept followers with a certain moral standing. You alignment can easily shift through the simplest of actions, your GM will determine whether that is the case or not.

Should you fall out of your power's alignment spectrum, you are no longer privy to the blessings offered. You must either return your alignment through suitable acts or looks for another power to follow. As such a good aligned character would not follow an evil alighed entity

Choosing another Power in itself has consequences. No Power is content with the loss of a follower, especially towards another. Other powers are content that you've changed your devotion but will always be wary of your fealty. If you change your power, you suffer a -10 penalty to all your favors.

For each week of downtime spent, used or lost (relentless) not returning your alignment, you suffer a -1 penalty to all your favors.

Agni Varis

Agni Varis only accepts follows of the neutral alighment, if your characters alignment falls out of this scope then you suffere a -1 penatly each week until it is realigned.

Alignment Chart
Lawful Good Neutral Good Chaotic Good
Lawful Neutral True Neutral Chaotic Neutral
Lawful Evil Neutral Evil Chaotic Evil

Blessings of the Devout

Skill check difficulty
Favor Title Earned DC
0 - 10
3+ Follower 12
10+ Devoted 13
25+ Favored 15
50+ Champion 17
75 - 100 Paragon / Chosen 18

Changing Powers

You've decided that your Power is not suited for you, and you prefer to follow another oath. This is possible, with the requirement that Each favor score you want to change takes 2 weeks of downtime to do so.

Hanzo, who has 20 Piety to his deity and 5 Honor from his adventures wishes to devote himself solely to his deity. To do so, Hanzo can spend two weeks of downtime to swap 1 Honor score to Piety. This would leave him at 21 Piety and 4 Honor. Hanzo can repeat this event until all of his Honor score has shifted to Piety.

Benefits of Favor


Whether your life is intertwined with your patron, loyalty to your clan or devotion to your oath, having enough favor with your select power comes with various long term and permanent benefits. So long as you remain in their favor of course.

The more you subject yourself to your power, the more your affinity grows. With each new milestone you are granted unique bonuses pased on the select power of your choice.

Channel Divinity / Regimen of Renown
Favor Rank Boons
3 Follower 1 First Level Spell
10 Devoted 1 First Level Spell, Bonus Ability
25 Favored 1 Third Level Spells, Bonus Ability
50 Champion 1 Fifth Level Spell, Bonus Ability, Divine Inspiration
75 Paragon 1 Fith Level Spell, Bonus ability
100 Chosen 1 Fifth Level Spell, +2 Stat Increase, Divine Inspiration, Thematic Boon

Losing Rank

Each tier of favor is in addition to what you would have previously gained. Losing favor results is the loss of any boons gained from your power until you have reached the threshold once again.


The Spells gained from favor are usable once per day and reset on a long rest without the need for material components. The ability granted by your power is cast at the lowest level using your spell modifers and save DC and does not consume a spell slot.

These spells are now added to your spell list if you have the Spellcasting Feature or the Pact Magic Feature and may be upcast by using the proper spell slot.

Certain spell allow you cast them without the need for concentration, however you must still make concentration saves to maintain them. This feature allows certain classes to benefit from powers, such as barbarians in rage or druids in wild shape.

Upgraded Spells

Some powers will off upgraded versions of spells instead of receiving new spells, these spells are usually cast at a higher level, might ignore resistance, or may deal more damage.

Bonus Abilities

Minor bonus abilities range from having advantage on a certain thematic skill to gaining advantage on certain conditions such as being frightened of being poisoned. Major bonus abilities vary from elemental resistances to no longer being able to be frightened and even advantage on initiative.


Boons are granted from the list of available boons in the DMG. These boons are thematic to the power of your choice and usually provide great benefit in a certain field. You may obtain a Boon, Blessing, Bane or Other Options.

Divine Inspiration

Divine inspiration works much like inspiration in a normal campaign setting, you may use one instance of Divine Inspiration to reroll any d20 die.


Only a handful of these individuals are known to exist for powers, usually between 5 and 10, no more. Needless to say these individuals are earned their rank and are to be respected and feared, even among hostile territory.


Only select individuals may ever hold the title of chosen. Recorded events that date far back have documented honor bound challenges for the title of chosen with the victor claiming the titles.

Table Of Contents

Power Name - Author

To begin your journey and selecting a power, contact the author to begin roleplay.

Powers marked with an R, consider renown in place of piety

Eloviel, The Elder Oak

It has long been said that in ancient tradition, among the elves, a child would bear the markings of the Elder Oak. This child would grow to live their life blessed by the lands and in return, at the very end of her journey would root herself to the very land she was born from. In doing so would become the Mother Oak, now known as Eloviel.

There is but a single soul that resonates with like the Elder Oak, one of the highest honors among Elven tradition. She lives and breathes with the lands, she feels the winds against the lone leaf that's floats across the seas and mourns for her children when they feel pain. Even in death, she offers solace in a peaceful garden where open meadows and grasslands warm the heart, and beyond the horizon lay the most precious person. That is the vision she portrays in her children's dying moment, to ease the pain.

Eloviel has been rooted in the lands longer than anyone would know, save the gods who witnessed her transition. Her only wish is to bring peace upon those who find themselves lost in her lands, welcoming and forgiving.

Ancient Elven text depict it as being one with the planet, one with the plane itself and thus established the realm now known as Haven.

Eloviel, Nyxborn

Born from the minds of the gods, the creatures that populate the gods' realm are called Nyxborn. Nyxborn creatures resemble mortal beings, but philosophers debate their true character. Are they idealized forms of mortal beings, free from the imperfections and transience that causes mortals to suffer and die? Or are they hollow and soulless shades, lacking the authenticity and pathos that make mortal existence worthwhile?

A Nyxborn is like a fragment of divinity, an idea or a dream that is incarnate. You embody an idea—like the way leaves turn toward the sun or the feeling of ocean sand between the toes, the way the heart stirs when the tide of battle changes or the sadness that lingers when remembering a happy moment of childhood. These ideas, dreams, memories, and feelings are the stuff Nyx is made of, and a Nyxborn is shaped from that raw material.

Much like her brother, Eloviel too was Nyxborn. A heavy birthright that brought upon change to the known realm, an era of chaos and a sacrifice that would one day result in the creation of Haven, home to adventurers and people alike. Such is the fate of those born under the stars.


Channel Divinity
Wisdom or Intelligence is your spellcasting abilities
Piety Rank
3 Follower - Ward of Light Those seeking refuge within Eloviels light are welcomed with warm embracing arms allowing you to cast the Sanctuary spell once per dawn.
10 Devoted - Guardians of Eloviel While under Eloviel's protection you are granted her blissful aid allowing you to cast Aid at third level once per dawn and have advantage of saves against being frightened.
25 Favored - Divine Bastion No matter where you are, Eloviel watches over you, protects you in all her capacity. You can cast Guardian of Faith and Death Ward each once per dawn.
50 Champions - Trueguard In times of peril, Eloviel may send a celestial spirit to guide you and find your way home. You can now cast Summon Celestial and are always under the effects of a Ring of Protection. You also gain one use of Divine Inspiration for when times become arduous.
75 Paragon - Protector of the Faint You have seen many fall, you have been there in times of need, and so too are you protected by Eloviel. You are always under the effects of an Ioun Stone of Protection, your Wisdom or ntelligence score increases by 2, and can cast Wrath of Nature once per dawn.
100 Chosen - Eloviel's Light Eloviel chooses only those with the purest of hearts. Whether that be in kindness or those who have found their resolve. She sends to your aid those who must protect in spirit form. You can cast Planar Ally summoning a celestial of CR equal to or lower than your level (Prestige is 25) to ensure your safety. Summon Celestial is cast at 7th level, an additional use of Divine Inspiration and have set course on your Heroic Destiny.

*You do not control the planar ally, but your GM might grant you the ability to control it.

Nyxborn Traits

Cloak of Stars

As an action, you wrap yourself in a starry cloak, appearing like a silhouette formed of the night sky. When you do, attack rolls have disadvantage against you. This cloak lasts for 1 minute, until you doff it (no action required), or until you die. Once you use this trait, you can't use it again until you finish a long rest.

Nyxborn Resistance

You have resistance to necrotic and radiant damage.

Tenets & Dogma

Eloviel seeks to protect all her children from harms way, this much has been passed down since the birth of The Elder Oak. It's passage imparted unto those who worship her divine. Those who choose to hear her warmth shall undoubtedly be the protective shield that parts the could of darkness.

Many who swear this oath uphold themselves to protecting all who do no have the means to protect themselves, whether it be an entire village or a singular maiden and are willing to go to extraordinary lengths to protect the innocent.

  • Protection. Safegard those who cannot protect themselves. Those who prey on the frail have and have no regard for the ailing shall be met by the light of Eloviel.

  • Self Sacrifice. You would place yourself within harms way if it meant protecting others, even if at times it would be fatal. Many lives can be saved, for you are willing to sacrifice yourself in there defense.

  • Aid in lieu of rebuke. Your shield is strong but so is your heart. Rather than retaliate against the oppressor, your hands are used to heal and defend those who have been hurt or wronged.

  • Compassion. You compassion is the bridge that shines the brightest in the darkness, it comes in small gestures of gentle kindness. There is something about giving of yourself that makes your heart burn all the brighter and ignites your soul; that's not a common gift, that it your journey.

Heroic Destiny

Great deeds lie in your future, and it will take extraordinary effort to kill you before you accomplish those deeds. Roll a random destiny using the Heroic Destiny table. Additionally, you gain the following traits.

Defy Death

You have advantage on death saving throws.

Hard to Kill

When you are reduced to 0 hit points but not killed outright, you can drop to 1 hit point instead. Once you use this trait, you can't use it again until you finish a long rest.

Heroic Destiny Table
d7 Destiny
1 I'm destined to be the most skilled practitioner of a craft or trade. (Expertise in 3 tools of choice)
2 I'm destined to earn a place among the stars of Nyx. (Replace your uses of Divine Inspiration and gain the Nyxborn trait)
3 I'm destined to become a god. (You will be added to the book of Powers)
4 I'm destined to liberate the unsavable from the clutches of the Underworld. (Replace Heroic Destiny with Demonic Boon of choice)
5 I was born while a god ravaged my home, and I'm destined to destroy that god. (Title: Godslayer, additional Feat or ASI)
6 I'm destined to uncover the secret of Eloviel's power. (Will be written in to the server lore permanently)
7 I am destined to bring balance across the planes. (Granted Boon of the Planeswalker)

Era of Chaos

Long ago, a prophecy foretold visions of a realm being torn asunder, it spoke of destruction upon the world of arrogant mortals. However, within this turmoil, it has been said that in ancient tradition, among the elves, a child would bear the markings of the Elder Oak. But fate has an awful way of twisting one’s story. The prophecy would dictate two siblings, brother and sister. One would bring upon an era of chaos to the world, and the other a great sacrifice.

Andrathion, meaning son of Andrath and "Long Journey" was a strong boy from birth, unlike his sister who was frail and prone to sickness. She was given the name Edlothia, meaning "To Blossom" or "Flower" in ancient tongue, in hopes she too would grow to be strong. There was nothing in this world that Andrathion cherished more than his younger sister and it was that very love that would bring forth calamity.

The dark ages befell the lands and magic had been taken from worlds, and with that came the decay. The same sickness befell Edlothia with the absence of magic. In order to save his sister from the ultimate sacrifice, Andrathion traveled the planes, stole the powers of magic, leaving behind nothing. But travelling the planes came at a cost, remnants of such power was left behind in the worlds visited. These remnants would eventually ignite the spark within a select few, who would eventually rise to aid in the era of chaos, these individuals would be known as Planeswalkers.

Upon his return Andrathion unleashed the collective of gathered magic in an attempt to free his sister, Edlothia from the shackles of fate. But fate has an awful way of twisting one’s story. Due to it reckless nature, the unleashed power of pure magic was unstable, bringing forth an era of void and chaos. It was then that Edlothia, made her choice. She who bore the marking of the Elder Oak, blessed by the lands, returning her life force to it, planting the tiny seed of hope that would one day blossom into the realm known as Haven.

As the passage of time dilutes the ancient tongue, Edlothia soon became known as Eloviel.

The High Magic Academy


The Magic Academy is a conservatory for all that is arcane, an endless repository of knowledge. A place for Wizards to gather and exchange knowledge, Sorcerers to explore their origins in depth and Bards of all walks of life to scribe knowledge to share.

If you want to dive deep in the ways of the arcane, to learn how to properly use magic and become an exceptional master of the arcane arts, you should find your place within its halls.

It is the hub of all things arcane, where the brightest –and strangest- people gather, all for the sake of attaining expertise in the arcane ways. It is where legends are born, where myths are studied and where reality itself bends to the will of those who wish to change it.

The greatest of Mages and masters of magic find themselves devoted to the well of near infinite knowledge that can be found within its Arcanum Chambers. Seeking to, one day, unlock new potential in the hopes that the secrets of the planar universe will reveal themselves.

The High Magic Academy,

The Arcanum, The Well of Knowledge, Scholarium

Pantheon: Arcanum

Home Plane: Haven

Alignment: Unaligned

Follower Alignment: Chaotic Good, All Neutrals

Domains: Arcana, Knowledge, Law, Magic, Spells

Favored Weapon: Books, Rods, Staves, Wands

Symbol: A spherical orrery mapping planes of

existance in arcane script, encompassed by a

heliocentric model with the void as the center.

Tenets & Dogma

Those who gather at the academy find themeselves here for many reason, whatever it may be, the Academy upholds values in the pursuit of science, technology and greater magic. Upon entry to its reptoire of knowledge those who study under the great mages are warned to uphold the greatest of magge laws.

High magic is to be feared and respected. In the wrong hands, great disaster may befall those who abuse it.

  • Thou shalt not invade the mind of another, nor erase another's mind

  • Thou shalt not attempt to manipulate the waves of the planes, nor the threads of time

  • Thou shalt not dominate another, the use of necromacy is forbidden on the unwilling

  • Thou shalt not attempt to reside in the palace of the gods

  • Thou shalt not use the pursuit of knowledge for greater destruction

  • The pursuit of greatness shalt not come at the cost of life

  • The preservation of knowledge comes before all but not one owns life

Arcane adept

Your ambitious efforts to understand the inner workings of the arcane come to fruition as you gain access to a new repertoire of skills unknown to most. You have figured out how to keep focus without actually having to keep focus, though it is yet incomplete.

Arcane Acolyte

Many diligent nights have been spent perfecting the ways of the arcane. So much so, that you begin to grasp its inner workings. You further delve in to the working on maintaining your focus and it proves to be you ally. The knowledge of long past seems to come easily to you

Master of the Arcane

You have tediously gone through every known article in the Arcanum. You have written some yourself, even! You are regarded in high esteem with other followers and your works are of great renown. You have learnt to preserve you reactions for when needed the most and nothing finds its way into your mind without struggle.

Praecantator / Propheta

In your wildest dreams you would have never thought to be able to impart all your knowledge to another, yet here you are. You have forged an orb of infinite knowledge that hovers as it follows you around, it contains your life long memory of knowledge. People often refer to you as Praecatator or Propheta for it seem you almost always have the answers.

Magus Arcanis

You have mastered all techniques known to the Arcanum. Not a single magus can claim to be your equal. Your grasp of the arcane has reached the pinnacle of mortal capacity. With this mastery you are well versed and well protected. The weave comes naturally to you, so much so that with a simple thought, you are able to cast off spells. Magic bends to your whim but you do not use it for personal gains but instead the knowledge of the collective.


Arcane Knowledge
Renown Rank
3 Follower - Novice Arcanist Your studies in the arcane have just begun and thourgh your studies you have taught yourself to cast Armor of Agathys once per dawn as the arcane magic protects you from harm.
10 Devoted - Arcane Adept Once per day, you may cast Call Lightning, as your mastery of the elements slowly materializes, you do not need to maintain concentration for this spell. You have read tirelessly and your efforts have paid off, mountains of notes and well documented scriptures aid you. Any and all Arcana checks made are done with advantage.
25 Favored - Arcane Acolyte You can cast the Wind Wall spell and do not need concentration to maintain it. Your studies have gone well, so much so that any and all History checks are made with advantage.
50 Champions - Master of the Arcane Your mind is extremely potent and sharp, granting you advantage on intelligence saves, and gain a single use of Divine Inspiration. Additionally, you can cast Temporal Shunt, without expending your reaction once per day. Such is the might of your mind!
75 Paragon - Praecantator/Propheta You may choose to increase your Intelligence or Wisdom by 2. Using your magical arts, you have created your own personal memoire, a Professor Orb hovers around you at all times. This orb also acts as a Docent, and can be used as a spellcasting focus.
100 Chosen - Magus Arcanis You gain the ability to cast Circle of Power with an extended duration of 8 hours and you don't need to maintain concentration on this spell. Your knowledge is so profound that you have bestowed upon yourself the Boon of Spell Mastery. The chosen spell does not expend your reaction, nor does it require concentration. The Magus Arcanis gains an additional use of Divine Inspiration

The Founder

The founder of the the magic academy is seldom seen within its walls. They say he has trancended all magic, can bend reality on a whim just by thinking about it and call upon every spell known to existance. Long has it been since he needed incantaion or components and long has it been since he had mastered the ways of the arcane.

He is known as the Allmage, creator of several unique spells that require the finest of mind to complete. Taught by the ancient Elves of old, the amount of mystical secrets he posseses is unknown. His name lost in time, those who have been around long enough might recall though they say he has wiped his name from the memory of all living mortals.

Through his travels he has discovered many wonders that if asked about today would only be recounted in tales. Mythical creatures that have long been extinct to far off lands that have been crushed and ravaged by time. Some say the founder is in fact an ancient beast that only appears to be humanoid and their original form is that of a dragon.

Birth of the academy

The allmage, after many years of travel has been called to the lands for a purpose that he still to this day has yet to complete. A task granted to him by Eloviel that has span for hundreds of year, an arduous task that only he, the Allmage could even have hopes of succeeding.

In his absence, the Allmage has set up an academy for the purpose of gathering and honing the skills of fine arcan users across the realms. Those who show latent powers, greater intelligence and the resolve to push forward in the name of knowledge are welcomed and nurtured here.

The academy is staffed with various professors, all whom were hand picked by the Allmage, each with mastery in their own discipline and have all attained the title of Magus Arcanus. Needless to say, some schools of magic are fodbidden here within the academy.

Students spend their time here learning about the mystical ways, usually choosing a focus discipline to which they are raised in, in some cases there have been those who havecontributed largely to the copendium that resdies within the academy's old bookshelves.

Forbidden Arts

The academy is host to many, those who are especially apt in the ways of magic. Though there will always be disdain towards those who wish to seize power for themselves, especially the use of certain spells of the schools of necromancy.

Long has it been inscribed in the academy's walls that those who raise the dead shall be forever expelled from within the academy. Written in an ancient tongue, translated in every known language familiar to the academy.

This inscription is titled "Cæci Imperium"

Cæci Imperium

Ea cernuntur quae non sunt sapientiae moralis, nisi in loco per potentiam, quia virtus amissa et invenietis se nihil nisi adducere exitium sapientiae.

Those who do not pair wisdom with morality, but instead with power, shall find themselves lost for power will bring nothing but the destruction of wisdom.

The Alligiance of Guilds


Across the planes multiple guilds have been establish, some even seek to those in Haven with requests every so often. This guilds are held in high esteem throughout the realms and offer several boons if held in high regards within The Alligiance of Guilds. The Alligiance of Guilds vary from merchant guilds, adventurer guilds and even guilds mobilized for combatting dangerous creates. All walks of life may find a place within the Alligiance.

Notable heroes, and adventurers of legend have settled down in these guilds to form a broadd network, in order to make sure that all adventureres are accomodated. The guild has no shortage of brave warriors, and its vast roster of merchants and services keep them afloat. Needless to day that they work in tandem with each other and on accounts have been known to work with The High Magic Academy.

The Alligiance of Guilds is maintained though democratic conventions that occur once every decade, where the most accomplished individuals across all guilds gather and appointed at the head of the council. These individuals range from the most successful, to the most powerful among warriors and each surrounded by their own entourage.

Twelve seats are resevered for such individuals and often enough there are fresh faces at the table. Wallace Cardinal of Haven's Magic Council is known to serve in this round table has has been for several decades.

Tenets & Dogma

Those who find themselves alligned with The Alligiance of Guilds have promised to abide by its rules. One is not forced to abide by them but it is certainly frowned upon otherwise. The guilds pride themselves on fair trade and equal oppertunity as well as respect for strength and determination.

  • Those who partake in trade shall do so fairly, with adjudication

  • Those who wish engage is combat will do so with honor. Mortal combat is not allowed within the guilds compounds

  • Crimes, misdemeanors and swindling are dealth with by the judicial system. You are judged by a jury of your peers

  • Promises made should be kept, such as quests, requests and debts.

  • The guilds pride themselves on their reputation, one should not tarnish the good name of the guild nor use its name in vain.

  • When The Alligiance of Guilds asks for your help, it is expected of you to respond to their request if able.

Balance of Power

The guilds are in place to maintain order and prosperity among the lands that deal with the alligiance. They prevent those of the dark guilds who take advantage of other from running loose and casuing chaos.

Heroes of the guilds are granted immense pwoer in the form of busrts in order to deal with the dark guilds, so as to ensure those who are incapable to do so on their own may benefit from the protection of the aligiance.


Guild Reputation
Renown Rank
3 Follower - Adventurer The guilds are known to protect their own and with your membership you earn the right to Crusader's Mantle once per dawn.
10 Devoted - Inquisitor You have spent enough time within the various guilds and have chose one to your liking, it's training regimen has taught you how to push yourself when needed. Once per day, you may cast Haste. The guilds offer great notoriety in dealing and trades. Any and all Persuasion checks made are done with advantage.
25 Favored - Hero You have made name for yourself among the guilds and many lands afar consider you a hero of the people. You can cast the Fly spell one per dawn without the need for concentration. You have advantage against being frightened, if you already possess this trait, you are immune to fear..

Renown Rank
50 Champions - Legend Very few members of the guild attain such rank and you name echoes among its halls. Even those who have never met have heard of your name and you might is regarded in awe to all who meet you. Stories and Epics are written in your name, those who find themselves fighting against you, flinch at your mere presene. Gain advantage on initiative rolls, and gain a single use of Divine Inspiration. You are often called to deal with titans of great calamity and for this you have been given the ability to cast Banishing Smite, once per day to banish your foes.
75 Paragon - Eidolon You are as poweful as any legend that roam the lands and are seldom called upon when major threats appear. You may choose to increase your Strength or Wisdom by 2, you are always under the effects of a Mantle of spell resistance and ca cast Holy Weapon once per dawn.
100 Chosen - Guildmaster You have spent your time out in many adventures, there are those who respect you to the point that they have chosen to follow you in your endeavors. Your reach of all thing mystical is great enough, or you've probably read about certain aspects of beings or creatures to know exactly what you're looking for with pinpoint accuracy. You gain the ability to cast Legend Lore once per dawn without any requirements. You are the Guildmaster of a renown guild and have spend countless hours refinine your every talent, you gain the Boon of Skill proficiency. You also, gain an additional use of Divine Inspiration

The Dark Guilds


The Dark Guilds exist not only for profit, but for those who reject the pretense of The Alligiance of Guilds, or who were outright refused from joining.

The Dark Guilds have too found a place here in Haven. Through its channels of intelligence networks, gambling dens and other lucrative businesses. Skilled assassins, swindlers, politicians, and all sorts of underhanded individuals flock to the Dark Guilds for there is profit to be found.

They pride themselves on a single leader for each faction that exists within the Dark Guilds, each person excels in their own manner, but all is not as it seems. Even the leaders of the dark guild have to watch their backs, for at any given moment, a sign of weakness can mean your inevitable downfall. Someone is always looking to replace you and trust is a valuable resource within the Dark Guilds

The Dark Guilds rank one another by the amount of accomplished tasks and each members value is counter by a system that keeps track of successes and failures, where failure weighs far heavier than success as you are always expected to succeed in the name of the Dark Guild.

Beneath the Shadows

The dark guilds do dwell far beneath the surface of Haven. They have formed a secretive base of operations that can only be accessible through a series of complex hand signs, keys and knowing your way around. Those of higher stature have been taught more complex keys and reside further in the Dark Guilds headquarters. Rooms are inlaid with traps, illusions and many other dangerous events for the unsuspecting trespasser.


There are five groups of specialized divisions within the Dark Guilds, each hold their own finesse in their retrospect, and all of them have come from the very bottom, so it is not to say that each division has not superseded the other.

The ranks follow a simple echelon beginning from being a simple goon all the way to the expert assassin and all the ranks in between. Some even choose to show their face in broad daylight, these certain individuals are ones that spread rumors and falsehoods across the lands and claim political control.


Renown Rank
3 Follower - Goon Your job is to collect from those who refuse to pay tribute to the Dark Guilds. You learn Hunter's Mark spell and can cast it once per dawn.
10 Devoted - Theif You;ve been given access to the fisr sigil of the Dark guilds allowing you to pick targets from several quest boards within the guild. These low paying targets involve pickpocketing or robbery. You gain advantage on sleight of hand checks. and learn Pass Without Trace which is cast once per dawn.
25 Favored - Operative Your relation to the Dark Guilds might have involved some form of diplomacy or youve been sent as an envoy or a spy. You gain advantage of all deception checks, and learn to cast Phantasmal Killer once per dawn.
50 Champions - Phantom You have been placed within a group in order to gain information, you are a master as espionage and know the Seeming spell which can be cats once per dawm. You have advantage on investigation checks and gain one use of Inspiration.
75 Paragon - Shadowveil You've been selected for a role that only the truly worthy obtain. Your Dexterity or Intelligence increases by 2 and learn the Mislead spell both which can be cast once per dawn. You blend in to the shadows, so much so that those who see you believe you are infact a shaodw. You learn the Ghost Walk ability.
100 Chosen - Umbra The Umbra strikes from the shadows and marks it target without fail and it's potent strikes turn it's target to ash. You learn the Disintegrate spell and can cast it once per dawn. Your killing potency increases several fold, you are gifted with the Boon of Irresistible Offense as you prey on your targets weaknesses. Not only are you versatile in physical containment but that of the mind as well, you are able to cast the Mental Prison spell once per dawn.


Once you've obtained this rank, you are more free to choose from the varioustasks avilable on the mission board and can be deployed to different regions. You've been taught by a mentor who has shown you the way in targeting one's psyche rather than only their body.


Sent across the lands and imbedded within parties, groups or even guilds. These units report back to their unit leader and provide information about all the inner workings of what ever group they have been assisnged to infiltrate.


Shadowveil is a rank reserved for those who have shown results. They may choose any number of operations available to the Dark guilds. These operations supersede those of mere petty theft and bullying those who cannot fend for themselves.

Shadowveil operations include high level target assassinations to swaying political affairs within kingdoms, taking hostage of important figures of blackmailing certain indivuals. Whatever it may be, once the Shadowveil makes their resence known, it is already too late.

Ghost Walk

You can now phase partially into the realm of the dead, becoming like a ghost. As a bonus action, you assume a spectral form. While in this form, you have a flying speed of 10 feet, you can hover, and attack rolls have disadvantage against you. You can also move through creatures and objects as if they were difficult terrain, but you take 1d10 force damage if you end your turn inside a creature or an object.

You stay in this form for 10 minutes or until you end it as a bonus action. To use this feature again, you must finish a long rest or destroy one of your soul trinkets as part of the bonus action you use to activate Ghost Walk.


The umbra is one who has earned he right to lead a large company within the Dark Guild, have faced numerous trials and succeeded at all of them. The Umbra is sent out on classified missions where the results are known to only a few.

The Umbra will take in serveral new operatives under their wing to teach them the ways of the Umbra by exploiting ones inner fears over their physical conditions.

The Raven Queen


The Raven Queen appears most often depicted as a tall woman with skin as white as bleached bone and midnight-black hair, wearing either dark courtly dress or a long cowled black robe. Her eyes reveal her true nature: they lack whites, pupils, or irises, being instead a blackness filled with pinpoints of light, a reflection of the stars in the night sky.

When the Raven Queen takes animal form, she usually chooses to be embodied either as a large raven, or as a white wolf. These two animals are considered the Queen’s chosen and are thus considered sacred to her followers. One never knows when they stand in the presence of the goddess if indeed a white wolf or raven crosses their path.

The Raven Queen’s weapons are the spear and the scythe, and she is fearsome in battle; one myth tells of a duel fought between the Raven Queen and Bane that went on for a full century without respite or victor—the pair chose to call a draw in order to return to their other duties.

The Raven Queen is a mercurial being. Sometimes she is as callous as Asmodeus himself; other times she is kind, even loving. She is as implacable as death itself, yet she has been known to show mercy, or even, on occasion, to be swayed by a mortal’s plea. At times, too, she will bargain over mortal lives; there are several tales of the Raven Queen accepting a woman’s life in place of her lover’s. At least one tale in this vein has a twist: in exchange for a woman’s life, the Queen takes not the man’s life, but his memories of the woman. Then, too, there are those who try bargaining with the Raven Queen to extend their own lives. But no matter what they offer, the Queen eventually refuses the bargain—for she allows none to escape fate.

The Raven Queen's Whisper

Sometimes, the Raven Queen takes an interest in a particular mortal who could prove useful to her. When a creature under her watch faces mortal peril, she might reach out and offer to delay their death. Accepting this offer means that you are bound to her will, at least for a time.

The Raven Queen upholds very specific Dogmas all which revolve around the weave of fates and frowning upon it;s manipulation.

  • The Raven Queen commands her followers to destroy the servants of Orcus, Vecna and all those who prolong life with unnatural magic.

  • Hold no pity for those who suffer and die, for death is the natural end of life.

  • Bring down the proud who try to cast off the chains of fate. As the instrument of the Raven Queen, you must punish hubris where you find it.

  • Safeguard a souls passage from the natural world to whatever lay beyond

An Audience with the Raven Queen

There are those who seek audience with the Queen of Letherna but before that is at all possible, one must complete a challenge at each of the four Fate Pillars outside her palace.

One must surrender themselves in her garden of Shadowthorns, bathe in a cistern, retrieve the bloodcrystal raven skull and hold a book from her library which dictates your entire life.

Many travellers who know of the Raven Queen’s terrifying power travel to the Shadowfell to undergo her trial, letting the secrets of their souls be unfolded and revealed.

  • To free themselves from a dark and terrible past. It is said that the Raven Queen can make you confront your fears; some find a way to move beyond them, but others can be driven mad.
  • To discover a secret of someone who is dead. Adventurers venture through Shadowfell to find a soul that has been claimed by the Raven Queen, hoping to unlock its memories.

  • To seek answers that only the Raven Queen might know. The Raven Queen’s realm contains innumerable memories from all over the multiverse. Desperate adventurers might seek her out as a last resort or be led to her realm by a series of tempting clues.

The Raven Queen,

Goddess of Death, Mistress of Darkness, The Hand That Weaves

Pantheon: Dawn War, Letherna

Home Plane: Shadowfell, Fortress of Memories

Alignment: Lawful neutral

Follower Alignment: Any Non Evil, Non Chaotic

Domains: Life, Death, Fate

Favored Weapon: Books, Scythes, Swords

Symbol: Raven's head, facing left.


Letherna, the cold, glittering, icy domain at the very center of Shadowfell where a maze of towers forms her citadel made of obsidian and silver above bridges of stone and ice. Above Letherna, there is a maelstrom of swirling souls that shine like stars.

Letherna is the place to which all of the spirits of the dead come before ultimately proceeding on to their final fate. Within its confines, they regain some semblance of form, and they pass their days in the court of the Raven Queen until they receive their final judgment.

To some spirits, Letherna is a place of revelry, and its inhabitants dance and feast for eternity. Other spirits find it a daunting fortress in a frozen wasteland where they will be imprisoned for eons before being released into the great beyond.

The spirits swiftly lose track of how long they’ve spent there; time passes strangely in the Shadowfell. A hero a thousand years dead might be encountered there, swearing he had just recently arrived, while another, dead for only a day or two, might feel a century had passed.

Even the other Gods do not know what the Weave of Fate holds unless they ask The Queen.

The Fortress of Memories

Since achieving divinity, the Raven Queen has filled her realm with shadows and memories, obsessively collecting such essences from remnants of dead gods and mortals that were strewn throughout the Shadowfell.

The fortress is a mournful place, filled with incessant echoes of the past. Flocks of ravens that act as her eyes and ears darken the skies around it when they emerge from within, bearing her cryptic messages and omens far and wide across the multiverse.

Trinkets holging memories plucked from people’s pasts that have been invested with deep feelings of pain, sorrow, longing, guilt, or remorse.

True Naming

Each creature in the universe is tied together in the strands of fate and the pool of life from which all creatures spring. Just as humans have a name, each creature also bears a True Name, or a Fate-Name. These names reference the being at a cosmic scale and offer control over them when invoked. A True name is a powerful thing, but also fragile. Each True name is rendered as a compilation of events in the creature’s life, from the tree it passes while walking to the food it eats or who it takes as a mate. Invoking a True name may grant you control over the creature for a short term, but it will also change the True name rendering the original worthless. The Raven Queen does not reveal True names to mortals unless they have received her blessing. Those who seek the Raven Queen’s own true name are stonewalled or killed in strange and horrible ways.

Audience after Death

When an adventurer dies, the Raven Queen sometimes enlists them on a quest before they are resurrected by their allies. In some cases, if the prove useful they may be inlisted under her reign as her Sorrowsworn

Some adventurers claim to have been visited by the Raven Queen after their deaths- before their stalwart friends paid to have them resurrected. While they were in the afterlife, the Raven Queen enlisted them for a quest to complete a task, acquire a particular item, or perhaps to travel to a location and simply wait.

Most of those who have talked about these visitations say they felt compelled to do her bidding, because the visions imparted by the Raven Queen made it apparent that the quest was in some way part of their greater purpose. The Raven Queen’s reason for communing in this way is a matter of some dispute.

Some suggest that she is balancing the multiverse by having mortals complete various tasks, and some say that it is in these moments of obeisance to her that the Raven Queen recalls a fragment of her former self.


The Raven Queen is the patron of the shadar-kai, a race native to the Shadowfell, who serve her fiercely. She commands legions of Sorrowsworn against her enemies in lieu of angels.

These shadar-kai know that when they die, the Raven Queen captures their souls and returns them to the Shadowfell, where they are resurrected to serve her yet again. Thus, they consider death to be a temporary condition, and many shadar-kai care little for the physical shell they currently inhabit. Shadar-kai who want to become her devoted servants must undergo grueling quests. If they succeed, she transforms them into one of her winged, scythe-wielding sorrowsworn.

The Sorrowsworn know that those who come willingly to the Raven Queen’s tower are there to beseech her for something, and thus they try to prepare such visitors for what they will face. The queen’s servants talk to any inquiring adventurer about the gravity of emotion, how sorrow weighs on the soul as it travels through the Shadowfell, and how best to persevere in the Raven Queen’s test.

Raven Queen's sorrowsworn stop lost souls that wander in the The Bleak Fallow, a great valley where lost souls dwell, who are snatched up by extra planar beings. Their job is to bring the Raven Queen interesting/tragic souls or memories to which she collects in her Fortress of Memories.

When the Raven Queen sees a soul or piece of information she wants, she sends her shadar-kai. Sometimes they are small: a spurned lover, a lost item, a betrayal. But some tragedies are much graver: a murder, a war, a diabolical bargain. To bring back a trinket for their queen, the shadar-kai use their shadow magic. If a target is living, they magically infiltrate the person’s mind and excise the desired bits of emotion, or if the target is close to death, these shadar-kai capture the whole soul to bring back to the Raven Queen.


Channel Divinity
Piety Rank
3 Follower - Raven Knight You've sword you allegiance to the Raven Queen and in turn she grants you the ability to cast Ceremony once per dawn.
10 Devoted - Soul Reaper You have spent time side by side others who serve the Raven Queen and have learnt their ways of magic, you learn the Summon Shadowspawn if you are a warlock you may cast it as if you had cast it using highest available spellslot once per dawn. In addition you time surrounded by the restless you have advantage against rolls to gain exhaustion.
25 Favored - Echo of Letherna You are attuned to Shadowfell no matter where you are, you can call upon the hexblade for aid casting Spiritual Weapon spell once per dawn in the form of a blade or scythe. Additionally your body does not always need a physical tether and you have learnt to be without it granting you advantage against petrification.
50 Champions - Sorrowsworn You have undergone the grueling quests of the Raven Queen and have been bestowed the title of Sorrowsworn, a single black, retractable feathered wing sprouts from your back magically fitting anything you wear granting you a flying speed equal to your movement, if you already have a flight speed, you gain 10ft of extra movement. You are Sorrowsworn, tasked to bring back memories. You possess the Modify Memory spell, if you are a warlock it is cast as if it were cast at the highest available Mystic Arcanum. You are also granted a use of Divine Inspiration by the Raven Queen as you are her own.
75 Paragon - Keeper of the Everflow You may increase your Wisdom or Charisma by 2 as does your maximum. you gain the Sentinel Raven feature, the service of a spirit sent by the Raven Queen to watch over you and the ability to merge with your raven spirit from the Soul of the Raven feature.
100 Chosen - Guardian of the Void You are granted your True Name by the Raven Queen, it empowers you as you now guard the Fortress of Memories and stop all those who seek to read their book which dictates their entire lifespan. You know about anyones book yourself through the use of Legend Lore and can recount their story if granted permisson by the Raven Queen, and a second use of Divine Inspiration. So your eyes are not deceived by the spirits nor in the Fortress of Memories you have been bestowed the Boon of Truesight.

Nikolaus Valken

Nikolaus Valken

"I say you can find out the servants of Death by their marks, and by these marks you can tell: by the fangs of the predator, for their thirst for blood is like that of a foul beast; by their porcelain white skin, cold to the touch and unnatural to the eye; the glow of their eyes, behind which lives the terrible hunger. These are the marks of the blackest evil. These are the marks of the Vampire..."

Khaine, Legacy of the First Vampire

Lost tales of the Old World speak of an ancient being, a Methuselah, father to all kindred. They say that each vampire can trace their lineage back to a single person, the firstborn.

Seeking immortality, Khaine sought out the gods for their favor. Granted by the gods for his deeds throughout his mortal life, Khaine began to experience new found powers. The gods, who feared Khaine as his power grew, would decieve him into a fight in which he could not win. He was sent to destroy Shilgengar, the darkest of deities whose power would corrupt any through mere touch.

The battle would not last long as Khane saw his immortality fading, taken by the beast. It stood there, laughted, all while looking down at the now kneeling Khaine who would curse the gods for their ways. In a cry of anger Shilgengar would offer him another salvation, the same immortality in exhance for ridding the world of such gods.

Though this power too came with a dark desire, the constant need to quench an unending thirst. And so he was told to rid the Old World of its gods, slowly but surely Khaine would bathe in the blood of the gods of the Old World and with it came the corruption that would soon engulf the lands as what kept its harmony would no longer exist. Legend says that this is how corruption spread and plagued the lands, leaving it uninhabitable and barren.

Unable to quench his thirst, nothing remained in the realm of the gods Khaine would soon return to his home where his newborn son, under the fleeting breath and in the arms of his dying wife would take his first breath. An irresistable urge befell him as he would bare his fangs towards the newborn.

The only thing that would prevent Khaine from murdering his only son in a moment of weakness would be the frail hand of his wife, who would gently brush her hands against his cold porcelain face, to whisper her final words before she lay there motionless.

"Your son, his name is Nikolaus."


Mark of the Vampire
Charisma or Intelligence is your spellcasting modifer
Renown Rank
3 Follower - Child of the Night You practice the dark arts written in lost text, the Almanac. Promise of power entices you to delve further as you sacrifice a drop of blood in exchance for the ability to cast Command once per dawn.
10 Devoted - Bloodbound Ancient scriptures within the Almanac's pages reveal a ritual location to you, the devoted. Further blood sacrifice would imbue within you the power to cast Vampiric Touch once per dawn. Your eyes form a menacing look and become bloodshot at will granting you advantage on intimidation checks.
25 Favored - Ancillae Brought before a group of mysterious cloaked firugres they offer you a taste of their blood, you are enthralled and allured by its scent and its powers slowly manifest within you. You are now able to cast Bestow Curse, Command is now cast at 4th level, and Vampiric Touch is cast at 5th level.
50 Champions - Immortal Soul The blood within you is now more apparent, your skin becomes porcelain white and you bare fangs. You can now cast Death Ward unto yourself only, Bestow Cruse cast at 6th level, and Geas.
75 Paragon - Elder Vampire You are Cursed with Vampirism, you gain the damage resistances, darkvision, traits, and actions of a Vampire Spawn. Attack and damage rolls for the vampire's attacks are based on Strength. Your alignment becomes lawful evil as dark veins corrode your body. The elder vampire has long honed their skills. Your Vampiric Touch is cast at 7th level, and your Strength or Charisma increases by 2
100 Chosen - Pureblood You are brought before your sire, Nikolaus. Your body moves on its own and you kneel without a thought. You are offered the blood of kings from Nikolaus, empowering and strengthening your vampirism in exchange for unwavering fielty. You gain the damage resistances, darkvision, traits, and actions of a Vampire without legendary actions. You no longer age, need to eat or breathe and The Charm save DC (8+prof.+Charisma). Vampiric is cast at 9th level.

The Ivory Tower

An ancient order of hunters sought to right the wrong and the corruptiion that befell the Old World by retoring the powers of the fallen gods. These people were known as the Justicars. They believed that upon the downfall of Khaine and his kin, balance and order would be restored to the world and for that they sought out an innocent young boy, who would later grow up to a power for all kindred.

It would later be discovered that the fastest way to rid the world of this evil was to eliminate the first vampire Khaine, father to all vampires, whose blood runds thing among all descendants.

Pages from the almanc would reveal that when a greater vampire falls, all thralls created from this source would immediately turn to dust, no matter their location. This powerful piece of evidence led Khaine to to create a tower of magical magnificance, burried beep within the sand felled recesses of the deserts in the Old World. This would prevent anyone from ever harming his boy, none shall lay a hand upon him.

No one knows if this story is true and no one can claim to have met the father of all Khanites, they say he has locked himself up deep underground in an ivory tower somewhere in the old world. This is what it means to be a father.

An eternal hunger (Drawback)

Elder Vammpires and Purebloods suffer from an insatiable apetite which grows within you, each passing day your desire for blood rises. You must feed upon a non thrall humanoid each day or suffer a point of exhaustion. If you reach 6 exhaustion this way, you do not die but fall into statis and your thralls may overtake you, becoming the next pureblood in your place and turning you to ash.

You must use your bite attack against a restrained, incapaticated or willing creature. That creature loses hit die equal to the amount of damage dealt these hit die cannot be regained until a long rest.

Bound by blood (Thralls)

Those who are bound by blood are always subserviant to their maker, they cannot refuse their will and whim. Older, more powerful vampires can maintain control over several tens if not hundreds of thralls at a time. Should one ever encounter such a being, it would be safe to say that you have already lost.

When the creator of a thrall dies, all thralls under its command and all thralls created by the vampire perish without a trace. This is why they prefer to guard themselves with many thralls and in most cases stay away from the crusaders of the holy.

Humanoid creatures that are reduced to 0 hp by your bite attack rise in 1d4 rounds as a Vampire Thrall under your command. The thralls retain their creature type, proficiencies, languages and racial traits before becoming a thrall. You may, at any time dismiss your thralls by a mere snap of your fingers, immediately turning them to ash.

You may have a number of vampire thralls equal to your charisma modifer (Maximum 5), they use the Vampire Spawn statistics.

Beneath the moon's pale gaze (Drawback)

Life, far from eternal, as inevitable as the grave. It is in the moon's watchful gaze that these cretures thrive the most. Daylight impedes them, hindering all, if not most activity. You have the following flaws

  • Forbiddance: You can't enter a residence without an invitation from one of the occupants.
  • Harmed by Running Water: You take 20 acid damage if you end your turn in running water.

  • Stake to the Heart: If a piercing weapon made of wood is driven into your heart, you are paralyzed until the stake is removed.

  • Sunlight Sensitivity: You are vulnerable to radiant damage. While in sunlight, you have disadvantage on attack rolls and ability checks.

  • An Eternal Hunger: See "An Eternal Hunger (Drawback)"

"In that dread desert, beneath the moon's pale gaze, dead men walk. They haunt the shifting dunes of the breathless, windless night, brandish weapons of bronze in mocking challenge and bitter resentment of the life they no longer possess. And sometimes, in ghastly dry voices, like the rustling of sun-baked reeds, they whisper the one word they remember from life. The Name of the one who cursed them to their existence, more than death but less than life. They whisper thy name."

Nikolaus Valken

Blood Lord, Methuselah, Scion of the Vampires

Pantheon: Throne of Blood

Home Plane: Valkenheim

Manifestations: The Scion of the Vampire Race

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Follower Alignment: All Evils, Any non Good

Domains: Blood, Death, Necromancy,

Favored Weapon: Longsword, Unarmed Strikes

Symbol: A golden chalice filled with blood,

wrapped by a crimson cloth



Child of Desephina

From the dawn of time primordials ruled the lands, they morphed it and twisted it to their desires with no objection. All were powerful, none more powerful than the Air Goddess Desephina, she ruled with little care and only wished for her ‘subjects’ to bow before her and worship her. Her rule was ever more powerful when the Primordial Lord of the Sea asked for her powers to create him a ward since the oceans were so very large. Seeing this as a way to create more servants she gave birth through her powers to a sea deity. Merely a small and frail man, said to have the sunken face of an old hermit crab shell and the thin shispy body of an octopi. He was given no name, only known as Ward.

Regardless after his conception the Sea God had his own plans, if this ward was the offspring of the mighty Desephina perhaps he could use him to gain power. So the Sea God set Ward out immediately to find the deepest and most dangerous creatures his waters held to be either tamed or killed for his proof of power. All the while Ward was clueless, in his birth he did not understand his owners words but left anyway. He understood what he needed to do, but he could not bring himself to kill. These are the children of the waves, he was one too, so he ignored his owners wishes and instead went out to befriend all the creatures and learn of them all. He wished for them all to be respected and loved, he ventured far and wide, seeing all of the vast waters and creatures brought him joy and wonder.

Deepest Venture

Every being knows nothing is real on its surface, one must venture to the deepest parts to see its true nature. And thus Ward delved down into the deepest parts of the oceans, unaware of what or whom lurked there. For three thousand years Ward was down there, and no one heard anything from him, even his creator Desephina had no idea of his whereabouts. The Sea God was angry at this, treachery was what diluted his thoughts, thus he waged war with the Air Goddess and the primordial battle began. The battle commenced over the three-thousand years Ward was delved into the deep. However he was no longer Ward, no, Ward never existed he was nothing but a lost marlin in the sea. The dark can change a man, even more so a God, and he became just that. Only he knows how he received his powers, although otherworldly the sea bent to his will. The only sliver of Ward that remained was his kinship with the Sea. In the last year of his disappearance and the war, Na’Kurll rose from the depths like a raging typhoon of pure malice and awesome power. His first appearance above the waters was so devastating it sent the planes into chaos and storms. The sunlight was so harsh that even before he rose out storm clouds came to shield him from the light. His first sight of his old home was The Sea God gouging his creator's heart out with his spear.


Arcane Knowledge
Renown Rank
3 Follower of Na'Kurll The seas are a terrible place, followers of Na'kurll learn the Message spell for safe travels and may cast it once per dawn.
10 Devoted to Na'Kurll Often times along a journey one might wander upon a traveller of foreign language, for this reason those devoted to Na'Kurll learn Tongues, usable once per dawn. Sunken treasure is no stranger either to the seaward vagabonds, you have advantage on Arcana Checks as many ancient tombs are written in cryptic languages, some often magical.
25 Favored by Na'Kurll In time sof need, one must defend themselves against the creatures of the unknown seas, Inflict Wounds can be cast once per dawn. You must always be vigilant, a moment's rest may mean a moments end, you have advantage against being charmed or put to sleep.
50 Champions of Na'Kurll You have learn to always keep in touch with those whom you sail, Telepathic Bond can be cast once per dawn. You gain Cold Resistance as your travels beneat the seas have trained your fortitude and one use of Divine inspiration so you may always find you way back.
75 Na'Kurll's Paragon The storms no longer control you, infact it heeds your advice, you may cast Maelstrom one per dawn. You may increase your 2 to Wisdom or Constitution by 2
100 Chosen - Na'Kurll's Chosen Gain an additional use of Divine inspiration for a total of two. You have faced the wrath of the seas and stormed its weather, in bravery or foolishness, it matters not. You are now Immune to Lightning and Thunder damage. you cannot be Blind or Deafened by such elements and you have advantage when navigating among the seas.


Was there any emotion left in him? Was anything of life in this God of the Deep, his actions provide the answer. Na’Kurll approached the Sea God, the waters and sea life all circling about him as he arrived. The Sea God could not recognize the figure, and went to slay him, seeing him as a monster of otherworldliness.

With a simple flick The Sea God was swarmed with his own ocean, sharp waves froze into daggers that pierced his body like a pincushion. Sea life began tearing away at what was underwater. The Sea God fell on the shore of the land, his legs eaten away by the sea life and his body bleeding out pure energy. The Sea God looked up at this maelstrom titan, hiding his face he begged for his life, to be his ward. At this Na’Kurll spoke nothing, as he could not anymore. But his mind was now open, none of these gods cared for one another, only themselves. Even his creator wished for only power and to be worshipped. Na’Kurll had seen enough, his body moved over the Sea God and his creator as huge black tendrils ripped from his body to pull them into his form. He feasted on them for many moons.

Once he had finished his acts of horror Na’Kurll focused on their energies and went dormant, his body turning to stone and rock on the shore side where it remains on whatever plane he is. Na’Kurll however was no longer there, no, what he met in the depths all those years ago proved to him that nothing is perfect, no one is just, nothing is real. Except in one's own mind, where they live and control every single fiber they wish.

In his ever growing power Na’Kurll created his own plane of existence. A huge plane of pure water where he began to work on his own devices and realm as he saw fit. Once his creation was completed he once again went dormant, seeing all there is to see and do what else could he wish for? Then he was struck with a violent force off in the realms. A force he had never felt before, for this was not a force of violence, greed, power, destruction, no, it was pure. It had the intentions of good, to see this for himself Na’Kurll ventured to the realm where he resides in his own plane, watching over the lands in his mind and power. Once he saw the deeds of its inhabitants and more to come Na’Kurll knew he needed to gain worshippers to heed his words. Now the Deep One resides in Haven, venturing into all's mind, without their knowing, all watching, listening, and waiting.

Na'Kurll's Ambition

To create a following and mission to establish perfect order between the elements and beings. However he believes the only correct way is to do it as brutally as possible, requiring elements of betrayal, lies and darkness to fool others into belief.

A warrior's Warning

“What lurks in the ocean is something one does not wish to know, you may see beautiful clear waters that teem with abundant life. Flourishing colors unimaginable to any mainlander. But I do say, where the trenches grow deeper and open wider, where the tides always start, and where the storm is more favorable above than below, it lurks from the deep wishing for….. Something….”

-Typhus Wesseth


The Deep Prophet, Mind Lurker, The Empty Tendrils

Pantheon: Deep Seas

Home Plane: Concordia

Manifestations: A small albino kraken or octopus

Alignment: Neutral, Easily Swayed

Follower Alignment: Chaotic Good,

Chaotic Neutral, Neutral Good

Domains: Death, Knowledge, Order, Twilight,


Favored Weapon: Longsword, Spears, Trident

Symbol: Tendrils around a Krakens Maw

The All Mother


Today, the true story of Manna and Beleseith has been lost forever as the ancient history of their existence was wiped from the face of Dinaria long ago. Her presence is still able to be felt among those who need her the most, reaching her motherly hand out and warming their hearts. Her everlasting freedom passed on towards the lands, after her sacrifice. When you sleep, you feel the peaceful whistles of soft melodic music and the heart warming embrace of her, you know she is here and the “All Mother” as she would be known as in the new era will guide you on your journey.

All that remains, is this story from a book of fiction.

A time before power

Long ago in a land full of peace, two children were found. One with pink aura emitting from her as her skin would flow like waves of an ocean or a painter's brush adding colourful swishes of different vibrant colours around her. The softest pale blue skin to touch, his skin as stretchy as you could imagine. He would create balls of pink crackling aura slightly darker then the other childs aura. They were not found by others, alas they were found by each other.

Many years would pass as the two become best friends, joyfully playing through the peaceful air. Having the most fun they could in their youth. Mary was so sweet and caring, her everlasting smile would be felt by Richard while he created so many wonderful things for the two to play with. These children played for years upon years as their power rapidly would shoot up beyond unfathomable understanding of what a child could do.

Richard would accidentally open up a rift into a strange and magical looking place and the two would enter, the beauty of the forest and chirping of birds inside this magical place would take Mary's breath away. The innocence of their playing was endearing as the wildlife would begin to endear them, the laughs and the giggles of youth managed to reach through to the animals and fairies.

The All Mother

Manna, Lady Freedom, Goddess of Fellowship

Pantheon: Chains of History

Gender: She/Her

Home Plane: Nilvheir, Upper Planes of Dinaria

Domains: Freedom, Unity, Peace and Empathy

Alignment: Neutral Good

Follower Alignments: Lawful Good,

Neutral Good, Lawful Neutral, True Neutral

Symbol: A chain from either side that when it

reaches the middle breaks off into small birds

flying forward, symbolising breaking the chains

and having freedom


The freedom of their lives, the happiness in their smiles and the joy they shared for so long ended as they ended up back at the spot they were back many years ago. This would be the first time Mary would cry, her tears dropped somber melodies of sadness as they fell from her iridescent face.

Richard would feel her sadness deep inside him and do only what he could muster up to make her happy again, he would begin to go slightly mad trying to make her happy and with the power he had developed began to place pieces of her favourite next to her and a bird would chirp.

Her everlasting smile would grow once more as Richard would continue to place more and more, frantically he would fly into the sky and make more. She sang as he placed more and more, making her home as perfect as he could for her.

He would fly down and swoop her off her feet into the sky above to look down at his creation, the two would look down to see an everlasting forest that would go beyond their eyes as more began to appear and grow. They would fly around their new world and her voices bellowed throughout the forest; it would echo her tone even that much sweeter, until the two landed once more. Mary would kiss Richard and the two would begin to play again and would vanish into Nilvheir.

However the freedom of her dreams, or the melodies of her sympanys that resonate deep inside your warm heart. The All Mother would be there with you always, watching you, caring for you. Helping you achieve the peace of your soul and to try bring the same peace and freedom you desire to many others as well. Her powers will reach out deep within you when you are awake and more importantly when you are asleep, helping you all feel the freedom she felt that day.

Tenets & Dogma

The tenets of The All Mother are less principles to follow and more words sung with melodies in your dreams to make use of them how you feel fit.

  • Break the chains that shackle Freedom.
  • Together we are Stronger and apart we are not.
  • There is peace even in the storm.
  • Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.
  • When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.
  • Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.
  • For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.
  • Evil is defined by its absence of Empathy.
  • How terrible is the pain of the mind and heart when the freedom of mankind is suppressed.
  • When things change inside you, the things around you change.
  • Do not let the behavior of others ruin your inner peace.
  • Corruption of the soul can influence the kind hearted.


Channel Divinity
Piety Rank
3 Follower of The All Mother Followers of The All Mother feel their mothers instinct to protect her children from the dangers that the realms provoke. Followers of The All Mother may cast the spell Shield of Faith once per dawn. Your body would begin to emit a pinkish cloud around you as your armour will begin to take the form of a new look, in the way you would like to present yourself in your freedom..
10 Devoted to The All Mother Followers of The All Mother feel their mothers willingness to protect their friends and allies with a safe haven. Followers learn to cast Tiny Hut once per dawn. In order to protect the ones you love you need to be able to convince them out of their potential mistakes you gain resistance to being charmed.
25 Favored of The All Mother Followers of The All Mother will feel her powers reach out to you to help you understand motives and purpose. Followers learn to cast Aura of Purity once per dawn. Your piety reaches out to you and grants you the ability to read the mind of someone, as a way to help understand their purpose before deciding what you must do. Followers of The All Mother will also feel her aura of protection trying to prevent her children being turned to stone and thus receive advantage on rolls against the Petrification.
50 Champions of The All Mother Followers of The All Mother will share with you some of her telepathic powers. Followers learn to cast Rary's Telepathic Bond once per dawn. The All Mother allows you to keep conversation with those who you care about the most in the moment, allowing you to speak over long distances telepathically as long as they are willing. The All Mother watches over you in the moments when you are not, because of this you have advantage on constitution saves and gain a use of Divine Inspiration.
75 Paragon of the All mother Followers gain a +2 to Cha or Wis, can cast Commune and are always under the effects of a Cape of the Moutebank as you turn into a cloud of pink vapor that pulsates with minor static.
100 Chosen of The All Mother You ascend from being a follower becoming an Avatar of Manna. You will learn her true name, one she only shares with her children who have found the peace and tranquility within themselves. You may also cast the Globe of Invulnerability once per dawn. Your ascended mind, body and soul allows you to try find, watch, protect and see beyond what your eyes could see. You are chosen as one of her symbols of peace gaining 2 uses of Divine Inspiration and the Boon of Truesight.

The Jøtunguard


The Jøtunguard are mighty warriors of the north. The protect the lands from invading forces. Giants, Wyverns, Undead and all that would cause chaos and destruction among the lands and met by the Jøtun. The Jøtunguard are an elite groud of warriors that hae been tasked by the ways of the ancient giant traditions, to protect and serve the land that feeds us.

Jøtunguard are hand picked among children who show and posses talent or are known to be descendant of the giants. Trained since young, taken from their home, left to fend for themselves until their reach the pinnacle of Jötunheimr where the true giants reside.

It is there that those who have braved the wilderness are crowned Jøtun.


Jøtun. Its meaning stems from the word giant. Although these people are far from it, legends say that the Jøtun are descendants of the giants themselves. Fierce warriors, apt in the arts of combat. Their fortitude - unparalleled, resolve - unmatched, and their will far exceeds that of a normal humaonoid.

The Jøtun crave battle, it brings honor to their kind. Some seek it, others let it some to them. Once thing is clear among the Jøtun, nothing but honorable combat may take one to Valhalla. It brings great shame to strike ones foe unannounced or to use tools other than the weapons in the hands.

They feel no pain on the battlefield, a warcry bolsters the senses numbing what would frighten any ordinary man or woaman. For that reason, they are known to be some of the most feasome of warriors.

Live for battle, Honor in death

The Jøtunguard do not adhere to any specific rule of the land for they do not fear the powers of kings nor queens. Seldom found in the regions of populated areas but one thing is for sure, when called upon, the Jøtunguard do not fail to answer.

If offered anonymity within the battlefield, the Jøtunguard will usually find themselves within the front lines, leading the charge, weapon in hand, boosting the moral of those behind all while mitigating collateral damage. You will often find a Jøtunguard take the lead on the battlefield as their expertise in combat allows them to rally the soldiers and bolster their morale when all else fails.

Jøtunguard captains can singlehandedly take on masses, unphased my the numbers. To die in battle is to see the face of their allies chanting their names in Valhalla. To die in battle is the greatest honor, there is no code aside from this.


The Jøtun venture only where their desires take them until called upon, living a nomadic lifestyle with at most a companion or two. The Jøtun are found often in seclusion or among their own. It is the way they prefer it as too many in one area brings about an imbalance in power and the rise in competiton on the battlefield is not wanted.

The Jøtunguard are no stranger to rough terrain, cold winters and blistering summers raised these warriors since infancy. They are apt in survival and strive is harsm conditions.

Some have been known to have followers, and if so, it is usually in the beast akin to a large winter wolf or bear. There have been some seen reering birds of prey and other even winged beasts. The Jøtunguard are lethal when mounted.


You are famed on the battlefield, in most cases confrontation with you will be avoided if possible. Once does not wish to anger the warriors of the Jøtunguard.


With the title of Jarl, in places where your might is recognized, you may often find shelter granted for you and your company. You may also find an easier time travelling through lands that are not native to you as your name has crossed and covered distance.


The Einherjar have attained glory on the battle field and have ascended to Valhalla. They are seldom called to the mortal realms, but when do they do, they do so as a pillar of light falls from the sky, landing on the ground causing a massive crater


The Jøtunguard
Charisma or Wisdom is your spellcasting modifer
Honor Rank
3 Follower - Skaald You have travelled far and wide to meet the Jøtunguard, somehow you have proven yourself worthy through Compelled Duel as you can now cast this spell once per dawn.
10 Devoted - Úlfhéðnar Your might is parallel to the great white wolf of the mountains, you wear the pelt of the beast and are knwon as Úlfhéðnar. Your battle fury allows you to cast Haste once per dawn and you cannot be grappled unless the creature it two sizes larger than you.
25 Favored - Gunnr The honorable title of Gunnr has been bestowed upon you by the king of the Jøtun. Derived from old Norse, meaning "Battle" for that is exactly where you strive. You have advantage to being frightned and if you are raging or wildshaped you cannot be frightened. The heart of the battle calls to you, like your beating heart. You may cast Call Lightning once per dawn, it may be used while raging or in wild shape.
50 Champions - Jarl You have survived many glorious battles, time has come for you to lead. King of the Jøtunguard bestows upon you the title of Jarl, with such a title you you find travellers far more agreeable to your cause. The Jarl commands his mighty steed and may choose to claim rights to one of his choosing, you may cast Find Greater Steed once per dawn. The Jarl is gifted with Death Ward and may cast it once per dawn. The gods of battle smile upon you and your acomplishments granting a use of Divine Inspiration.
75 Paragon - Arisen You have ascended to the palace of true warriors. Your Constitution or Strength increases by 2 as does its maximum. The resilience of giants flows through your body, you gain Jotun Resilience; Your hit point maximum increases by 1 for every level, you are one size larger. When struck creatures take lightning damage equal to your Constitution modifier (minimum of 1)
100 Chosen - Einherjar The Einherjar, refered to as "The Army of One" or "Those Who Fight Alone" are blessed warriors of the Jøtunguard who have been taken to Valhalla by the Valkyries where they have spent many days in endless battle. The Valkyries grant you the Boon of Fortitude, a Second Use of Divine Inspiration and you may cast Tasha's Otherworldly Guise once per dawn, not needing concentration. You are a threat on the battlefield, even alone. They say that each time thunder roars, an Einherjar has been deployed from the depths of Valhalla.


Valkyrja, “choosers of the fallen”

There are some that say that the Valkyrie are the ones who choose those who were worthy to ascend into Valhalla. They consisted of only female warriors who has already paid their due diligence in the army of the Jøtunguard. Hand picked by the gods to serve them in the afterlife, where a never ending battle took place. Only the finest of Jøtunguard would be selected.

Some Valkyries had the power to cause the death of the warriors they did not favour; others, especially heroine Valkyries, guarded the lives and ships of those dear to them. These Valkyrie were associated with fairness, brightness, liberation, as well as bloodshed.

Seen as often on the battlefield as the other Jøtunguard as they would partake in battle only when needed That did not mean their ferocity was not on par with anyone else. Every single Valkyrie was a warrior before a maiden of the gods, they are entrusted to seek out the worthy only because they too are dignified in such way.

Jøtunguard Fortitude

Those in the ranks of the Jøtunguard often find themselves blessed with power, but power alone will not be enough. Warriors often seek out or are granted the Boon of Greater Health in hopes to strengthen their fortitude.

Prerequisite: Prestige Gold, Boon of Fortitude

Your body is in perfect health. Your maximum HP is as if you rolled the maximum on each hit dice roll.


The berserkers are the front lines of the Jøtunguard, one who has been said to fight with primal might, their ferocity is matched by very few. The Jøtunguard house many berserkers, all willing to lay their lives down on the battlefield.

The greateest honor among those who hold the title of berserker is to be culled by the axe of thy foe, though some find it hard to achieve due to their excellent combat prowess and health.

Pain is but a fleeting feeling when engaged in battle, for these Berserkers know not pain, nor fear. Their barbaric methods in combat sacrifice defense for an irresistable offense.

Every Jøtunguard unit has once been in the shoes of a Berserker and every one of them recount the days in glory.

The Jøtunguard

Berserker (Male), Valkyrie (Female), Giant-Kin

Pantheon: Norse

Home Plane: Valhalla, Jøtunheim

Domains: Freedom, War, Wisdom, Honor

Alignment: Lawful

Follower Alignments: Any Lawful, Any Good

Favored Weapon: Blades, Axes, Hammers, Spears

Manifestations: Descent from Valhalla

Symbol: Thee interlocked triangles forming a

Valknut, encircled in Valhallan scriptures

Sehanine Moonbow

The Moonweaver

The answers were always there, in the stars. You have learned to turn your gaze away from the earth, and of that I am proud.

Sehanine is the elven goddess of dreams and mysteries. She is an aspect of Selune according to some sages, but spreads her blessings wherever she sees fit. A force of truth in contradiction and stillness in cycles, she represents a spirit of errant temperance and cosmic truth that defies easy description.


Channel Divinity
Piety Rank
3 Follower As a follower of Sehanine Moonbow you are closely linked with the night, you get to cast the Sleep spell once without expending a spell slot. Once you cast the spell in this way, you can’t cast it in this way again until you finish a long rest. You can also cast this spell using spell slots you have of the appropriate level.
10 Devoted When you improve your devotion to The Moonweaver she grants you the ability to cast the Blink spell once without expending a spell slot.* In addition to this she also grants you advantage on saving throws against the Charmed condition.
25 Favored You are favored by Sehanine, she grants you the ability to cast the Polymorph spell once without expending a spell slot.* In addition to this she also grants you advantage on saving throws against the Paralyzed condition.
50 Champion The goddess of the full moon bestows you with the ability to cast the Moonbeam spell upcast to 5th level once without expending a spell slot. In addition to this she grants you advantage on Wisdom saving throws. You also have one point of Divine Inspiration at the start of each quest.
75 Paragon By becoming a champion of Sehanine your Sleep spell becomes more powerful, when you cast this spell by using the ability granted at the Follower rank it is instead cast at 7th level. You also are granted the ability of a Cloak of Displacement. In addition to this you can increase your Wisdom or Charisma score by 2 points.
100 Chosen You have been chosen by Sehanine Moonbow as you are one of her most devoted followers. You are granted the ability to cast the Mental Prison spell once without expending a spell slot.* You also gain resistance to Psychic damage and you gain the Boon of the Night Spirit. You also have one additional point of Divine Inspiration at the start of each quest.

Sehanine’s Champions

Alignment: Usually Good

Suggested Classes: Cleric, Wizard, Bard

Suggested Cleric Domains: Grave, Knowledge, Light

Suggested Backgrounds: Hermit, Acolyte

Champions of Sehanine are dreamlit wanderers who connect the waking and the dreaming world.

Followers of Sehanine are expected to expand the god’s influence in the world in a concrete way through acts such as these:

• Discovering a new question or mystery

• Noticing or deciphering an omen

• Paying heed to the events of your dreams

For followers of Sehanine it’s unacceptable to diminish her influence in the world or contradict her ideals through acts such as these:

• Becoming concerned with real world pragmatisms

• Ignoring omens, dreams and signs

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