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Chapter 1: Elusis - Shaped by the Hands of the Divine and Arcane

Elusis has always been a land of a discovery, even the first races on this world found traces of earlier influences. Progenitor beings that carved the earth and channeled the seas, who through their immense power gave rise to the natural order and in doing allowed for the new races to rise.

In this section, you will read about the many historical events that culminated to create the world as it is today, these stories date back all the way to the beginning with a popular myth told throughout the lands of the Progentior gods and how they came to create the world of Elusis. The events in this chapter are the larger mythos that changed this world and shpaed it to its current form. Local folklore and common tales, can be found within their own segment.

The Twin Progenitors - 0 Ancient

Like all sorts of history, the story of how Elusis came to be has been shrouded in myth and legend for millennia. However, the most accepted myth is that of the dual creators, the two primordial beings that joined to form the world and from their union, life and all it produces came forth. Here is that story in full:

In the beginning there was only chaos an infinite void of nothingness, but from that void a single spark of life emerged, shapeless and without name. This being floated in the expanse without meaning for eons. However, this would not last. The being soon grew bored and lonely, a dull existence like it was one the being could no longer accept, and thus it began to dream. It would bring forth creation into the chaos and form a world with which it would inhabit, no longer would the being be lonely, no it would create all matter of beings.

And so, from its dream, matter formed and soon took the shape of what we would now call Elusis. A barren version of the world known today. It was formed as a mound of earth and stone, a desolate wasteland in the midst of the expanse. Although the being had now created its world, it still dreamed of more, and soon from the endless chaos around it a second figure arrived, this time it had form. The very act of the first creation, had given shape to the innermost chaos it had carved its world into and thus had begun the chain for creation. This new figure was slender but still mostly featureless, it looked at the original and began to understand the dreams and together they continued the cycle. This time they dreamed of vibrant colours and a landscape of varying heights and soon the world began to shift as they set foot onto its surface. Underneath the original, the ground quaked and shifted and great mountains rose from the earth whilst vast canyons were formed in contrast. Under the second, the grounds colour shifted, and plant life began to form, trees and flowers bloomed, and water flowed into some of the many vast canyons creating expansive oceans. The world was forming and soon a vibrant paradise emerged, the two beings stopped and observed the world around them and although pleased, still felt it was empty.

And thus, they began the next creation. The two beings gathered the aspects of the world they had forged and started to combine them to form the basis for the creatures they hoped would inhabit and thrive on that world, just like they hoped they would soon as well. The first being to be created was the deer, graceful and proud, a creature made from the air and earth, sturdy but of great speed.

From here more mammals began to spring forth from the dual creators’ hands, the birds and insects were next, then the fish and all that lived in the oceanic depths of their world. And as the creators brought forth life into their world, they themselves took more physical shape, the first progenitor took the form of the amorphous air and soon became one with the wind and sky, the second progenitor took the form of the gentle but firm earth and the two beings split and suffused themselves with the earth and sky. Soon, they would have children, a meeting between the earth and sky at the edges of the horizon and from this new union, the children were given the form of the sun and moon and thus light came to the world as a split between the two siblings emerged in the cycle of the celestial entities, and they gained favour over the different elements of the world their parents had created. Nevertheless, this union would not be the last, and again new children were born, these were given the stars.

Thus, the world was formed, itself now a living entity helped along by the aid of the progenitors and their children, the first of the Old Gods. Eventually, the children made unions of their own, and from them new children were born, and they were given specific parts of the world, the oceans and the forests wilds became tamed. However, the world was not to be peaceful forever, as the progenitors watched their children live, they decided to step away from the world and slumbered and waited to awaken to see what the world would have changed under the guidance of their children.

During this time the children started to grow jealous of one another, and with the progenitors in a deep sleep, they would be without a force to stop them. And so, the siblings warred against for their own personal gain, but it wasn’t all the siblings that fought. The eldest of the siblings those given the sun and moon, and the oceans and forests watched as their own children and many of the “lesser” siblings squabbled and fought for supremacy. Alliances were forged and broken, and soon many of the Old Gods lay dead before their parents or siblings, the world now shaken by the power of these colossal beings and with it the progenitors awoke to the sight of their world burning, and in their horror, they felt rage. The two elder beings, using all the power available to them, granted the wish of those who fought by splitting all of their children away from one another in their own versions of the world, and to prevent them from ever coming to fight one another again they split themselves among all the planes as a web that would bind and separate all the planes of existence they had now created.

But before they completely vanished, from the corpses of the children they had lost, they put one last breath of life into them and from their bodies, smaller versions of the gods, the first version of man was created… the elves and dwarves. They varied in size and stature and were now given the material plane as the new custodians to the world they would forge on their own without the interference of the gods. This event and the creation of the elves and dwarves would come to be known as the Titansgreave and its effects would be felt for millennia to come.

The Divine Truce - 0 Divine

The story of the divine truce and the circumstances that surround it are to most, a myth. A myth lost to the ages, after empires fell and the idea of the divine being against one another thought a fallacy. But there are a few who know the true story.

Many thousands of years after the Titansgreave, the divine beings were still locked to their divine planes, many new gods were still learning the extent of their power and mankind had spread far across the material plane, with the advent of the other races not far behind.

But one god had been tinkering with his plane ever since he was banished there by the progenitors. The Eversmith, god of the craft and creation, had been toiling away at the boundaries of his plane working to find out how the progenitors had kept him, and his siblings locked away for all these years. He had tested hundreds of inventions and still there was no solution, but the god of curiosity kept going for he knew no answer and so was eager to find one. Then, one day a small boy with sharp ears appeared before him, he looked human, for as much as the Eversmith knew of humanity he was still confused as to their appearance. But the boy's skin was olive tanned, his hair white and his presence not similar to that of the creatures of the material he had observed from high upon his plane.

"Where am I?" the boy had asked, as stunned at the appearance of the Eversmith as he was of him. "My home and prison. Say small human, how did you get to this plane of existence. I cannot find my way out, yet you found a way in?"

The boy was confused, he had never seen a place like this before, and had never seen a person as large as the Eversmith before. He had been dreaming when he found his way here, and thus he answered as so. The Eversmith was stunned, he had slept many times and not found his way off this plane, yet a mere sharp eared human found his way in. The conversation between the two continued, the Eversmith probed for any information he could get and soon learned the boy's name was Cyril, and that he had been having these strange dreams for a while, but this was the first time he had travelled to the sound in his dreams.

Cyril the "elf"?

Many historians debate the existance of the boy named Cyril, and many still wonder if he was truly human. With the description being that of a boy with sharp ears, many attribute this to the physioogy of an elf, but even this debated among scholars.

As the Eversmith was preparing for his next round of questions, the boy vanished before his eyes. Confounded, the god searched his entire home to find the small boy but found nothing. Eventually, even surmised that should the boy be able to find him once, he would be able to find him again. Thus, he waited. Days past and the boy was not seen, the god of curiosity’s curiosity was turning into frustration and so he took it upon himself to try what the boy had. Sleep found him quickly, although he didn't need it (nor would any god ever, but he was determined nonetheless) and through his sleep, he listened, listened for any sounds that were not normal. He waited, and continued waiting, until eventually he heard something. A bird. Then the muffled tones of a familiar voice. The god pushed his consciousness to the sound and as he did the kaleidoscope that was his dreams, soon gave way to a bright light, then to a gentle breeze, the smell of grass.

Then to a sight the Eversmith had not expected, he found himself by a small hut near a river. He looked around his giant form allowing him full view of the world around him. He didn’t believe it, all this time he had attempted to be free of his realm, and yet a small boy dreaming had helped him find a way out. In his excitement, he lost his concentration and was shunted back to his realm, but it mattered little. He had made it. But now he wondered where else he could go. His siblings had all been separated, but the god wondered if he could bring them together. Did he want them together, the last time he had seem any of them, they had tried to kill him. The memories of the Titansgreave were not so easily quelled.

But his curiosity was boundless and thus he began his attempts to visit his siblings, first to the All-Jude, then to He Who Endures and from there he found his way to each of his siblings much to their utter surprise and disbelief. He taught them how to find one another, but never how to get to the material plane, that secret was for him alone at least for the time being.

Soon the divine beings were able to speak and communicate with one another, although it took a while for the initial sparks of tension to die down. The Titansgreave was still fresh in the mind of the divine, and many of them were hard pressed to let old grudges die. The Eversmith found a way, he was hesitant and would've liked to have kept his secret to himself, but he knew that this would potentially secure the divine beings their truce and maybe put tensions aside for a while.

He offered them the secret to visit the material plane, in exchange for their help in quelling the infighting that had erupted when the divine had begun to leave their realms. A meeting was called on the plane of Vorturith, a psuedo-plane that the Matron of Doves had discovered in her attempts to visit the other divinities. Vorturith was unlike any other plane, the divinities were powerless there, and it was only accessible at certain moments in time. It was a perfect spot for their meetings, and thus the first divine council was held. The Eversmith laid out his terms and soon discussion were had, a truce would be formed between the divinities in exchange for access to the material plane, and should hostilities between the divine spark out in great conflict, they would be locked back behind their planes again never to interfere with the material plane again.

The divine truce was formed and the divine came to the material plane, changing the world forever.

Founding of the First Great Cities - 5,000 Divine

The Divine were now on the material plane and their influence had been felt by the world as they pushed the many races forward. The elves, dwarves, humans along with many other races were rapidly progressing and as they did many great nations began to form. The first of these nations was the Provincial Kingdom of Nerath, a small province nation that was beginning to form proper borders and a capital city. But they were not alone, for as quickly as they rose as a nation so did others, and so from there many elves formed the first Elvish Imperium with their capital Tirion, while the Dwarves went to the mountains and formed large interconnected cities ruled over by a caste system the biggest of these being Khu'Drun. A rival kingdom named Emberhold soon rose to prominence in Tala'Doir. And travellers soon found another continent and the first Sultanate of what would eventually be called Dujhal was formed.

These kingdoms rose and prosperity flourished as the races were gifted the abilities of the arcane due in thanks to the creation of the Arcane Weave by The Mistress of the Weave, this revolution in arcane ability further propelled the cities and within several hundred years, Nerath, Emberhold, Tirion and Dujhal had begun rapid expansion in their respective territories. Forming new cities, towns and villages as their influence grew.

This trend of expansion and growth would continue for thousands of years and the gods would soon stay on the material plane, in physical form, manifesting to aid the races of the material.

The Midwinter Purge - 7,500 Divine

The air is cold and the streets are frozen over, as rays of sunlight slowly thaw at the nights frozen dew. The winter seasons are upon the nations of the world, and across it a silent anger has been brewing for many years now. Mages. Those born with the ability to control and manipulate the aspects of the arcane weave and use it to their own means, have been seen as a great threat to the world, abominations given powers beyond the understanding of man and its many facets and the mundane of the world have grown tired of the dangers they pose. They tire of the farmhouse bursting into flames as a young mage discovers their ability, or the reborn dead stalking the roads as a robed figure stands behind them, even the kings and nobles are weary after a frustrated mage burst into the castle of the Dujhalian Prince and sent a lighting bolt threw his body killing him instantly. Retribution was to be paid for in blood, and a purge was coming for the mages of this world.

It was Midwinter 7,532 Divine, ten years after the ban on arcane practice and the prosecution of suspected mages, and tensions were reaching a head. A young mage unaware of his power was travelling with his mother into the capital city of Nerath when a thief attempted to kidnap him off the street, frightened and panicking the child threw his hands out as the sky turned dark and lightning coursed through the would be kidnapper. Now even more panicked after learning what he had done, the child's mind raced as he realised he was one of the 'dangerous mages' his mother would always warn him of and attempted to flee. Guards were quick to corner the child surrounding him and aiming their weapons at him, and in his continued panic he waved his hands around hoping to keep them at bay as lighting flickered from his fingertips. The guards closed the circle and moved forward, the lightning killing a few of them as got closer and in that moment, one of the guards rushed and pierced the child with his weapon killing him instantly. The street fell silent and the world changed forever.

Mages in hiding learned of the event, pulled together, marching into the streets demanding justice for the death of the young mage. But in their panic, the kings and rulers ordered for their execution for they were terrified of the power of the combined mage groups. In the space of two weeks, military groups dispersed and killed mages who were protesting and then once that was done they continued their senseless slaughter, citizens terrified of the mages informed soliders of suspected mages locations, allowing the soldiers to chase them down and kill them. Within a month of the order, mages had almost completely vanished from Elusis, with any who still lived going into hiding and living in the wilds, but the paranoia continued, neighbours reported neighbours and the killings continued for many years.

It wouldn't be until 7,632 Divine, 100 years after the inciting incident that the Nerathian king at the time King Dwendal II would decree the killings end, but the mages were still terrified of leaving and would continue to hide for many years to come until the formation of the Circle of Arcanum Mortis in 7,710 Divine when a group of mages formed together and stood to improve the relationship between mages and mundane world.

The Fall of Ashguard and The Death of the Mistress of the Weave - 15,000 Divine

It had been many thousands of years since Nerath had been formed, and with that many new cities were born. Ashguard was one such city that had been born from the expansion of the great nation. Ashguard was a floating city, one powered by immense crystals that tapped directly into the power of the weave to propel themselves, and this was the way the city had been for as long as many could remember. But it wasn't only Ashguard that now lived in the skies, much of the Nerathian Empire was now suspended in the sky, only a few cities including the Kingdom capital were still on the ground.

But Ashguard was special, it had been the first of the floating cities; a grand experiment that had proven successful, and the city was now a shining beacon of what Nerath could do. It was a bastion of their progress and ingenuity, a home for many of their greatest scholars and millions of their citizens. But one citizen of the city was terrified, for he had seen in his dreams the city crumbling, falling from the sky, millions dying above and below the city and not just in Ashguard but all across the empire and beyond even that. And all he could do was watch, as the city fell, and the people burned...

Karsin awoke from his dream in a cold sweat, it had been a harrowing experience one filled with enough sorrow to drive most men mad with just the visions. But Karsin, had seen these things before, for his ability to dream had helped him prophesize many things, and thus he did as he always had, he rushed to the Temple of Aldith and spoke to the Matron Mother, a mage as old as the city or so the rumours said, but she tried to quell his anxieties. For she said the city would never fall, the weave was fine and that the Mistress could never allow such catastrophe to happen.

However, Karsin could not agree. He had seen it, and his visions had never been wrong, how then, could the Matron Mother refute him so, for her rebuttal meant that no one else would dare consider him. He decided that should she not help, then he would simply need to prevent the problem from ever occurring. And thus, he began his preparations to journey to the Ivory Tower of the Mistress, a tower below the city and off the coast of the continent. His fervour fuelled him, as did his anxiety, as he knew there was only way to prevent this catastrophe. And within days of the visions he had made his way to the base of the tower.

He talked to the guards and asked for permission to see the goddess. After a while he was allowed inside and guided to the goddess’s chambers, the final floor of the tower. He was to go alone as was tradition and as he entered, he saw the Mistress of the Weave for the first time. A lady just older than himself, sitting on a wooden rocking chair, slowly knitting this soft glowing fabric. Karsin approached and explained to the goddess his vision, but she simply told him that the weave was fine so long as she continued to knit it.

But Karsin knew, he knew that it was not fine. He has seen the falling of the city, the weave in tatters, he had heard the scream, yet no one, not even the goddess herself believed him. His anxieties turned to frustration and anger, should even the goddess not help them he would simply fix it himself and thus he resolved to his final solution. He had been reading on his way here, of a spell that could siphon the power of a divinity, killing them in the process but granting the caster their divine essence. And thus, as he walked away from the goddess, he locked the hatch he had been let through and began the incantations under his breath, and as the Mistress realised the words he had been whispering, shadowed tendrils began to form behind Karsin and before she could react, she could feel a cold run across her form. Karsin drained the Mistress of her divinity, the gentle glow of her form, rushed through the tendrils turning them a slight violet before eventually transferring them to Karsin. The rush of the power hit him like a thousand lightning bolts but as he turned around to begin his next task of holding the city. Instead, all he saw was Ashguard falling from the sky, in panic he turned to the fabric behind him, to see it unfurled and splayed across the floor, the goddess’s body gone.

He tried to turn to fix it, but his feet did not move, he looked down to see his lower half had turned to stone. A cold rushed over him as the divine power slowly left and a tether slowly reformed. The Mistress was slowly reviving herself in the divine planes, and in doing Karsin was turning to stone, his body unable to handle the immense power he had thrust upon himself, and thus he turned to the open window and watched as his visions came true before his eyes, and he realised his mistake, as Ashguard fell...

The Birth of The Patron Wizard - 15,200 Divine

The Patron Wizard was born into the empire of Nerath, at a young age the mortal Patron Wizard spent his childhood embroiled in the tomes of his home country, learning about the world’s history and learning quickly of the arcane and the gods. He soon attended the first mages college, the College of the Arcanum Mortis, and studied under the Grandmaster’s throughout his teenage years. It was quickly found he had a knack for magic and the weaving of arcane symbols and was taken onboard by the Elven Grandmaster Va’il’thuren. (pronounced va-il-thu-ren)

During this time The Paton Wizard excelled at his studies and with the influence of his teacher, buried himself in a mad pursuit for arcane knowledge, however, unlike his master who hoarded knowledge for his own use and benefit, The Patron Wizard was of the opposite mindset sharing the knowledge he obtained and ensuring that all spellcasters got the chance to do the things he was able to do. This caused a slight rift between the grandmaster and his pupil but nevertheless they worked together. After some time, The Patron Wizard learned of his mentor’s plans to ascend to godhood and knowing the growing paranoia his mentor had gained in his search for this knowledge, he was determined to prevent the ritual from occurring in order to protect his mentor from his own obsession. The next few days past and he had shared his fears with the other Grandmasters, informing them of his mentors plan and learning that they had planned on stopping him on the night of ritual as well, they warned him not to interfere and that they would sort the situation out themselves.

Several days later and the night of the ritual was upon them, the Grandmaster’s assembled and The Patron Wizard watched as they went to the location of Va’il, he followed suit sticking behind them and used a back entrance to cut ahead of them, however, when he got to the ritual chamber he found that they’d teleported ahead and were confronting Va’il, the situation had turned sour and the collective of Grandmaster’s fought Va’il, but to little avail, as he managed to hold them off and killed 4 of the 8 Grandmaster’s that rose against him.

As he prepared the finals elements for the ritual, The Patron Wizard intercepted the energies he had collated and ended up absorbing them himself, quickly finding himself ascending to godhood, his master outraged, attempted to kill the young god but as he tried the remaining Grandmaster’s used the opportunity to cast a combined spell which rendered his powers innert momentarily. The Patron Wizard used that moment to split his master’s powers in half, giving half to the remaining Grandmaster’s and leaving the rest with his former mentor. With his powers diminished and temporarily gone, Va’il attempted to flee, but was cornered by the remaining Grandmasters and imprisoned.

The Patron Wizard now found himself in the earliest stages of ascension, and met resistance from some of the other deities as he began to split the pantheon, however, The Mistress of the Weave took pity on the young god seeing what he had done and took him under her wing, mentoring him in the ways of the divine and helping him understand his new found powers. From here, The Patron Wizard did what he had always done. Helping young mages understand and learn about their abilities, always keeping an eye on his old tutor as he watched from beyond his home plane.

The Wildlands Wars - 15,500 Divine

A bloody conflict that has been lost to all but the people of the Wildlands. The Wildlands War was a battle of religious division, between the Kingdom of Estenguard and their One True God and the people of the lands of Sagenmark who worshipped the gods of natural order.

The conflict was sparked after assassin's from Estenguard killed the ruling king of Sagenmark and two of his sons when they were travelling through the Broken Cliffs. The last of the sons a 18 year old boy by the name of Hresvar was to be immediately made king however, he had been in training to join the Ministry, an order of advisors that were to keep the peace for each of the nations they were assigned to, and Hresvar had just taken his oath as his father had been slain, which voided him from taking the throne as per the laws of the order. In his stead, his mother Daina, took the throne instead and ascended as the Golden Queen of Sagenmark, a nickname based on her mercantile skills and began a silent war with Estenguard through her son who had been made her advisor by the Minstry.

This war was first fought with words and subversive action, trade deals were interrupted, allies from across the Wildlands secured which divided the nation and many young men who were being prepared for combat at the drop of a coin. Then Estenguard marched first, they sent a massive army to conquer the lands of Getten and Ankran, forcing them to fight on their side and bolstering their armies further. This first battle between Estenmark and the two cities was marked as the Battle of Ashen Hills, after the scene bystanders saw of the hills on fire as forests and other buildings were burned to force capitulation.

After countless battles across the lands, Sagenmark and its allies, Vulsgard, Shaltveyr and Skekenmark began to prepare a defensive line at the Blackcrag Gate, a large black iron gate believed to have been made by giants before the time of Sagenmark and Estenguard. This final defence would decide the fate of the war on both fronts, Sagenmark had made their leading general clear and killing him would almost certainly create a break that could be exploited to victory.

The defence was hard fought, Sagenmark had prepared a line of their best mages to protect against arcane attacks whilst archers protected the mages. Sagenmark's best warriors and leaders were stationed at the front lines just behind the mage’s defensive barrier. Estenguard for their part, had prepared a new kind of weapon, a cannon that needed to be charged by multiple magic users but could fire a condensed blast of arcane energy so powerful it was believed it could break a mountain in two.

The first shots were fired by Estenguard mages to weaken the defence and then the army charged, both forces clashed in the valley that housed the Blackcrag Gate, archers fired volley after volley of arrows on both front and Vulsgard lost its leader after a confrontation with Estenguard's general. As it looked like Sagenmark's forces would be able to hold of the attack, a cannon shot was heard from miles away. But no cannon shot hit the Blackcrag Gate, instead a flash of white appeared and then a raging explosion of multicoloured chaos from the site of the sound. Cascades of arcane energy whipped for miles across the countryside, decimating large chunks of Estenguard's reinforcements. The arcane cannon that could've changed the course of the war, had misfired and in doing gave Sagenmark's forced the edge they needed to change the course of the battle.

The General was slain, and his army decimated after the failure of the cannon, and from there Sagenmark's forces went on to win the Siege of the Blackcrag Gate. It wasn't too long after that, that Estenguard itself fell and with it the war came to an end. Estenguard itself was captured and then burned down and the other cities had already taken to much damage during the war and so their citizens left and joined Vulsgard, Shaltveyr and Skekenmark.

The Cannon's Misfire

Historian's of the time recorded that although the cannon misfired, it is believed that a small group of Sagenmark forces lead by Hresvar himself, sabotaged the weapon. It is unknown if they survived the following explosions, but leading figures find it impossible that they could've survived such a blast. Additionally, most historical documents stop mentioning Hresvar entirely after the events of the war further leading to the theory, that he and his group perished that day.

Other notables bits include;

The Fall of Thorlbin, a city that originally owned the Blackcrag Gate. Their capitulation and then escape of their princess lead to the events of Siege. Where Sagenmark forces aided by the princess's information were able to infiltrate and takeover the gate in preperation for the final battle of the war.

Hresvar, Minister of Sagenmark, Hresvar was an interesting figure during the war as were many of the ministers during the time of the conflict. His actions during the war changed many things and many attribute him to not only deceiving Sagenmark and almost costing them the war entirely, but also to saving it. He was known to have worked with both sides by offering the enemy General, Vulsgard, should he wait for the defense to be formed at Blackcrag Gate and then use the cannon to break it (which he assured him would be poorly defended by mages). But this set of events was said to also be a ploy to lure the general in and give them the chance to disable the cannon that could've changed the course of the war. However, historians will never know as after the war Hresvar went missing and has never been heard from since.

The Arcane Divergence and The First Betrayal - 16,000 Divine

It was in the year 15,985 that historians believe that The Whispered Trickster god of lies began its slow pursuit for the death of The Mistress of the Weave, an event that would radically change the outlook of the world. The Trickster had been after the goddess of magic for what many believe to be over 100 years, after she aided Eliana of Dykstra one of her chosen followers in trapping the god within a Eldasmi Crystal (pronounced, el-das-mi) a flawlessly cut diamond that is used to capture beings of great power and bind them within the gem. The Whispered Trickster spent many years in its escape and eventually managed to have one of its followers steal the gem from the crypt of Eliana after her passing and release it from its sealed prison. Due to Eliana being long deceased after the escape, The Trickster took its revenge against the goddess she worshipped instead and set out a plan to kill her and cause chaos amongst her followers and use that to gain more power so that she could not trap it again.

It first began its plans by using its followers to disseminate amongst local populations across the world posing as heralds of The Mistress, where they would spout false tales and teach people false worship of her. Then it had its followers strengthen their victim’s belief in the goddess and then once they were ready, disseminated these false followers into more populated cities to do the same thing they had, had done to them. And in so doing drove a wedge between traditional followers and this supposed new sect of the faith, which was in truth a detraction of The Mistress’s image in disguise of good omens and tales, although this was unbeknownst to those who had bought in.

Eventually the fruits of its plan were coming to fruition, many steadfast traditional followers were becoming more devout and hard lined, which had slowly pushed out those who’s faith was not as strong, meanwhile its followers acted as outreach for the new movement and would “help” those who had, had their faith shaken by the now more devout followers of The Mistress. This plan continued for a few years until its movement had become its own facet of the faith, then it moved to the next phase.

The followers although false were still lending their praise to The Mistress which had empowered her; however, they were still false and as a benefit to The Trickster still malleable in their beliefs. Thus, The Trickster began to grant “visions” to these followers from The Mistress with declarations that the traditional followers were heretics and needed to be purged and that they would know when to strike. So slowly the god prepped the new sect and prepared them for the coming conflict then two years later the plan was ready. The sect had planted their followers within the church of The Mistress and had planned to attack the church on the coming eve of one of their festivals in honour of her where the goddess herself was known to manifest to bless those at the event, a sign that the sect took as their time to strike.

And so, the day came, and the false sect breached the church, The Trickster manifested amongst their rank as a new convert. Traitors within the church opened the gates for the sect and they marched to the inner sanctum without issue, where they began to massacre the traditional followers in full view of the goddess who had manifested as planned. In her horror, she was quick to defend those who were being slain and fought off the sect who suddenly grew angry and felt abandoned by their goddess who had told them that the church was heretical. The Whispered Trickster and its followers took the opportunity to cause more dissention by branding the manifested form of The Mistress false which caused the sect to begin their assault anew. During the chaos the goddess now wounded, attempted to flee, but blinded by the fighting missed The Trickster who teleported the two of them to an empty chamber where the god of lies revealed itself before her. Wounded and now weakened as her followers were actively being slain and the false followers now chanted against her name, the god took its time in her death in revelry of his success.

She pleaded with the god of lies, begging it that her death would cause more damage than it could imagine, but The Trickster pushed the concerns away, its vengeance was worth any price and wasn’t concerned with her pleas. And so with one swift slice it killed the Mistress and as it did it felt its connection to his powers vanish, as the god could feel the weave start to unravel and then… there was an explosion from outside, as a wave of blue fire rushed across the sky and soon to the ground where anything it touched was corrupted or destroyed. All across the world, people died or had their magic siphoned from them, many of the gods who were on the material plane when it happened perished or were severely weakened, one older god in particular who had been in a lion form was turned into an amalgamation of the blue arcane fire and his lion form, losing his identity and memory in the process as the city he had been in was burnt to the ground.

The Whispered Trickster completed its mission although was weaker for it, its act, the first murder of a god at the hands of another divine left a dark legacy. And an even darker stain on the world, that burns to this day. The Mistress of the Weave would reform in time and fix the weave but would declare that the followers of The Whisered Trickster were now sworn enemies of her faith, and that they were to never be allowed to infest the world as they had.

Rise and Fall of the Devil of Tala'Doir - 0 Umbral

Tala’Doir was once a much larger empire, although the continent still stands to this day, records of 3 other vassal states on their own continents are still found within the annals of the country’s history, even though the continents themselves have since vanished as if they never existed in the first place. The records point to the rise and subsequent fall of the devil Zariel to cause the disappearance of the continent, but little is known of how they vanished, all that is known is that of the devil himself.

Zariel appeared into the material plane during the events of the Arcane Divergence, once an angelic messenger, Zariel was hit by the arcane fire that wreathed the world and was corrupted by it shifting his mentality and stoking a darker side of him to emerge. He attempted to return to the divine planes in the beginning but was refuted due to his darker nature being sensed among his kin, instead they locked him away in order to try and protect him from further corruptions of his nature. However, this had the opposite effect and Zariel grew more jaded to the views of the Divine, eventually seeking aid from the Nine Hells to escape his angelic prison. Upon entering the Nine Hells, Zariel began his ascent through the ranks dethroning many of the ruling devils that had found their way into the overall ruling structure of the Hells.

Nevertheless, the machinations of the Hells grew to bore Zariel and he sort new challenge and intrigue elsewhere and soon found his sights set on the material plane a land still gripped with insecurity after the Divergence. He mustered an army and breached through to the continent of Arashi where he quickly overwhelmed the unsuspecting military holding position in the kingdom (official documents are unsure of the status of this kingdom as all official documentation has been lost, before its assimilation into the Tala’Dorian Empire) from there he began a vicious crusade across the continent and prepared to assault the main island of Tala’Doir.

After several months of preparation and planning Zariel led his assault across the multiple small islands that lead to the Evermount Expanse, where he would be able to assault the capital city and destroy the head of the empire and cause confusion and chaos which he could exploit. However, when he reached the Expanse, he was met with a large army headed by the Empire’s ruler High King Ellannan Vi'sora. The battle was hard fought, and Vi’sora eventually overpowered the devil and sent his forces back to Arashi but could not force them back to the Nine Hells. Leaving the now destroyed city-state to itself under the slow corrupting influence of Zariel.

It would be 100 years until the world would hear the name of Zariel again, as an uneasy peace settled and disputes between the nations took centre stage. A cult worshipping the devil emerged slowly, terrorising towns and villages seeking to resurrect the devil, however, at many of their closest moments they were stopped by a group of adventurers who had found their way into the middle of their schemes. Almost half a year into their attempts the cult mounted a large scale assault against the city of Aldorn, in a bid to resurrect the devil through a series of summoning circles that were placed to absorb the souls of the dead and use that to bring him back to the material plane. The adventurers now regarded as heroes to the city of Aldorn, organised a defence of the city with its ruler and got themselves ready for the assault.

A few weeks later and a large army of devils assaulted the castle assisted by a black dragon being controller by the High Priest of the cult, the heroes fought in multiple sides of the city, commanding forces around the gates and within the streets. At first it seemed like they would hold but an attack by a group of Balor assisted by the dragon proved to be too much and soon the eastern gate fell allowing scores of devils to run amok amongst the city. Aldorn fell and with it Zariel re-emerged, resurrecting most of the fallen heroes amongst his forces and beginning his crusade anew, now with a critical location secured which cut of the elven homeland of Tirion and the dwarvish city of Kazakdan.

It would take 20 years but, in that time, Zariel mounted a full-scale invasion using his forces at Arashi to hold off assaults by the king’s forces so that he could destroy the neighbouring territories to prevent their support of the king. Eventually mounting a final attack against the capital, itself. As victory for Zariel looked assured, a small contingent made up of the last of the surviving heroes and a handful of their companions managed to push through the forces taking Zariel down with sword of the High King and killing the devil driving him back to the Hells. Then with the support of King’s mage and allies across the continent they sank Arashi, drowning the devils or forcing them back to the Hells.

Umbra Keep and The Lost Legion of Nerath - 10,000 Umbral

As the tides of history shifted through the empire of Nerath it became clear to many that darker days may come to pass, with the the rise of Zariel and his fall, alongside sturring conflicts between the mages and the mundane it was becoming clearer that the age of the first empire was coming to a close. With this in mind, the ruler of the empire at the time, Emperor Dar'taris II, began the construction of keeps and minor castles amongst the empire where they would store important documents and set-up places of protection should another catastrophe strike in order to protect what little they may have in the future.

One of these keeps was set-up just outside the small village of Hadrun, where the now deposed Circle of Arcanum founder Va'il'thuren was being contained within his arcanist's tower. The keep was constructed in a forest due south of the village, with the intent purpose to sit atop a weakened point in the planes to ensure it was safe against the machinations of those who wouuld use it for evil purposes.

Many years would go by without any issue, with a small handful of soldiers being left stationed in order to create a more permanent outpost, however, this period of peace would not go uninterrupted. Word of this keep reached the Seekers of the Void, who believed the weakened rift to be the key to their masters freedom and thus they prepared for their moment to strike.

Under the cover of night the cultists of the seekers, invaded the keep and slaughtered all of soliders, and begun their ritual to bring forth their master, however, a distress message managed to be sent to the capital city and a contingent of knights were sent to stop them, the battle was hard fought but by the time they'd got their the Lord in Void's influence had already spread, the forest having grown dark and cloudy and the wildlife more feral and aggresive. A legion of the empire's finest knights were stationed there to try and clear up the corruption that had perpetuated through the keep and after many years it was contained but its influence was not gone.

Again like before, years went by and the keep lay untouched the legion's presence a detterance from the unsavoury elements that tried to take control of the keep. However, the rift the cultists had created had not faded completely and thus slowly the whispers of the Lord in Void spread throughout the keep, slowly driving the knights inside insane as they tried to shut out its tempting words. But, even their will was not ironclad as one night, a high pitched screech eminated from the keep and when the villagers went to the shadowed keep, they found only one body, that of a lone knight warden, pale skin and with a look of twisted horror on his face as he lay dead just outside the keep limits.

To this day the fate of the Lost Legion is unknown and the keep itself now twisted and wreathed in darkness has taken the name the Umbral Keep. It's mysteries left alone since the night the legion vanished.

The Last Bastion - 11,000 Umbral

An empire found in disrepair and ruin, the Nerathian's had long since had their day and the people knew it. Over the past 10,000 years the Empire had seen it's decline, slow, of course but ever present in the minds of downtrodden and left out. The first sign was the fall of Ashguard, it's collapse showcased how fragile the cities the empire held so highly could fall and it also demonstrated that despite what they said, they were not a kingdom that would last forever. Now, all this time later and the fringes of the Empire resided in the divide between the Wildlands and what was once empire territory now marred by destruction and banditry. Their civilization a shadow of its former self, constantly under attack by the roving orc and goliaths bands that traversed the rocky landscape, barely onto the fringes of their small outposts and township they'd begun to build.

The elders of this new town, those that still remembered the old ways of Nerathian magicks, sat and discussed the future of their people and soon came up with a plan to protect the potential they saw in those that remained. The divide they had found themselves in would allow for a closed system of protection, something that would inevitably divide the Wildlands from its neighbours but would protect themselves from all threats until it was time for them to re-emerge. The plan was to create a barrier of magical fog that would shroud their towns and prevent anyone from entering, for if they tried they would sent back the way they came, and so the elders set about creating a magical device that would ensure the future of their people. It would take 10 years for the device to be created, but upon its creation it fulfilled its design, thick fog eminated and fill the divide shrouding all that had been created inside it from the eyes of those that would look in.

The last basion of Nerathian culture and creation, was now lost to the world. Hidden behind an impassable fog.

The Fall of King Eleron of Tirion- 500 Glory

King Eleron of Tirion, once proud ruler of the Elven Imperium and venerated servant to the people now finds himself banished from his lands, sent to the world beyond the forest borders of his people a shadow of his former self. The populace that had at one point showered him with adoration, now stare in silent scorn, their eyes needles that prick and bleed the skin of the elven lord. For in the few days prior to this walk of shame the deposed ruler was making, he had made many a grave error which had quickly turned the tide of his supporters against him.

It had all started when the King declared his intent to begin preperations for a full-scale invasion of the other kingdoms of En'Din. His council objected highly, for although the elves of the Imperium were vane and believed themselves superior to the other people of those lands, they understood that in combat with the two nations they would surely lose. And currently the cold war between the three had kept an uneasy peace that allowed for trade to resurface once again. To announce a resurgance of war would surely tumble the Imperium into oblivion. But the King would not listen for his mind was decided and his word carried more weight than that of his council. This was the King's first error, for the council began to plot in secret a way to prevent war, and after much deliberation a coup was formed.

The King's second error would shortly follow for later that same day, an expeditionary force sent out by the Imperium came back with treasures from the ruins within the Barren Wastes. Within the collection was a ring of pure polished silver, elvish runes carved deep and a scrawling of intricate patterns adorned its form, a single etheral gem was laid in its centre the allure of such a treasure was immense and immediate. For shortly after it was unveiled the King demanded it be his, and thus without question the ring came to be in his possesion, but when he wore it the King felt a cold wash over him momentarily. And that night, distant whispers filled the head of the King of "truths" the ring could see that he, could not.

His final error would come the day of the coup, the whispers had grown since his first evening, and now three days later his psyche was starting to give in. He would hyperanalyse every side glance and wayward stare, the gait of each passerby's walk to see if it was different from yesterday. He began to question all he knew, and with it came a darker fear of betrayal, only made worse by the fuel the ring would add to a slow building fire of its own creation. His council came to him that evening with a proposal to add to his plan for war, and when they had him alone on his balcony they attempted to kill him, but the ring would not let its vessel die so easily and with a instanteous burst of light the council vanished before the King's eyes. In a matter of seconds, his anxiety was validated but worse than that, he had tasted betrayal and the swift hand of vengance. It was too much, and the ring assumed control of the elven lord, using his form to fuel a dying vengence housed within the silver artefact. First the king slew his family, then the remnants of his royal retinue he would've moved onwards to more slaughter but he was seen by a servant who he could not catch and by the end of a dark and terrible evening the ring loosed its control and the King found himself in the jails of his own castle.

Much discussion was had amongst the people of his kingdom, a sense of disbelief and anguish was shared at this apparent snap in their great King's mind. Little did they know the true source of the kings madness, as soon it was decided the King would be banished beyond their realm never to be allowed to come back until the day he died, and if any heirs of his were to appear here they too would be turned away. An entire line of elves now banished from the lands of the high elves.

But the King did not know of the atrocities he had commited for his actions were not his own, all he could remember was the flash of the light and then the screams and vivid scenes of slaughter that felt so disconnected from him, and yet the whispers continued feeding into his despair and confusion, fueling his dissillusionment from reality and when the King was banished, he was but a wandering soul slowly succumbing to the insidious influence of the ring he bore. Left in world that could not believe him and that he could no longer understand.

The Goblin Wars - 750 Glory

The scars of the Goblins Wars can still be seen today so long after the bloodshed and destruction. A series of momuments now stand in rememberence of the war, and the order of knights that arose from that conflict still exist today their ethos changed but still rooted in the values they once held.

Blood Mage Wars and the Creation of the Fields of Elyisum - 12,000 Glory

This will cover the entirety of the Blood Mage wars in a narrative important way, alongside the interference of the gods, the creation of the demi-gods, the betryal of the giants defenders of the world tree and its subsequent destruction, the conclusion of the blood mage war and the departure of the gods and their creation of the fields of elysium.

The Draconic Conclaves - 12,600 Glory

The story of the ascent of the draconic conclaves and their slaying alongside the price the heroes paid to win the battle.

The Pantheon of Elusis

The Prime Deities

Those that are known as Prime Deities are those within the divine pantheon that chose to protect the natural order of the world when the Forgotten Deities posed a threat to all that was, during the Blood Mage War. They alongside the Forgotten Deities were forced away behind the Fields of Elysium after the Blood Mage War.

The Patron Wizard

Alignment: Lawful Neutral |--------------| Domain: Knowledge

Holy Symbol: A spellbook with the arcane sigil for knowledge.

God and Guardian to all who pratice the arcane arts and use its powers, the Patron Wizard is the God of Wizards, Charity and Selflessness. Born a mortal during the time of the first kingdoms of Nerath, the Patron Wizard was ascended to godhood when he interrupted a dangerous ritual by his master Va'il'thuren. An apprentice to The Mistress of the Weave, The Patron Wizard continues to do what he did in his mortal life, helping young mages understand learn of their abilities, and steering the misguided ones away from the tempatations of darker magics. Those that study the arcane and collate its knowledge give thanks to the Patron Wizard for his guidance and wisdom. They loathe the Whispered Trickster and his role in the killing of the Mistress of the Weave.

Those that depict the Patron Wizard do so as a young human wearing standard wizards robes outstretching his hand to help those in need.

Tenants of the Patron Wizard

  • To help your fellow mage is to help all who study the arcane.
  • Pursuit the arcane in all you do, allow it to guide you and in those moments you will feel the Patron Wizards blessing.
  • Aid the followers of the Mistress of the Weave and combat the followers of the Whispered Trickster wherever they may be.

The Silent Lord

Alignment: Neutral Good |--------------| Domain: Knowledge

Holy Symbol: A closed book with an ink and quill.

The patron of all those who seek knowledge, The Silent Lord is the god of knowledge and curisoity. The details of his birth are unclear, as many texts depict him as having always being a god whilst others make reference to an ascended mortal who had a lust for the pursuit of knowledge. His dissappearance is also highly debated with many linking his confinement of the Umbral Devourer as his last known act before he vanished from all historical record. The Silent Lord's influence has apparently been felt in all things and it is believed he has changed the course of many historical events by ensuring the right scroll or book was placed at the right time. Belief in him can be felt deeply in the Gnomish and Halfling communities as they pursue the creations of autonamous life through clockwork and arcane constructs.

Those that envision the Silent Lord usually depict him as either a Halfling or Gnome, surrounded by floating tomes.

Tenants of the Silent Lord

  • Seek knowledge wherever it can be found, for true knowledge is more powerful than any blade.
  • To be curious is to closer to the Silent Lord
  • Preserve all knowledge and protect it from those who would use it to harm others.

The Matron of Doves

Alignment: Neutral Good |--------------| Domain: Life, Nature

Holy Symbol: Three doves flying in different directions from a pool of still water.

Peaceful protector of all on the material plane and beyond, the Matron of Doves is the patron of peace, hope and spring. Originally a lake spirit before the Titansgreave, the Matron learned the cruel lessons of war and hatred, and turned from them looking to calm the hearts of the those around her and provide peaceful solutions. The Matrons influence can be felt strongest in the spring when all things renew and new hope is blossomed in the world.

Her influence can be felt deeply in the roots of druids and many monks as they mediate for peace and the protection of the sanctity of life. However, her followers do not hesitate to stop those that would violate these tenants, with many Monks of the Lotus Winds being followers of the Matron.

Depictions of the Matron, show an impossible gentle elvish water spirit, as she steps from a lake with a series of doves around her. Temples to her, can be found in the small alcoves in the forests or near small lakes, where her influence can be felt strongest.

Tenants of the Matron of Doves

  • All creatures are capable of peace, those who revel in destruction and evil must be dealt with swiftly.
  • Lead with patience and compassion for those are the virtues of the Matron.
  • Help those who are downtrodden or lost and help them find hope in all things.

The Eversmith

Alignment: Neutral |--------------| Domain: Knowledge

Holy Symbol: An anvil being struck.

Revered by smiths, artisans and crafts across Elusis, the Eversmith the patron of the crafts and creation itself. Born at the end of the Titansgreave, the Eversmith learned to build his own divine plane from the fabrics of planes themselves a place where all manner of creation could begin. The Eversmith's influence can be felt strongest in the dwarvish people, with his symbols being the most common icon to be seen in Dwarvish citites, especially within the artisan, crafts and warrior castes..

Depicitions of the Eversmith, present him as a dwarf of immesurable strength and confidence, hunched over an anvil crafting his plane of existance.

Tenants of the Eversmith

  • To create is to better the world around you.
  • Leave a legacy, so that others may continue what you may not finished.
  • Be confident and strong in your presence, and never allow yourself to be beaten down.

He of the Unsleeping Eyes

Alignment: Lawful Neutral |--------------| Domain: Life, Light

Holy Symbol: A silver helmet, looking 3/4 down.

Divine protector of the Planes of Elysium and patron of protection and family, He of the Unlseeping Eyes was born of the final act of the Titansgreave, as the progenitors split themselves amongst the multiple planes of existence. Amongst their final act of creation, a guardian was created to ensure that the cast off deities never left their realms, this being was a man clad in full plate armour who was soon referred to as He of the Unsleeping Eyes. Those that worship the God of Protection, can be found in all walks of life, his imagery being seen within homes and in many a barracks.

Most modern tapastries or tomes, depict He of the Unsleeping Eyes, as a fully armoured warrior standing before a endless field his presence intimidating and immense. And many oaths in service to a lord or kingdom, state reference to He of the Unsleeping Eyes so that their knights and soldiers may be blessed with his vigilance and strength of character.

Tenants of He of the Unsleeping Eyes

  • Remain steadfast in the face of disaster or catastrophe.
  • You must protect those you are sworn to, and those that are deserving of protection.
  • Uphold and promote loyalty to all, to family, to your people and to those that earn it.

The Great Guide

Alignment: Lawful Neutral |--------------| Domain: Death

Holy Symbol: A crystalline tower with a iron gate at the top.

The Great Guide is the patron to the dead, his presence marks the end of each mortal life, and his gaze is as much respected as it is feared. The Lord who oversees the transition from life to death, his job is to ensure that the transition remains untainted by the influence of undeath. Many funerals will pray for his protection so that their loved ones will be protected by the corruption of undeath. As old and immemorial as time itself, the Great Guide is a presence said to predate even the progenitors as present in this world as chaos is.

Visual depicitions of the The Great Guide are few, as many do not feel the need to depict his likeness, with his symbol being the predominant imagery assocated with him. However, those that do depict the God of the Dead depict a drow-like figure wearing a suit and an expressionless white mask, his white hair short but tidy.

Tenants of the Great Guide

  • To be in the pratice of necromancy is an atrocity. To pervert the cycle is a wrongdoing that must be stopped at all costs.
  • Death is not the end, but only a transition.
  • Take comfort in life. Yet do not fear its end.

The Songstress

Alignment: Chaotic Good |--------------| Domain: Life

Holy Symbol: A lyre with a robin perched on the end.

The Songstress was a lesser known sprite, that gained its divinity during the Titansgrave. Patron to the domains of joy and the arts, The Songstress finds its influence spread across the many facets of Elusis wherever a smile or spark of joy is found, or whenever a bard sings in a tavern or hums down the street. The followers of The Songstress have no formal church and refer to themselves as "Joybringers". They are nomadic in nature known to perform and create art in the name of their god wherever they find themselves.

Depicitions of the Songstress show an androgenous indvidual that can take the shape of any one person, and thus there are images of it being a female, or male, human, tabaxi or the like. Thus adds to the allure of the Songstress.

Tenants of the Songstress

  • Ensure that the followers of The Dark Mistress never take the joy away and combat them where you find them.
  • Be kind, be joyous and enjoy life.
  • Embrace in the company of others, for a Joybringer never has enough friends.

Mistress of the Weave

Alignment: Neutral Good |--------------| Domain: Knowledge

Holy Symbol: A smiling beautiful woman in a purple hood

The Mistress of the Weave is no stranger to death, having been killed twice in her divine life, she understands the machinations of the gods very clearly and the temptations of the mortal world as well. The title of Mistress of the Weave is one that is inherited, every few thousand years, a champion of the Mistess is given the choice to take her place, and, if accepted, becomes the new Mistress. Her charge now to protect and maintain the Weave until the next chosen is found, whilst the previous one is allowed to pass on becoming part of the Weave.

The Mistress of the Weave is the patron of all magic in Elusis, with her apprentice the Patron Wizard residing over the other facets of her grand domain. In the most basic of essences, all creatures are followers of the Mistress, whether they know it or not, as the Weave connects to and provides the links to the arcane that all creatures inherently possess. Thus her influence is felt in all things, but her followers find stronger influence where the weave crosses with the land and thus temples to her are placed in these locations.

Depictions of the Mistress usually picture her as a younger and beautiful woman, knitting the weave as it hangs over the globe of Elusis, a smile adorning her face.

Tenants of the Mistress of the Weave

  • Uphold the importance of logic, reason and truth in all you do.
  • Learn of those who would harm the Mistress or the Weave, and ensure they are stopped.
  • Aid the followers of the Patron Wizard should you find them.

The Favoured Lady

Alignment: Chaotic Good |--------------| Domain: Trickery

Holy Symbol: A gold coin with a silver sheen.

The Favoured Lady is one side of a coin, a counterpart to her sister, the Grey Lady. Both born during the apex of the Titansgreave. The Favoured Lady is the patron of fortune and trade, her influence felt in the alleys and streets where trade blooms and rogue dare to steal from one another. Or where the adventurer prays for luck in their coming travel. The Favoured Lady is called upon by all at one time or another.

Considered to be a halfling goddess, The Favoured Lady is depicted in that way, a cocky halfling waiting for their next adventure with a gold coin in hand and large smile on her face.

Tenants of The Favoured Lady

  • Pursure your dreams and be daring in your acts.
  • Be kind to the followers of The Grey Lady and aid them where you can.
  • Life is to be lived to its fullest, never stop moving and exploring, and help those where you can.

The Forgotten Gods

The deities known as the Forgotten Gods are those who chose to fight alongside the Blood Mages in their conquest to bring down the World Tree and send the material plane into darkness, or resided in the shadow plotting the fall of the Prime Deities. It is rare to see the Forgotten Gods work together, as their co-operation usually comes with many strings, with many of them seeing each other as rivals and threats than allies. The Forgotten Gods alongside the Prime Deities were all cast behind the Fields of Elysium after the events of the Blood Mage War.

The Kingslayer

Alignment: Lawful Evil |--------------| Domain: War

Holy Symbol: A crown with a bloodied knife through it.

A younger god than most of the others, the Kingslayer was a mortal raised to divinity after a deal was made between himself and Lord in Corruption, a Titan that survived the Titansgreave and sought the young mortal. Patron of corrutpion and tyranny, the Kingslayer is feared by nobility and the commonfolk alike, as in the shadows of towns and cities or even in the highest courts, the followers of the God of Tyranny await the day they recieve their command to begin the downfall of civilization and allow tyranny to reign.

The Kingslayer is in a romance wih the Dark Mistress, a love that was formed when the two were mortal and now is bound by their shared vision of the downfall of order and justice. The Kingslayer loathes the existence of the All-Judge, as he despises the justice and honour among all things. His followers escaped much of the destruction of the Blood Mage War, and now sit in wait slowly planting the seeds of corruption waiting for their time throw Elusis into chaos once again.

The followers of the Kingslayer have never constructed temples to their god as the prefer to reside where they can be most effective.

Depictions of the Kingslayer, show a cowled man sitting on a bloodied throne wearing a crown. His dark hair obscuring his two faces apart from a closed smile that runs across his face.

The Tenants of the Kingslayer

  • The rule of justice is a farce, sow the seeds of corruption wherever you can and show them their worthlessness.
  • Power is the greatest key to tyranny.
  • Keep your acts secret, the sway of corruption is a slow and silent killer.

The Grey Lady

Alignment: Chaotic Evil |--------------| Domain: Trickery

Holy Symbol: A grey coin with a crack through the face of the coin .

The Grey Lady is one side of a coin, a counterpart to her sister, the Favoured Lady. Both born during the apex of the Titansgreave. The Grey Lady is the patron of misfortune and mischief, her infleuence can be felt in many apsetcs of superstition and she is determined to spread her misfortune to all corners of Elusis. Her followers spread across the world enacting acts of mischief and spreading misfortune wherever they go.

The Grey Lady has always hated her sister the Favoured Lady and waits for the day when she can escape her realm and kill her and her followers and rid the world of the good luck and fortune she despises.

Illustrations and scrollings of the Grey Lady portray her as a thin elvish figure with a mean smile who delights in the misfortune of others. Her white hair trailing behind her back.

Tenants of the Grey Lady

  • Kill the followers of the Favoured Lady wherever you find them, let none escape or live.
  • Let the world know misfortune, spread it to all corners of the world.
  • Spread supersition and bad luck, allow the world to fear all things.

The One Who Takes

Alignment: Neutral Evil |--------------| Domain: Death

Holy Symbol: A bloody handprint.

Raised to divinity after he killed the previous god of murder and death. The One Who Takes is power hungry abomination who grew to crave death and murder in all its forms, he delights in the bloodshed his followers commit in his name. He is the patron of murder and death and his followers amass in secret, a writhing core of barbaric marauders awaiting to descend upon Elusis in a bloodbath of carnage.

The One Who Takes is at constant war with She of the Singing Waters and He of the Unsleeping Eyes, as his attempts at destruction are halted by their combined followings. Thus his followers have worked to undermine their alliance.

Depictions of the One Who Takes, show a bulbous, ravenous creature of flesh and bone who feasts on the dead and bathes in their blood.

Tenants of the One Who Takes

  • Kill. Destroy. Reave.
  • Feel no emotion, for they are weakeness.
  • Leave behind the symbol of the One Who Takes, to strike terror into the masses.

The Whispered Trickster

Alignment: Chaotic Evil |--------------| Domain: Trickery

Holy Symbol: A pair of lips whispering.

The Whispered Trickster rose to divinity after it helped murder The Mistress of the Weave during the Fall of Ashguard and siphoned some of her divine power. It is the patron to tricksters, liars and thieves being the God of lies and deceit. It's words are careful in choice and curried with promise of greater prospects that are corrupting to the mortal heart. The Whispered Trickster has made itself the enemy of the Prime Deities many times over and was responsible for both of the killings of the Mistress of the Weave with her second death having caused the Arcane Divergence, thus making her and her apprentice the Patron Wizard its mortal enemies.

Images of the Whispered Trickster always depict it as a humanoid in a green cloak that has a series of gold snakes embroided on its edges, wearing a mask of many faces. Its other features obscured and unknown.

Apart from the Mistress of the Weave and the Patron Wizard, the Whispered Trickster's enemies are numerous even amongst the Forgotten Deities, many of whom cannot trust the Trickster and fear its potential to kill them when they least expect it.

Tenants of the Whispered Trickster

  • Let none know your true face, and let your words be your weapons.
  • Know your enemy like you know yourself, only then can you truly defeat them.
  • Aggravate and disrupt the followers of the Mistress of the Weave and the Patron Wizard, but don't kill them. Their words are our strongest weapons.

The Dark Mistress

Alignment: Lawful Evil |--------------| Domain: Death

Holy Symbol: A eye with a single tear surrounded by a spiked whip.

The Dark Mistress was a devil raised to divinity by the Kingslayer after he attained divinity first, and wanted to make her his queen consort. The Dark Mistress is the patron of pain and sorrow, and is favoured by torturers and slavers across the realms. When those in dark corners of the world call upon her name, it is said that they become imbued with her lust for pain and misery.

The followers of the The Dark Mistress and those of the Kingslayer, work together to ensure the downfall of civilization and order. And that when a calculated approach is needed the Mistress's followers are always called upon.

She is depicted as a succubus, with a dark grin and leathery wings that fold behind her back as she wields a spiked whip in one hand.

Tenants of the Dark Mistress

  • It is better to be loved at first then to be feared. Their love only makes their fear greater.
  • The greater you know your target, the worse the pain they will feel will be.
  • Be calculated in your efforts, yours is a job done slowly and carefully.

The Lord of Undeath

Alignment: Chaotic Evil |--------------| Domain: Death, Knowledge

Holy Symbol: A ram's skull with four eyes.

The Lord of Undeath is a creature that resides in the darkest parts of the Abyss, slowly creating new ways to pervert the natural cycles of life and death. A creature who's reach knows no bounds, The Lord on Undeath is the patron of necromancy and the undead. His followers skulk in the dark corners of the world practicing their dark arts.

The Lord of Undeath is natural enemies with the Great Guide and his continued attempts to pervert the cycle are countless jabs at his enemies inability to stop him.

Those that can depict the Lord of Undeath, render him as a large and bulbous rotted orc that wears the malformed skull of a four eyed rams head over his face and wields a crimson scepter as he overlooks the remains of the dead.

Tenants of the Lord of Undeath

  • Corrupt the cycle of death wherever you can, and raise those who were once alive.
  • Look for new ways to break the cycle.
  • Combat the followers of the Great Guide wherever you can and raise them in our name.

The Umbral Devourer

Alignment: Neutral Evil |--------------| Domain: Tempest, War

Holy Symbol: A writhin shadow with an open maw in the centre.

The Umbral Devourer is a creature unlike any before it. A being of writhing shadow and teeth, the Devourer isn't corporeal and instead exists in many states in the darkness that exists in the Abyss. It's maddening chattering an eerie reminder of its urge to feed on any, and everything as it wanders in the Abyss. It's dreams and visions create nightmarish abomnations that wander into the material planes darkest depths as they usher the maddening voices of their master further into the darkness.

Cultists to the Umbral Devourer work tirelessly awaiting a time when their master will be freed from its captivity beyond the Field of Elysium and it may begins its path of destruction on the mortal plane. It is said that the followers of the Silent Lord, actively work to ensure that, that time never comes to pass.

Tenants of the Umbral Devourer

  • Give yourselves unto the Devourer so that its reckoning may soon come.
  • Prepare the world for its coming, raze the planes if you must.
  • Seek the places that no light touches and prepare them for the Devourer.

The Old Gods

The Old Gods were those born before the events of the Titansgreave or during and are born of the Titans or Progenitors. These gods have tried to stray from conflict where they can as they still remember the chaos that they endured. They much like the other gods are locked behind the Fields of Elysium an act they comminted, in order to stop the other gods from causing more chaos on the material plane.

The Autumnal Guardian

Alignment: Neutral Good |--------------| Domain: Nature

Holy Symbol: A small grove with a series of animals in the underbrush.

The Autumnal Guardan was reborn during the beginning events of the Titansgreave after the titaness of Autumn bequeathed her powers to her on her deathbed. The Autumnal Guardian is the goddess of nature and the autumn, patron to rangers; druids and those who stand to protect nature and all its aspects. Her followers build shrines to her in the forests, hillsides and other natural areas where animals and other wildlife coalesce to sensing the presence of the goddess there.

Depictions of the Autumnal Guardian picture a dyrad in leather armour surrounded by animals as she wields a bow, in their defense. the forests and floral all bending to her aura.

Tenants of the Autumnal Guardian

  • Protect the wilds of this world from unwanton destruction and harm.
  • Fight against the perversions of nature.
  • Become one with the natural cycle of the world, understand it and exist alongside it.

The Brightsister

Alignment: Chaotic Good |--------------| Domain: Tempest, Life

Holy Symbol: A silver owl in front of the moon.

The Brightsister was one of the two children of the sun and moon titans , born before the Titansgreave, her and her twin sister The Nightmother brought light and darkness to Elusis. The Brightsister is the goddess of light, the moon and the oceans. She is the patron to healers, sailors and astrologers across Elusis amongst many others.

She is at a stalemate of conflict with her sister, the Nightmother born out of a difference of ideologies. However, in more recent years this conflict has worn down to a standstill as the Nightmother has started to change her outlook on the sanctity of life and her own domain, which has begun to mend the rift between the goddesses and their followers. The Brightsister is of middeling opinion on her sisters mortal husband, but finds his presence reassuring for her sister.

Her followers construct temples and shrine to her along the shorelines and mountainous areas of Elusis where her presence can be felt strongest, and in her service they go out and attempt to help and aid all those they can.

Depictions of the Brightsister, depict her as a slender, silver-haired woman who rises from the seas or cascades down with the light of day or night, with a small silver shield at her side .

Tenants of the Brighsister

  • Show compassion to all creatures, healing those you can.
  • Help those who are lost and the stars will be your guide.
  • Be civil with the followers of the Nightmother.

The Nightmother, God of Darkness and Loss

Alignment: Neutral |--------------| Domain: Knowledge, Death

Holy Symbol: A dark mirror with a symbol of a crow at its height.

The Nightmother was one of the two children of the sun and moon titans , born before the Titansgreave her and her twin sister The Brightsister, brought light and darkness to Elusis. She is the goddess of darkness and loss, and the patron to widows and clerics amongst others.

She is currently in a stalemate in her conflict with her sister, however the influence of her mortal husband has allowed her to see the more positive aspects of her domain and the impacts she can have to protect life and provide comfort in the darkness. This shift in perspective has begun to repair the rift between the two sisters.

Her followers have recently been constructing new shrines and temples across Elusis, and take in those who have lost loved ones or the homeless to soothe their souls and allow them the chance to move on to a new stage in their life.

Tenants of the Nightmother

  • Do not fear the dark, nor its secrets
  • Know that death is not the end, for in the mother's embrace all are eternal
  • Strike down those who would seek to use the dark for evil intent

The All-Judge

Alignment: Lawful Good |--------------| Domain: War

Holy Symbol: A scales in the shape of a warhammer.

The All-Judge was born as one of the first of the progentiors children, he was set to proside over the world to ensure injustices were dealt with and the sanctity of the world protected. He is the god of justice and honour and he is the patron to fighters, paladins, kings, judges and many more like them around the world. His name is invoked during any all judicial hearings in Elusis and for a time before the Fields of Elysium acted as the one true judge to all mankind.

His followers are many and temples and shrines to him are built in many of the major cities across Elusis, with the church of the All-Judge having many groups within it. For example, the Enforcers are a sect within the faith that take the All-Judge's justice into their own hands searching the world in order to set injustices right and ensure the world is safe. Whilst the Seekers are a group that explore Elusis in order to protect the world from the dangers of the Forgotten Gods.

The All-Judge is depicted as a large armour clad man with a burst of divine light where his head would be, he is missing his right arm after it was lost in the Titansgreave, and carries a scales in the shape of a warhammer.

Tenants of the All-Judge

  • Go out and pursue justice and discover what it means for you.
  • Be honourable and stand firm against corruption and tyranny.
  • Protect those you love and be swift against any that would hurt them.

She of the Singing Waters

Alignment: Neutral Good |--------------| Domain: Life

Holy Symbol: A jug of water filled with barley and fruit.

Born from the blood of one the progenitors when a titaness tried to kill it in order to gain its immense and cosmic powers. She of the Singing Waters is the goddess of agriculture, renewal and summer, and is the patron to farmers, merchants and midwifes. Her influence is felt in the summer harvest, and each time a child is born.

Her followers, devote themselves to furthering their connection to her through agriculture and many wander the material plane helping out farmers with the crops and tending to their animals, curing them of disease and illness. Many small shrines are built all around Elusis in order to spread her influence as the shrines are believed to help the harvests.

She of the Singing Waters is often depicted as an older woman in farming gear, with a large basket of grown goods with robins on her shoulder as the sun shines behind her.

Tenants of She of the Singing Waters

  • Help those who farm the natural lands, and ensure their harvests are healthy
  • Know that death is also apart of life and that the cycle will continue renewed
  • Nourish the living world and all its wonders.

He Who Endures

Alignment: Lawful Good |--------------| Domain: Life

Holy Symbol: A sand-timer with silver sand.

He Who Endures is a titan turned god, he was born the eldest child of the progenitors Solus and his consort Elpis who was a spirit of hope. He is the god of endurance, patience and hope, and is the patron to the oppressed, persecuted and broken. The influence of He Who Endures can be felt in cities and towns all over Elusis, as many people from various walks of life will ask for his aid. His followers, build temples that function as hospitals that help those that are injured in their rehabiliation and aid adventurers and mercenraries after their journies.

Most depicitions of He Who Endures, picture him as a human who is injured, bruised and beaten but continues to walk his path.

Tenants of He Who Endures

  • Teach and uphold patience and strength of will.
  • No pain will ever be worse than giving up on your resolve.
  • Hold fast to your ideals even against insurmountable odds.

The Lady of the Ice and Snow

Alignment: Neutral Evil |--------------| Domain: Nature, Tempest

Holy Symbol: A snowy mountain, with a single snowflake in the centre.

The Lady of the Ice and Snow, is the daughter of the two titans Belis, Titaness of the Ice and Snow and Au’ran, Titan of the Mountains. After the Titansgreave she killed her mother Belis, in order to gain full control of her realm. She is the goddess of winter and the earth and the patron to giants, goliaths and miners amongst others.

Her followers usually congregate in colder climates and they work to ensure that her winters expand and extend against the natural order of the seasons.

She has a tumultous relationship with the other divine, as she has from time to time, switched her sides between the neutral views of her Old God brethen to take on the more evil ideals of the Forgotten Gods or even on occasion, sideing with the Prime Deities all in order to accomplish her own personal goals. This has put her and her followers at a distance from the other gods due to her unreliability.

Most depicitions of the Lady of the Ice and Snow, show her as a tall tiefling figure with pale snow like skin, as she sits on a frozen throne.

Tenants of the Lady of the Ice and Snow

  • Those that do not their deserve their power should not have it, take it if you must.
  • Be as cold as the ice in your emotions, they are but a weakness to be exploited.
  • Do what you must to get where you wish to be, but do not make enemies unless necessary.

The Lord in Void

Alignment: Neutral Evil |--------------| Domain: Nature, Tempest

Holy Symbol: A dark figure in a cloak that swirls in front of him.

Once an Old God by the name of Anakos, The Lord in Void was reborn after he was banished to the realms of void, beyond the planes. In his solitude, the realm changed and shifted his form, as the maddening nothingness torn away at his mental state and in its place created a being of torment and destruction, cold and calculated and filled with thousands of years of hatred for all the other gods even the Forgotten Deities. The Lord in Void is the patron of nothingness and the concept of void and chaos.

His followers are far and few between slowly planning his eventual return to the material plane allowing him to inhabit their bodies, so that he may put his long awaited plans in motion.

He is a friend to none and an enemy to all, using gods and mortals as it pleases him to accomplish his goals, for he knows that in the end all things will return to the chaos and void that started it all.

The Tenants of the Lord in Void

  • Work towards his resurgence, build shrines in his name and empower him.
  • Use the names of the other gods in order to amass more followers that he can use.
  • Prepare the cities and towns of the world for his arrival.

Gods of The Natural Order

In certain corners of the world there are those that follow a pantheon of hundreds of deities. The Gods of the Natural Order are those that exist in all aspects of the world and symbolise beliefs in the wilds and nature.

The natural gods are never depicted in literature or artwork, as to depict them is to lessen their power, or is so believed. Their ambiguity means that they reach far and wide exisisting in the minds of all those who follow them as whoever they wish them to be.

It is also important to say that these gods may or may not exist at all, maybe their blessings are simply strokes of luck that find those that pray at the right moments. Or maybe they do exist, never manifesting, but simply observing and pushing their faithful in the right direction every now and again. Whether these gods have physical forms and realms or are simply is up to the dungeon master.

A Collection of the Gods

As has been stated, the gods of the natural order are numerous to the hundreds of gods as they are manifestations of all aspects of life. Below are a few of those gods as a source of inspiration for dm's to create their own gods of the natural order and build upon the pantheon.

Mother War

A goddess of silent fury, Mother War is a being of utter chaos and destruction. A force that can tear even the strongest of walls down around her, her power and influence is what drives men and women into conflict and pushes hordes of barbarians against the borders of towns. But she is also called upon to exert favour to the forces of warring countries and many soldiers will ask Mother War for her blessing as they charge into combat.

Father Peace

In opposition to Mother War, Father Peace is the being who ushers in peace treaies and blesses negotiation over bloodshed. A god believed to be gentle and quiet, the influence of Father Peace is brought into every noble court by diplomats and negotiators, or is found in the streets of cities recovering from war.

Mother Sea

Believed by scholars to be a reversed interpretation of the ideas of the progenitors, or simply to be a gendered idealism for the ways the seas can care for those that cross it. Mother Sea is a very simple concept, patron to the oceans and all that live in it and those that sail acros it. Sailors prey to Mother Sea for protection and safe sailing.

Father Earth

Much like Mother Sea, it is believed to be a gendered interpretation of the stalwart nature of the earth and the hardiness of the mountains. Again like Mother Sea, Father Earth is a simple concept as the patron to the earth and all that live on it, farmers, travellers and more give praise to Father Earth for good harvests and more.

The Mother of Crows

The Mother of Crows is revered as much as she is feared, the patron of death and the one who guides those to the final door. She is a kind soul whose presence comforts those who prey to her as they charge into battle, or when uttered in prayer at a funeral. She is the only natural god believed to have a physical form as many believe she takes the form of a crow to give aid.

She Who Strikes The Anvil

The goddess said to bless the anvil struck by the blacksmith and give them their skills. This goddess is solely for the craft of blacksmithing and those that possess great innate skill in it are said to be blessed by She Who Strikes The Anvil.

He Who Sprouts The Seed

The god responsible for the creation of children, He Who Sprouts The Seed is considered to be sacred in the birth of children and during their conception. Women who pray to He Who Sprouts The Seed will either ask for healthy children, or that they do not fall pregnant.

She Who Finds the Course

The patron god of navigators and shipsmen, She Who Steers The Course is prayed to by those needing guidance during voyages across the ocean or even when those who travel the lands are lost as she is said to be the guiding force that helps put them safely on the right tracks.

He Who Steers the Arrow

He Who Steers The Arrow is said to bless the archer and their bow, when they go to fire upon their target. Prayed to by solider, hunters and those practicing the art of archery, He Who Steers The Arrow is believed to help guide those who need it the most.

He Who Speaks The Thunder

The god of the thunder and lighting, He Who Speaks The Thunder, is worshipped and feared to some extent by fishermen and sailors as the storms he can bring about can take down even the largest of boats, thus people pray to him that they can avoid the wrath of his shout.

The Races of Elusis

Since the end of Titansgreave many races have risen and fallen in prosperity within Elusis, twenty races now stand as the the major races that rule over the surface of Elusis. Humans have been the most populous of the many races, with the shortened lifespans being a large factor in their spontaneous growth. Elves were the first creation of the Titansgreave with the Dwarves coming shortly after and have lived in Elusis since that time, and while humans and some of the other newer races have been the first in many cases to mass populate Elusis, countless other will follow in their foot-steps. Nowadays people from all walks of life and location, travel the many continents looking to find a place to live, from the sands of the Dujhal Territories, to the divided planes of En'Din, the world has been opened.

This section stands as a resource to help inspire players to decide how best to fit your character's racial background in within the existing realms of Elusis. The game statistics of each race are identical to what you'd find in the PHB, or other supplumentary handbooks.


Those who are born from the union of angles and mortals are met with surprise, and curiosity - and in some areas of the world praise. Scholars throughout the ages have tried to pinpoint when the Aasimar first deigned the lands of Elusis, but to little avail. There have been numerous accounts of indivduals throughout the ages who have reported children that had a gentle glow about them, but many were assumed to posess innate magical ability, or were gifted by the divine. It wasn't until the Divine age that this new race of people was given their offical name and that Aasimar as a racial term was popularly adopted.

However, during that early time before their rise these newly "gifted" indivduals were prized and feared in many spheres of the world. The slave market tried to cash in on their rare phenmenon and bought and sold many young Aasimar into slavery. For others, the children were considered dangerous as many exhbited signs of great power early on and thus were sent away to the Circle of the Arcanum Mortis, or even more tragically they were kidnapped and thrown away as the superstitous believed they were harbringers of divine judgement and that getting rid of them would save themselves divine wrath. Nevertheless it usually turned out to be the opposite which only went to further jepordise the safety of the children as fields would wilt or cattle die after the children were left.

After much scrutiny and hardship, the Aasimar were slowly treated as equals, although many still stick to more knowledable areas of the world to ensure their safety. Nowadays, Aasimar are treated much like any other race, although they do carry some divine sway within the religious communities due to their angelic heritage, and there are some very minor fragments of small villages still believing that they can bring divine disaster, although these pockets are incredibly rare.


A new race that has only come into existance in the last thirty years. Changelings are the creation of the Explicitus, an experiment to take some of the shapeshifitng abilites of Dopplegangers and give them a more humanoid form. Born with the abilities to shapeshift into other humanoids, Changelings are new to the world and so many of them disguise themselves to fit into the world around them, only revealing their true form to those they can trust.


The dragonborn of Elusis have never had an easy life. From the offset the dragonborn were mistrusted and mistreated because many believed them to be spys or informants to chromatic dragons which terrorised the lands and caused countless catastrophes. Even metallic dragonborn faced the same prosecution. This constant suspicion caused many to seek isolation and so they sought refuge in places were they were unlikely to find other races, this ended up being in the Greater Regions of Tala'Doir on the continent of Sthinta in their city of Bahamiz. For thousands of years the dragonborn of Elusis would be born and raised in Bahamiz, never leaving the safety of their small continent, and years of isolation caused a sense of superiority to other races which soured diplomatic attemps at connection and reconciliation. It also became a hunter's game for many slavers to grab these rare creatures known as dragonborn, and sell them off to the nobility who paraded them as trophies. This also started off the trend of cutting off a dragonborn's tail to certify them as a slave.

It wouldn't be until the rise of Zariel that the dragonborn would actively seek aid from the other races, as during the devil's war he came to Bahamiz and subjugated the city trapping those who couldn't escape and forcing them to work to provide for his army. Those that escaped sought refuge with others within Tala'Doir, and soon the mythical dragonborn became a very real and very frightened reality for those that saw them, which pushed many of the cities and towns to openly accept those that fled from their home.

Bahamiz however, would never recover, as after the devil was killed and his army sent back to the Nine Hells. It would be discovered that Sthinta had been sunk into the ocean and a majority of the population was destroyed in the process. Thus began a new era for the dragonborn of wandering and expanding into the world as they tried to replenish what they had lost and gain new acceptance in the world. After hundreds of years, it eventually worked as dragonborn became an integral part of the world's culture.

However, the slave trade continued to haunt them with young dragonborn being kidnapped and sold into slavery, and many a corrupt noble would buy a dragonborn's tail for bragging rights within their inner circle. Even to this day, unsuspecting dragonborn have been swept off the streets and carted away never to be seen again.

But for those that escape they are now met with open arms and happiness.


The proud dwarves of Elusis were among the first races to step onto Elusis, and with it they became one of the first races to inhabit the mountains with which they would eventually become almost synonymous with. The dwarvish kingdom spread across the world, with their cities once being connected via long interconnected tunnels that allowed them to travel cross-continent under the ocean, with these tunnels stretching even to the depths of the Underdark, there was, for a time no place beneath the earth that the dwarves did not know or had not mapped, their information sealed within an archive so large that it was reported to at one point cover an area the size of a city.

However, that did not last as during an event long lost to history, it is said that the Umbral Devourer was unleashed from the depths during a dwarvish expedition and that within one year of its release, eighty percent of the dwarvish kingdoms were lost to its ensatiable hunger. Their archives were amongst the worst loss, thousands of years of writing and collective knowledge was gone and the dwarves were left with little to their name but a few cities lying in the mountain seperated by vast oceans. The threat was only contained after a plea to the Silent Lord, allowed the combined strength of the dwarvish army and the god himself to contain the formless beast and seal it away to the Abyss where it was not to return.

But it was too late, now seperated the dwarves continued to try and follow their old laws but soon it became impossible as chaos erupted within the ciitizenry and a new system was put in place under the first of the new noble caste kings, King Baldrick Battlehammer. From this point on a caste system was introduced into each dwarvish city, which ensured that order and stability was founded and gave each dwarf a clear idea of what was expected of them.

It wouldn't be until the late Divine era when Ashguard first fell, that the Dwarves recovered to a point where they could re-emerge properly and become the force of mercantile superiority that they had once been. Since then, the dwarvish cities have tried to re-explore much of the old ruins that extend beneath their great cities to some success, as old thiags have proven useful in the growing dwarvish population, but underground travel between them has been completely halted with most dwarfs now doing their business through intermediaries or through surfacer dwarves.

Hill Dwarfs

Those that found the seclusion of the underground socieities confining and left, came to be known as Hill Dwarves. Pockets of dwarvish culture, this subrace of the dwarves took the chance to explore the world, they had long been told would allow them to fall into the sky. When they realised this wasn't the case and that much of the stories and warnings they had recieved were false, this group of people found new friends, business opportunities and even arcane knowledge within the citites of the Elves and Humans. Although known by their underground kin as surfacer dwarves (a title of distain in dwarvish society), Hill Dwarves have long since lost interest in the caste system, preferring the ruling styles of surface world to that of their mountain breathren.

Mountain Dwarfs

Stubborn to a fault, and happy in their isolation the mountain dwarves are as hard to persuade in an argument as the mountain they live under. Beyond the simple sterotypes of arrogance, hard-headedness and curt, mountain dwarves are a complex people. A people built on tradition and a long culture related to their inheritance of the mountains and stone they live under, mountain dwarves are inherently suspicious of new peoples and ideas and prefer the safety of their teachings and ideals. For they're taught that new ideas and people means danger for those under the mountain, as their world is not like that of the dwarves.


Born of the ruins of the Umbral Devourers destruction, the Duergar are the ash and spittle left of the late dwarvish empire. In the lightless depths of the mountains lies the domain of the grey dwarves, their kingdoms built from the ruins of their ancestors and their hatred for their mountainous kin alight after they were abandoned so many years ago.


Alongside the dwarves, the elves were among the first to step unto Elusis, a land of bountiful nature and beauty. They were quick to assign themselves the role of protectors of the forests and nature itself, and spread amongst Elusis to ensure its beauty was preserved. Like the dwarves the elves were a solitary people and to this day many facets of their community still are, but, during the earliest of days they refused to aid other races in any measure and would hold of the expansion of many cities in order to protect "their" forests.

This created not only a sense of superiorty in the elves who not only had naturally long lives, but also innate magical potential and keen skills in hunting and stealth. It also created a schism between the elves and the dwarves, and then eventually the humans, when the elves refused all pleas for help as they were not interested in the affairs of lesser creatures.

The pattern of isolation and ignorance continued for many years, with many of the most elder of elves proliferating the isolationist viewpoint to the younger generations. However, as the pockets of the elves watched the dwarves kingdom vanish before their eyes and the wanton destruction that creatures like the Umbral Devourer were capable of, alongside the rapid expansion and development of the human kingdoms they came to realise that not only would the other races benefit from their support, but that should an event like that have happened to them, they would not have recieved any help because they had pushed everyone away.

A movement brewed in the elvish community to open themselves to the other races, and for several hundred years this argument waged. While many facets of the elvish culture breaking off into different subspecies. Eventually it was agreed that they would make themselves known to other in diplomatic efforts, and since then the elves have in some parts kept their arrogance but many who remember the early movements are more open and helpful to the younger races.

High Elves

The facets of elvish kind that retained aspects of their superiority, High Elves retreated into the feywild and left their material home in search of a place they could consider theirs. These elves are more humble than their ancient ancestors, but still consider themselves to be a part of a superior race due to their innate abilities. Many high elves who wander back into the material plane are greeted by skepticism from their elvish kin, and wonder by most other races. But those that do this are usually those that have chosen to reject much of the ways they knew, in pursuit of a more accepting lifestyle. However, there are some who have journyed back to the material plane in the hopes of rebuilding there. The elves of Harlond are such elves with deep ties to their high elvihs lineage.

Wood Elves

The majority of elves in Elusis are wood elves, those that saw the plight of those around them and split off to help. Now the dominating elvish race, the wood elves are skilled hunters and explorers and after learning from the other races, they have also become incredibly good at rapid construction. This has helped the wood elves expand quickly which has been useful for them as wood elves are more venturous then their brethren and thus have a penchant for adventuring. Wood Elven citites can be found all over Elusis with the main cities being Tirion and Onvalon, where most wood elves hail from.


The elves of the surface and Feywild do not speak of their subterrnean cousins - while many on humanoids call them dark elves, the elves of Tirion and Harlond call them Drow. Long ago, the Drow were once part of the greater elvish society, their ashen skin and silvery hair was a point of pride for many and an enviable beauty. However, they came under the influence of the Lord in Void who took them under his wing and turned them against their people. In a great conflict between them the Lord in Void was cast away and his subjects were forced into the depths, made to rebuild their empire in the tunnels and caverns of the Underdark.

But the Underdark was no safer than the surface they had fled from, as the abberations of the Umbral Devourer stalk those lightless tunnels and the Drow struggled to stave away the creatures of nightmares that encircled their citites and killed their people.

A people on the brink of destruction, the drow have become as ravenous as the beasts they fight off. Neighbours and allies kill one another in streets as they succumb to the torment they are surrounded by. Their minds playing tricks on them and causing their perception of what is real and what is not to blur. In a world where even the abberations can shift their form, who can you truly trust after all?

Amid the chaos and carnage, the elite of the drow have been driven to desperate and harsh acts, their royal guards suppress the people violently and those in the elite that cannot stand the incessant struggle are driven to even darker things. With many forcing citizens to give themselves to the abberations to stave off their attacks, turning them into shapshifting dopplegangers, or giving themselves to the Umbral Devourer in fear, being transformed into abberations themselves, the driders of the Underdark.

Those that attempt to escape the darkness are far and few between, for as much as the madness of the Underdark drives them to insanity many are still too proud to accept their loss and march into the sun-drenched lands of their brethren. Nevertheless, few do and are treated with suspicion and hostility from their elven cousins. Those that find solace reside mainly in the cities of the humans or regions where their contact with their kind is at a minimum.


Gentle giants of the feywild, the firbolg stepped into Elusis by accident when a rift between the two planes opened and allowed passage through. At first thought to be of giant spawn, eventually as more firbolg's found their way to the material plane their true nature was revealed. Now the firbolg live in harmony with the other races, with many taking roles that interact with the natural cycle of nature due to their natural affinity.

Firbolg's are usually gentle creatures, that value patience and calm. Very few become adventurers as they cannot keep up with the fast paced lifestyle, but those due have said to be incredibly powerful conduits of the natural energies they can tap itnto.


Elusis is rife with elemental power. Primordial energy flows through the world from rifts across the lands, and can influence or alter the lands they open in. This is also true of those that spend a great deal of time near these pockets of elemental power, with people who have spent long enough in the vacinity finding that the aspects of the primoridal elements have taken root in their blood. Thus giving them the ability to have genasi children.

Genasi are people born with facets of the elements that altered their parents, although genasi of the same elemental type can still have genasi children. Though many genasi still retain some of the features of their parents, they're undoubtly changed by the primordial energies that form them, as their bodies take on physical manifestations of the element they are born with and all develop some sort of elemental ability during adolescene.

Genasi usually live around rifts into the elemental planes, in order to ensure they are kept safe and inactive. Small outposts and larger cities are built around these rifts to secure them and to ward off those who would seek to abuse them for evil purposes.


A people of mechanical invention and wonder, the gnomes of Elusis have mostly relegated themselves to specific citites across the world where their dreams of clockwork and arcane constructs become a reality. It is famously known that the first of the gnomish cities was the gnomish city fo Danfurth, where their explorations into the arcane made them highly advanced much faster than many of the other races.

Their short stature has also been a social hinderance but many gnomes make up for it with big personalities, a lot of very choice words when they need them. However, there are also those that let their actions speak for themselves and let the respect they earn come from what they do for those around them.

Forest Gnomes

A fraction of the gnomish population was at point thought to have vanished into the feywild eons ago when the high elves decided to isolate themselves. Many years later and those that left came back from the feywild changed, they had lost most of their wonder for the construction of technology and instead gained an innate interest in the natural world and understanding its cycle as if it was a part of them. Still happy to help their rock gnome kin, as they understand that much of their creations will allow them to further understand and protect the natural order.

However, not all forest gnomes stick to their fey routes, and many more worldly clans splinter off in search of new places and people, giving them a more curious outlook on life which has lead many to become excellent adventurers.

Rock Gnomes

The mechanical mind of the gnomes comes from the rock gnomes, a people who prize cleverness and ingnuity over all other traits. Their lust for technological creation and understanding of the natural phenomenon, has led them to become some of the most advanaced people in Elusis. A fact that many tout proudly.

Most rock gnomes stay where they are born, never really leaving the comfort of their birthplace. However, those that do have been known to use their inherent cleverness to their advantage whether that is small pocket-picking contraptions or large arcane golems to help defend themselves. A rock gnome is a dangerous foe and a steadfast ally.


Descendants of the 'true' giant races that protected the World Tree before its destruction during the apex of the Blood Mage War. Goliaths live, and for many die in the mountains. Born into nomadic clans, goliaths value strength over all else, although not surprising as their advanced hunter-gatherer lifestyle in the coldest reaches of the mountains of Elusis allow little in the form of education and social skills. Even amongst their elders.

Goliaths that are seen below the mountain aren't uncommon, but usually find themselves in positions where they can prove their worth, with many going on to be paladins in service to a god, or a knight under oath to a king. This is due to the fact that being sent down the mountain is akin to exile for most goliaths, and those that are sent to the land of the surfacers, are never expected to return.

Although the noble path is not for many goliaths, and thus it is not unheard of to see small groups of exiled goliaths forming raiding parties alongside orcs and other more barbaric races. The pirates of the world have long enjoyed the company of goliaths, for their unmatched strength and skill is akin to having one more cannon aboard their ship.


Many half-elves have not had an easy lifestyle. Loved by their human kin for their elvish blood, as for many it is a point of great honour and pride. The children of elf and human, are reviled by their elven kin, high elves consider these "half-breeds" humanoid to the lowest degree, their contempt for them coming from their distaste of the diluting of their superior elvish blood and lessened potential they feel these offshoots will possess. Wood elves on the otherhand are more accepting, but are still dissapointed in a half-elf as they believe they have lost parts of their innate connection to the natural world, something they believe humans do not possess. It does not matter that a half-elf had no chice in the matter of their birth, for the elves it is irrelevant and they are reviled all the same.

For many success and prominence in the elvish cities is rare, especially those belonging to the high elves. And so, many half-elves become wanderers, not by choice, but by their casting out of the forests of their kin. Thus half-elves are untrusting by nature, their trauma isolates many half elves.

However, those that find themselves in the company of humans and many of the other races, find support and comfort. For many even praise for their nature. In surprising number, half-elves have made homes in the dwarvish citites finding a kin-ship in their distaste of elvish society. And those that go on to adventure have found great success and many of the greatest heroes of the ages have been half-elves driven to greatness by their need to prove their worth in the eyes of those that abandoned them.


Orcs do not care for their half-breed kin. To an orc, a half-orc is weak, their innate need for destruction dulled by the emotions and compassion of humans. Humans have no love for their kin either, for to a human, a half-orc is stupid and dangerous by nature - no different from their orcish parentage.

Hated by both parents, half-orcs arrive into a world that cares naught for them. They struggle with their joint heritage, a mix of passion and anger, and a need to prove themselves worthy of being born. For many half-orcs this means making trouble in the slums of the cities or in the orcish communities they call a home. Living with the need to prove their worth, many half-orcs go on to try and prove themselves through action, and many exemplary half-orc heroes have found prestige throughout history praised for their bravery and honour.

However, those that do not try to prove themselves go on to reject both sides of their lineage, for they have seen the monsterous sides of both cultures, one is just better at hiding it than the other. And so go on to join mercanary groups or bands of barbaric hunters in the mountains and forests around Elusis.


The halflings are the other side of the coin to the gnomes ingenuity, preferring a rural lifestyle surrounded by fields and hillsides. The halflings are in many parts farmers and caretakers of the land. However, there are those that find their pleasure in the construct of clockwork creatures, small autonomous beings that help out with the daily aspects of halfling life, this has put those that delve into this mechanical lifestyle in competition with the gnomes, as they bicker to see which can build the more impressive creations. Meanwhile the rest of halfling community is happy to continue watching the fields and enjoying their peaceful existance.

It wouldn't be until the Blood Mage War that halfling society would change majorly, during the conflict many halflings of the Stout clans had petitioned the Lightfoot's to join the conflict but their more peaceful brethren refused, wishing to stay neutral in a conflict they cared little for and simply wished to avoid. This event shattered the two clans apart, with the Stout's going on the fight in many of major battles of the war whilst the Lightfoot's chose their personal safety over the war.

After the war was over, there was a sense of shame behind the Lightfoot clan, who had managed to avoid almost all of the fighting during the conflict. Thus they set out to aid the reconstruction effort, their small stature being helpful in rescue attempts in the ruins of many great citites. In turn, many of those that ventured out to help, decided to stay in the other cities, as large fractions of the Lightfoot clan dotted the lands of Elusis, continuing to help out whenever they could.

Many adventuring halflings, regardless of their alleigance usually feel a need to prove themselves, as either an honour to their family that fell or as a long unspoken debt that needs to be paid back. This has let to many an outstanding halfling hero striking the annals of history as champions, leaders or in some cases notorious criminals.


After the Blood Mage War, the Lightfoot Clan was left practically untouched, but felt a massive debt was to be paid back to the other races of the world, and thus many families split off after the war to help out. Now the Lightfoot's are everywhere the spirit of their clan still strong. They look to help those they can, but preferring to stay out of combat and conflict where they can


The Stout Clan was decimated during the war, their way of life and indentity did not survive in the way the Lightfoot's did. Now, Halflings that display a brush personality similar to that of their stout ancestor, are considered stout, and in many halfling communities this is a great honour. Even those that are just bluster, so long as they can follow their words up with actions are respected.


After the first cities of the dwarves and elves were built during the early claiming of the lands, humanity arrived to Elusis and quickly spread far and wide across its lands, creating most of the civilization that is seen today. Diverse in their skills and ever quick to populate, the short lifespan of humans has allowed their citites to rise and spread rapidly across Elusis, although their expansion has not always been the smoothest. Human adventurers hail from many different places from around Elusis, almost every city or town houses humanity, even some of the dwarvish and elvish citites hold some fragments of humanity.

Beyond the limits of citites there are also dozens of human-made outposts and wayside towns, that lie on the fringes of the wilderness. Explorers, hermits and more take refuge here to avoid the bustling day-to-day life of the major citites. Although they still find danger in the wilds that keep them on their toes.


The Kenku and many of the "exotic" races come from the Leilani Archipelago, a mysterious set of islands that were once crushed under the ruins of Ashguard. The races of these lands ventured beyond after the incident and have since integrated with the rest of society.

Kenku for their part are an interesting race for they don't have voices, instead mimicking the voices of those around them, this has led to the kenku being able to learn and understand a plethora of languages rapidly. Putting most of their kind in translator roles, where they can use their mimincking abilities to their greatest extents.

Apart from their lives as translators, kenku for the most part live quite lives in the safety of the Leilani Archipelago, never needing to journey further a field, as the islands get plenty of traders and general travellers through to their markets. They train as merchants, or scholar, with some even going into the study of the arcane and leaving their homes in search of new knowledge and unknown wonders.

Kenku haven't left much of an impact on history their work always in the background, but they are no less important for it.


Minotaurs are a rare case, much like goliaths they reside in small clans, but wander beneath the mountains in many areas of the underdark where they are tested by the dark creatures that reside in those dark caverns and endless tunnels. Minotaur's value strength and charisma amongst their most valued traits with the latter being a surprise to most on the surface, but they say it is due to the fact that those on the surface expect ravenous monsters, that being able to put those fears to rest quickly is a valued skill.

Minotaur's that rise to the surface, always have to prove their innocence to the surface before they can make headway, but those that do go on to be greatly respected in their communities.

Few minotaurs go on to do heroic things, many live lives as blacksmiths, soliders or general tradesmen, that an adventuring minotaur is rare, and those that go on to be remembered in history are even fewer. The most notable of is the minotaur Gulrik, who along with his companions took down the Draconic Conclaves that threatened the destroy the Elician region.


The beast shaping people of the shifter's are an elusive bunch. Hidden in the swamps, forests and jungle of Elusis, shifters rarely see the point in interacting and dealing with the people from beyond the wilds. Their lifestyle isolated and protected by years of tradition and superstition, this has, however, made them easy targets for roaming barbarian tribes or mercenaries looking to destroy helpless villages.

When this happens, shifters are met with curiosity and suspicion their beastial appearance putting many at unease as they try and integrate into other societies. The shifters get on best with the wood elves, and genasi, their love for nature and the natural world puts them in good stead and those that do flee from these attacks, find safe haven within their races.

Shifters go on to become experts in medicine and herbalism, usually running small stores in the fringes of elven society, with very few going to live and work in the bustling chaos of human or dwarven cities.


The tabaxi of Elusis are known as tricksters and thieves. Curious and sly by nature, tabaxi are accepted at arms lengths so that they cannot steal your coin purse from you, and find their skills necessary in theievs guild, and merchants work.

Although many give into their expected nature, those that don't make excellent hunters and diplomats, using their agility and grace in their hunting and using their naturally sly nature to learn the secrets of nobles and wealthy commoners to help themselves or their benefactors politically. Tabaxi aren't known for heroics or valor but there are few who find their skills suited to adventuring and those that do, find easy companionship in those they work with.

Beyond their skills and trades, tabaxi come from the Dujhal Territories mainly, with offshoots of their race hailing from the Leilani Archipelago, those hailing from the Archieplago are known to be calmer and tend to shirk off their sly nature to pursue more academic lifestyles. Those that live in the Territories tend to live on the outskirts of cities aand towns and those go into the work of thieves live in the shadier areas waiting for the bustle of the street markets to begin so they can start their day proper.


Those that are born from the union of devils and humans, are first met with mistrust - then curiosity and in some areas, fear. Much like their angelic counterparts, scholars are unsure of the first appearance of the tieflings, many attribute the rise of Zariel in Tala'Doir to their presence on this plane as it was believed many humans took devilish union in order to be given more power during his short reign of terror. But the accounts of children born with the horns of the hells have been numerous since before that time. Nevertheless, the children born of this union were considered dangerous and it wouldn't be until after the attacks on Tala'Doir that the tieflings would gain their name.

During their early life, tieflings had to prove to the world they were not the creatures of terror that many made them out to be, and took on crusades to prove their innocence with many a tiefling falling into the service of a god in an attempt to bury their devilish heritage. However, there were those that rejected the other races for their abuse and hatred, and delved further into their connection to their devilish parentage gaining more power and rising to positions of prominence in the underworld built upon the bodies of those they had either slain or imprisoned.

Nevertheless, those that hail of devilish blood are still to this day mistrusted by some, but since those ages long ago most treat tieflings with respect for their hardship, and give them the chance to earn their trust through their actions and words instead of their parentage.


The Tortles of Elusis live a slow but full life compared to the other reaces, a calmer race that accepts their short lifespan and enjoy it in whatever ways they want. Born into coastal regions and places surrounded by sand, tortles are in some cases the most adaptable races, as they do not care what they do as long as they get the opportunity to do it. This had led a lot of varying industries to be led by tortles who build up a business and then later pass it on, when they want to do something else with their lives.

You'll find large quanitites of tortles in the Leilani Archipelago, the Dujhal Territories, the Wildllands and in pockets within Tala'Doir's forested areas.

Tortles that become adventurers rarely continue the trade after a few years, using the experiences they gain to do more in their next career choice.


Protectors of the oceans and all that inhabits them, tritons live in large underwater cities around the many regions of Elusis, where they take guardianship of the many elemental rifts that open beneath the waves, with many of their cities being built around these portals. The largest city, Dendali is built around a rift the size of a house, with their elite guard standing vigil to ensure it does not activate and allow for creatures to pass through into the city.

Tritons that go on to leave their underwater cities, are usually clueless about the world above and it takes them many years to adjust to the laws and societal norms within the surface worlds.


Created by the gnomes, dwarves and halflings. Warforged are an artificial life that was originally built for militaristic purposes, agriculture and construction. Not intended to have the capacity for free-will and thought, the races were surprised when many of their creations would make decisions of their own accord, or would reject orders that they felt were beneath them. This surprise did turn into fear for a while and many warforged were forcefully deacivated with much of the original warforged model set destroyed and scrapped.

However, after much consideration, new warforged models were constructed and although they still had in-built tasks they were made to complete, many were allowed to roam free after they had finished them. To which most of the warforged, didn't understand the proposition of being free, and instead lived in the cities they were created in, merely because they couldn't fathom leaving and thus stayed there slowly learning to make their own paths for themselves.

It wouldn't be for a few hundred years that the first warforged left those cities, much to the pleasure of the dwarves, halflings and gnomes who were slowly being sqaushed by the growing warforged population.

Nowadays, warforged are still uncommon in most places in the world, as creation of new warforged models have stalled in the recent years. But they are useful wherever they find themselves, and due to their adaptablity they are able to perform any number of tasks.

Most warforged are created in the Halfling Glades, the gnomish city of Danfurth, or in one of the many dwarvish citites.

The Factions and Societies of Elusis

In the world of Elusis, many an organisation or factions exist, some hide and lurk in the shadows whilst others lavish in the light using their influence in a multitude of ways. The ways these factions converse and interact with one another and the world can shape how your adventurer' destiny can unfold.

Allium Panem

Allium Panem are an adventuring party formed by founding members, Kenrai, Warith, Gemdora, Wragwen, Groth and Mesgrea during their journey to the small town of Hadrun where they freed the small town from the infleunce of an evil necromancer hoping to bring his foul god into the material plane. The group was comprised of three more members but they were lost to the necromancers evil during the fight and their bodies were lost through the portal that was slowly being opened. Now joined by Barry, Dasil and Kygo, the group has continued their travels.


Allium Panem are much like all other adventuring parties driven by the allure of adventure and wonder, however, they have a rightoutness about them that puts in the face of danger more often than not as they seek to find and destroy those who would seek to disturb the natural order of the world. Whilst simulatneously destroying bits as well along the way.


Allium Panem have made a small name for themselves within Anecastre for their deeds in clearing and subsequently claiming the Umbra Keep, renaming it The Keep of Three after they lost three members of their party during the endeavour. This has put them into direct political relations with the King of Anecastre, as the keep lay on their territory, but after an agreement was formed the party now are rulers of their own region acting autonomously from Anecastre while engaging in simple trade.

Due to the newfound rulership and automony of the Keep of Three, this will ineviatbly put them into talks with the other leaders of the world as they vye for some hand in the Keep's useful location within Wresthaven. What these developments may be has yet to be seen, but many are eager to see how this small group of adventurers will deal with an increasingly hostile political environment.

Figures of Importance


Changeling Sorcerer. Created by the Explicitus and later raised by the Iron Night, Kygo was a skilled assassin however she soon lost touch with the idels of the organisation after working with Allium Panem, where she found threads of humanity she had thought lost to her. Now she works to help those she can and work against the Explicitus whilst trying to locate and discover the locations of her sisters.

Wragwen Delmriv

Dragonborn Fighter/Paladin. A man followed by unfortunate events, Wragwen survived the burning down of two villages under his care. However, in the hopes to redeem himself he joined the group to clear the Umbra Keep and since then has journyed with them at his side as he strives to become strong enough to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Grothkarr of Clan Gathakan

Goliath Paladin/Fighter. The banished son of a goliath cheiftain, Grothkarr was sent to the lowlands when he was younger and had to try and rebuild his life in an unfamilar land. Now adjusted and comfortable with the life he lives, thoughts of his old life weigh on his mind and he travels in the hopes of coming to peace with his people and finding a closer connection to his god and guide.

Barry Mcfarlane

Gnome Bard. A bard gifted with a lute far beyond his understanding, Barry joined the group during their treks up to the Ironcast Mountains acting as a support and guide. However, after finding them reasonable company and a bit of fun as well. He's become driven to become a better man and to face some of the scars of his past.

Kenrai Emberash

Genasi Cleric. A disgraced cleric of the All-Judge, Kenrai was falsely accused of heresy and driven from his home of Helexios. Kenrai found himself the target of The Lord in Void's schemes and now pulls at both ends as his faith is tested by both the dark entity that has lactched onto him and his own god The All-Judge. His compassion becoming his strongest asset but also his greatest weakness.


Tortle Ranger. A victim of the burning of his hometown, Warith moved to Dago and rebuilt his life. But the temptations of riches and rewards drew him to the Umbra Keep where he joined with Allium Panem. Now he and his wolf Shadow, travel with the group.


Goliath Warlock. An amnesiaic goliath, Gemdora joined the party at the Umbra Keep, a tugging in her mind leading her to dark keep. Now she finds herself trying her hardest to recover her lost memory whilst also staving away the influence of an otherworldly entity that grants her its power.


Human Wizard. A trickster, illusionist and monster hunter. Dasil met and joined his party when they visited the Red Hood Guild. He joined them on their first task for the guild and after saving their lives during the task, he stayed with them for the long run, hoping that their journies might take them to the Nikodenien Empire where unfinished buisiness lay.


Tiefling Druid. A druid seeking to learn of the world, and find the location of his missing sister.


The Assassrian's (singular: Assassrian, pronounced A-sas-rian) are a nomadic tribe who travel around the continent of Dujhal in large polynesian-like rafts called Suravi, which they build themselves for travel across the sands. Compared to most in the Dujhal Territories, the Assassrian's are a calmer people, dressed in loose fitting and bright clothing, they are deep in their traditions and their beliefs, and little can sway them in their judgements.

Assassrian's are knowledge seeking people, they scour the Territories in search of lost and undiscovered knowledge and lore about the world and the civilizations that came before them. Most Assassrian people make their money through honest work, like sewing, coppersmithery or entertainment, but there are also those who earn money by selling information they pick up from town to town and city from city. Most people spend whatever they earn to buy more books for the tribe, or for lavish goods they can use to trade in other cities amongst the Territories.

Each clan or family of Assassrian's are their own genotocracy, with the eldest members forming the Lorebearers a group of wisened members of the clan that are to serve as a source of wisdom for the clan leader and teahcers for specialist groups in training. Lorebearers are also responsible for the enforcement of the traditions and the continued preservation of the clan's way of life.


The priority of the Assassrian's is to find, record and preserve all known knowledge so that they may keep it safe from those that would use it against others. This job is handed out to groups of assassrian members known are "Sandstriders", envoys and manipulators of the sands of Dujhal who usually work to protect the tribe from outside threats. Any information that is found by the striders, is logged and sent back to the tribe for further protection with fragments of the information being diseminated amongst the libraries and scholars of Dujhal and the other territories should it be deemed safe.

The Sandstriders aren't only for protection and information gathering, but have also been known to be sent to prevent information being leaked or publicised, usually due in fact that the information is dangerous to the genereal public however, the Sandstriders and by proxy the tribes do not trial or judge the indivdual supposed of wrongdoing instead they secure the information and work with the local law to ensure safety and discretion.


The Assassrian's are acknowledged for their contributions to the academic field and within most villages and towns they are treated kindly, however, in larger cities their methods are sometimes questioned by scholars and many deem their prevention of spreading potentially dangerous knowledge to be "suppresion" of knowledge instead, and many wonder if the tribes have other motives. Or if they are instead following an old and now misguided system.

Figures of Importance

Lorebearer Va'Sorin

Lorebearer, Human Monk. Current lorebearer representative for the Utami tribe, Va'Sorin usually stays within the tribes, leaving only during meetings with town and citites officials or during trades between villages/citites/town and the tribe. He is also responsible for the workings and operations of the Sandstriders.

Tribe Leader Torvin

Leader of the Utmai tribe, Human Fighter. Current head of the Utmai tribe, Torvin is the stoic leader who organises the general day-to-day of the tribe and acts as political figurehead for his tribe if needed.

Tribe Leader and Lorebearer Alari

Lorebearer and leader of the Ishik tribe, Genasi Rogue. Current head of the Ishik tribe and only Lorebearer, Alari and her tribe are a division of the original Utami tribe and have started to look at more progressive views for their tribe. Headstrong but kind, she is leading the tribes past the confindes of the Dujhal Territory to explore the world and protect the relics of the world.

Assassrian Traditions

The Assassrian clans have deep rooted traditions and values that they pass down from one generation to the next:

  • The pursuit of knowledge is the most noble act a person can take.
  • In the sands of Dujhal lies a creature of boundless knowledge, it is said to lie in the ruins of a great city in the dunes of the Bahrinya Desert. A place where the sun can reveal secrets no one prson can see.
  • The spirits of their dead find their way back to the tribe and become the wind that carries the tribe through the sands.
  • Children are the most precious thing the tribe has, anything that would affect them negatively must be avoided at all cost.
  • The Lorebearers are a source of great knowledge and wisdom, they are able to answer any question.

Castes of Dur'Koldar

The Castes of Dur'Koldar are the ruling class systems that prevail within dwarvish culture.

The foundation for the caste system is that dwarves are born into inherited castes which they get from their same-sex parent. For example, if a female was born into a dwarvish family she would inherit the caste of her mother, whilst a son would inherit his father's caste. In such cases, most families normally live in the house of the parent who belongs to a higher caste. Furthermore, depending on the caste a child is born into also determines the opportunities they can be expected to find as they grow up within Dwarvish society.

Dwarves can improve the status of their caste and house, by performing great deeds or gaining the favour of higher castes.

The heirarchy of the caste system is simple with the upper caste pertaining to the noble caste and high ranking merchant caste families, whilst the middle caste holds the military caste; smiths caste, merchant caste, artisan caste and mining caste. The lower caste, holds the servant caste which favours itself highly despite its low ranking in the heirarchy of dwarvish society. Finally there is the casteless, which are individuals who have been kicked from their castes or born casteless, these indivduals are not seen as citizens of Dwarven society and are given no right within the caste system. Most are kicked to the surface where they then are deemed surfacer dwarves.

Noble Caste

Those born into the noble caste bear the weight of their familes name from the moment they are born, expected to achieve great things and raise the cast to greater glory and import. The nobles of the dwarvish cultures are people who expect the finest of works and accept nothing less, this has put them at odds with many of the lower castes due to their need for a standard of perfection that is unreasonable and usually unachievable.

Thus many of the noble houses will seek out promising craftsmen or warriors to bestow their favour upon in hopes that their achievments will raise the calibre of their own house. This has created a sort of game within the noble house where nobles will compete with one another for the favour of up and coming talent within the lower castes.

A nobles favour is a valuable thing but it can also be a dangerous gift if taken, with tales of talented craftsmen or warriors vanishing after receiving the honour of a noble house.

Military Caste

The dwarves of the military caste live their lives in the throws of practice drills and combat, a life they know will likely be short and thus many born into the caste marry early as they know they will not have much time left, before they go back to the stone.

The houses of the military caste vary in their operation, many houses plege themselves under a noble house and are sworn to their service. However, there are some that refuse the call of a nobles favour and attempt to carve their own path, this does not always work but there are military houses with prestige greater than their noble brethren.

Being sworn to a noble house does it have its downsides, with the tumultuous nature of the castes if a warrior houses patron falls in standing then their warriors go down with them, with the warrior houses of the succeeding noble houses rising in power and prestige amongst the warrior caste as a whole.

Merchant Caste

Dwarves of the merchants caste are varied in their very nature, once three seperate castes, the merchant caste now houses all of the smiths, armourers, jewellers and other artisans within dwarvish socitey. These merchant houses do not usually mix with the political games of the noble castes, or attempt to pledge themselves under the favour of a noble like the military caste. Instead they focus on their craft and having other acknowledge their work, usually through monetary means.

Although the merchants houses do not actively vye for the attention of the noble caste, they do like to compete amongst each other for acclaim amongst the general merchant caste and thus an event called the "Proving" happens every year to discover who is the most talented merchant. The competition is fierce and many spectators from across the world come to dwarvish citites to watch the marvel of these dwarves creations.

Labour Caste

The labour caste, is as it sounds. It consists of the many manual labour houses of the dwarvish world, from farmers who till underground farms flush with strange vegetables and fruits unqiue to the underdark and its many facets, to miners and construction. It is not a luxorious life and few from the labour caste elevate their houses status through own efforts, but is is honest and is less frought with danger than many of the lives led in the higher caste houses.


Forgotten by society and given no way to interact with it, casteless dwarves are those born without a house or those thrown out of their house and branded worthless. Given a tattoo symbolising their lack of caste, those that continue to live in the dwarvish cities struggle with poverty with many deciding to join the underworld as part of thieves guilds or other similar organisations. Those that decide to venture out, are not allowed back in and are never allowed to do the work of any named caste.

Surface Dwarves

Treated almost to the level of the casteless, as the name implies a surfacer dwarf is one who has decided to leave their mountain based home and ventured to the surface. Believed to have forsaken their home and the stone from which they are born, surfacer dwarves are considered part of the casteless.

Circle of Arcarnum Mortis

The Circle of Arcarnum Mortis is an elite order of mages and arcane practicioners who engage in the study of Temporal Magic. Founded during the Divine Era, the circle has been an integral part of mage society acting as the first safe haven for mages during their original prosecution in the early years of the Divine Age. However, it has since shrunk in size with their only academy being located in the Ironwood Outpost in the region of Anecastre, the academy is a large floating mage's tower called the Eternity Tower.

Mages of the circle are taught vigirously the fundamentals of the arcane in order to unravel its secrets and allow for even greater control and manipulation of the Weave. Graudates of the Circle, are considered some of the most knowledgeable about arcane phenomenon and are able to bend reality itself to achieve their goals.

The Circle still holds true to its values from the 13 wizards that founded it. Supporting new mages and ensuring that arcane prosecution does not happen again. They also take in mages who struggle to control their abilities, and many mages from across the world are sent to them in order to learn to control their abilities, whether they be of noble or common blood.


The goal of the Circle is the continued exploration and development of the arcane arts and protection of mages across Elusis. They also uphold and maintain the "Arcanum Orsus", a fundamental core of their values and continued teachings. It is meant to be a guiding path for their mages and is set-up to ensure that events like the 'Blood Mage War' and the 'The Midwinter Purge' never happen again. General members of the circle are known as "Adepts", while higher memebers and tutors within the circle are known as "Magus", the only members to ever hold the title of "Grandmsater" were the thirteen founders, as a suitable successor has yet to be found for the title.

Membership into the circle is largely based on innate ability, and due to this, the circles status and perception in the public has waned with their circle being known to few outside of the Ironwood Outpost, as the number of mages capable of the feats the circle requires dwindles.


The Circle maintains good relations with much of Elusis, many of the elvish citites respect the circle for its continued exploration of the arcane and act with kindness to members within their walls, humans and many of the other races act in similar fashions. The dwarvish kingdoms however, are suspcious of them as they have poor experiences with the arcane but respect dwarvish members of the circle when they come to visit their citites.

Figures of Importance

Grandmaster Cylneia Oakshade

Grandmaster, Wood Elf Mage Tutor. One of the two last surviving members of the 13 founders, Cylenia is one of the mage tutors within the Circle usually teaching the most complex topics of the schol of temporal magics. She remains in the circle at all times, sending her aides on emissary missions when they are needed.

Grandmaster Va'il'thuren

Ex-Grandmaster. High Elf wizard (archmage). Still disgraced by the circle, Va'il'thuren continues to spend his days in his tower in Hadrun, being checked up on by the circle once every year to discuss his continued tenure at Hadrun.

Magus Aleria Fletcher

Magus, Human Wizard (Leader of the Circle). Current head of the circle after Grandmaster Cylneia stepped down from her role, Aleria guides the circle as its main voice of cirriculum within its education and public face. She also in her own time, continues to work on her thesis about the fabric that connects all planes together and its ties to the events pre-civilization.

Adept Naya Ollik

Adept, Dragonborn Sorceror. One of the current Adepts and soon to be Magus, Naya is expected to become the next official Expositor for the circle.

The 13 Founders

The 13 founders were the key members that made up the first Circle of Arcanum Mortis, back when mages were still being prosecuted for their innate abilities in ancient Nerath. Now, thousands of years later only two remain, Grandmaster Va'il'thuren who has been banished to his tower in Hadrun never to leave and never to regain his lost powers. And Grandmaster Cylenia Oakshade, who found a way to extend her life not only beyond arcane means, but beyond means even the most respected scholars of the arcane can understand.

Grandmaster Va'il'thuren

Grandmaster, High Elf Wizard (Archmage). Once a respect scholar and advocate for mage rights and protections, his fall into madness when he attempted to ascend to divinity ostrasied him from the circle and he was quickly banished a tower that he would never be able to escape from cut off from the majority of his power for all eternity. He now goes by the name Valthrun, attempting to distance himself from a past he wishes forgotten.

Grandmaster Dain Woadgard

Grandmaster, Dwarf Expoistor. One of the first dwarves to join the circle, Dain was a great scholar who in his time was able to unravel much of the fundamentals of arcane study and is the creator behind the arcane tomes on magic fundamentals used within arcane academies to this day. He was killed by Va'il'thuren during the elf's attempted ascension, his body was laid to rest in a shrine on the other side of the Ironwood Outpost.

Grandmaster Yaza Theros

Grandmaster, Tiefling Keeper of the Old Tomes. Keeper of the libraries of the circle, Yaza was a quiet soul who preferred the company of her conjured companions to the interactions with her material kin. She was one of the mages responsible for Va'il's imprisonment and her conjuration magic still binds his tower to this day despite her death a few years after the event.

Grandmaster Urdad the Bold

Grandmaster, Orc Magical Combat Tutor. A force of nature itself, Urdad was one of the first instructors within the circle known for his brutish teaching methods that forced mages to react quickly and adapt to various circumstances under pressure. He is the creator of the "live fireball drill test"; where young mages are woken up to a barrage of the fireballs being thrust their way, as they try to defend themselves during an obstacle course. He was killed Va'il during his ascension ritual and is buried in the shrine of the other side of the Ironwood Outpost.

Grandmaster Vadania Moongael

Grandmaster, High Elf Mage Tutor. A combatitative soul similar in nature to Urdad. Vadania was an exception to the expected grace and serenity a high elf was expected to have and instead she relied on the honing of instincts and combat as her preferred teaching methods. Alongside Urdad, Vadania cultivated the quickthinking, combat oriented minds of many a young mage before her peaceful death during the Divine Age.

Grandmaster Remora Danamark

Grandmaster, Human Religious Aide to the Circle. A source of communication between those of the faith and the mages they prosecuted, Remora was a mediator in the discussions surrounding the safety and protection of mages, when the old faiths of the Nerathian empire deemed their order heretical and in service to the darker gods. Her calm demeanour and gentle voice allowed her to calm the emotions of those around her, and it was through her that the circle gained the recognition it had during that time.

Grandmaster Tux Atrio

Grandmaster, Gnome Alchemist. The mechanical mind behind the circle, Tux was responsible for creating many of the arcane constructions that allowed mages to practice their arcane craft safetly. He created the "Castra Orb" a magically attuned orb that allowed a spellcaster to train their ability to sense magical influences around them, alongside many other applications.

Grandmaster Kellar Button

Grandmaster, Halfling Political Aide to the Circle. The other face of the organisation, Kellar was the political aid for the circle allowing them to interact within the noble structures of the world. She was killed during Va'il's attemped ascension and was buried with the other founders.

Grandmaster Ramsay Barnell

Grandmaster, Human Planar Expert. An expert and fervant study of the planes and the means by which people and entities could be sent through and travel between them, Ramsay Barnell was killed by Va'il during his attempt to ascend to godhood, he is buried with the other Grandmaster's in the shrine in the Ironwood Outpost.

Grandmaster Evelyn Oakenhart

Grandmaster, Human Researcher into the Weave. A mind unlike the other Evelyn looked beyond the constraints of the magic that she and her contemparies were able to cast and instead looked to the direct source of all magic itself, the Arcane Weave. By the time she died, it was said she was close to cracking the innate nature of the weave and finding ways that the mages of the material plane would be able to use it to their own means.

Grandmaster Poppy Pond

Grandmaster, Halfling Patron Researcher. Interested in the connection between her patron and herself in the ways that it provided her with the arcane skills she possed, Poppy became engrossed in the connection between warlocks and their patrons, interested in the machinations of these patrons and how they managed to grant power to their chosen.

Grandmaster Jormundr Stonebreach

Grandmaster, Dwarf Arcane Outreach. Jormundr was interested in being the people's face for the Circle. He was put on outreach to garner more mages and find safe-keeping for magically attuned indivduals who were kicked from their homes.

Grandmaster Cylneia Oakshade

Grandmaster, Wood Elf Curator of Temporal Studies. The only other surviving member of the original 13, Cylenia was the original curator of Temporal Studies during the circles formation and she has continued as the circles main mentor of the temporal school of magic since. Somehow through her studies she has managed to significantly elongate her lifespan to impossible lengths.

Curia Regis of Tala'Doir

After the founding of the new kingdoms, and failure of the ruling kings and emperors of old. King Escal Tala'Doir, realised that the unchecked and uncounseled leadership of the old empires was a large contributing factor to their downfall, and with the wounds of Zariels reign of terror still scarring the country, he decided to open up a council of prominent elected figures in order to advise and help him guide Tala'Doir into the new age. The ranks of the council were comprised of trusted allies and dissenting voices forming a backbone or arcanists, philsophers, scholars and generals that helped govern at his side. And through their support helped to usher in a prosperous age for Tala'Doir that has continued to this day.


During Escal's reign, the Curia Regis of Tala'Doir aided the monarch and helped to inform the decisions and execution of his or her duties whilst in power. Over time, the council has evolved to now take on large facets of the functions of goverment and now oversee these throughout Tala'Doir. Each member is assigned a domain based on their skills and knowledge, either inheriting the infrastructure of their predeccesor or reassembling with the consent of the larger council body. Council members are elected every 4 years to replace or fill roles in the council, current members can campaign to extend their term, but must campaign each time a new election begins. The domains are split into five domain titles and the council members are responsible for these domains throughout the city and the extended kingdom. The domains are divided as such:

  • The Seneschal works with other political factions and leaders to ensure peaceful and productive diplomatic affairs, they are also responsible for the maintaining of the kingdoms information network utilising the spies and informants throughout the realm.

  • The Royal Arcanist keeps careful watch over the use of magic within Tala'Doir, informaing the councils on matters beyond the mundane. They are also resposible for keeping open communication with the mages guilds around Tala'Doir and beyond.

  • The Provost is the head of the Tala'Doir guard and enforces the written law of the city from within the High Court, they are also responsible for maintaining peace within the city and beyond, and during times of peace the military strength of the kingdom falls to them.

  • The Coin Arbiter works with the many merchants guilds and trading networks within Tala'Doir and beyond. Their job is to maintain the countries economy, maintain trade realtions and ensure the health of the treasury.

  • The Grand Stonemason works with the many masons guilds to approve and oversee all major construction efforts within the city.


The council keeps cordial relationships with the cities and townships outside of Tala'Doir, though issues have arisen from time to time. The kingdom currently has open trade with the Dujhal Territories and the Tradian Island and enjoys relatively safe travels between the various kingdoms. It has a strained relationship with the elvish kingdom of Erenmount as they have had small border conflicts in the past which has made present efforts at trade, tough, however they do have a conditional alliance which many on both side have issues with, but is functional for now. The dwarvish city of Kazakdan have opened lines of trade, however, due to the continued issues with the elves not all caravans make it through the elvish territory and thus they've had to find alternative routes of trade.

The Coterie is considered a general threat to the continued rule of the Curia Regis and the king, and much effort has been put into stopping them wherever they are found. However, members of the Count's inner circle have been known to associate with the Coterie in secret which has allowed them to outmaneuver the council in many circumstances, in exchange for useful information that has overall beneiftted the city and its further territories.

The council is eager to open further lines of communication with the kingdoms of the Elician Region and En'Din, however, with En'Din embroilled in civil war communications have been stunted as it could be seen as choosing a side and the council wishes to avoid political blowback. Many of the kingdoms of the Elician Region have expressed interest in trade, but have been stringent in their terms of further political alliances.

Figures of Importance

King Dismas Tala'Doir II

Human King of Tala'Doir. Determined, level headed and honourable. Dismas has had to live up to the heights of his fathers achievements since his passing and his grandfather before him, and thus has made many efforts to make himself known to the world as a strong leader for his people. Shadowed by his past, he has however, pushed forward many progressive policies with the support of the council and ushered in a new age of peace.

Count Falgrim Baldrik

Dwarf Seneschal. Stone-faced and quiet, the Count of House Baldrik has been a dedicated member of the council for almost three terms, with his support unchallenge even by political opponents.

Magus Allyria Du'tali

Half-Elf Royal Arcanist. A member of the Enchantresses of the Seventh Circle, Allyria uses her infleunce to help bolster the reputation of mages across Tala'Doir and beyond. She also keeps track elemental rifts and tears between the planes.

Commander Barakas Carnago

Human Provost. Descended from a long line of prominent warriors, Barakas helped to defend the city and co-ordinate the guard forces during a dragon attack against the city. He lost his right eye after an intense burn, but gained a firey resolve to protect the city at all costs.

Criella Webb

Halfling Coin Arbiter. A simple merchant turned activist, Criella gained her position after she proved that the previous Coin Arbiter had been committing fraud, and subsequently gained support from within the city and encouraged to run for the seat. She won a landslide victory much to her suprise, and has stayed in office now on her second term.

Krynt Targana

Human Grand Stonemason. Full of energy and enthusiasm, Krynt helped orchestrate many large scale construction projects on behalf of the council and gained prominence through their success. When the seat fell vacant after a roguh election, he was allowed to sit there temporarily in order to keep the operations moving, but ended up winning the following election and gaining the seat legitimately.

Royal Mages Academy

The Royal Mages Academy is one of two places of study for mages within Wresthaven, with the other being the Circle of the Arcanum Mortis. In contrast to the Circle, the Mages Academy has the support and funding of the King of Anecastre, and thus their academy is located in the capital. Founded by Magister Tha'larin, a few thousand years after Anecastre's founding, the academy has trained almost all of the mages that come from the Anecastre region with many of them going on to pursue careers with the mage core within the White Roses.

Mages are accepted into the Academy after a testing ritual, the ritual has a moderate pass rate and thus the Academy has a reasonably large intake of mages each year, however, not all mages pass the exam and thus go off to study elsewhere. Once a mage is accepted into the academy they are given their own staff with a crystal imbedded into the centre to classify their progression through their studies and mastery of magic. Each year a mage must complete an exam to progress through to the next classification of magus and gain the next advancement to their staff, and continue their studies forward, otherwise, they must repeat the year of study and take the exam in the following year.

The order of ranking for crystal colour is as follows; White, Silver, Blue, Violet, Gold. Once a student has reached gold they are considered to have finished their formal training and can become an Adept within the order, continuing their studies on their own with the support of the academy. Should the mage perform great feats of arcane proficiency or make a great discovery of arcane significance they are then given the title of Magus, which is just below the Magisters.


The mages academy has very simple goals, they simply want to teach and train the next generation of mages and ensure that they understand their abilities and the way that they can impact the world through the use of their magic and knowledge. The Magisters specifically work with the King, to ensure matter of an arcane nature are approached carefully and that political channels are kept open to mages across the world. The only other goal they have is to keep an eye on the spread of blood magic throughout the Elician Region, as they want to try and keep it is as isolated as possible so that the Blood Mage Wars cannot happen again.


The Royal Mages Academy is funded and supported directly by the Anecastrian goverment, thus their relationship with the mages academy from the Nikodenien Empire is strained due to the political issues between the two countries. This however, has inspired some academic competition between the two academies as they vye to see which country can secure the most talented mages in the Elician Region, which then has the knock-on effect that mage circles and academies from other areas also compete across the ocean.

Figures of Importance

Magister Elaris

Female Half-Elf Wizard (Enchantment). She represents Enchantment and is the key member for communication & cultural understanding. She knows almost everything there is to know about every country and its people and speak a plethora of different dialects and tongues. She has learned to recognise personalities at a glance, and if there's one thing she knows better than anyone it’s people. She can read them as easily as the books of her library.

Magister Taro

Male Tabaxi Wizard (Transmutation). He represents Transmutation and is the key member for knowledge about the material aspects of the world and how its matter works. He knows the working not only of his own species biology, but also that of many other races and also animals & plants. He also knows much of materials pertaining to weapons and tools.

Magister Eravos

Male Tiefling Wizard (Evocation). He represents Evocation and the knowledge of magic & the arcane. He knows of all of the planes & threads between them, & has a great understanding of spells, enchantments, magical objects & magical creatures.

Magister Kalann

Female Aasimar Wizard (Divination). She represents Divination and the knowledge of history & events, alongside even some future events. She is also aware of the worlds prophecies & the true creation of the world.

Magister Adoras

Male Tortle Wizard (Conjuration). He represents Conjuration, and is the member for the knowledge of actions and tools, in a way, wisdom. He intrinsically understands the many pathways to get to what you want, and which is best to take.

The Clock

The Clock is a thieves guild that operates from within the port city of Brywick in the Dawn Republic, built upon the ruins of the old Dumas Merchant Company that was founded during the end of the Umbral Era, the Clock is a very well crafted secret organisation that mainly operates with thieves, fences, saboteurs, spies and smugglers. As stated the Clock mainly operate in and under Brywick using a network of subterranean tunnels. The guild however, is not not just limited to Brywick, they run many smaller outfits in and amongst the continent of En'Din. Members of the Clock carry with them a small timepiece with an engraving of their symbol on the inner side, signifying allegiance and loyality to the guild. The Clock works like a well-oiled machine, each member learns or relearns the basics of theivery and stealth to the standards of the guild, ensuring that every member works to the same level as another, and they are forced to undergo missions in pairs to ensure that no one member believes they can operate on their own. This aspect of trust and honour amongst thieves is what drives some of the key aspects of the guild. A member must always help another no matter the situation, and someone who betrays the trust of the guild must be punished. Only by working together does the Clock keep ticking, and if one gear stops the whole thing breaks down.

Leaders of a faction of the Clock are called an Hourhand, and they oversee elements of the organisation's fuctions. There are eleven Hourhand's in order to break decisions over future business ventures and actions. Below the Hourhand's are the minutes whhich are the rest of the members. New member are assigned a rank after completing a vigirous initation.


Whilst many would assume that the goal of the Clock is to make a profit at any cost, they also try and uphold the balance of civilization. It is a well known fact that a thriving city is a profitable one and thus the clock ensures that those that endanger civilization are dealt with. The Clock are only one part of what they believe to the be the necessary underbelly of Elusis, as they are willing to the things that the nobles and wealthy cannot commit with their own hands.


The Clock holds a representative seat within the council that unifies the Dawn Republic, holding that seat under the merchant house Tegan. Thus they have a direct hand in the ongoing nature of the Republic, however, this knowledge is not know publicly. They have tenative relationships with the other factions of the underbelly of Elusis, using their political sway to send raids after competition and trying to hold their position of power in the Republic.

This does not however mean that the Clock are free from trouble, most city guards across Elusis have an immediate arrest order for members of the guild and raids are conducted on occasion to varying degrees of success.

Figures of Importance

Hourhand Ozros

Tiefling Hourhand of Whispers (Brywick). A sly arcanely gifted trickster, Ozros runs the key information network of the Clock through his spies and informants. He has the closest links to the Tegan house and attends many of their events to ensure their continued "patronage"

Hourhand Omeric

Wood Elf Hourhand of Facdes (Brywick). A wood elf illusionist, Omeric engages in the thievery side of the Clock operating as the tactical figurehead for many of the operations and in and around Brywick.

Hourhand Sadine

Human Hourhand of Blades (Brywick). A talented fencer turned spy, Sadine had played the political game for years when she came under the employ of the Clock during a soiree. She soon proved her worth, killing the previous hourhand and replacing him. Taking her spot as a ruthless diplomat and cold blooded killer on behalf of the organisation.

Hourhand Uzvek

Orc Hourhand of Blades (Blackreach). A brutish thug of a leader, Uzvek is a heavy-handed sabotuer and smuggler. He operates many of the smuggling deals and keeps an eye on the black market because behind his scarred face lies a crafted brain for business and dealmaking.

Hourhand Absalon

Dwarf Hourhand of Whispers (Blackreach). A master of decpetion Absalon revels in information gathering, and works as the collection point for tips about possible jobs that he disperses amongst the other Hourhands.

Hourhand Kellara

Halfling Hourhand of Facades (Escalian). The most visible member of the guild, Kellara delights in the social events held by the elvihs nobility and uses her status within the black market to push the mechinations of the elves in her favour through deception and lies. She has ambitions to expand her reach beyond the Elvish Imperium.

Hourhand Thune

Human Hourhand of Blades (Escalian). A deceptive sight is that of Thune. Gaunt faced; pale and skinny, any foe who underestimates Thune learns their lesson quickly before they die. Deftness beyond most of the other Hourhand and skilled in multiple weapons and fighting styles, Thune acts as the protection for the Clock keeping an eye from the shadows in order to uphold their values and protect their order.

Hourhand Thia

Human Hourhand of Whispers (Golrusford). Not many have seen the face of Thia and lived to tell the tale, hidden behind a mask she exerts her control through rumours and well-placed lies.

Hourhand Krim

Dwarf Hourhand of Whispers (Whitemeadow). Krim is a confidant individual, he operates a small information broker ring, using his position to blackmail people into getting him information. He has ambitions to try and grow his broker ring.

Hourhand Malfier

Tiefling Hourhand of Blade (Oxwall). Malfier is on the more relaxed side within the Clock, she organises the training of the members of the clock to ensure that they can defend themselves if need be. Her talent with a bow is unmatched and she herself teaches the sharpshooters of the clock.

Hourhand Nedam

Wood Elf Hourhand of Facades (Daggerford). The man of many faces Nedam is never the same person twice, many believe he hasn't even been himself more than twice. He is responsible for hiring outside help should the clock require it, or if they need a fallman for their plans.

The Convolution Spire



Figures of Importance

The Coterie

The Coterie are an organised mercenary and spy guild that operates from within Tala'Doir, built up by those dissatisfied by the efforts of the king and their council they slowly but surely built a presence for themselves in the underworld and have now become one of the larger guilds rivalling that of the Clock and Merien. The Coterie however, is not just limited to the city of Tala'Doir their influence has spread across the country and small sects of the guild now operate within Fisherman's Walk and Antira.

Members of the Coterie have a small insignia branded onto the back of their palm signifying their alliegance and involvement within the guild. The Coterie functions like a family, valuing loyalty and continued betterment of the guild over most other merits.

Leaders of the Coterie are called Corvus and they oversee the general organisation of the guilds functions. Each sect has a singular Corvus in charge. Below the Corvus are the Vultur which are the rest of the members, members gain their rank after proving themselves on a test mission.


In it for the money, the Coterie operate on a profit at any cost basis, although they do understand the use of a stable city above them. They take whatever job comes their way and occasionally give nudges to the upper echelon that moves the city in a positive direction every now and again to keep the city standing.


The Coterie have very tenative relationships with the other thieves guilds and organisations throughout Elusis, due to general competition that exists within that sphere of influence. Within their home region of Tala'Doir, they are under constant pressure from the guards and Curia Regis and are constantly trying to allude raiding forces to abandoned safe-houses, using their links to the council to ensure they keep the guards at an arms length away at all times. Furthermore, all guards throughout the city and extended region have an arrest order for any member of the guild should they be caught.

Figures of Importance

Corvus Jandar Arkalis

Human Corvus. Leader of the faction within Tala'Doir, Jandar runs his sect with an iron fist. Drilling into new recruits the importance of the values of the guild. Anyone who goes against them is killed or branded a traitor.

Corvus Myrka Yarjerit

Dragonborn Corvus. The silver-tounged leader of the Antira faction. Myrka rarely shows her face but her presence echoes throughout the guild. She leads through her subordinates, running the guild through the shadows. Despite her lack of visibility in the guild, the members of her guild hold great respect for her.

Corvus Keth Sutha

High-Elf Corvus. Business-minded, cold and calculated. Keth is vicious in his assignments and the dangerous missions he sets from his base in the Fisherman's Walk.

The Enchantresses of the Seventh Circle

The Enchantresses of the Seventh Circle, are a secret society of prominent female witches, sorceresses and other magic based users etc. who form a underground protectorate for mages across Elusis. When the group formed is of little importance to its members and they prefer to keep most history of their actions and involvement hidden from the general public. Members are invited by letter and trial, with new members being gathered during the "Silver Night" to be inducted officially within the organisation. The order is always made up of 7 members, and when a member leaves or dies the next member is one that the previous wished to be appointed.


The Enchantresses are keepers of an old codex that outlines a series of principles for mages, called the Myriad Veritas a collection of truths that mages were meant to uphold before the Arcane Divergence. The truths are as follows:

  • Protect thy fellow mage from the hateful gaze of the prejudiced, for their scorn means naught to our truths.
  • Prevent the use of the "Ritual of Concord" in order to protect thy fellow mage.
  • Rally against the use of blood magic, its power is corrupting and all consuming.
  • Warn against the abuse of the arcane, it's power is vast but control can be difficult for the ignorant.
  • Take care to protect the Weave from those that would do it harm.


The Enchantresses of the Seventh Circle hold few, if any open alliances. Due to the nature of their order their relationships with other organisations are usually kept quiet. However, they find themselves with a pleasant friendship with the city of Anecastre as one of their members Lady Sophia, is the Queen of Anecastre alongside her husband. They also enjoy courtly relations with The Merien, The Red Hood Guild and the Vermillion Cabal. Their relationship with the Cabal is rather special as the Cabal are used to erase their presence from places they have intervened in.

Figures of Importance

Lady Sophia, Queen of Anecastre.

Human Conjuration Wizard. Lady Sophia

Lady Anivine Vera

Tiefling Astral Dragon Warlock.

Lady Poppy Goodkin

Halfling Storm Soul Sorceror.

Lady Cylenia Holtrisl

Wood Elf Divination Wizard.

Lady Hallan Brightwater

Human Abjuration Wizard.

Lady Vencia Wintermere

Human Divine Soul Sorceror.

Lady Vela

Half-Orc The Undying Warlock.

The Enforcers



Figures of Importance

The Explicitus

The Explicitius is a secret underground research and development group dedicated to the advancement of arcane knowledge and science and the continued existence of civilization. However, the experiments they run and the methods by which they conduct them are incredibly dangerous and illegal in all regions of Elusis thus they operate underwater in a facitlity built below the surface of Feindfell. Founded at the start of the Glory era under the original intention of artefact protection and investigation, they now spread their influence amongst the regions of Elusis in order to gain benefactors for their research usually gaining their patrons in the underworld of Elusis. They also have politcal interests within the Elician Region, planting one of their operatives into the Anecastrian royal family as the King's right hand man, to ensure that the peace between the nations of the Elician region continued so that they may operate in peace until such point that they need conflict for their research.

Members of the Explicitus operate in cells of four, unless they are on a special assignment. In these cells they are provided with a topic of research and sent out to accomplish their task. They have indentifying symbols or insignia, instead a phrase and responce phrase is known to members to indentify themselves the question phrase is "Good Seeker of Knowledge, answer my query lest your intentions be made plain" and the responce phrase is "To you kind seeker, I am a friend"

The Changelings were created by the Explicitus with the original purpose as acting as spies on behalf of their organisation, to test this they created five and placed them across Elusis in order to see how their abilities would adapt under varying circumstances. Each changeling was implanted with an arcane runic tattoo on the side of their head, to ensure that each changeling couldn't disobey direct orders from Explicitus researchers.


The advancement of kowledge and science alongside the advancement of civilization is the main goal of the Explicitus, it is however, their end goal. In order to accomplish these the Explicitus operates day to day maintaining the peace between nations whilst also keeping an eye on their experiments that operate out in the open. They understand that so long as peace is maintained, they can continue to operate as they have done and further their infiltration of other organisations throughout the world.

During the attack by the draconic conclaves against the Elician Region, it was the Explicitus that opened up old ruins to protect the citizenry of the citites and towns in order to preserve as much of the regions culture should the fight against the dragon's go south. It also helped them put their operative was in the Anecastrian royal home, as their operative aided in the rescue of the King at the time.


The Explicitus is an unknown organisation and through their efforts they keep their name hidden from any and all people outside of their ranks, thus they have very few connections. They do however, have a business partnership with the Varcona family, who fund their research in exchange for access to successful experiments for their auctions at the black market.

Other than that, they maintain secrecy in order to ensure their research is not discovered. Should someone discover the identity of members of the organisation they are either killed or "reconditioned" and put back into soceity.

Figures of Importance

Heinrich Von Trasten

Human, Right Hand to the King of Anecastre. Coming from a long line of Explicitus devotees and researchers, Heinrich from a young age was taught and trained for operative use within the organisation. He currently acts a one of the lead operatives in the Changeling field project, alongside acting as an undercover liason within the royal family of Anecastre. His watchful eye, and ability to take on different identities at will have made him an invaluable asset.

Estel Ringor

High Elf, Lead Researcher. Born in the city of Harlond, Estel was raised with an intense superiority complex. Elves by their nature in the city of Harlond are raised to believe themselves superior, but Estel was especially coarse. With natural prowess in martial combat and arcane manipulation, Estel was granted every advantage and opportunity, and within 40 years he had ascended to highest echalons of Harlond society. But the young elf quickly outgrew his surroundings and yearned for more, eventually finding his way into the shady goingson within the Explicitus. Now the prodigy turned researcher attempts to unravel the world around him, toying with the very fabric of the realms.

Sabine Mongoth

Gnome, Arcane Geneticist. Born and raised in the roaming Gnomish clan Mongoth, Sabine grew up with a fascination for the world and all of its aspects. She was particularly in the abilities of the insects and creatures the clan would encounter throughout her formative years. This interest would propel her towards the life of a rsearcher, and as she grew she became more enamoured with the world of genetics that she wished to pioneer with the use of the arcane. Her role in the Explicitus has mainly revolved around the Changeling project, with her studies of the Dopplegangers giving her much credence within the operation.

The Hands Of Void



Figures of Importance

The Imperial Academy of Arcane Study and Magical Exploration



Figures of Importance

The Iron Night

The Iron Night is a guild that specialises in the training and use of hired killers and assassin's within the En'Din region although their services are used in all parts of Elusis. The guild sources their new hires by buying orphans and teaching them the skills to make them useful within the organisation, however they also employ standard mercenaries for the same roles. Members of the Iron Night carry a iron coin with the insignia of the Iron Night on it to show their allegiance with the guild. The leader of the Iron Night is always a woman, and is known as the Matriarch, the Matriach is responsible for all of the operations within the guild and its functions outside of its home territory alongside the organisation of gathering new recruits and orphans for the guild.


The Iron Night simply works for the highest bidder, their services and alliegance easily bought by an outraged noble, a king or queen, or even darker entities. It is not unheard of for a noble to threaten to use the guild even when they have no intention for actually using them, as the guild is a fearful presence nonetheless. The guild simply exists to fill the need that many have and get paid while doing it.


As stated previously, the Iron Night holds no alliegances and will work for whoever pays the most. This also works mid job, with some missions the guild has been sent for changing due to a higher payment from another interested party.

Figures of Importance

Lady Orianna Romanzi

Matriarch, Tiefling Beastmaster Ranger. Lady Orianna goes under the name Johanna in communications in this position and has been the Matriarch for 27 years, taking control of the group after "removing" the previous Matriarch of her position. A strict and disciplined leader, Orianna and her panther companion are a formidible pair leading the guild from their base in the Baklands.

The Merien

A gentlemen's club formed by a variety of wealthy noblemen, merchants and underworld types alike. The Merien operate openly and in the eyes of the public, but using subterfuge and misdirection to obscure the true motives behind many of their actions. Membership into the club is very exclusive and is ususally decided upon by member of the existing board, members of the club wear a steel emblem pin on their clothing to signify their membership as a point of pride. The Merien operate out of the Grace Fields House in Brywick, a large manor house that is collectively owned under the club with each member taking a portion of the running costs unto themselves.


The Merien are a group created for the purpose of self-benefit and mutal co-operation, its members use each other assets and resources in many ways to benefit themselves, but some members use the sway of their fellows to do positive changes. However, it is also true that the other has happened as well.


The Merien holds no official alliances except for those between one another, which in turn means they have unofficial alliances with all the entities their fellow members represent.

Figures of Importance

Krynt Targana

Grand Stonemason for Tala'Doir.


Hourhand of Facades in Daggerford.

Jeras Armanci

Lord of the Armanci Crime Family.

Owner of the Goldcrest Trade Company

Laucian Nai'lo

Owner of the Griffon's Sanctuary

Avamir Strakeln

Noble son of House Strakeln

The Pain Train



Figures of Importance


Warforged Warlock


Tiefling Warlock


Warforged Paladin

Kynan Shar

Aasimar Paladin

Zo'xia Ayria

Satyr Druid

Oscar Locke

Elf Artificer

The Red Hood Guild

A famous monster hunting guild within the city set-up by one of the adventurers who had founded the city. The infamous Red Hood they wore has now become a symbol of the leadership and is passed down generations of leaders who run the guild.

Contracts are taken on monsters that are brought to the guilds attention. Usually the person who sets the contract puts gold as a reward, however, favours, magical items or even high priced services are added as rewards

Induction into the guild is simple, you must first prove your worth to the current Red Hood. This can be in whatever form you choose, although, the most common is trial by combat, in which case, the guild assigns a contract of equal difficulty to the number of inductees and then sends a member of the guild to supervise. Completion of this task grants one the “Rite of Induction”.

The “Rite of Induction” is the process by which one is inducted, during this a trainee is brought below the guild and has a meeting with the spirit of the original Red Hood (A young female with short black hair, and hazel eyes matched against her fair skin). During this the trainee under goes the next rite of induction, the “Scarlet Rite”, where blood is taken from the trainee and stored inside phylacteries so that if a trainee where to go rogue they could be located via their phylacteries.


The Red Hood Guild's goal is rather simple in principal, they work towards the continued protecion of Wresthaven and the Elician Region at large from the threat of abberations, fiends, monstronsities and other such entities that would threaten it. Although they cannot combat every threat they do what they can with the resources they have, and continue to the train in order to ensure their success.


The Guild has a great relationship with the nobility running the city of Dago that they live, and enjoy a good reception from the people of the city as well, as their efforts have protected the city many times over from outside threats. The Guild also has a good working relationship with Anecastre and all its facets alongside the people of the Leilani Archipelago and the city of Su'urisy'dan. Furthermore, they have a working relationship with the city of Harlond and the Nikodenien Empire, the two entities use them infrequently and only in times of great need, mainly because they prefer to solve the issues on their own terms without third party interference.

Figures of Importance

Alektos Varran

Current Red Hood, Human Wizard. Headstrong and compassionate, Alektos hides behind a cold exterior in order to give the image of a stoic leader. In reality however, he is much softer to those he trusts. His skill with the arcane is almost unmatched by anyone in Elusis, second only to the Archmages of the Grand Library.

Astrid Leftin

Second-in-Command, Wood Elf Ranger. Quick-witted and sharp, Astrid deals with a lot of the day-to-day runnings of the guild, and works hard to ensure everything works smoothly. Her companion, Herodotus, her spotted owl has helped her on many occasion as her eye in the sky when she's needed it.

Johan Littlebridge

Senior Hood, Halfling Bard/Rogue. Self-proclaimed life of the guild, Johan is actually very humble when it comes to his bardic background preferring to rely on his abilities to gather information rather than his ability to perform. He is also the resident brewmaster for the drinks at the guild, with his experience running a brewery back in his hometown of Daggerford giving him a lot of experience.

Sir Ronin of Laon

Senior Hood, Human Cavalier Fighter. Son of House Cheval, one of the three noble houses that rule Laon. Sir Ronin, left his noble life to explore the world and do things he wasn't able to. He got as far as Dago before he stopped. Touting that he would be a valuable asset to the guild, and definitely not because he didn't actually want to go any further. He fights on the back of his horse Cheval with grace and deftness.

Anna Brittle

Secretary, Half-Elf Illusion Wizard. A very insular personality, Anna works the desk for the guild sending out jobs to members and greeting visitors. She is currently in a relationship with Alektos that the two have kept quiet for now, because Anna is nervous about telling the others.

Elana Iona

Half-Elf Wild Mage Sorcerer. Member of the Red Hood Guild. Elana, is one of the newer members alongside Zahra. The two work as a pair on jobs and have thus far had zero failures as a duo.


Human Wizard. Member of the Red Hood Guild, and part of the adventuring group Allium Panem. Dasil spends his time either out adventuring with his allies, or occasionally at the guild where he catches up with his fellow members before heading back out in the world.


Tiefling Warlock. Member of the Red Hood Guild and one part of the duo between herself and Elana. Zahra is one of the newest members, having been one of three suviviors for her initiation. She and Elana, take jobs together and thus far have a spotless record.

The Seekers



Figures of Importance

The Sunlight Bazaar

The Sunlight Bazaar is a collection of many of the most highly sought after merchants in all territories of Elusis and act as an official body that sets up and regulates the standards and procedures that merchants across Elusis abide by. They also act as a group dedicated to ensuring economic stability and structure. Founded in En'Din during the Glory age the organisation is built off the back of what scholars believe to be an earlier attempt at this sort of mercantile regulation years prior in the Umbral age.

All merchants across Elusis are members of the Bazaar, and all have some say in a yearly vote on new measures that affect merchants across the world. Members are given gold coins with the organisations emblem emblazzoned on them, alongside documentation showing their addmitance into the guild and what they do. The Bazaar does have issues with false documents being created by confidence men and the like, but these incidents are few and far between.

The Bazaar's leadership is made up of a coalition of 6 merchants from across Elusis who rotate out every 10 years to a successor of their choosing. Members can challenge succession during the rotation, but must bring forth suficient evidence and an alternative when they object, otherwise their objection is thrown aside.

The current headquarters of the Bazaar is within the city of Dujhal within the Golden Stag Building in the upper districts.


Since its inception, the Sunlight Bazaar has always held true to its ideal of a fair and equal mercantile marketplace. Where traders of all calibers can join the game and and work their way up, they ensure that products have constant competition in order to promote healthy growth amongst the world. They also attempt to uphold solid economic standards and practices however, this changes consistently with the rotating leadership across Elusis.


The Sunlight Bazaar has good relations with all nations and their current rulers within Elusis, but like stated, with each new ruler the organisation must to some degree start their relationship over again with each consecutive ruler. This has, in the past created some discorse between rulers who disagree with the Bazaar's methods and their ideologies.

Figures of Importance

Rurik Lutgehr

Dwarf Merchant

Sannl Torunn

Dwarf Merchant

Malagar Loderr

Dwarf Merchant

Roscoe Skiprock

Halfling Merchant

Zovra Mystaten

Dragonborn Merchant

Cheem Fembellow

Gnome Merchant

The Vermillion Cabal

An organisation dedicated to



Figures of Importance

The Umbral Walkers



Figures of Importance

The Urban Underworld

Warning this section of the book discusses slavery, drug traffacking and other illict business. If you are sensitive to this type of material, I advise you to skip this section for your own well-being.

"In the brightest corners of the world, lingers spots of darkness, from noble lords to common thieves these spots can fester like rats forming an underbelly to the light where the rules of the world above do not matter and where a different set of laws rule all."

Major Families

Within the underworld there are 7 major families that operate within he underworld, dealing in things from slave trafficking to drug distribution etc.

The Blackstrands

The Blackstrands are one of the most prestigious families within the underworld, they are a human family that specialises in the procurement and selling of so called “Entertainment Slaves”, usually younger, these slaves are bought from families who cannot afford to live without financial support. The Blackstrands in exchange for the slave pays the family in dividends, and once the slave is sold, they are given a portion of the final amount and cut off from future payments.

Although ultimately rotten, the influence of the Blackstrands has been known to have helped many a desperate family out of poverty although in exchange for one or many of their children.

They are led currently by Lord Garik Blackstrand and his wife Lady Amelia Blackstrand.

The Van Grants

The Van Brants are among the most prestigious houses falling just short of the Blackstrands, they rival the Edegar in prestige. They are a human family, who have major ties in the political world of the Nikodenien Empire and are one of the few true noble houses, with their routes being in the nobility of the empire. They work in the procurement of exotics and entertainment slaves, who are sold for display purposes throughout the underworld and in some cases to regular noble houses. The Van Brants unlike the Blackstrands have no positive spins on their procurement of slaves, it is common knowledge that spies sent on behalf the Lord Van Brant kidnap and subdue refugees and poverty stricken individuals for sell if they are considered exotic or possess some sort of interesting trait.

The Van Brants are led by Lord Darius Van Brant and his wife Lady Enna Van Brant, Lord Van Brant is also the royal advisor to the throne and thus has a lot of political sway within the empire.

The Armanci

The Armanci are a minor noble family that has risen to prosperity within the ranks of the underworld, through their illegal drug business. A human family with deep ties that go back generations into the nobility of the Dujhalian Empire, a fact that Lord Jeras touts whenever his families legitimacy is questioned, their business is run through a series of smuggling rings that operate spreading throughout the Dujhal Territories and beyond.

The Armanci are run by Lord Jeras Armanci and his wife Lady Remora Armanci.

The Brightwaters

The Brightwater’s unlike other families within the underworld, do not engage actively in the black market. They have no illegal trades or slave businesses but are one of the most respected houses. They are known to buy slaves and then have them work within their chain of logging businesses, however, not as slaves but as paid workers with honest wages and housing until they can afford their own. One of a few black sheep’s, the Brightwaters are an enigma for how they have made their way into the major families despite having no real ties to the market.

They are run by Lady Hallan Brightwater, who currently has Lord Tegan Roxley of the Minor Roxley household as her Paramour.

The Raveli

The Raveli are a scientific house of elves, that specialise in the advancement of arcane and mundane studies in whatever fields they are interested in. The science they do, is considered extremely controversial in the methods they go to complete it and have in many times had to hide their methods until the research is complete due to the graphic nature of many of their experiments.

The house is run by Lady Valendra Raveli.

It is common knowledge to those that look for it that for the past 2 years the Raveli have been studying blood magic and have sent out teams to search and collate as much knowledge as possible, this has led to many areas of the underworld being experiments as they disperse knowledge to unsuspecting individuals and monitor their progress in secret.

The Ramcrowns

The Ramcrown’s are a dwarvish family that specialise in extortion and loan sharking. They are a noble family within the dwarvish caste system and have used that influence to put pressure on their victims. The Ramcrown’s sus out families, dwarvish or otherwise and offer to assist them in getting them back on their feet with their loans, only for enormous amounts of interest to be added which can lead to them being bankrupted further. This leads the Blackstrands to then pick those families up and continue with their business.

The Ramcrown’s are led by Lord Dynar Ramcrown, he currently has Lady Orianna Romazi of the Minor Romazi family as his mistress.

The Ramcrown and Blackstrand currently have a trade alliance, where their business has agreed to aid one another.

The Edegar

The Edegard family are among the most prestigious families, rivalling the Van Brant in their prestige. A human family specialising in the procurement of Entertainment and Labour Slaves, the Edegar are respected for their honour-bound negotiations and adherence to the rules of the underworld. Lord Bryce Edegar is also respected as he has on many an occasion saved a fellow member of the underworld (which he likes) from being incarcerated.

The Edegar’s are run by Lord Bryce Edegar, who remains unmarried however has taken many a mistress usually amongst his more “precious” slaves. He is also the current Head of State Finance within the Nikodeien Empire.

It is common knowledge that Edegar has only ever lost one slave and has been looking for them ever since to no success so far.

Minor Families

The Graytail

One of the minor families, the Graytails are an elvish noble line hailing from the Elven Imperium on the continent of En’Din. The Greytails operate a labour slave business, focusing primarily on the enslavement of dragonborn and the selling of their tales.

The Greytails are run by Lady Sariel Greytail.

The Yellowcrane

The Yellowcrane are a minor family within the underworld having made their prestige up through their labour slaves’ business, which has put them into direct competition with the Graytails over slave procurement and sale. However, where they differ is the Yellowcrane use their slaves as personal labour in their mines in the city of Middenheim in the Greater Regions of Tala’Doir.

The Yellowcrane are run by Lord Cullen Yellowcrane.

The Romanzi

The Romanzi are a tiefling based minor family, which are one of the most respected within the minor families for their professionalism and reliability. The Romanzi are a hired killers business employing and operating many of the assassin’s guilds throughout the world, no-one knows where their base of operations is but Lady Orianna Romanzi make occasional visits to social events when she deems her presence fit.

The Romanzi are run by Lady Orianna Romanzi.

The Redraven

The Redraven are also among the black sheep within the underworld, much like the Brightwater, they are among those that have real ties to the black market and instead have made their way to such prestige through connections and reliability. A human family, with no black-market business. The Redraven instead are a transportation business that works honestly within society and offer their carts to the black market for their jobs at an incredibly raised price (200% is considered the raise) so that they can then divide the extra money to those that are negatively impacted by their dealings.

The Redraven are run by Lady Lorelei Redraven, who has a fascination with heroes.

The Varcona

The Varcona are a human family that hail from the Dujhal Territories, with their dealings being in controversial and dangerous scientific experimentation. Thus, their prestige has come from their funding of Raveli projects and other similar endeavours. It is said that the Varcona, are also working with an organisation, but no-one knows its name nor what they do. All that is known, is that the Varcona are said to be spending a lot of their money investing in this organisation and that the pieces they show, and sell come from them.

The Varcona are run by Lord Kyrnt Varcona

The Faringray

The Faringray’s are a human landlord family, they are known for buying up large amounts of land and forcing businesses and people to succumb to their terms. It has been known in the past that the Faringray have worked with the Ramcrown’s on many occasions but an alliance between the two has never been stated.

The Faringray are run Lord Talfen Faringray.

The Graylock

The Graylock’s are a human family led by Lord Steveren Graylock, they specialise in political espionage within the Elician Region and are among the nobility within the Kingdom of Anecastre.

The Lynchfield

The Lynchfield’s are a human family, run by Lady Mirabel Lynchfield who specialise in the drug trade, they are prominent for their production of dreamlily and other psychedelic drugs. However, have faced competition from the Armanci which has stunted their growth within the underworld.

The Roxley

The Roxley family are the last of the black sheep within the underworld, a noble family that rose within the Dawn Republic, the Roxley’s are a family of half-orc nobles who traced their nobility to the noble families of the old Nerathian Empire. The Roxley’s do not have any illegal business and instead are a construction family, who much like the Brightwater’s purchase slaves to give them better lives. Their standing within the underworld is mainly for their work on building the homes of many of the heads of the noble families within the underworld and are usally invited to events on good faith. As is known, “nobody dislikes a Roxley, until they beat you at arm-wrestling”

The Donoghan

The Donoghan family are a human family, specialising in the trade of exotic animals for entertainment purposes and display purposes for taxidermy. They are run Lord Arando Donoghan.

Underworld Heirarchy

  • Blackstrand
  • Van Brant and Edegar
  • Brightwater, Redraven and Roxley
  • Raveli and Armaci
  • Ramcrown’s
  • Romazi, Graylock
  • Varcona, Faringray, Lynchfield and Donoghan
  • Greytail and Yellowcrane

Rules of the Underworld

There a series of laws within the underworld, that all families and those working within are expected to uphold.

  1. You will treat all those who you work with, with respect.
  2. Should someone wrong you, you must pay them back in double.
  3. The noble families are not to be wronged, an attack against one family is an attack against them all, unless the proper procedures have been followed.
  4. At events held by the families, all hostile action is to be held off.
  5. If no one caught you doing something and cannot prove it. You didn’t do it.
  6. You are not to harm the Roxley, Redraven and Brightwater families and are not to bring them further into the underworld. They are not meant for this world.

How to adresses a member of the underworld

  • Address the lords as “My Lord, My Good Sir”
  • Address the Lady’s as “My Grace, My Lady, or My Kind Lady”

Court Approval and its role within underworld politics

Underworld Events

Summer Soiree

Chapter 2:

Gazetter of Elusis

The Calendar and Passgage of Time

With its singular moon Adrastea and sun Olis, Elusis has a 8 month calendar year. A breakdown of the months follows as such.

1: Lovitan - 26 Days

Notable Dates include:

  • 1st Lovitan - Festival of Rebirth
  • 3rd Lovitan - Winter Solstice
  • 21st - 26th Lovitan - Day of Conclave

2: Tymoran - 30 Days

Notable Dates include:

  • 16th Tymoran - Earthen Mother Ceremony

3: Lathalary - 31 Days

Notable Dates include:

  • 24th Lathalary - Rememberance of the Goblin War

4: Malarn - 28 Days

Notable Dates include:

  • 12th Malarn - Martonan Independence

5: Chaune - 29 Days

Notable Dates include:

  • 9th Chaune - Day of the Running
  • 10th - 17th Chaune - The Nikodenien Census

6: Seluna - 30 Days

Notable Dates include:

  • 6th Seluna - Summer Solstice

7: Umberl - 31 Days

Notable Dates include:

  • 9th Umberl - Folly of Karsus

8: Aurilary - 33 Days

Notables Dates include:

  • 19th - 22nd Aurilary - Wintersrun

The Elician Region

Found in the north center most point of Elusis, the Elician region is home to a variety of races, kingdoms and mysteries to unveil. The sight of many large scale battles during the Blood Mage War, the region once held the Elder All-Tree, a massive tree that connected all planes of existance before it was burnt down by Giant defectors who sided with the blood mages against the gods during the war.


Wresthaven is a continent of varied extremes, with harsh desert lands that border on the edge of a perpetually burning wasteland, to lush grasslands and jungles. Wresthaven has a vast history of wars, catastrophes, and divine interventions and is divided between 2 main kingdoms, and a few minor kingships. It exports a variety of products within and outside of its continent, but it mainly trades in rare metals, timbers, coal, foods, and spices.


Capital - Population 23,314

(45% Humans, 12% Dwarves, 13% Half-Elf/Half-Orc, 23% Other)

Anecastre controls the northernmost region of Wresthaven, from Caralis and Hadrun Village to the peaks of the Ironcast Mountain and far off city of Laon. This has cultivated a very mixed set of cultures and cultural influences, from the many different races to the vast amount of belief systems and temple structures. The lands of Anecastre are some of the most diverse within the Elucian region and are not without its share of problem. A more diverse world is not always more accepting and with talk of “approved” gods from the continent of Skilios now hanging in the air, many are trying to hold onto the unity the Anecastrain line have tried to promote.


Anecastre is rule by a King through a constitutional monarchy, this means that the King must adhere to the constitutional laws that were put in place almost 13,000 years ago. The current King of Anecastre is King Edmond IV, and his wife Queen Sophia of Hadrun they have two sons, Ronin (10) and Henry (8). The King is chosen through an heir system, and thus the next in line to take throne would be Ronin upon his father's death or abdication.

Order within Anecastre is upheld by the trained White Rose recruits the Thornguard, who serve and answer to the Knight-Overseer in charge of Anecastre's security.

Queen Sophia of Hadrun

Wife to King Edmon IV and Queen of Anecastre, Sophia was not always a royal, nor was she a noble.

Instead her life began in the small town of Hadrun working on her father's farmstead. One day her father of accused of Blood Magic and was sent to the capital for trial. Forced to attend her fathers trials and eventual aquital, Sophia unexpectedly met and befriended a young prince Edmon during the proceedings.

After the trials had ended, the young prince was infatuated by the village girl, and continued to try and court her for many years to come, inviting her to balls and galas and every large scale event he could. Eventually, he won her over after gaining an interest in the farming lifestyle she was living and showing a new side that no-one had seen before.

Many believe that if the King were to die, she would most likely grow to be an even greater ruler than he is.

Anecastrian Military

Anecastrian citizens are expected to serve at least 2 years military service from the age of 16, this ensure that during times of intense crisis every citizen knows how to bare arms even if it has been years since their active service. If you decide to stay on after two years you are inducted into the Order of the White Rose and depending on your military history you are given a rank befitting your experience.

Order of the White Rose—Ranks:

  • Thornguard: (They hold little to no authority, however, they can make arrests whilst on duty. 15 Thornguard make up a squad which I led a Thornwarden)

  • Thornwarden: (A veteran Thornguard or someone with military experince , they are underneath the Knight-Overseer)

  • Knight-Overseer: (A senior member of the Order, they are able to lead a unit of up to 10 Thornwardens)

  • Roseguard: (Lowest rank within the army, can command 7 units which makes up a company)

  • Knightwarden: (A senior soldier and recognise leader, a Knightwarden can command a full brigade which is made up of 4 companies)

  • Strategist: (An off-field position attained as a possible route of promotion after Knightwarden, they can strip ranks and take command like a Knightwarden. They are in charge of logistics and troop movements)

  • White Rose Knight: (An on field position attained through personal recommendation and experience. A White Rose Knight are given command of a legion which is made of 8 companies)

  • Head Rose Knight: (In charge of the entirety of all solider in the land. Anecastre has around 10,000—30,000 active soldiers.)

  • High Warden: (The highest position attainable within the realm, answering directly to the King. He/She leads the entire army and navy)


The White Palace

The home of each sucessive king to the Anecastrian throne, the White Palace was built from the recovered schematics of the Nerthian emperor's castle. A large imposing building that can be seen from the gates to the city, the castle stands at the top of the Upper District, behind an inner wall defended by the royal guard. The palace interior betrays its more imposing exterior, by being more homely and regal, wooden floorboards and banners of blue and silver hang from the walls as a fireplace adorns one of the waiting areas for visitors to the King. The corridors are simple and have an almost commonfolk feel to them, the clear influence of Queen Sophia.

Lyceum of Credo

The largest temple in Anecastre, the Lyceum of Credo is the judicial building for large scale cases in the capital and is also a temple dedicated to the All-Judge. It was erected not long after the city's founding in the Divine era and has long been the seat of justice for the region. The temple is of marble and stone construct and a statue of the All-Judge himself stands outside the temple inbetween the stairs up to the entrance. Inside the temple itself is a large auditorium used for political debate and criminal hearings.

The Lyceum is current led by Rathkran Dhyrktelonis, an old red male dragonborn who has been with the order since he was young.

The Grand Library

The home of the collective information collated by the mages of the mages circle within the library, The Grand Library is a massive library in the middle district. Home to the Court of the High Mages of Anecastre, the library hosts its information freely with access being permitted to all citizens should they wish to enter. Apart from its function as a library it is also a school for aspiring mages, and acts as an academy in its upper limits that are forbidden to the general public.

Anecastre Adventures


Town - Population 5,828

(65% Humans, 9% Elf, 9% Dwarf, 4% Halfling, 4% Gnome, 9% Other)

Along the Aubern Shoreline lies the small township of Bexworth. Thriving from the coastal trade they can do across the western side of Wresthaven, the town buys and sell various wares and foods from across the coast. They are also one of two places that supply the Ironwood Outpost with food and other supplies using a small river to get to the desert stretch before the outpost itself.

Bexworth Adventures

Lycan Smugglers

For low-level characters: Howling has been heard in the forests of Bexworth as looming figures are seen prowling the roads from the town. Travelling merchants are now too scared to come to the town and the stock that's there is vanishing in the night. The PC's will hear requests for mercenaries all over Anecastre. The culprit are two rogue members of the Lycan Runners group who have actually developed Lycanthropy and turned into Werewolves terrorising the town whilst they steal their goods to sell on during the day.

The Sick Man of Bexworth

For mid-level characters: After a recent expedition into some ruins dedicated to the All-Judge near the town, one of the guides to the ruin has fallen deathly ill and no-known medicine can help him. After being given a clue by a wandering soothsayer about the nature of the illness and its connection to the ruin, the family is now searching for adventerers to enter the ruin to find what is effecting the old man. The PC's will hear about this either through hearsay or from members of the church of the All-Judge who sanctioned the expedition. The source of the illness is a cursed relic of the All-Judge tainted by the Hands of Void that rests in the lowest parts of the ruin, it is protected by an Eidolon and three Sacred Statues.


City - Population 11,627

(35% Humans, 20% Tiefling, 13% Other, 12% Elf, 10% Dwarf, 5% Halfling, 5% Gnome)

The last city to come under Anecastre's sway. The city of Caralis was originally its own entity, until financial instability and the destruction caused by the Draconic Conclaves caused them to join Anecastre our of desperation. Sitting at the lowest reaches of the region near the Mono Gate that seperates Anecastre from Martona, the city has retained much of its identity and hosts many high profile merchants that enjoy good trade between the two nations.

Caralist Adventure

Dirty Money

For any-level characters: Bux Furrow the owner of a tavern in Caralis has been hearing rumours that Rulf Harden, a high profile merchant has been paying off the guards to falsify documents and scaring off his competition. The PC's in the city, will be hired in secret to prove Harden's crimes and bringing him to justice. However, in fact the tavern owner himself is the one driving away competition and using Harden as a fallman for his scheme.

The Graytail Heist

For high-level characters: For years the Graytail family have operated safety within Caralis, but recently members of their house have begun disappearing and then a threatening note arrived outside their estate on the back of a dead guard. The PC's will recieve a letter from Lady Sariel through a mutual friend asking for their assistance in helping her find out who the person from the letter is and get rid of them. The only clue she has is a location: Jimedi.


City - Population 12,324

(60% Humans, 10% Genasi, 10% Elf, 7% Dwarf, 7% Halfling, 3% Other, 2% Gnome, 1% Minotaur)

A large kingdom owned by Anecastre in the centre most part of its lands, Dago came to be a part of Anecastre during its founding. It was originally founded by a series of adventurers who built it off an old keep that they had renovated, and after it gained notice from the royal palace, it was absorbed into Anecastre. Since then it has been a hub for monster hunters, adventurers, mercenaries and the lot. The city is currently ruled over by Lady Isalia Vix’sin descendent of one of the adventuerers who founded the city and it has one of the most prevalent adventurer’s guilds, the Red Hood Guild who specialise in monster hunting.

Dago Adventures

A Hunt with the Red Hoods

For mid-level characters: As the PC's make their way to Dago, a Behir bursts from the ground and quickly resubmerges leaving a Red Hood member named Dasil, unconcious on the ground. The Behir the PC's will find out, has been terrorising the city was a few weeks now and with many of the Red Hoods out on assignment they haven't got the resources to spare. Dasil asks the group if they'd help take down the Behir and the guild will pay them handsomly for it.

Gulrik's Explosion Issue

For any-level characters: The PC's will get a message from Gulrik, telling them that he made a slight mistake when he getting materials for his shop and has collpased the cave entrance and can't get back out. He asks for them to come find him and help fim get out alongside the materials he's managed to collect, in return he'll make any item for them half-price. What the PC's will find however, is that Gulrik has actually continued further into the mine to find more materials and thus made their job harder.


Red Hood Guild

A famous monster hunting guild within the city set-up by one of the adventurers who had founded this city. The infamous Red Hood they wore has now become a symbol of the leadership and is passed down generations of leaders who run the guild.

Contracts are taken on monsters that are brought to the guilds attention. Usually the person who sets the contract puts gold as a reward, however, favours, magical items or even high priced services are added as rewards

Induction into the guild is simple, you must first prove your worth to the current Red Hood. This can be in whatever form you choose, although, the most common is trial by combat, in which case, the guild assigns a contract of equal difficulty to the number of inductees and then sends a member of the guild to supervise. Completion of this task grants one the “Rite of Induction”.

The “Rite of Induction” is the process by which one is inducted, during this a trainee is brought below the guild and has a meeting with the spirit of the original Red Hood (A young female with short black hair, and hazel eyes matched against her fair skin). During this the trainee under goes the next rite of induction, the “Scarlet Rite”, where blood is taken from the trainee and stored inside phylacteries so that if a trainee where to go rogue they could be located via their phylacteries.

Alektos Varran

Alektos Varran — Red Hood, Leader of the Guild. Alektos was bequeathed the stature of the Red Hood by the previous Red Hood, 4 years ago after she announced her departure and succession. Made leader at 23, Alektos has made it his priority to gain the support and respect of those before him, and has excelled at propelling the guild forward with his new viewpoint.

Background: Alektos is 28 at this point, he is fairly slim with dark brown hair that is slicked to one side. He wears a set of hunters leather’s and has a holder for his spellbook (Kind of like a gun holster, but for a book). His eyes are an emerald green and his complexion is that of someone who has seen many battles with wild animals as slight scarring and wounds show across parts of his face.

Personality: Alektos is headstrong, compassionate and above all wants to be respected and to respect those who deserve it. He can come off as cold but given time it is a façade to those who visit as to give them the image of a stoic leader. In reality, he is much softer and gains support through his actions, rather than simply just his words.

Castle Vix'sin

Home to Lady Isalia Vix'Sin

The Minotaur's Hilt

Blacksmithy owned by Gulrik the Minotaur

The Arcane Repository

Arcturis Monument

Current Members:

  • Astrid Leftin — Second-in-Command, Ranger (She has an owl called Herodotus)

  • Johan Littlebridge — Senior Hood, Bard/Rogue (Plays the Lute)

  • Sir Ronin of Laon — Senior Hood, Cavalier Fighter (Has a horse named Cheval)

  • Anna Brittle — Secretary, Illusion Wizard (Is dating Alektos, but in secret right now)

  • Elana Fa’iona — Wild Mage Sorcerer

  • Zahra—Warlock

Tidbits and More

Zahra was one of two people who made it out of the last initation, where they fought and took down an Adult White Dragon. She still carries some guilt at not being able to save the others.

Astrid acts as the scout and liason for the Red Hood Guild and.



Halfling Glades



Ironwood Outpost


Shifter’s Run

The Emerald Keep

Holy Town of Wren





Gnomish Lands of Danfurth




Skliros Valley


Chychiri Bay




Leilani Archipelago




The Continent of En'Din

The lands of En'din...

Dawn Republic


(Merchant City, its run by a government of the richest families in the Dawn Republic)


Used to be ruled by an evil vampire lord before being liberated by an adventuring party


(a lord that rose to power through murder, the guards at the gate are only alive because they're protected by the larger syndicate, but they still try to warn people from entering.

Telrun Copperspring: Put into power by the Clock after the murder of Derius Talondere as a puppet-lord. Clock assassins maintain law in the shadows, snuff out gangs who don't pay tribute, and protect the city guard as a way to prevent gang wars and keep their existence unknown to the regional ruling power.)

Geodoxe’s Gate

(A mountainous city, which is the only way to reach the western front, it is suspended above a large gorge through arcane means it is currently anchored to the world by huge chains that burrow into the earth. Underneath are the caverns of woe, a place where supposed Blood mages await their revenge.)


(Baron owned, seat of power)


(Khul'Drum has a large dark monolith in the centre of the city that nobody will talk about. It is intangible and covered in infernal writing’s.)


(Forge/Smithing Town)

Elven Imperium


(Pronunciation: “eye-no-lee-nay”) (Eanolianai is the Origin, the birthplace of the elves. The place where the elven god Lanai (Lee-nay) dropped on the ground during an ancient battle and sprang forth giving life to them)


(City of Halflings)


(Small town based around an Inn at a crossroads. Farming community. One farm is owned by a high-level former adventurer who settled down after some incredibly stressful adventure. He's very keen to keep his identity secret, and the town is very keen to help him as he's been incredibly generous and helpful to everyone there.)


(Elven small town based around a small river and a waterfall)


(Capital City of Elven Imperium. Seven gates. Eighth gate goes to some underground monster lair, the city's dark ancient secret.)


(Small town located in-between two rifts to the Faewyld)

Senorium Empire


(Capital City, ruled by a family with a black coat of arms. The Orthos family.)


(Greywall is built in the ruins of a giant fallen tower its city walls are the crumbled remains of the base of the tower. (Tower of Babel as reference))


(Pronunciation: “Gol-rus-ford”) (costal city half sunken. Houses surface tritons)

Irontail Wharf

(Port Town, main trade point in the Senorium Empire run by a lazy baron)


(Dwarven City, famed for its gold and iron veins. The underground city is the main hub for the world’s supply of gems and precious metals.)


(Town of basket weavers and craftsmen of all sorts (anybody can make something out of wood, but you want high quality, you get it from Thisleton), the city itself is nested on the edge of the plains next to an ancient forest. The forest is said to lead to steal young children who wander to far in.)


(Mining town located next to large volcano, there are rumours that the volcano is home to an ancient red dragon.)

The Dujhal Territories


“The City of the Dunes” or the” Golden City”, or most commonly Dujhal is the provincial capital of the Dujhal Territories and is the seat of power for the Dinjali Dynasty a long standing monarchy that controls the Territories and its citizens. The Dinjali’s are not the only officiating power, they are however, joined by the Sunburst Council, a ring of different high ranking politicians and notable tradesmen who organise and operate the regions resources, trade, religion, wartime activity and political actions based on a collective voting system. Any one member of the council can veto the decision while it is held within the room but there must be a majority no for the action to not pass to the Rajh(King) who then can choose to pass the new law/etc. or veto it preventing it from passing.

Public voting elects each member of the Sunburst Council every 2 years in the Greenwind Elections; anyone may be nominated and in the past commoners have been raised to these positions before. Positions are earned in the council if one of the past seats does not hold enough votes to keep his/her seat, and the elective gains enough to precede him.

The city itself is divided into 6 regions; Dragon’s Crown, Arkenmyr Lookout, The Breach, The Iron Fortress, King’s Landing and The Divine Path.

King’s Landing: King’s Landing is the lowest section of the city, and is where the central gates for the city are located It is generally the first place for merchants and traders to be located for the common and is where many of the general populace reside.

The Breach: The Breach is the poor district for those unable to properly provide for themselves and is the hotspot for most of the criminal activity in the city, many underground tunnels surround the area housing many of the criminal gangs. There is also a large prison underground called the Pit that those who disobey the laws of The Breach are put in, no one has ever escaped the Pit. Unlike the court systems of the rest of Dujhal, The Breach functions off their own laws and anyone caught breaking them are accused and automatically guilty of any crime. The Iron Fortress: The Iron Fortress is the provincial home for the travelling Valind, they operate under the laws of the city but most openly oppose the rule of the Dinjali and the native people claiming that they stole their homeland from beneath them, installing themselves as the “natives”, and pushing the actual natives out. This has caused a massive rift to form between the two factions, but neither has openly called the other out or forcefully opposed them. Valind = Tabaxi

Arkemyr’s Lookout: Arkemyr’s Lookout is named after an old archmage named Arkemyr who helped found the city of Dujhal with the original Raj almost 1,000 years ago. Since then the Lookout has been a spot for many of the wealthy to go and live and is also home to the Equinox Academy of the Arcane Arts where High Arcanist Elora Va’Sorin proceeds over the training of the acolytes. The Lookout also home to the Dawnfire Assembly, the main home for the Dawnguard, the regional guards for the Territories and its populace it also where many adventurers can go to work under contract as Cavaliers of the Dawn. Head Cavalier Jonas Di’gori runs the Dawnfire Assembly, with Edwardo Danga running the contracts for the organisation.

The Divine Path: The Divine Path is a collection of 4 temples along with a research lab dedicated to the investigation of temporal magic’s and ways to peer into the Ethereal Plane and harness their energy (The Ether Core and their group the Lords Temporal). The four temples are dedicated to Gond (God of Craft), Waukeen (Goddess of Trade), Cyric (God of Lies), and Ogham (God of Knowledge).

Dragon’s Crown: The upper echelon of the city of Dujhal, this area rests at the top of a waterfall that flows through the city supplying much of the water the city uses. The Grand Palace sits at the highest peak just beneath a large stone carving of a dragon’s skull in the sandstone work. Three other major noble houses live in this area the noble families of Newater, Hailin, Ironblood. Lord Garrik Cabaska lives here.

Head of Trade and Treasury Advisor to the Crown: Lord Garrik Cabaska – Lord Garrik Cabaska used to be a pirate that ruled the seas surrounding the Territories destroying, raiding and pillaging ships and ports. This lasted up until the crown organised a crackdown on pirate activity on the seas capturing Garrik 10 years ago and almost ordering him for death if he had not given up many of the pirates who had previously eluded the Royal Navy becoming a Shiphunter. Afterward he was given command of a small trade branch and from there he grew in renown and eventually gained enough respect to become the head of trade and then the treasury advisor to the crown. He keeps the pieces of each boat he hunted as a reminder of everything he did.



Carabat is a small town nearer the centre of the Bahrinya Deserts, and is surprisingly more developed than its neighbours even though it has a relatively poor position on the continent. The town’s main exports are fish and lumber, due to the town’s vicinity to the nearby lake that runs up from the sea. This has also allowed them to grow more exotic vegetables as they have been able to have very fertile lands. The town has an armorers, an alchemists, and a general traders, it also has a navigator who supplies basic maps that are traded to sailors who arrive,

Traders – Fari’s Emporium of Wonders: The shop is a single storey timber framed building, with a smooth stone floor. It appears to be unusually busy. The shopkeeper is a fierce female gnome named Fari. She would rather be a minstrel.

Armoursmith’s - Chamond and Zora's Leather and Chain: The shop is a three-storey tower of polished marble, with a tiled mosaic floor. The surrounding yard is filled with scorch marks and craters. The shopkeeper is a tall male halfling named Chamond. He is particularly interested in armor and shields.

Alchemist - Hely's Apothecary: The shop is a single storey timber framed building, with tall elf-wrought wooden shelves. It is protected by a golem of carved stone. The shopkeeper is a heavyset female halfling named Hely. She only accepts payment in platinum coins.

Scribe – The Quail’s Quill: The small shop is an office space located just to the side of Hely’s Apothecary, and is owned by Anders Ironwing, a smaller human who left his home in Vascen to come here to set up his business… He’s doing surprisingly well.


A small desert town which is composed of mostly buildings built up with older dried wood and palm leaves fastened with a rope made of plant fibres. The town has a mayor (Mayor Ju’dal) and he has been in his position for about 10 years, leading the people through trade deals with the other towns and making sure that orc raids are kept at bay by seeking additional support from the Sun Guard to protect the town. They have a traders, and a combined armoury/weapon smith along with a small alchemists who specialises in herbal remedies.

Traders - The Sphinx’s Arcana: The shop is owned by a tall dark skinned human named Jaune, he tries to get all of his adventurer customers to accept his sponsorship deal to promote his shop. This shop sells many different types of equipment.

Weapon/Armoursmiths - Brime’s Wonderous Arsenal: The shop is owned by a short female dwarf name Brime. She treats all of her items as if there were alive.

Alchemist - Preta and Arget’s Alchemy: The shop is owned by an elderly couple called Preta and Arget, who both specialise in different facets of medicine and alchemy. Preta as a younger girl was a doctor and there she met her future husband Arget who was a alchemical doctor during a small skirmish.

It has a guard force of about 20, due to the recent attacks by gnolls who have been trying to steal the local livestock.





Old City of Thaig

Turtle Island

The Wildlands





The Greater Region of Tala'Doir




Dragon’s Crest


Fisherman’s Walk








Chapter 3

Character Options

Player Subclass Options


Crimson Dragon (Fighter)

The Crimson Dragons are an order of knights under the banner of the Empire of Nikodimos, they have served Nikodimos and its allies since the Goblin Wars where they were founded and have gained a reputation for their aggresive and bloodthirsty approach to combat. Favouring individual skill and achievment instead of group cooperation and co-ordination.

Each knight takes a test of strength and resolve before they can officially join, where they must best their superior officer in hand-to-hand combat whilst their officer uses their preferred weapon of choice.

Even Playing Field

Starting at 3rd level when you choose this subclass, you gain the ability to tip the scales of war in your favour during combat. At the start of your turn, you can choose to gain a bonus to your to-hit modifier and temporary hit points equal to the number of enemies within 15ft of you. Once you have used this feature you cannot use it again until after a long or short rest.

Crimson Stamina

Starting at 7th level, as a bonus action, you can remove a single point of exhaustion from yourself. You can use this feature a nmber of times equal to half your Constitution modifier (rounded down). You regain all expended uses after a long rest.

Rampant Strikes

Starting at 10th level, If you succssfully attack a creature twice in one turn, your next strike against it has advantage.

War Path

Starting at 17th level, you can channel the energy of the Crimson Dragon the symbol of all who take this path. For the next minute you gain resistance to all magical and non-magical bludgeoning, piercing and slashing damage, and each time you reduce an enemies hit points to 0 you can make an additional attack against a creature within 10ft of you. Once you have used ths feature you cannot use it again until after a long rest.

White Rose Knight

The White Rose Knights are an order of knights under the banner of the Kingdom of Anecastre, they have served Anecastre and its contemporaries for generations and the order even survived the Arcane Divergence many thousands of years ago. The knights trained within the order are touted as some of the greatest on Elusis, and are paragons of self-sacrifice and justic, vowing to protect the innocent and vanquish the wicked.

Each knight must take a vow before beginning active training and service this vow is as follows:

  • In the name of He of the Unsleeping Eyes, I charge you to protect all who cross your path.
  • In the name of the Wounded One, I charge you to be fair and just in all you do.
  • In the name of the Loyal Fury, I charge you to be brave.
  • In the name of the Holy Maker of All Things, I charge you to be strong.
  • In the name of She of Singing Waters, I charge you to be wise and exercise wisdom.
  • In the name of the Great Guide, I charge you respect the dead and death itself.

Vow of the White Roses

Unsleeping Eyes

Starting when you choose this subclass at 3rd level, you gain the ability to cast protection on allies at a moments notice. As a reaction to an ally being attacked within 15ft of you, you can reduce all the damage they take from the current and subsequent attacks on that round by an amount equal to your level + 5.

Wounded Judge

At 7th level, you've learned to take your enemies damage and use it to empower your strikes. Once per round when you take damage from a melee attack, you can immediately take a reaction attack against the creature, dealing an additional 2d6 radiant damage.

Blessing of the Singing Waters

At 10th level, you've learned how to bolster your allies will and keep them fighting past their wounds.

When you use your Second Wind feature, you can choose up to three allies within 60ft of you. Each creature regains hit point equal to the amount you roll. Additionally, your Second Wind feature increases to 1d12 + your fighter level.

Aspect of the Great Guide

At 18th level, you channel the aspects of the Great Guide of Death, imbuing yourself with the powers to guide souls past the material plane. As an action, you channel the energies of the Great Guide, for the next minute whenever a creature (enemy or ally) is reduced to 0 hit points you can take an additional action or move.


Way of the Lotus Winds (Monk)

Monks of the Way of the Lotus Winds follow a tradition that values patience and fluidity. These monks focus on the movements of lotus flowers and in their traning they are made to replicate the unpredicatbility of a flower in the wind. Many of these monks go on to be peaceful guardians of shrines or places connected heavily with nature, notorious for their nature to be impossible to hit, whilst leaving foes dazed and confused.

Trained in isolated temples throughout the lands, Lotus Monks are humble and idealistic, they train their patience so that they can always make a rational decision. Those that go on to leave the temples, are often heard to be quiet of voice and calm in their presence, teaching those around them the virtues and patience and serenity.

The monks of this order, often garb themselves in loose clothing usually in pastel colours. They always have a lotus flower on their attire, and never hide their appearance

Light of Foot

When you choose this tradition at 3rd level, your mimicry of the motions of a flower in the breeze have made you unpredictable and hard to hit, when you take the dodge action on your turn you can also add +2 to your AC temporarily. This effect increase as you level up, you gain a +3 at 6th level, +4 at 11th and +5 at 17th.

Graceful Mantle

Starting at 6th level, you gain the ability to manifest your ki into a mantle of flowers that hangs around you and drapes the floor, sinking and merging with the ground around you. As an a bonus action, you can spend a ki point to turn your ki into a mantle of flowers that drapes around you. The mantle extends 5 feet around you, but cannot pass through total cover. The effects lasts for a minute, or until you're incapacitate, or it is dismissed (no action required).

While the mantle is active, all creatures within 5ft of you must make a Wisdon saving throw or become charmed by you, until the end of your next turn or until they leave the radius. If a creature succeeds on the saving throw they are immune to being charmed again, a creature that fails the saving throw can be recharmed when they either re-enter or stay in the radius.


Starting at 11th level, your mimicry of nature has given you the ability to act even faster during moments of tension, you gain the use of a second reaction on each of your turns.

Beguilling Motion

Starting at 11th level, you have learned how to beguile and charm your foes with your movements, causing them to lose sight of any other creature near them. As an action, you can spend 2 ki points to target a number of creatures equal to half your monk level, the creatures must then make a Wisdom saving throw or be blinded and unable to see any other creatures but you for a minute. While blinded in this way, they can make a saving throw at the end of each other their turns to break the effect.

Any creature that succeeds the saving throw is unaffected and is immune to charm effects from you.

Lotus Winds

Starting at 17th level, you have mastered the techniques and studies of the Lotus Path, and have learned how to manipulate your ki in the last of the Lotus techniques. As an action, you can expend 4 ki points, once done you gain the following traits for a minute.

One with the Winds: Your walking speed is now flying speed, and you constantly hover a few feet above the ground.

Drawn By The Lotus: Any attack against a creature that isn't you has disadvantage so long as the creature can see you.

Gale of Flowers: As an action, you can cause a 10ft wide by 60ft long gust of wind to barrage your foes. Any creature in the radius must make a Dexterity saving throw, or take 5d6 magical piercing damage and be knocked prone and pushed back 10ft. On a successful save, the creature takes half that damage and is push back 5ft and not knocked prone.

Way of the Vermillion Cabal (Monk)

Monks of the Way of the Vermillion Cabal are masters of manipulating an opponents mind and body, trained to disorient and confuse at will in order to extract information from their targets.

Vermillion Technique

Staring when you choose this tradition at 3rd level, you can manipulate your own ki to disrupt an opponents mind. As an action you can expend one ki point as you strike your opponents temple, for 1 minute you have advantage on persursaion and intimiation checks and the target cannot purposefully lie to you.

Transcendental Reflexes

Beginning at 6th level, your quick mind and study of your opponent allows you to use their failure to your advantage. If a creature misses you with an attack, you can immediately use your reaction to make an unarmed trike against them.

Break the Mind

Beginning at 11th level, you can as an action expend two ki points to strike an enemy and cause them to forget and be fearful of you. On a successful hit you cause the creature to make a Wisdom saving throw against your ki DC, on a failed save they take 16 (4d6 psychic damage), are frightened and once out of visual range forget the last 5 minutes of their lives.

Palm of Lucid Spirit

At 17th level, you gain the ability to forcefully push a creatures spirit out of their body temporarily, the trauma of such a feat causing them damage as they detach. As an action when you make an unarmed strike, you can expend 3 ki points. The creature must make a wisdom saving throw against your ki save DC, on a failed save the creature take 50 (10d10) psychic damage and on their next turn they then take half that damage again at the start of their next turn, from the reverberations of the attack. On a successful save, the creature takes half of the damage and doesn’t take the damage on their next turn.


The Astral Dragon (Warlock)

Your patron is an astral dragon tucked away into the recesses of the Astral Sea drifting in the realm of dreams and nightmares. An astral dragons intentions are alien to mortals, and its knowledge can be at times incomprehensible and simple at the same time. No two astral dragons are the same, such that their form can shift even depening on whom they make their contract with a process which is permanent and singular. It is also known that creating a pact with an astral dragon ties the fates of the two together in ways that are unknowable and strange, such that an astral dragon will only ever make a pact with one person until one of the two die.

Expanded Spell List

The Astral Dragon lets you choose from an expanded list of spells when you learn a warlock spell. The following spells are added to the warlock spell list for you.

Astral Dragon Expanded Spells
Spell Level Spells
1st dissonant whispers, Tasha's hideous laughter
2nd detect thoughts, phantasmal force
3rd clairvoyance, sending
4th banishment, Evard's black tentacles
5th far step, telekenesis

Astral Mind

Starting at 1st level, your connection to the Astral Planes gives you the ability to touch the minds of other creatures. You can telepathically speak to any creature you can see within 30 feet of you. You don’t need to share a language with the creature for it to understand your telepathic utterances, but the creature must be able to understand at least one language.

Cosmic Leap

At 6th level, you learn to channel more aspects of your patrons power, creating versions of yourself from potential timelines. When a creature makes an attack roll against you, you can use your reaction to teleport to a location you can see within 30ft, leaving behind an afterimage of you that persists until the start of your next turn.

Once you use this feature, you can’t use it again until you finish a short or long rest.

Shield of Lucid Nightmares

Starting at 10th level, your thoughts can’t be read by telepathy or other means unless you allow it. You also have resistance to psychic damage, and whenever a creature deals psychic damage to you, that creature takes the same amount of damage that you do.

Empyrean Manifest

At 14th level, you gain the ability to call upon your patron for aid. As an action, you choose a point within 30ft of you where your patrons manifests aspects of the Astral Sea into reality. Choose one of the following effects to issue from this manifestation point. Once you use either effect, you can't use this feature again until you finish a long rest.

Banishment. Creatures within 30ft of the manifestation point must make a Wisdom saving throw against your spell save DC. On a failed save, they are suddenly shifted to a random point in the Astral Sea as wafts of star speckled clouds obscure their form. The clouds then vanish and so do the creatures.

Surge. Large surges of water rush from a series of tears in reality, and strike up to 5 creaturs you can see within 30ft of the manifestation point. Each creature must make a Dexterity saving throw against your spell save DC. On a failed save, the creatures takes 5d10 cold damage and 5d1d0 psychic damage. On a success save, the creatures take half the damage.

Sanctuary. You and up to 5 willing creature that you can see within 30ft of the manifestation point are wreathed in gentle starlight, granting each creature temporary hit points equal to 5x your Charisma modifier, and creatures have disadvantage on attacks rolls against them until the end of your next turn.


School of the Eternal (Wizard)

Taught by secretive and elderly mages, users of this school are selected because of their unique talents for magic. The School of the Eternal is one that deals with the manipulation of the arcane and the planes. Many a scholar of this school is said to eventually vanish into their own demi-plane to collate their information and continue down the path of eternal arcane manipulation until they one day will too teach this school of magic to an apprentice mage.

Temporal Mage

Beginning when you select this school at 2nd level, you gain access to Temporal Magic, an exclusive school of magic learnabled by those who have the aptitude for them. When you take this school, you may trade two of your current 1st level wizards spells for Temporal spells of the same level, and you may trade one of your cantrips in the same fashion.

Arcane Manipulation

Starting at 2nd level, you learn to alter the fabric of your arcane spells. After you finish a long rest, choose one spell and then choose an alteration.

Damage: The first time you cast this spell, it deals half its damage again (rounded down) on the following turn.

Duration: The first time you cast this spell, you add 10 minutes to its duration.

Targets: The first time you cast this spell, you can choose a second target if it is a single target spell.

Once you have used this feature it cannot be used again until you finish a long rest.


Beginning at 6th level, you've learned to form a small demi plane, that you can use to defend yourself. As a reaction to a ranged attack or spell attack (this does not affect area of effect spells), you can open the demi-plane and absorb the attack. You can use this feature a number of times equal to half your Intelligence modifer (rounded down), you regain all expended uses after a long rest.

Path of the Eternal

Beginning at 10th level, you have resistance to psychic damage and you begin to slow the process of aging, you now age at half the normal rate.

Eternals Plane

By 14th level, you've gained mastery over your demi-plane and are now able to wield it in more than just a protective manner. As an action, you can expand your demi-plane out from you into the material plane. Each creature in 30ft (including yourself), disappear into your demi-plane and in its place a cube of starry void appears. You can maintain concentration on the plane for a minute, at the end of the minute or if concentration is broken, the plane shrinks back down and all creatures inside are placed back into the material plane. A creature killed in the plane does not return.

Elician Backgrounds

This segment will quickly showcase some variant backgrounds exclusive to Elusis, for backgrounds pre-established within D&D 5E the background will detail the changes or additions to those backgrounds.

Outlander (Assassrian)


Student (Arcanum Mortis)

Student (Imperial Academy)

Student (Covolution Spire)

Student (Royal Mages Academy)

Criminal/Spy (Coteri Member)

Criminal/Spy (Iron Night Member)

Criminal/Spy (Clock Member)

Criminal/Spy (Vermillion Cabal Member)

Underworld Denezin

Items of Legend and Myth

Elusis is filled with relics of by-gone Eras, from weapons handed down from the divine themselves to weapons forged in the heat of battle or by the songs of long forgotten bards. These items persist through the ages, granting those who use or wield them power beyond comprehension.

Each item has a story to tell and can has a plethora of ways it can be turned into a story device for any campaign.

Items A-Z


Weapon (longsword), artefact (requires attunement by a good aligned character)

Once wielded by the legendary High Warden Armek Targana, the blade has never lost its shine and thrums with etheral energy as if the spirit of its previous owner never left. You gain a +2 to attacks and damage rolls with this magic weapon.

When you hit with this weapon you deal an additional 1d6 radiant damage, and on critical hits, the sword flashes dealing a further 1d6 of radiant damage.


When a character awakens Aecris, apply the following changes to the item's traits:

  • When a creature is dropped to 0 hit points with an attack using Aecris, you can immediately make an additional melee attack against a creature within 10 feet as a bonus action.
  • {Judgement} As an action, you channel the force of the All-Jude. Choose an enemy within 15ft of you, that creature must then make a Dexterity saving throw (DC:16) on a failed save the target is blinded, until the end of your next turn and takes 4d6 radiant damage. Once this feature has been used it cannot be used until the next dawn.
  • Sentience: Aecris is a sentient lawful good weapon with an INT of 17, a WIS of 14 and a CHA of 16. It has hearing and darkvision out to 60ft. The weapon can speak, read and understand comon, and can communicate with its wielder telepathically. While attuned Aecris understands every language you know.
  • Personality: Aecris has taken on the personality and life force of the High Warden Armek Targana, he vows to protect those in need and to serve the crown even in death. He holds true to his values and will fight against anyone who uses the blade he now inhabits to harm those undeserving or reject those in trouble.

When a character exalts Aecris, apply the following changes to the item's traits:

  • It gains the properties of a sun blade
  • The range for the additional attack increase to 15ft and you don't provoke opportunity attacks.
  • Replace 'Judgement' with 'Rebuke the Unjust'
  • {Rebuke the Unjust} As an action, you can cause Aecris to emit violent divine light in a 10 foot radius of you for 1 minute. Any creature that starts its turn within that radius must make a Wisdom saving throw (DC:16) or take 10 points of radiant damage, taking another ten for each round it starts in the radius. On a success it takes half that damage instead. Once you ave used this you cannot use it again until the next dawn.
  • Divine Mastery:
    • You can speak and read Celestial fluently.
    • You gain resistance to necrotic damage
    • You can sense the presence of divine entities, undead and demonic figures within 60ft but noth their exact location
    • Your strength now equals 22, exceeding mortal limits.
Origins of Aecris

Aecris was the name given to the sword forged by the Order of the White Roses for the first of its order and the first High Warden at its command, High Warden Armek Targana. Armek wielded this sword until his death against a mighty white dragon during The Wildlands War as he stood alone defending his comrades against its onslaught, Armek lost his life but so did the dragon and since that time it has been passed down to promising warriors, being lost during the Fall of Nerath after it was passed down to a member of The Lost Legion. The sword was said to have been blessed by the light of the gods themselves, and that each wielder could hone that energy into a single blade of pure light using it to devastating effect against their foes.


Armor (plate), legendary (require attunement by a follower of the All-Judge)

This antique armor is made from coldsteel and was once worn by the right-hand of the All-Jude. It is paired with Ethos. You gain a +2 to AC while wearing this armor, immunity to necrotic damage, an additional 10ft of movement speed and you can understand and speak Celestial.

It also has the following features:

  • Divine Bulwark: As an action, you cause the armour to harden with divine magic. Your movement speed is reduced to 0. However, you are resistance to all damage, and allies standing behind you are considered behind three-quarters cover. You maybe end this effect as an action. Once used this effect cannot be used again until the following dawn.

  • Pain Split: Once per day, as an action you can split the pain between yourself and the wearer of the other vestment. You regain half the hit points you have taken in damage, whilst the other wearer takes the other half of the damage. Once used this effect cannot be used again until the following dawn.


Weapon (dagger), artefact (require attunement)

This curved steel dagger has a series of runes insribed into the hilt. It was once used by head of the Romanzi family for their hired killings. You gain a +2 to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon. Alongside an additional 1d4 necrotic damage.

As an action, you can activate the runes, creating a shadow of the dagger to strike again after you. For a minute, when you make an attack with Alterserbe, the creatures takes half of damage from the dagger again on their next turn. This does not include damage from features like Sneak Attack.


When a character awakens Alterserbe, apply the following changes to the item's traits.

  • Increases the additional damage to 2d4.
  • Increases the number of shadowed daggers to 2.
  • Grants expertise to Stealth

When a character exalts Alterserbe , apply the following changes to the item's traits.

  • Increases the additional damage to 4d6.
  • Increase the number of shadowed daggers to 3.
  • Any roll lower than 5 on a attack, is counted as a 5.
  • While in darkness, you can use your action to go invisible until you make an attack.
The Romanzi and Alterserbe

The Romanzi are a tiefling based minor family within the underworld of Elusis, wthey are one of the most respected within the minor families for their professionalism and reliability. The Romanzi are a hired killers business employing and operating many of the assassin’s guilds throughout the world, no-one knows where their base of operations is but the current head Lady Orianna Romanzi make occasional visits to social events when she deems her presence fit.

Alterserbe was once held by the Romanzi and was party of the reason they became so feared and respected in the ways they are today, the dagger became a symbol of their power until it went missing during the attacks from the Draconic Conclaves.

Aspect of the Astral Dragon

Wonderous item (Ring), Artefact (requires attunement by a warlock)

This purple flourite ring is a fragment of an ancient astral dragon that blessed it to one of its followers many hundreds of years ago in their search to end the slave trade within Elusis. Whilst wearing this ring your intelligence and charisma scores both become 20

Additionally as an action you may use the Thread of Stars ability, once per day.

Thread of Stars: As an action, you choose up a number of creatures equal to your charisma modifer within 60ft, each creature must a Charisma saving throw against your spell save dc or take 2d10 psychic damage as a series of glowing threads extend from your fingertips raising each creature 10ft in the air restraining and grappling them for one minute. On each subsequent turn, you can use a bonus action to move one of the threads 30ft in any direction, up to a distance of 60ft away from you. A creature affected by this feature can make an attempt to break free by making another saving throw at the end of their turn as an action. Once you have used thus feature it cannot be used again, until the following dawn.


When a character awakens the Aspect of the Astral Dragon, apply the following changes to the item's traits.

  • Intelligence and Charisma scores become 22.
  • You can hold concentration on two spells at the same time.
  • The ring gains 10 charges, and it regains 1d6 + 2 daily at dawn. While wearing the ring, you can expend some of its charges to cast one of the following spells from it, using your spell save DC amd spell-casting ability: armor of agathys (1 charge), hypnotic pattern (3 charges)
  • You can speak and understand, Abyssal, Primordial, Undercommon, Deep Speech and Celestial.

When a character exalts the Aspect of the Astral Dragon, apply the following changes to the item's traits.

  • Intelligence and Charisma scores becomes 24
  • The ring's charges increase to a maximum of 18 and it regains 1d8 + 2. The following spells are also added to the list of spells the ring can cast: banishment (4 charges), far step (5 charges)
  • You can also speak and understand all languages that you hear or see.

Blessing of the All-Judge

Wonderous Item, artefact

This small aspect of divinity is given to those who go through the Trails of the Temple of Sacred Judgement. The aspect is a charged piece of divinity given from the All-Judge himself, granting the user the ability to protect and aid those in combat.

As an action, you may expend the blessing and for the next minute all allies within 10ft of you reduce damage taken by your level. This effect doesn't stack with other such blessings and once used it is gone forever.

Bow of Beasts

Weapon (longbow), artefact (requires attunement by a beastmaster)

This ashen longbow is finely designed with imagery of forests and of the beats that inhabit it. You gain a +1 to attack and damage rolls made with this weapon, additionally dealing 1d4 of acid damage.

Furthermore this weapon can be used in melee, using dexterity. The weapon deals 1d6 bludgeoning damage and 1d4 piercing damage on a successful hit.


When a character awakens the Bow of Beasts, apply the following changes to the item's traits.

  • Magical vines fortify the bow and attach to the wielder preventing this weapon from being dropped. However, to switch to another weapon you must use an action.
  • Increase the acid damage to 2d6.
  • When a creature is successfully hit with this bow, your beast companion deals an additional 2d4 acid damage on an attack against the creature and has advantage.
  • As an action you may beast shape into a Dire Wolf, once your hit point have been reduced to 0 in this form you shift back into your regular form. Once used this ability cannot be used again until the following dawn.

When a character exalts the Bow of Beasts, apply the following changes to the item's traits.

  • You can now beast shape into a Dire Wolf twice between long rests.
  • Your beast comapanions gets additional AC equal to your proficiency bonus alongside additional health equal to 3x your proficiency bonus.
  • As a reaction to when your beast companion drops to 0 hit points for the first time during combat, you can instead bring your wolf back to 1 hit point.
  • Increase the additional damage to 3d4 acid damage.
The Bow of Beasts

This ashen wood bow is finely designed with imagery of forests and of the beasts that inhabit it, within the scenes of lush floral growth are runes etched into the trees at their bases, almost invisbile to the eye. As this bow is attuned the runes glow and thick vines wrap and harden around the bow and when equipped they attach to the wielders bow arm preventing them from losing the weapon.

There is little known about the Bow of Beasts, many have specualted as to where such a fine example of craftsmanshp could have been crafted, the dwarves have many a time tried to claim that it was the making of one of their legendary smiths, Bramik Ironbanner, who entered the fey to learn from the spirits within and came back with weapons impossible for any dwarf to craft. But the elves have made similar bids for the right to be named its creator, they speak of their bowyer masters having crafted the bow in the Beastlands where the raw magics of nature were weaved to form the bow as it is today.

But none know of its true origin, of what powers lie within and how they would go about unlocking them.

Circlet of the Knowing Goddess

Wonderous Item, artefact (require attunement)

An elven circlet made from silver and gold, this impeccably made circlet has a purple amethyst in the center that glows lightly. When attuned to this item, you gain two random effects, roll a d6 for each effect.

  1. The owner gains a glowing purple cape and hood that grants them the ability to understand all languages and grants them telepathy.
  2. The owner is granted a tome of knowledge (DM's discretion what the tome contains)
  3. The circlet changes from silver and gold, to pure gold and grants the user a +3 to their Intelligence, that can exceed their current maximum.
  4. The user gains a small demiplane from which they can enter and leave as they please, only those they allow may enter.
  5. The owner is granted the use of dimension door at will 3 time a day.
  6. The user gains a small white dot on their forehead that grows each time the user gains new knowledge, upon learning 15 new things the user is granted one wish upon which the dot recedes and stays on the forehead. (This can only happen once)

Clockwork Flail

Weapon (flail), artefact (require attunement by a non-evil character)

This old clockwork flail seems to have been made as an attachment to old warforged models. You have a +1 to attack and damage rolls made with this weapon, that deal an addition 2d4 fire damage on a successful attack. You also gain a +2 bonus to your Constitution score, increasing its maximum as well.

As a bonus action, you can switch the flail from its melee function to its ranged capability allowing it to be shot and giving the weapon a range of 30ft. You can then use an additional bonus action to switch back to its melee functionality.


When a character awakens the Clockwork Flail, apply the following changes to the item's traits.

  • The flail can now be used as a spell focus and a contact point for touch spells or extend the range of other spells. Whilst in its ranged function, touch spells can be cast from the flail, and ranged spells can be cast from the position of the flail.
  • Your flails range increases by 5ft.
  • Increase the con bonus to +4

When a character exalts the Clockwork Flail, apply the following changes to the item's traits.

  • Your flails range increases by 5ft.
  • You can use the flail to grant the help action to an ally within 5ft of your target on a successful attack.
  • Increase the damage to 4d4 fire damage.
  • Increase the con bonus to +6
  • Overclocked Functionality: As an action you may perform one of three new functionalities granted by the Flail.
    • You can use an action to shoot the flail at a point within range, and cause a shimmering barrier to appear in a 10ft radius. Whilst in the barrier creatures you choose gain the effects of the Sanctuary spell and gain temporary hit points equal to your level. Whilst used in this way, you cannot attack with the flail.
    • You shoot the flail at a point within range and cause grappling spikes to shoot at enemies within 15ft of the flail. Each creature makes a Dex save against your spell save DC or is grappled. As an action on subsequent turns, you can cause the spikes to burst within divine energy dealing 3d10 radiant damage.
    • You double the range on your flail as it bursts with divine fire. For a minute, your flail deals 8d4 fire damage and has doubled range.
The Origins of the Clockwork Flail

An old clockwork flail that seems to have been made as an attachment to old warforged models. The weapon houses an intricte wooden cog system that reponds to an arcane pulse, changing the function of flail at the beckoning of the wielder and igniting the outer metal frame during motion. Arcane runes are inscribed on the inside of the housing where a fine diamond lay charged with the responsive magic, there is a sensation of further function should it be explored.


Weapon (scimitar), legendary (require attunement)

A verdant bladed scimitar, this weapon was once wielded by heroes in the Dujhal Territories. You gain a +2 to attacks roll with this weapon and as an action you can use the Keepers of the Forest ability, once per short rest.

Keepers of the Forest: As an action, you call upon the spirits of the forests to aid you in battle. For a minute, the first attack roll each round has disadvantage, you gain 10ft in walking speed, and terrain around you in 5 foot cube is rough terrain.


Armour (chain mail), legendary (require attunement)

A set chain mail made from snap-iron, this set of armour was once worn by the left hand of the All-Judge, and is paired with Aequitas. While wearing this armour you gain, a +2 bonus to ac, your walking speed is increased by 10ft and you can understand and speak Celestial.

Well of Vitality: As an action you create a sphere of healing magics in a 15ft radius, you can hold this sphere for a minute as if casting a concentration spell and can dispel the sphere at anytime however, your speed becomes 0. During the time any allied creature (including yourself), that begins it's turn in the sphere regains 3d6 + your spellcasting modifier back in hit points. Once used this effect cannot be used again until the following dawn.

Pain Split: Once per day, as an action you can split the pain between yourself and the wearer of the other vestment. You regain half the hit points you have taken in damage, whilst the other wearer takes the other half of the damage. Once used this effect cannot be used again until the following dawn.

Holy Symbol of Duality

Wonderous Item, artefact (requires attunement)

A golden symbol once devoted solely to the All-Judge, has now been warped and infested by the Lord In Void's influence, splitting the symbol into two halves. Whilst wearing this item, you gain a +1 to spell attack and spell save dc. This holy symbol has 25 charges attached to it, at dawn the symbol regains 1d10 + your wisdom modifier charges back.

Duality: As an action, you may shift the duality of the symbol to utilise one of the two gods power to positively or negatively attune a spell. Positive attunment shifts spells to deal radiant damage if they deal necrotic, heal if they siphon health or harm. Negative attunement does the opposite, if a spell deals radiant it now does necrotic damage, harms if it heals etc. When using this ability the user expends a number of charges equal to the level of the spell.

Effects of Duality

Each time duality is used, the control of the symbol shifts a quarter of the way in the favour of the god chosen. Should the amulet be filled, the user's alignment is changed until they take a long rest. Positive Attunement = lawful good, Negative Attunement = lawful evil.


When a character awakens the Holy Symbol of Duality, apply the following changes to the item's traits.

  • Increase bonus to spell attack and spell save dc to +2
  • Duality can now be used on Channel Divinity, costing 10 charges.
  • When you deal damage with an attack or spell, you can choose to half the damage and transfer the other half to a healing pool. The healing pool's maximum is 25 hit points. And you can use your action to touch someone and heal them.

When a character exalts the Holy Symbol of Duality, apply the following changes to the item's traits.

  • As a reaction to an enemy casting a spell, you can expend 15 charges to use your duality to shift the attunement of their spell.
  • The number of charges the Holy Symbol has is increased to 30 and it regains 1d12 + your wisdom modifier daily at dawn.
  • You gain resistance to necrotic and radiant damage.
  • Increase the healing pool maximum to 50.

Leiptr Warhammer

Weapon (warhammer), artefact (requires attunement by one of giant's blood)

This stone and hardwood warhammer is a weapon of legend, with it being a piece of the remnants of the World Tree. This weapon bestows the wielder with the resilience of the Giant's that once defended it. You gain a +1 to attack and damage rolls with this weapon, alongside an additional 1d6 cold damage. Your constitution and strength becomes 20.


When a character awakens the Leipt Warhammer, apply the following changes to the item's traits.

  • Your constitution and strength score becomes 22.
  • You gain resistance to lightning damage.
  • Adds 1d6 lightning damage on each hit.

When a character exalts the Leiptr Warhammer, apply the following changes to the item's traits.

  • Your constitution and strength score becomes 24.
  • You gain immunity to cold damage
  • The hammer gains 6 charges which recharge daily at dawn, the hammer also gains the following spells; call lightning (3 charges), lightning bolt (3 charges), chain lightning (6 charges)
  • Changes the 1d6 cold and 1d6 lightning to 3d6 thunder.
  • You can use Flash-Freeze
    • Flash-Freeze: On a critical hit, if the creature you strike is under 50 hit points. They instantly flash-freeze and die instantly as lighting shatters the frozen creature.
History of the Leiptr Warhammer

This stone and hardwood warhammer is a weapon of legend. Said to have been carved from what was once called the World Tree, a massive tree said to have been protected by the giant's as it was the gateway between the planes. According to the legends when the gods left the world after the Blood Mage War, the Tree wilted and started to die, the giant's in their panic started to take pieces from the tree in order to preserve it in whatever fashion they could, hoping one day it would be able to be replanted, and the giant's able to relive their only purpose in life.

Forged in ice and lightning, the Leiptr axe is a byproduct of the giant Heimdir, a legendary smith who used the very elements themselves to sharpen and hone the hammer to perfection, imbuing within it, the spirits of the ice and storm dormant until one worthy was to wield the hammer in protection of another, as was the ways of the giant's who protected the World Tree before.

Those who have used it have claimed that there seemed to be more power dormant within the weapon, but there has yet to be a warrior who has unlocked its potential.


Weapon (shortsword), artefact (requires attunement)

This ebony bladed shortsword, hums with cold energy that trails as wisps of dark cobalt mist, the blade feels drawn to its twin sword Mnemosyne. Whilst wielding this weapon your charisma score becomes 20, and you deal an additional 2d4 cold damage per strike.

Additionally as an action, you may cast Summon Lesser Demons once per day through the sword without expending a spell slot.


When a character awakens Lethe, apply the following changes to the item's traits.

  • Charisma score becomes 22.
  • You may cast Summon Greater Demons once per day through the sword without expending a spell slot, and the number of times you can cast Summon Lesser Demons increases to two per day.
  • If you attune to Mnemosyne as well as Lethe, they now only take up one attunement slot.
  • Increase bonus cold damage to 2d6.

To achieve exaltion with Lethe, the player must also wield Mnemosyne as well. When a character exalts Lethe, apply the following changes to the item's traits.

  • Charisma score becomes 24.
  • You may cast Summon Greater Demons twice per day.
  • Increase bonus cold damage to 2d8.
  • You gain a +5 to charisma checks to do with fiends.


Weapon (dagger), legendary (require attunement)

This weapon glows a pale green, as a epheremal aura washes over the translucent blade. You gain a +1 to attack and damage rolls with this magic weapon. On a hit, you roll damage as normal. Instead of the target taking the damage, you record the amount and the creature is marked with a glowing green slash where the weapon has hit them. As a bonus action you can choose to speak the weapon's command word and cause all recorded damage to be taken instantly as magical slashing damage. Any unused stored damage as well as the marks are removed with no effect after one day.


Weapon (shortsword), artefact (requires attunement)

This opal bladed shortsword seems to shift and warp as otherworldly energy wreathes the blade. The blade feels drawn to its twin sword Lethe. While wielding this blade your intelligence score becomes 20 , and you deal an additional 2d4 psychic damage per strike.

Additionally as an action, you may cast Legend Lore once per day through the sword without expending a spell slot.


When a character awakens Mnemosyne, apply the following changes to the item's traits.

  • Intelligence score becomes 22
  • You may now cast Find the Path once per day through the sword without expending a spell slot and the number of time you can cast Legend Lore increases to two per day.
  • If you attune to Lethe as well as Mnemosyne, they now only take up one attunement slot.
  • Increase the psychic damage to 2d6

To achieve exaltion with Mnemosyne, the player must also wield Lethe as well. When a character exalts Mnemosyne, apply the following changes to the item's traits.

  • Intelligence score becomes 24.
  • You may now cast Find the Path twice per day.
  • Increase the bonus psychic damage to 2d8.
  • You gain a +5 to charisma checks to do with celestials.

Never-Ending Rotisserie Chicken

Wonderous Item, artefact

This perfectly cooked rotisserie chicken is enchanted so that no matter how much you eat it will continuiously regenerate itself. It is the best chicken you have ever tasted and no chicken compares to the pure bliss and flavour of this god among chickens.

Sands of Virnë

Wonderous Item, legendary (requires attunement)

This vial of magically enchanted sand, shifts in its bottle as if it has a will of its own. When released the user can will the sand to shift into any weapon of their choice, that they have seen before. The weapon is considered magical and grants a +2 bonus to damage rolls, and you are proficient with any weapon you create.

The Sands of Virnë

This small vial of sand is wrapped in a series of gold ribbons and bands. It was once given to the great Sultans of the Sthinta region, it was famously passed through the Di'Varni line of royals who went on to rule the lands for many hundreds of years. Upon the coronation of the next Sultan this vial was given to them as a gift, to ensure that they would always go on to protect the people of the kingdom for if the bottle was smashed then the kingdom would surely fall. Many times the sands were taken into battle where onlookers would be amazed as the sands would shift into a variety of weapons dependent on the wielder.

Soulstring Bow

Weapon (longbow), legendary (requires attunement)

This whitewood bow was once wielded by heroes in the Dujhal Territories, it is now passed down through the ranks of talented rangers. It has two jade beaks at either end of it, and a series of yellowish feathers down its hem. While you wield this bow you gain a +1 to attacks rolls made with this magic weapon. And can use the following ability once per long rest.

Chatterbox Comedy: When you damage a creature you can choose to have the bow cast Tasha's Hideous Laughter on the creature (DC:16).

Feathered Strike: As a bonus action you can cause the feathers on your bow to become darts that attack up to 6 targets within 30ft of you. Each dart automatically hits and deals 1d4+2 force damage each.


Weapon (shortsword), legendary (requires attunement)

This coldsteel shortsword, was once wielded by heroes in the Dujhal Territories. It is paired with its twin sword Tremor and the set is passed down to guardians and protectors of villages and cities. You gain a +3 to attack and damage rolls with attacks made with magic weapon, and when Spirit and Tremor are attuned together, you gain advantage on intimidation checks and can cast Thaumetergy at will.

Staff of the Uncontrolled Spirit

Staff (Quarterstaff), artefact (requires attunement by a wild magic sorceror)

This staff is made from a variety of twisted wood around a staff of crystal that shifts colour randomly. The staff has 8 charges and regains 1d6 +2 daily at dawn. Whilst holding this staff you gain a +1 to spell attack and spell save DC.

As a reaction to a spell you cast, you can choose to spend two charges to unleash a surge of wild magic. When you use this feature you can roll with advantage on the table.


When a character awakens the Staff of the Uncontrolled Spirit, apply the following changes to the item's traits.

  • Increase the number of charges to a maximum of 12, and the staff regains 1d6 + 3.
  • You can learn a 1st level and 3rd level spell from any other classes spell list. They are cast through the staff costing 1 charge for the 1st level spell, and 3 charges for 3rd level spell.
  • Increase the bonus to spell attack and spell save DC to +2

When a character exalts the Staff of the Uncontrolled Spirit, apply the following changes to the item's traits.

  • Increase the number of charges to a maximum of 20 and the staff regains 1d8 + 4
  • You can learn a 4th and 6th level spell from any other classes spell list. They cost 4 charges for the 4th level spell and 6 charges for the 6th level spell.
  • You can now spend 4 charges to unleash a conrolled surge of wild magic, choose one effect from the table to occur as a reaction to a spell you cast.
  • Increase the bonus to spell attack and spell save DC to +3

The Lute of Keliedz'ah

Wand, artefact (require attunement by a bard)

This ivory wood lute has been flawlessly designed, once said to belong to the infamous bard Ayla Keliedz'ah it now finds its way between bards across the world. This lute has 8 charges and regains 1d4 +2 charges daily at dawn. While holding this lute you can expend some of its charges to cast one of the following spells from it, using your spell save DC and spell-casting ability: Hideous Laughter (1 charge), Enlarge/Reduce (2 charges)


When a character awakens the Lute of Keliedz'ah, apply the following changes to the item's traits.

  • Add a +2 to spell attack and spell save dc.
  • The number of charges increases to 12 and it regains 1d6 + 3. Furthermore add compulsion (4 charges) and legend lore (5 charges)
  • When granting inspiration you can heal allies for 1d8. This feature can be used a number of times per long rest equal to half your charisma modifier (rounded down).
  • Sentience: The Lute of Keliedz'ah is a sentient chaotic neutral wand with an Intelligence of 16, a Wisdom of 13 and a Charisma of 20. It has hearing and darkvision out to a range of 60ft. The weapon can speak, read and understand Common, and can communicate with its wielder telepathically. While attuned to it, The Lute understands every language you know.
  • Personality: The Lute of Keliedz'ah has taken on the personality and life force of the gnomish bard Keliedz'ah, she is a kind and flamboyant individual with an intense urge for adventure and storytelling. She likes to aid and tease those who now wield her lute and makes every attempt to ensure they succeed in their bardic escapades.

When a character exalts the Lute of Keliedz'ah, apply the following changes to the item's traits.

  • Increase the bonus to spell attack and spell save dc to +3
  • The number of charges increase to a maximum 20 and it regains 1d8 + 2. Furthermore add Otto's Irresistible Dance (6 charges) and Teleport (7 charges)
  • Bardic Expertise:
    • You learn to read and speak all languages.
    • You gain resistance to being charmed or magically put to sleep.
    • You gain resistance to psychic damage and cannot have your thoughts read through magical means.
Ayla Keliedz'ah and her Lute

This ivory wood has been flawlessly designed to be the perfect instrument for any self-respecting bard, a gold trim now lies around the edges of the now curved neck and body of the lute as intricate musical carvings have been ingrained in the soundboard of the instrument. On the ribs of the lute a series of musical notes have been engraved on a set of musical lines each note designed differently as each previous owner added onto a song that is being create with each new generation of bard.

A signnature on the neck of the lute signifies it's creation by the gnomish bard Keliedz'ah, an infamous figure in her time who would galavant the many courts and taverns of the world performing for diginitaries and kings, but also the commonfolk and those in need. Ensuring that no matter where she went, she would always have a companion should she want one. Now a fraction of her soul lies in the lute, granting new bards the knowledge and vast experience of all before them.


Weapon (longsword), legendary (requires attunement)

This mythril longsword was once forged in the flames of an old ancient red dragon down in the depths of the ancient Dwarvish kingdoms. Now reforged in the same flames that had carved its creation the blade shines with a new found life and hums as it passes through the air, its blade shimmer almost similar to that of the starry skies. Whilst attuned and wielding this weapon you gain a +3 to your attack and damage rolls. It also has the following properties:

Breath of Winter: As an action, you swing the sword in a 30ft cone, the air freezes and crystalizes as you cast cone of cold. Once you use this feature you cannot use it till the next dawn.

Wild Guardians: As an action, you channel the connection the sword has with the forces of nature and summon two awakened tree that are allied to you and move on your initative. Once you've used this feature you cannot use it again till the next dawn.


Weapon (shortsword), legendary (requires attunement)

This dark steel blade was once wielded by heroes of the Dujhal Territories, it is paired with its twin sword Spirit and the set it passed to generations of guardians of the towns and citites of the Dujhal region. While you wield this sword you gain a +3 to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon. When attuned with Spirit, you gain advantage on intimidation checks.

Turntable Cloak

Wonderous item, artefact (requires attunement)

This dark purple robe is filled with inner pockets filled with rigged dice and fake cards used by illusionists and the like. The cloak has 6 charges and regains 1d4 + 1 expended charges daily at dawn. You gain a + 1 to your AC, and the cost of copying illusion spells is halved. While wearing this cloak you can use your reaction to expend a charge to absorb a portion of the attacks damage, reducing the damage by half (this does not affect area of effect's like a Red Dragon's breath attack, or magic missiles after the first missile hit).


When a character awakens the Turntable Cloak, apply the following changes to the item's traits.

  • Increase the AC bonus to +2
  • The number of charges increases to a maximum of 8, and the cloak regains 1d4 + 2.
  • As an action, you can expend 2 charges to vanish, turning invisible until you make an attack, or cast a spell.
  • When using the cloak's ability to absorb attacks and spells, you store the damage empowering your next spell or attack by 1d8.

When a character exalts the Turntable Cloak, apply the following changes to the item's traits.

  • Increase the AC bonus to +3
  • The number of charges increases to a maximum of 12, and the cloak regains 1d6 + 3.
  • When you store an attack it now empowers your next spell or attack by 1d12.
  • Illusionist's Facade
    • You have advantage on Dexterity saving throws against effects you can see.
    • You have advantage on checks made to see through an illusion, and learn what type of illusion it is instantly.
    • All illusions spell of 1st level can now be cast at will.
    • Your intelligence now equals 22, exceeding mortal limits.

Blade of the Unsleeping Eyes

Weapon (longsword), artefact (requires attunement)

This silver longsword was crafted by He of the Unsleeping Eyes for his chosen champion. It thrums with aspects of that power that drift from the blade. You gain a +1 to attack and damage rolls when using this magic weapon and you deal an additional 1d6 radiant damage. You gain access to a series of maneuvers which grow as the weapon becomes more powerful, your maneuver DC is 16.

As an action, you can use a maneuver to swing the glaive in a 10ft cone, creatures in the area must then make a Dexterity saving throw (DC:16) or take 3d6 radiant damage and are knocked back 5 ft. Once you have used a maneuver it cannot be used until after a short rest.


When a character awakens the Blade of the Unsleeping Eyes, apply the following changes to the item's traits.

  • Increase the bonus to attack and damage rolls to + 2
  • Increase the additional damage to 2d6
  • Adds a new maneuver, you thrust with the glaive causing a spectral version of it to continue 10ft in a line. Each creature must make a Dexterity saving throw (DC:16), or take 5d6 radiant damage.
  • The DC for all maneuvers increases by 1

When a character exalts the Blade of the Unsleeping Eyes, apply the following changes to the item's traits.

  • Increases the bonus to attack and damage rolls to +3
  • Increased the additional damage to 2d8
  • Adds a new maneuver, you stab the glaive into the ground causing a shockwave of energy to jettison 15ft from you. Creatures in the area must make a Dexterity saving throw, or take 8d6 radiant damage and are knocked prone.
  • The first maneuver you use in combat is used as a bonus action instead of an action.
  • The DC for all maneuvers increases by 1

Umbral Glaive

Weapon (glaive), artefact (requires attunement)

This dark steel glaive was crafted by the Nighmother for her mortal husband as he travelled the Material Plane. It thrums with aspects of that power that drift from the blade. The glaive has 4 charges and regains 1d2 + 2 expended charges daily at dawn. You gain a +1 to attack and damage rolls when using this magic weapon and you deal an additional 2d4 radiant damage while wielding this weapon and your Charisma score is 22. You can also Rush of Twilight once per day.

Rush of Twilight: Once per turn, as apart of an attack you make during your turn, you can expend a single charge to teleport to a target within 60ft and make an extra attack dealing an additional 2d10 radiant damage. If the attack misses the target of the attack takes 2d6 radiant damage.


When a character awakens the Umbral Glaive, apply the following changes to the item's traits.

  • Increase the additional damage to 2d6.
  • Increase attack and damage bonus to +2.
  • Rush of Twilight now deals 3d10 and 3d6.
  • Increase Charisma score to 24.

When a character exalts the Umbral Glaive, apply the following changes to the item's traits.

  • Increased the additional damage to 2d8.
  • Increase attack and damage bonus to +3.
  • Rush of Twilight now deals 4d10 and 4d6.
  • Increase Charisma score to 26.
Awakening and Exaltion of Artefact Items

The manner and processes behind how an artefact weapon or item can progress to its next stage of capabilities is varied, in many cases it depends on the nature of the artefact in question and its enchantments or personal history. There is also the case that the wielder may go through a symbolic shift in understanding or self-discovery and the artefact will respond to that change in psyche. Furthermore, many artefacts will react to moments of extreme desperation or need.

The moments that trigger these shifts are entirely up to the DM's disrection, and the manner in which they identify and trigger these moments should take in consideration the organic nature of narrative. Some examples of moments for awakening or exaltion could be:

  • A character stands against overwhelming odds to defend their parties members and in the face of death, they feel a surge of power that bolsters their resolve.
  • A character loses a close ally in battle or other circumstance, and in that moment the artefact responds to their grief and anguish.
  • A character completes a key milestone in their personal development, either by getting revenge on a rival who had tormented them for ages, or by completing a quest that had been passed down to them by an important figure.
  • A character known for their good nature, succumbs to the darker influences of their artefacts powers.

Items and Equipment

Elusis has a bountiful amount of items and wares from all regions of the world, that can add new and interesting paths for characters in the world to take.

Items A-Z

Animated Cape

Wonderous item, uncommon

As an action while wearing this cloak, you can have it unattach itself from you and move as if you were still wearing it for one minute. The cape appears convincing, but on succeeding a DC 15 Intelligence (Investigation) check it is revealed to be hollow. You can give it a general command, such as to patrol the length of a corridor or wander aimlessly. It has a speed of 20 feet, and once this property has been used it cannot be used again until the next dawn.

Armour of Beasts

Armour (studded leather), rare (require attunement)

This suit of studded leather armor is made entirely without metal. Studs are made of polished ironwood and buckles and clasps are crafted of carved bone, horn and claw. When you use your Wild Shape ability, this armor changes shape as well, granting +2 AC while in animal form.

Made from tough but flexible leather, studded leather is reinforced with close-set rivets or spikes.

Assassrian Boomerang

Weapon (boomerang), uncommon

A simple boomerang, with a sharpened edge coated in a viscous poison. Along the back, there is small story written about the tribes journey. "We travel the shifting sands and winding mountains, chasing the rising sun as we journey for knowledge. We are friends to all and enemies to none."

When you hit an opponent, the target must make a DC: 12 Constitution saving throw or be stunned for until the end of their next turn.

The boomerang is a ranged weapon, and any creature proficient with the javelin is also proficient with this weapon.

On a miss, a boomerang returns to the thrower's hand.

Bestial Band

Ring, very rare (requires attunement)

While wearing this ring, your wild shapes last a number of hours equal to you druid level and you can use your wild shape one additional time. Additionally, when you wildshape you can expend three uses of wild shape to transform in to any beast you have seen up to CR 7. You cannot use this property of the ring again for 7 seven days.


Weapon (greatsword), rare (requires attunement)

This gnarled greatsword takes a hybrid design of both orcish and demonic influence. While wielding this weapon you gain a +1 to attack and damage rolls and are afflicted by its curse and subject to its effects.

On a hit, the creature must make a Constitution saving throw (DC: 14), or their wound begins to bleed heavily. At the beginning of their turn the creature takes 1d6 damage as their wound begins to bleed, they can close the wound as an action on their turn.

Curse: Due to the demonic and orcish bloodlines that have suffused within this blade, when wielded by a creature that is not of these bloodline the creature becomes afflicted by a frenzy which causes outbursts of violence and anger at random intervals.

Bottle o' Oil

Potion, uncommon

This small bottle of oil can be used to douse items or creatures, the bottle can be used as either a melee attack or ranged attack with a long range of 30ft. Upon dousing the target can be set alight dealing 1d6 fire damage at the end of each of their turns until they end the effect as an action, otherwise the effect lasts for 1 minute.

Braclets of Spell Sharing

Wonderous item, rare (require attunement by both users)

These gold braclets are crafted from a set of twisted gold threads, a set of arcane glyphs hover around the two sets. These bracelts have 1d4 +1 charges that recharge at dawn and must be attached to at least one willing spellcaster for the effect to work.

As an action, the user of the bracelet can expend a charge to borrow a spell from the other wearer of the bracelet and cast it, using either their own, or the other users spell-casting modifiers.

Brallien Sickle

Weapon (sickle), very rare

This iron sickle has a serrated edge that is slicked with an incredibly potent poison. While wieldling this weapon you gain a +2 to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon. Additionally, when you make an attack roll against a creature, they must succeed on a DC:16 Constitution saving throw, or take 4d6 poison damage and become poisoned.

Chitin Leather Armour

Armour (studded leather), uncommon (require attunement)

This armour is made out of the chitin of Kruthik's, whilst wearing this armour you gain a +1 bonus to AC. Additionally, once per day, as a bonus action you can end one disease or poisonous effect you are afflicted with and gain immunity to it for 1 minute.

Circlet of the Seventh Star

Wonderous item, very rare (requires attunement)

A silver circlet embedded with six golden gems and a dark sapphire in the centre. The inside of the circlet is engraved with a series of runes in varying scripts, signifying the work of many different arcanists. Whilst atttuned to and wearing this circlet, your spell save dc and spell attack DC increase by +3.

Cloak of Charisma

Wonderous item, rare

This magical cloak is made from a collection of fine fabrics weaved into an intricate cloak that exudes status and charisma. Whilst attuned to and donning this magical cloak you gain a +2 to your charisma up to your current stat maximum.

Cloak of Whispers

Wonderous item, uncommon

A black cloak that is embroided with serpentine imagery at its edges. Upon donning the cloak you can focus on an individual and learn up to 3 facts about that person, however as you progress through the facts they become more vague as a series of whispers start to add new words or remove them.

Conduit Arrow

Wonderous item, rare

This small arrow has a set of copper coils which when charged act as an amplifier for electrical attacks. When this arrow hits a target, the conduit detaches and sticks to the target. The next time the target is hit with an attack that deals lightning or thunder damage, it increases the range/direction of the spell or attack.

If the following attack targets a single creature, you may choose a second target. If it is an area of effect spell, the conduit increases the range by 5ft, if it is a line of effect spell (example lightning bolt) it allows you to change the direction of the spell.

Once used the arrow and conduit are broken and cannot be recovered.

Crystalich Hammer

Weapon (light hammer), rare (requires attunement)

This light hammer forged from the body of a Crystalich, is charged with arcane glyphs that pulse with electricity. While wielding this hammer, you gain a +1 bonus to attack or damage rolls alongside dealing an additional 1d6 thunder damage.

When thrown this weapon automatically returns to the weilders hand.

Dampening Handcuffs

Wonderous item, rare

Whilst these handcuffs are on a creature, they are prevented from casting any spells with any somanitc or material components.

Death's Respite

Wonderous item, rare (requires attunement)

A simple locket containing a black gem with 1d4 - 2 white dots in its centre. The first time the user goes unconcious the dot lights up and they are granted the following benefits:

  • You have resistance to necrotic damage
  • You have disadvantage on Constitution saving throw due to the draining properties of the locket.
  • At the start of each of your turns, you gain back 2 hit points, so long as you have been attacked in the previous turn. This cannot bring you back from 0 hit points.

Upon the death of the wearer, the locket absorbs their soul, and a new dot is created. When four dots have been created, the locket shatters and the souls are lost forever.

Elemental Bowstring

Wonderous item, uncommon

A simple bowstring dyed with a variety of colors, you select one of the four types of elemental damage (fire, cold, lightning and acid) and the bowstring changes colour to match. Whenever you use this bowstring add a d4 of the specified damage to your damage roll.

Farsight Bow

Weapon (longbow), uncommon (require attunement)

This ashwood bow is finely design ewith a series of thick vines that wrap up the bow ending at a small eye shaped gem at the top of bow. This bow has 3 charges, which it regains daily each dawn. While wielding this weapon you gain a +1 to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon.

As an action, you can expend one charge to temporarily embue an arrow with the ability of farsight, allowing you to see through the arrow similar to a scrying spell. The enchantment last for 1 minute or until you use this feature again.

Farspeech Stones

Wonderous item, uncommon

These small crystaline stones are wrapped in tight leather bindings and worn like a necklace, the simple enchantment on the stone allows the user to send complex messages up to 200ft and simple messages and phrases up to 1 mile.

Frosted Light Hammer

Weapon (light hammer), uncommon

This iron light hammer provides a +1 enchantment bonus to attack and damage rolls to the user of this weapon, upon an attack the hammer freezes over lightly due to its minor enchantment and deals an additional 1d4 of cold damage upon a hit.

Gauntlets of the Champion

Wonderous item, very rare (require attunement)

A pair of simple leather gauntlets that appear worn down and boroken, whilst wearing and attuned to these gauntlets, your strength and constitution scores go up by +2.

Hammer of the Just

Weapon (warhammer), rare

This platinum hammer is etheched with one of the the oaths of the All-Judge. Whilst wielding this warhammer you gain a +2 to attack and damage rolls with this magic weapon.

As an action, you plunge the hammer into the ground and from its sides protrudes a shield 5 feet wide, providing half cover for any who duck behind it. Once this feature has been used it cannot be used again until the next dawn.

Hand-Wraps of the Gentle Fist

Wonderous item, rare (requires attunement)

These cloth hand-wraps are in-printed with a series of arcane runes that form a script along its centre. Whilst wearing these hand-wraps you gain a +2 to attack and damage rolls with unarmed strikes and natural weapon attacks.

Furthermore, twice per long rest, you can form a blast of compressed air as an action that strikes a foe within 30ft of you. Choose a target and it must make a Strength saving throw (DC = 8 + profiency + wisdom modifier) or take 3d8 bludgeoning damage and be knocked 10ft away. On a successful save the target takes half the damage and isn't knocked away.

Head of Tails

Wonderous item, uncommon

A gold coin with the imagery of a woman's head on one side and a dragon's tail on the other. As a reaction to a roll you make, you can call "heads" or "tails" and flip the coin, roll a d100, 1-50 you call correctly, 51-100 you call incorrectly.

On a successful call, you gain gain advantage on the roll you used it for. On a failed call, you gain disadvantage.


Ring, uncommon

A simple iron ring with an emerald in its centre, these rings come in a set with additional rings being able to be added to the link. Whilst wearing this ring you can communicate with any other ring within the set telepathically in a range of 500ft.

Hollowthorn Poison

Potion, very rare

This clear liquid is made from the extract of a Witch's Brush flower, when ingested it slowly kills the target over 24 hours and destroys itself after the same time frame.

Holy Symbol of [Insert God Here]

Wonderous item, uncommon

A simple gold symbol to the god of the user. Whilst attuned, it grants a +1 to religion checks and wisdom saving throws.

Limbo Dart

Weapon (dart), rare

This small metal dart has a compartment for Limbo a psychoactive drug that distorts someones reality to make them confused and unaware of their situation. When hit the target must a DC:16 Constitution saving throw or be blinded, deafened and stunned for one minute. A creature can make a new saving throw each time they takes damage.

Obedience Collar

Wonderous item, uncommon

This steel collar has a series of small lightning crystals imbedded on the inner side of the collar, when activated it enforces the owners will, preventing the wearer from disobeying the commands and will of the owner. On a discharge the targets takes 1d6 lightning damage.

Phantasm Axe

Weapon (battleaxe), rare (require attunement)

This dark steel axe has a constellation of runes inscribed over its blade that pulse in different configurations each time the axe is thrown. This axe has 3 charges which it regains after a short rest. When attuned to this weapon you gain a +1 to attack and damage rolls when attacking with this weapon, additionally when you throw this weapon you may expend one of the charges to teleport to the location of the axe as a bonus action. The axe has a far range of 60ft and a normal range of 30ft.

Potion of Hide from Undead

Potion, rare

When you drink this potion, you become undetectable by all undead for a minute.

Potion of Manticore Flight

Potion, rare

When you drink this potion, you gain two draconic wings and a flying speed of 60ft for 1 minute.

Potion of Many Eyes

Potion, rare

When you drink this potion you gain the ability to touch a point and view it from a distance under the effects of the scrying spell for 1 hour. You may touch up to 3 points, once a point has been placed it cannot be replaced. The effects of this potion can be detected by detection spells like detect magic.

Quarterstaff of the Gentle Palm

Weapon (quaterstaff), rare (requires attunement)

A simple wooden qyarterstaff that when held calms the wielder. You gain a +2 to attack and damage rolls with weapon and advantage on persuasion checks during combat.

Quarterstaff of the Mist

Weapon (quarterstaff), rare (requires attunement)

A simple wooden quarterstaff with a small sapphire embedded into its frame, upon looking into the sapphire you can see mist swirling inside. Whilst the bearer is attuned to the staff, misty step can travel 45 feet instead of 30ft.

Additionally, the user can expend all of their movement to hover 5ft in air, then gaining a flying speed equal half their movement speed until the drop to the ground.

Quarterstaff of the Troubled Soul

Weapon (quarterstaff), rare (requires attunement)

This simple wooden quarterstaff, has a series of obscure carvings etched into its frame. This quarterstaff has 3 charges that reset at dawn. You gain a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls with this weapon, and as an action you can expend a charge to cast the Darkness spell from the staff as you project your inner conflict outwards.

Curse: Whilst this item is equipped you struggle to make good or bad moral choices as the situation opting to stay neutral in all scenarios never giving a clear answer.

Scimitar of the Fey Court

Weapon (scimitar), rare

A wooden scimitar, covered in a series of vine and flowers that sprout from its form. You gain a +2 to attack and damage rolls with this weapon, it can also act as a spell-casting focus.

As an action, you can charge the scimitar with an elemental effect allowing it to deal an additional 1d6 of damage.

Serpentine Dagger of Ubuth'ra

Weapon (dagger), rare (requires attunement)

This dagger made of out serpentine gemstone, hums with the energy of a demigod. You have a +2 to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon. When this dagger impacts a surface or creature you can choose to teleport to the blade, or let it stay where it is. On subsequent turns, you can use a bonus action to teleport to the blade or teleport it back to you.


Weapon (rapier), uncommon

This iron rapier is made from dark steel, and seems to blend with the shadows. You have a +1 to attack and damage rolls made with this weapon and gain advantage on stealth checks whilst in darkness.

Shield of Protection

Armour (shield), rare

This iron shield is engraved with several arcane runes and although slightly worn away, they shine as if they had just been carved. As an action, you and one ally within 15ft you choose gain resistance to all non-magical damage until the end of your next turn, once used you cannot use this ability until you take a long rest

Spelljammer Bracelets

Wonderous item, very rare (requires attunment)

These bracelts have been crafted for skilled Spelljammers for subtle use, these braclets look like a gold chain that connects to the thumb and middle finger via gold rings and gold chain. The braclet contains 1d6 +2 charges which it regains daily at dawn, while attuned you can expend 2 charges to cast counter spell at 3rd level, or a level higher for an additional charge.

Starter's Guide to the Alchemical Arts

Wonderous item, common

This leather bound book teaches a person the basic skills they need to gain proficieny in Alchemist's Tools and Alchemy. After reading the book for an hour the reader gains proficiency in Alchemist's Tools.

Static Quarterstaff

Staff (quaterstaff), uncommon

This dark steel quarterstaff is shaped into a three pronged fork at its peak, with a series of runes inscribed on the side which charge with electricity that arks between the three prongs. When hit the target takes an additional 2d6 lightning damage and has a 10% chance to be stunned.

The Executioner's Chain

Weapon (chain), rare

The chain can be used both as a ranged and melee weapon, it has a reach of 5/15ft and on a hit deals (1d8 piercing damage + strength mod + proficiency). On a successful attack you can attempt to wrap an enemy in the chain to do so, you must make a contested Athletics vs Acrobatics check (Like a grapple). If the targeted creature fails, they are knocked prone and their speed becomes 0 until they are freed.

As an action if the creature is wrapped in the chain, you can rapidly unwind the chain dealing 4d6 slashing damage as the creature is lacerated by the chain.

The Singer's Sword

Weapon (rapier), very rare (requires attunement)

A rapier with a complex hilt shapes to look like musical note. This rapier can be used as a spell-casting focus for purpose of casting spells. You gain a +1 to attack and damage rolls with this weapon.

Luck of the Sagas. Once per day, you can re-roll any one attack roll, ability check or saving throw. Taking the new roll as if it were the original.

It Takes Two to Tango. Once per day, when you give inspiration to an ally, you also recover a spell slot of up to 3rd level.

The Wizard's Compass

Wonderous item, rare (requires attunement)

A golden compass etched with a series of discreet runes which block outside forces from tracking the users current location. Whilst attuend to the compass, you cannot be tracked by any magical means.

As an action, you can spend a minute focusing on the compass to extend the range of its magic to up to 3 creatures of your choice.

Thunderous Whip

Weapon (whip), uncommon

This dark steel handle has an electrically charged crystal in its hilt, when activated a long whip of pure electricity aperates into the space. This whip when used deals an additional 2d6 lightning damage and has a 10% chance to grant a point of exhaustion.

Tip Tappin' Tap Dancin' Tappers

Wonderous item, rare

While wearing these "magical" shoes, the only way you can move is through tap dancing. You have disadvantage on Dexterity checks and saving throws, but advantage on Persuasion, Performance and Deception checks while wearing these shoes.

Tranquilizer Arrow

Wonderous item , uncommon

This arrow has a large needle-like arrowhead attached to a glass container for the tranquilizer, when this arrow successfully hits a target the creature must make a DC:16 Constitution saving throw or be knocked unconscious for 1 minute. Whilst the creature is unconscious other creatures can use an action to wake the creature, or when it takes damage it wakes.

Wyvern Leather Armour

Armor (studded leather), uncommon

The breastplate and shoulder protectors of this armor are made of Wyvern leather that has been stiffened by being boiled in oil. The rest of the armor is made of softer and more flexible materials. You do not need proficiency to wear this armour and it does no impose any disadvantages.

Flora of Elusis


Dracculi Flower

Flora, rare (value: 20g)

A rare crimson flower with black seeds this flower is found in areas where a lot of people or creatures die. This flower during its life gains its colour from the nurtrients in the blood and creatures killed around it.


Flora, rare (value: 20g)

This thicker grass has different colours depending on the type of dragon that used to live there or current lives there. Depending on the dragon it can have a different effect in potions and poisons.

Fox Tounge

Flora, uncommon (value: 15g)

This light redish herb's seeds are spread via the saliva of fox's thus its name. It can made into a Speak with Animals potion or poison.


Flora, common (value: 5g)

This small vine is covered in a nettle like skin, which protects its squishier inteior. If the skin is peeled away, the flesh on the inside is considered by many to be incredibly tasty. Nettlevine flesh is most commonly used for the preperation of food, as it is can be dried as a subsitute to salt and other standard seasonings.

When brewed it can be made into a Minor Heroes Feast Potion.

Turned into a poison, the flesh creates a hallucinagenic affect in the poison called Mirage Cuisine.

Queen's Bur

Flora, very rare (value: 30g)

This gold coloured flower gleams in the sunlight and seems to radiate a slight glow wherever it is, a small and hard black seed sits in the centre of its crown-like bloom. When plucked the flower glows with a dim light 5ft in every direction, and wilts after 46 hours, at which point the seed detaches and falls to the ground.

When used to make potions, this flower can be made into a radiant healing potion, a potion of minor radience, or a potion of light. If made into a poison, it can be made into Blindman's Poison, Yellowfairy and Devil's Grave.

Rabbit's Vine

Flora, rare (value: 20g)

This twisted vine like root, has a series of small leaves that look like rabbit's ears. When brewed into a potion you can create the following: Jump Potion, Rabbit's Pace Potion, Pass Without a Trace Potion. If brewed into a poison, you can create the following: Rabbit's Feet Poison, Ear-Splitter Poison.


Flora, common (value: 5g)

This thorn covered plant stem is topped with a wheat like head filled with tiny seeds, almost pollen-esque. When used in alchemical solutions, the thistlethorn releases a mild paralytic poison which can stun a target after ingestion for 1 minute.

Whistling Fruit

Flora, rare (value: 20g)

A strange plum-like fruit that grows in area with a lot of wind, these strange fruits grow with a gap in the centre where their seed is. As wind blows through it creates a whistling sound to eminate. It has been said that when made into alchemical solutions, it can cause or cure drowsiness.


Flora, uncommon (value: 15g)

This small green snap-pea like plant, grows in area with a lot of darkness and no wind activity. Used in alchemical solutions, it can be made into concotion to cause deafness, or cure it.

Wyldling Root

Flora, common (value: 5g)

This wooden root is commonplace among the trees in the Anecastre region, when used in alchemical solutions the root grants the drinker a hardiness as their skin slighty hardens similar to a trees bark. A person who drinks a potion made with this root, gains a +1 to their AC for a minute.

Witch's Brush

Flora, very rare (value: 30g)

Grows in dark places where hags and witches live, due to the dark presence they leave this flower is used in a very deadly toxin known as Hollowthorn Potion

Alchemy and Herbalism

Within Elusis, many would be adventurers delve into the secret of Alchemy and Herbalism in attempts to find new ways to prepare against the dangers of the world, in this section we touch on the a set of new rules that outline the steps players need to take to perform alchemical works.

Basics of Alchemy

To even begin learning alchemy a player must first have found and read the Starter's Guide to the Alchemical Arts which is a fairly common book within the world. Although this is up to DM interpretation and players that have proficiency with alchemict's tools could skip this step.

From here players can collect plants, herbs, roots and other natural ingrediants to create potions, poisons and other alchemical works. Below is a list of all the new potions, their ingedients and the cost to make them, all potions start with holy water and all poisons start with tainted water.

When making potions, the alchemy skill is your Intelligence modifier + your proficiency (if proficient). The DC for the roll gets higher depending on the rarity of the potion or poison. Common starts at DC:10, and each tier increases the DC by 2 or 3 up to DM's discretion.


Potions of Resistance

Potion, rare

Ingredients: 150g worth of Holy Water, 200g worth of Dragongrass of the colour of resistance you want. 50g worth of Alchemist's supplies.

Once brewed this potion becomes a resistance potion to the type of elemental damage your dragongrass was.

Speak with Animals Potion

Potion, uncommon

Ingredients: 50g worth of Holy Water, 200g worth of Fox Tounge, 50g worth of Alchemist's supplies.

When you drink this potion you gain the ability to talk to animals for 1 minute.

Minor Heroes Feast Potion

Potion, uncommon

Ingredients: 50g worth of Holy Water, 40g worth of Nettlevine, 50g worth of Alchemist's supplies

When you drink this potion you are cured of one disease or poison, you are immune to being poisoned, and you gain 1d8 temporary hit points. These effects last 24 hours.

Radiant Healing Potion

Potion, very rare

Ingredients: 200g worth of Holy Water, 150g worth of Queen's Bur, 50g worth of Alchemist's supplies

When you drink this potion you gain 2d8 + 4 hit points back alongside temporary hit points equal to your roll.

Potion of Minor Radiance

Potion, rare

Ingredients: 150g worth of Holy Water, 90g worth of Queen's Bur, 50g worth of Alchemist's supplies.

When you drink this potion, for one minute, all undead has disadvantage against attacks roll against you and you gain resistance to necrotic damage.

Potion of Light

Potion, uncommon

Ingredients: 100g worth of Holy Water, 60g worth of Queen's Bur, 50g worth of Alchemist's supplies.

When you drink this potion, you glow as if under the effects of the light spell. This potion can be poured onto other objects to incur the same effect.

Jump Potion

Potion, uncommon

Ingredients: 100g worth of Holy Water, 60g worth of Rabbit's Vine, 50g worth of Alchemist's supplies.

When you drink this potion, you gain the effects of the jump spell for a minute.

Rabbit's Pace Potion

Potion, rare

Ingredients: 150g worth of Holy Water, 100g worth of Rabbit's Vine, 50g worth of Alchemist's supplies.

When you drink this potion, your walking speed is doubled for one minute.

Pass Without a Trace Potion

Potion, uncommon

Ingredients: 100g worth of Holy Water, 60g worth of Rabbit's Vine, 50g worth of Alchemist's supplies.

When you drink this potion, you gain the effects of Pass Without A Trace for 1 minute.

Cure Deafness Potion

Potion, common

Ingredients: 25g worth of Holy Water, 30g worth of Willowsnap, 50g worth of Alchemist's supplies.

When you drink this potion you cured of deafness.

Wylding Potion

Potion, uncommon

Ingredients: 50g worth of Holy Water,50g worth of Wyldling Root, 50g worth of Alchemist's supplies.

When you drink this potion, you gain a +1 to your AC as your skin hardens and gains a root like texture and complexion.

Vampire's Blessing Potion

Potion, rare

Ingredients: 100g worth of Holy Water, 100g worth of Dracculi Flower, 50g worth of Alchemist's supplies.

When you drink this potion you become more receptive to healing magic and kits. For the next minute, all healing you gain does an extra 1d8.

Whilstling Potion

Potion, uncommon

Ingredients: 50g worth of Holy Water, 60g worth of Whistling Fruit, 50g worth of Alchemist's supplies.

This slightly clear blue potion has an almost sweet scent to it, when thrown at a creature it and each creature within 5ft must make a Constitution saving throw (DC:16) or fall unconcious sleeping as a blue mist hovers in the air, these creatures sleep until woken by either damage or as an action by another creature.

Ogre's Tenacity Potion

Potion, rare

Ingredients: 100g worth of Holy Water, 450g worth of Ogre Bone Dust, 50g worth of Alchemist's supplies.

When you drink this potion you gain the constitution traits of a Ogre, for the next minute you are immune to being poisoned and have advantage on all constitution saving throws.


Vulnerability Poison

Poison, rare

Ingredients: 150g worth of Tainted Water, 200g worth of Dragongrass of the colour of vulnerability you want. 50g worth of Alchemist's supplies.

When ingested this poison causes a creature to gain vulnerability to the chosen damage for 1 minute.

Wild Cacaphony Poison

Poison, uncommon

Ingredients: 100g worth of Tainted Water, 60g worth of Fox Tounge, 50g worth of Alchemist's supplies.

When ingested this poison causes a creature to be deafened as a wild cacaphony of animals screeches blocks their hearing for an hour.

Mirage Cuisine Poison

Poison, very rare

Ingredients: 200g worth of Tainted Water, 300g worth of Nettlevine, 50g worth of Alchemist's supplies.

When ingested this poison causes a creature to feel the following effects for 24 hours; the creature makes saving throws against poisons, wisdom and frighten effects at disadvantage

Blindman's Poison

Poison, uncommon

Ingredients: 100g worth of Tainted Water, 30g worth of Queen's Bur, 50g worth of Alchemist's supplies.

When ingested this poison blinds a creature for 1 minute.


Poison, rare

Devil's Grace

Poison, very rare

Rabbit's Feet

Poison, uncommon


Poison, common

Sands of Sleep

Poison, uncommon


Poison, uncommon

Thistlethorn Poison

Potion, uncommon

This viscous brown liquid can cause a paralytic effect when ingested by a creature, either being hit by the poison or after ingesting it, the creature must a DC:16 Constitution saving throw or be paralyzed for a minute. Being able to make a saving throw each time they take damage.

Hollowthron "Silent Sally" Poison

Potion, legendary

This clear liquid is made from the extract of a Witch's Brush flower, when ingested it slowly kills the target over 24 hours and destroys itself after the same time frame.

Vampiric Health Poison

Poison, very rare

Balms and other Alchemical Creations

Ogre Bone Balm

Wonderous item, rare

This pale kinetic sand-like balm, can be used to stabilize a creature and protect them from death as an action. Once its been used, it cannot be reused.

Others Ingredients

Ogre Bone Dust

Wonderous item, uncommon (value: 150g)

This fine dust is made from the bones of Ogres, which is then refined through an intricate alchemical process to purify the dust to its most useful components. When used in alchemical solutions two different things can occur, if made into a balm it gains a kinetic sand like property and can be used to stabilize someone who has fallen unconcious. If made into a potion, it can used to strengthen a person's constitution, for a minute the drinker has advantage on Constitution saving throw and immunity to being poisoned.

Oni Tea Leaves

Wonderous item, rare (value: 450g)

These distinct light red tea leaves have an earthy smell about them, made from the body of an Oni from the Jungles of Ubuth'ra. This tea, once infused in water bestows the drinker with +2 to their strength score for 1 hour. This effect cannot stack and only works once per day per person, there are a number of tea leaves equal to 1d6+2.

This effect also only affects humanoids and those that can process tea properly, constructs or construct-like creatures are unaffected, so are undead and plants.

School of the Blood Mage

Blood Magic is the ability to use ones own or someone else's blood to form the basis of arcane spells. Considered one of the earliest forms of magic and one of the most dangerous due to its controversial history, blood magic is easily learnt but hard to find. Within Elusis's present day, almost all copies of blood magic tomes have been hidden away or burned, with many still out in the wild buried in ancient ruins of previous civilizations and empires.

Although the tomes and hard copies of blood magic are hard to find, warlock patrons and some gods depending on their affiliation with blood magic would be able to grant the use of it to their follower, however, it is not a light topic and those that gain access to this school of magic will need to keep their abilities under wraps as the use of blood magic is still looked down upon in many regions and in some its punishable by arcane nullification.

Blood magic is usuable by almost all classes due to its ease of use.

Burning Blood


  • Casting Time: 1 action
  • Range: 120ft
  • Components: V,S
  • Duration: Instantaneous

You choose one creature that you can see within range, as you boil the blood of the target. The creature takes 1d8 fire damage, as their blood boils, if its below its half its hit point maximum its takes 1d12 fire damage instead.

This spell's damage increases by 1d8 or 1d12 when you reach 5th level (2d8/2d12), 11th level (3d8/3d12) and 17th level (4d8/4d12).



  • Casting Time: 1 action
  • Range: 60ft
  • Components: V,S
  • Duration: Instantaneous

You target a creature that is below its hit point maximum and force its wound to bleed profusely. The target makes a constitution saving throw, or takes 1d4 necrotic damage each turn until it makes its save.

This spell’s damage increases by 1d4 when you reach 5th level (2d4), 11th level (3d4), and 17th level (4d4).

Inflict Minor Wounds


  • Casting Time: 1 action
  • Range: Touch
  • Components: V,S
  • Duration: Instantaneous

Make a melee spell attack against a creature you can reach. On a hit, the target takes 1d10 necrotic damage.

This spell’s damage increases by 1d10 when you reach 5th level (2d10), 11th level (3d10), and 17th level (4d10).

Coagulated Blast

1st-level blood

  • Casting Time: 1 action
  • Range: 60 feet
  • Components: V,S
  • Duration: Instantaneous

A ball of coagulated blood forms from you and fires towards a creature within range. You take 1d6 necrotic damage, then make a ranged spell attack against the target. On a hit the target takes 2d8 poison damage + 1d6 necrotic damage.

At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 2nd level or higher, the damage increase by 1d8 and the additional damage by 1d6 for each slot above first.


2nd-level blood

  • Casting Time: 1 action
  • Range: 60ft
  • Components: V, M, S (a small vial of blood mixed with Willowsnap Extract)
  • Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute

You siphon blood and infuse it into a target you can see within range, the target must make a Wisdom saving throw or fall prey to the illusonary properties of the blood, cuasing them to see vivid visions and objects that blind them in a kaledioscope of horror. For 1 minute the target is blinded and their speed reduced to 0, at the end of the each turn they may make an additional save to break free of the effects.

Claret Spear

2nd-level blood

  • Casting Time: 1 action
  • Range: 60ft
  • Components: M
  • Duration: Instantaneous

You draw blood from yourself and form it into a series of hardened blood spear that float around you. As an action, you can summon a number of spear equal to your spellcasting modifier that float around you. As a bonus action, you can then make a ranged spell attack against a target, on a hit the target takes 2d4 + your spellcasting modifier necrotic damage.

Scarlet Repulse

2nd-level blood

  • Casting Time: 1 reaction
  • Range: Self
  • Components: S,V
  • Duration: Instantaneous

As a reaction to a melee attack, and before it is rolled. You project an aura of scarlet mist that obscures a creatures sight. Until the start of your next turn, all melee attacks against you have disadvantage including the triggering attack.

Delayed Cauterize

2nd-level blood

  • Casting Time: 1 bonus action
  • Range: Touch
  • Components: V,M
  • Duration: Instantaneous

As an action you magically infuse altered blood into a target, the first time they take damage after this spell is cast it activates, healing the creature for 3d6 + your spellcasting modifier.

At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 3nd level or higher, the healing increases by 1d6 for each slot level above 2nd.

Bloodied Siphon

3rd-level blood

  • Casting Time: 1 action
  • Range: 30ft
  • Components: V,S
  • Duration: Instantaneous

You target a creature that is below its hit point maximum, and siphon their blood to heal yourself. Make a ranged spell attack against a creature within 30ft. On a hit, the target takes 6d8 necrotic damage and you regain half the amount of necrotic damage back in hit points.

At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 4th level or higher, the damage increases by 1d8 for each slot level above 3rd.

Infuse Blood

3rd-level blood

  • Casting Time: 1 action
  • Range: Touch
  • Components: V,S
  • Duration: 1 minute

You touch a willing creature and infuse some of your blood into the target, for the duration of the spell it has advantage on checks and saving throws with one ability you choose.

Entropic Shield

4th-level blood

  • Casting Time: 1 action
  • Range: Self
  • Components: M, S (a small pouch of ash)
  • Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute

You pull blood from your body and form it into a shield of magical darkness that swirls around you, as you cast this spell you take 2d10 necrotic damage to fuel it. You can end this spell by using an action to dismiss it. Whilst the shield exists you gain resistance to necrotic damage and all undead creatures are deterred.

In addition, whenever a creature within 5 feet of you hits you with a melee attack, the shield drains the creature of its essence. The target takes 2d8 necrotic damage and you regain half the damage as hit points.

At Higher Levels. When at cast at a higher level, the damage increase by 1d8 for each level above 4th.

Blood Curse

6th-level blood

  • Casting Time: 1 action
  • Range: Touch
  • Components: V,S
  • Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute

You touch a creature and suffuse a blood curse within their body, if the creature is concious of the spell being cast they can make a Constitution saving throw. On a failure, the curse takes effect and when cast you may choose the nature of the curse from the following options:

  • Choose one ability score. For the next minute it is reduced by 1 at the start of each round, to a minimum of 2.
  • While cursed, the target's eyes are clouded and they are blinded for the duration.
  • While cursed, the target hit point maximum is reduced by half.
  • Every two rounds the creature gains one point of exhaustion.

A remove curse spell ends this effect. At the DM's option, you may choose an alternative curse effect, but it should be no more powerful than those described above. The Dm has final say on such a curse's effect.

At Higher Levels. If you cast this spell using a spell slot of 4th level or higher, the duration is concentration, up to 10 minutes. If you use a spell slot of 5th level or higher, the duration is 8 hours. If you use a spell slot of 7th level or higher, the duration is 24 hours. If you use a 9th level spell slot, the spell lasts until it is dispelled. Using a spell slot of 5th level or higher grants a duration that doesn't require concentration.

Crimson Puppeteer

6th-level blood

  • Casting Time: 1 action
  • Range: 60 feet
  • Components: V, S
  • Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute

You magically siphon long strands of your own blood and attempt to attach them to a creature within 60ft of you. You take 4d6 necrotic damage which bypasses resistances. The target must then succeed on a Dexterity saving throw or become attached to the strings and become a puppet rendering it unconscious. Whilst unconscious in this way the caster has full control over the creature, being able to move, make attacks and cast spells with them, however, the affected creature has disadvantage on attack rolls. An affected creature can make a saving throw to break the effect each time they take damage.

Sanguine Augmentation

7th-level blood

  • Casting Time: 1 action
  • Range: Touch
  • Components: M*
  • Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute

You shift and augment the make-up of a person's blood to grant them abilities past their normal limits. When you cast this spell choose one of the three benefits, granting it to the creature targeted.

Crimson Fists: You shift the properties of the blood going to the hands of the target, granting them unnatural strength. For the duration, melee attacks deal an additional 2d12 force damage and each hit knocks the target back 10ft. You also gain advantage on strength checks involving your hands.

Crimson Surge: You shift the properties of blood rushing to the targets legs. For the duration, the targets movement speed and jump height/length is doubled and attacks of opportunity have disadvantage. You also gain advantage on dexterity checks involving your legs.

Crimson Senses: You shift the properties of blood rushing to the head. For the duration, the target's is granted darkvision up to 60ft, or if they already have darkvision it is doubled, they also gained blindsight up to 60ft as well. Additionally, they gain advantage on all checks involving sight, sound or taste.

School of the Temporal

One of the newer forms of magic, Temporal magic was the creation of the Circle of Arcanum Mortis who drew about the manipulation of reality through extensive research and experimentation, the product of such diligence is a school of magic that focuses on harnessing the potential of reality and the bending and manipluation of it to the casters benefit.

Only accessible through arcane means, temporal magic is even more rare than Blood Magic, with the Circle almost defiantly refusing to teach outsiders unless they can prove themselves worthy. Even members of the circle in more recent years have learnt less and less of the art, as the circle grows more weary of the dangers of temporal magic.

Wizard, Warlocks, Sorcerors and Bards can learn this school of magic.

Split Fate

3rd-level temporal

  • Casting Time: 1 reaction
  • Range: Self
  • Components: V, M (a single tarot card)
  • Duration: Instantaneous

You split the possible versions of this timeline in two giving you a chance to appear in a more favourable scenario. As a reaction to a dice roll, successful or not. You can choose to have the dice rerolled, the new roll must then be used as if it were the original.


3rd-level temporal

  • Casting Time: 1 action
  • Range: Touch
  • Components: V,S,M (A handful of sand from a sand timer)
  • Duration: Concentration, to 1 minute

You touch an object that weighs up to 25 pounds and cause it to be suspended in space for a minute, whilst suspended a person can make an Athletics check agains your (spell save dc +5) to move the object up to 5ft in any direction. If the object is being worn, then the indivdual wearing it can escape as an action if it is their armor like hide or studded leather. or a bonus if it is a sword or other smaller object.


3rd-level temporal

  • Casting Time: 1 action
  • Range: 30ft
  • Components: V,S
  • Duration: Instantaneous

You target a creature you can see within range and attempt to warp their defenses. As an action, you can target a creature you can see within 30ft, the target must then make a Constitution saving throw or become vulnerable to all damage until the start of your next turn.

At Higher Levels. When this spell is cast at higher levels, the number of creatures you can target increase by 1 for each level above 3rd.

Summon Shade

4th-level temporal

  • Casting Time: 1 action
  • Range: 90ft
  • Components: V, M, S (A broken clock)
  • Duration: Concentration, up to 1 hour

You call forth a shade of yourself from a potential past to aid you in combat. The shade manifests physically in an unoccupied space that you can see within range. This corporeal form uses the Shade stat block below. The creature physically resembles a vaguely humanoid form wreathed in the swirling grey shadows The creature disappears when it drops to 0 hit points or when the spell ends.

The creature is friendly to you and your companions for the spell’s duration. In combat, the creature shares your initiative count, but it takes its turn immediately after yours. It obeys verbal commands that you issue to it (no action required by you). If you don’t issue any, it defends itself but otherwise takes no action.

At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 5th level or higher, the creature assumes the higher level for that casting wherever it uses the spell’s level in its stat block.


Medium anomaly, neutral

  • Armor Class 10 + the level of the spell (natural armor)
  • Hit Points equal's the caster's Constitution modifier + your spellcasting ability modifier + ten times the spell's level
  • Speed 40ft.

14 (+2) 11 (+1) 10 (+0) 16 (+3) 10 (+0) 14 (+2)

  • Damage Resistances none
  • Damage Immunities posion
  • Condition Immunities exhaustion, paralyzed, petrified, poisoned, unconcious
  • Senses darkvision 60ft, passive Perception 10
  • Languages Understands the languages you know

Spellcasting. If the shade is of a spellcaster, it gains 3 spells below 5th level that it can cast once each. The caster may choose the 3 s


Multiattack. The shade makes a number of attacks equal to half this spell’s level (rounded down).

Slam. Melee Weapon Attack: +4 + the spell’s level to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 1d10 + 4 + the spell’s level bludgeoning damage.

Cast a spell. Cast one of its 3 spells.


5th-level temporal

  • Casting Time: 1 action
  • Range: Touch
  • Components: M, V, S (a small piece of golden thread)
  • Duration: 1 minute

You touch a target of your choice and grant them the ability to harness unused potential timelines to react multiple times in combat. As an action, you can grant a target an additional reaction to use for one minute. Once the minute is over they gain a single point of exhaustion, due to the rebound of the spell.

Astral Shatter

6st-level necromancy

  • Casting Time: 1 action
  • Range: 60 feet
  • Components: S, V
  • Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute

You shatter a creature amongst its various possibilities, breaking it into multiple facets of itself. As an action chose a creature within range, an unwilling target must then make a Wisdom saving throw or be split into two. Both creatures have half of the original hit points with the new form/s having half damage, -2 to their DC's and only being able to use one action and movement per turn. When a duplicate is killed it is returned to the host, and the hosts hit point maximum goes up by the amount lost.

At Higher Levels. Casting this spell at higher levels increases the number of the times the creature splits by 1, additionally the hit points are halved again for each successive split after the first.


2nd-level divination

  • Casting Time: 1 action
  • Range: Self
  • Components: M, S (discarded gum wrapper, a small doll)
  • Duration: Until dispelled

A flame, equivalent in brightness to a torch, springs from from an object that you touch. The effect look like a regular flame, but it creates no heat and doesn't use oxygen. A continual flame can be covered or hidden but not smothered or quenched.

Temporal Void

6th-level temporal

  • Casting Time: 1 action
  • Range: 60ft
  • Components: V, S, M (a hollow cube)
  • Duration: 1 round

As an action, you create a cube of void around one creature you can see within range, the target must then make a Wisdom saving throw, on a failure the cube closes and the creature vanishes into a realm of void. Each time the creature begins its turn in the realm it takes 3d10 psychic damage and makes a Wisdom saving throw against the maddening effects of the plane.

On a subsequent failure they must then roll on the short-time madness tables. If the creature spends the full minute in the realm it must make a Wisdom saving throw, on a fail it then rolls on the indefinite madness table before being returned to the material plane. At the end of each turn the creature can make a new Wisdom saving throw to break free of its confinement.

At Higher Levels. If cast at a higher level, the damage increases by 1d10 for each level above 6th.

Realised Potential

8th-level temporal

  • Casting Time: 1 action
  • Range: Touch
  • Components: V, S
  • Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute

You touch a creature granting it access to its full potential for one minute, choose one ability score and for the next minute it is raised to 30. Once the spell ends, the target gains 3 points of exhaustion.

Infinite Planes

9th-level temporal

  • Casting Time: 1 action
  • Range: 120 feet
  • Components: V, S, M (a kaledioscope)
  • Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute

You open a portal to realm of kalediscoping planes and attempt to banish one creature you choose within range to it. As an action, choose one creature within range, the target must then make a Wisdom saving throw or be banished to a world of infinite phantasmagoric planes. Once banished the creature cannot leave with anything less with a wish spell, and no creature can enter the plane either through magical means. If the spell is held for a full minute the effect becomes permanent.

Maps of the World

The following pages will contain a series of maps from across Elusis for use within your campaign.

Maps in Order of Appearance:

Credits and Thanks

There are a few people I would like to credit and thank for their contribution to this enormous project.

The Homebrewery.

I used their platform to get the base look and feel down for this book, and without their website I don't think this would've progressed in the ways it has.

My Players.

Without them, many of these ideas wouldn't have been developed nearly as much, their efforts to push the campaigns enabled me to delve further and further into my lore and flesh out this world to its limits. Below is a list of the players, the characters they played and the contributions whether directly or indirectly have impacted the content of this book!


Campaigns in:

  • Shadows Over Emberhold: Kevin McDow, Dragonborn Fighter

Direct Contributions

Indirect Contributions

  • History of Emberhold


Campaigns in:

  • Revenant's Vow: Barry Mcfarlane, Gnome Bard

Direct Contributions

  • The Lute of Keliedz'ah

Indirect Contributions

  • Further history surroundings the old empires and the role bards played.
  • Dwarvish history and Caste system.

Chris H

Campaigns in:

  • Revenant's Vow: Grothkarr of the Clan Gathakan, Goliath Paladin/Fighter

Direct Contributions

  • The Leiptr Warhammer
  • The Gathakan Clan

Indirect Contributions

  • History of the Goliaths and Giants
  • Lore and Mythos behind the All-Tree

Chris R

Campaigns in:

  • Curse of Strahd: Bailey Miller, High Elf Wizard

  • Cult of the Dragon: Bella Rose, Human Monk

Direct Contributions

  • Events surrounding Tarsov

Indirect Contributions


Campaigns in:

  • Revenant's Vow: Gemdora, Goliath Warlock

Direct Contributions

  • D&D Chubbs


Campaigns in:

  • Curse of Strahd: Uthal Dawncaller Thunukalathi, Goliath Barbarian

  • Cult of the Dragon: Evelyn Dobaahj Vo'Rahkiin, Air Genasi Rogue & Luther Graythais, Halfling Bard

  • Shadows in the Sand: Varka Xailen, Half Orc (later reincarnated to) Wood Elf Fighter/Druid

  • Journey into the Deep: Kadence, Warforged Warlock

Direct Contributions

  • Events surrounding Tarsov

Indirect Contributions

  • History of the Dujhal Territories
  • Background behind Edinmount


Campaigns in:

  • Revenant's Vow: Boblin, Goblin Rogue

Direct Contributions

  • Boblin the Goblin

Indirect Contributions


Campaigns in:

  • Revenant's Vow: Wragwen Delmierv, Dragonborn Fighter/Paladin

Direct Contributions

  • Aecris

Indirect Contributions

  • History of the Umbra Keep
  • Lore behind the Lost Legion of Nerath


Campaigns in:

  • Curse of Strahd: Katerina To'ana (Katja), Half Elf Bard

  • Cult of the Dragon: Lysilya Korianthra, Aasimar Paladin & 3, Warforged Barbarian/Druid

  • Shadows in the Sand: Darien Jolora, Half Elf Rogue/Fighter

  • Journey into the Deep: Kynan Shar, Aasimar Paladin & Zo'xia Ayria, Satyr Druid

Direct Contributions

  • History and Desposition of the Nightmother
  • Su'urisy'dan
  • Umbral Glaive
  • So much subclass balancing.... so much

Indirect Contributions

  • Personalities of the Gods and their Views of the World


Campaigns in:

  • Revenant's Vow: Kiara Black, Changeling Monk & Kygo, Changeling Sorcerer

Direct Contributions

  • History of the Changelings
  • The Explicitus
  • Aspects of The Iron Night

Indirect Contributions


Campaigns in:

  • Revenant's Vow: Kenrai Emberash, Fire Genasi Cleric

Direct Contributions

  • Blood Magic
  • History of Nerath

Indirect Contributions

  • Blood Magic, Temporal Magic and Spirit Magic
  • The Ideology of The Lord in Void


Campaigns in:

  • Journey into the Deep: Grim, Tiefling Warlock

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  • The Underworld of Elusis
  • Flora & the Alchemy system


Campaigns in:

  • Shadows Over Emberhold: Cal'Drogo, Half-Orc Barbarian

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Campaigns in:

  • Curse of Strahd: Baldin Bulgarson, Dwarf Fighter

  • Cult of the Dragon: Sprinkle, Earth Genasi?

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Campaigns in:

  • Revenant's Vow: Danpher, Kenku Warlock & Dasil, Human Wizard &

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Campaigns in:

  • Cult of the Dragon: Vanaeris Arenlar, Half Elf Paladin

  • Shadows in the Sand: Aquillian Eltilt, Aarakocra Ranger/Monk/Bard

  • Journey into the Deep: Gavel, Warforged Paladin & Oscar Locke, Wood Elf Artificer

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Campaigns in:

  • Shadows Over Emberhold: Bingo, Halfling Rogue

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Campaigns in:

  • Shadows Over Emberhold: Vicerra Moreau, Tiefling Rogue

  • Cult of the Dragon: Rainfer Graymane, Human Fighter

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Campaigns in:

  • Revenant's Vow: Warith, Tortle Ranger

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