God Eater

A traveling enforcer walks by a group of merchants traveling, ensnaring their attention. They see an average looking fellow with an above average sized weapon and donned with a mysterious piece of jewelry. It looks as though a giant should be holding the weapon instead of this individual. The merchants continue on with there journey still gossiping and guessing as to how he wields such a large weapon with ease. Once they arrive to their destination, they are stunned to see that it is being raided by thieves and mercenaries. As the merchants try to help they are quickly pinned and held down as a large brute walks towards them. The brute begins to swing his axe as a man drops from the sky and whirls a large blade in a circle and knocks them all away. He takes a single step and leaps a great distance and cleaves more men ransacking the city. In mere minutes the town is clear of all those stealing and pillaging.

Adaptable Weapon

In the hills of a secluded valley, a hunter hides and watches as a women fights with blood-thirsty dire wolves. Going blow for blow with the great beasts,she slams one with extreme force knocking it to the ground. As she turns to face the remaining wolves, her weapon changes into a cannon and she takes aim. As the creatures lunge towards her she fires a shot which explodes on impact, injuring one of the wolves. Satisfied with the result, she begins firing again. Missing two shots she runs out of ammo as the last wolf circles her. Her cannon transforms again, this time into what can only be described as a dragon's head and within an instant it bites the wolf and rips a chunk out of it. Retreating into the weapon, the cannon glows and the woman fires a final shot and signals to the hunter that the area is safe.

Trials of the Gods

To become a God Eater is to endure unimaginable pain to acquire immense power. Many do not survive the challenges but if you do pass the rigorous physical and mental tests you are asked fate changing question's, "Do you accept the pain?"-"Do you accept your fate?". Upon answering you are given a brace on the arm that is a part of you. It can not be removed by any means without serious repercussions.

Creating a God Eater

God Eaters are prepared for any situation, whether it be adventuring or combat. This is reflected in their weapon and it's ability to adapt to the necessary need of a battle. God Eaters may be hired by others to hunt for profit or they may be free lancers hunting to eradicate the world of monsters. One must be trained and fit in order to handle being a God Eater. Though the duty feels thrust upon you, you select the God Arc you will use to fight your enemies.

Quick Build

You can make a God Eater quickly by following these steps. First, make Strength your highest ability score followed by Constitution. Second, choose the soldier background.

God Eater
Level Proficiency Bonus Features Rage Burst Rounds
1st +2 God Arc, Oracle Points, Devour, Rage Burst 1
2nd +2 Devouring Strike 1
3rd +2 Weapon Modification 1
4th +2 Ability Score Improvement 1
5th +3 Extra Attack 2
6th +3 Berserk Devouring 2
7th +3 Melee Modification 2
8th +3 Ability Score Improvement 2
9th +4 Shield Upgrade 2
10th +4 Ranged Modification 2
11th +4 Heart of The Warrior 3
12th +4 Ability Score Improvement, Melee Modification 3
13th +5 Overdrive 3
14th +5 Convert Tactics 3
15th +5 Cell Burst, Extra Attack 3
16th +5 Ability Score Improvement, Melee Modification 4
17th +6 - 4
18th +6 Unnatural Endurance 4
19th +6 Ability Score Improvement 4
20th +6 Divine Barrage 4

Class Features

As a God Eater, you gain the following class features

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d10 per level
Hit Points at First Level: 10 + your Constitution modifier
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d10 (or 6) + Constitution modifier per God Eater level after 1st


Armor: Light Armor, Medium Armor, Shields
Weapons: God Arc, Simple Weapons
Tools: Gaming Set

Saving Throws: Strength, Constitution
Skills: Choose three from Acrobatics, Athletics, Intimidation, Medicine, Nature, Perception, Persuasion, Stealth, and Survival


You start with the following equipment

  • (a) leather armor or (b) hide armor
  • (a) an explorer's pack or (b) a dungeoneer's pack
  • (a) a God Arc

God Arc

Being a God Eater gives you the ability to wield a powerful weapon known as the God Arc effortlessly. The weapon does not affect your weight while using it, and does not affect mobility. The God Arc possesses four forms, melee, ranged, shield, and predator. The God Arc cannot be destroyed or wielded by any other creature besides the owner. A creature, other than the owner, wielding the God Arc takes 1d6 damage each turn the weapon is held. If the God Arc is lost it can be resummoned after 1 hour of meditation. Wherever the God Arc may be, it will return as long as it is on the same plane.

You may use your bonus action to change your weapon between forms.


  • Damage: 2d6 slashing
  • Properties: Two-handed
  • Further upgraded through Melee Modifications (see below)


  • Damage: 1d12 piercing
  • Properties: (Range 100/400), 1 OP per bullet
  • Further upgraded through Ranged Modifications (see below)


  • Bonus AC: +2
  • Allies behind you gain +1 AC against ranged attacks
  • Further upgrade through Shield Upgrade


  • Damage: 1d8 piercing
  • Action: Devour (details below)

Oracle Points

A God Eater gains a special resource within them known as Oracle Points, OP. They can only ever have a maxium of 10 OP. These are used to fire bullets as well as activate certain abilities. In order to recover OP, certain actions must be taken

  • Short rest: The God Eater roll 1d6 and recovers that much OP
  • Combat: Upon a successful devour, the God Eater may roll 1d4 and recovers that many OP
  • Long rest: The God Eater regains all OP


In battle, you have the option to transform your God Arc into Predator form and make the Devour action. Doing so requires that you be in melee range of the target. Roll against target AC in order to see if you are successful at devouring. If the devouring is successful, you deal 1d8 piercing damage and roll 1d4. The result of this roll recovers expended OP to a maximum of 10. You also activate Rage Burst. Failure does half damage but does not recover OP or activate Rage Burst.

Rage Burst

Upon successfully using Devour, you enter Rage Burst for a number of rounds. During this time you deal critical damage on a roll of 18-20 as well as regaining double the amount of OP when Devouring. During this time your movement speed increases by 10. While in Rage Burst, Devour does not replenish the amount of rounds one can remain in Rage Burst.

The amount of turns increases at 5th, 11th, and 16th level.

Devouring Strike

At 2nd level, you gain more control over the unyieldy beast within your God Arc. When making an attack in melee form, you may choose to deal half damage and use Devour as a bonus action. This decision must be made before attacking. When doing this, Devour recovers half as many OP and does not activate Rage Burst.

Weapon Modification

At 3rd level, you choose a Melee Modification in order to customize your weapon to your needs. Upon adopting a modification, the base forms of the God Arc change. You may choose Claymore, Reaper, or Smasher. All modifications are detailed at the end of the class description.

Your Melee Modification grants features at 3rd, 7th, 12th, and 16th level.

Ability Score Improvement

When you reach 4th level, and again at 8th, 12th, 16th, and 19th level, you can increase one ability score of your choice by 2, or you can increase two ability scores of your choice by 1. As normal, you can’t increase an ability score above 20 using this feature.

Extra Attack

Beginning at 5th level, you can attack twice, instead of once, whenever you take the Attack action on your turn.
The number of attacks increases to three when you reach 15th level.

Berserk Devour

At 6th level, you can empower your God Arc's Devouring ability for one use. When you use Berserk Devouring, you God Arc can Devour anything in a 20 ft cone. Anything in that area must make a Dexterity saving throw (DC-15). They take 1d12 piercing damage on a failed save, and half as much on a successful one. Bullet replenishment and Rage Burst activate as per usual.
This action can be used twice per long rest.

Shield Upgrade

At 9th level your God Arc's shield becomes stronger granting +3 AC when the Dodge action is made. Allies behind you now gain +2 AC against ranged attacks.

Ranged Modification

At 10th level, you choose a Ranged Modification from the following to augment your God Arc's ranged form to suit your needs:

  • Sniper: The range on your God Arc's ranged form is now 150/600 and you deal an additional 1d12 piercing damage
  • Vulcan: You fire 10 bullets per 1 OP. Your ranged God Arc now does 1d4 piercing damage + half proficiency bonus rounded down. You roll once for all bullets fired.
  • Rocket Launcher: You now use 2 OP per shot fired and your God Arc's ranged form has a range of 60/120. It now also does an additional 2d6 fire damage per shot.

Heart of the Warrior

At 11th level, many days out in the field as a God Eater has made once terrifying tasks seem trivial. You gain advantage on saving throws involving fear or terror. Should you fail the saving throw you gain advantage on any attempt to break free of your terror/fear. As an action you can free an ally from their terror/fear, this gives the ally Heart of the Warrior till the end of their turn.


At 13th level, throughout your days in the field you have found out that you can take the power in your weapon and enhance it. As a bonus action you can do one of the following:

1) Gain one more weapon die that your weapon uses for two rounds. At the end you will lose 1d8 hp. This empowers your melee and ranged attacks.

2) Knock the enemy prone and stun them until the end of their turn.

Convert Tactics

At 14th level, when you are below half health, your God Arc is Melee Form, and you're engaged to a target in front of you. You can use your action to jump back 20ft and transform your God Arc into it's ranged form and make a Ranged attack as part of the same action. You can use this ability as a reaction.

You can use this ability once per long rest.

Cell Burst

As a God Eater you have learned that survivability is key, not just for yourself but your allies as well. At 15th level, you can use an action to do one of the following:

1) Give up one turn of Rage burst and grant one of your overdrive abilities to an ally

2) Expend a number of OP to fire at an ally and heal them. Health restored is equal to 1d12 x OP expended.

Unnatural Endurance

At 18th level, through pushing your limits time and time again, you have found that your body can exceed mortal limits. You have an advantage on all Strength and Constitution saving throws. Additionally, exhaustion takes twice as long to set in. If you were to gain a number of exhaustion levels, you gain half as many.

Divine Barrage

You have become a master combatant out in the field of battle. As a God Eater you can make a devastating combo with all your combined skills. Once per combat you can use all of the following in any order during a single turn:

  • Rage Burst (Free Action)
  • Attack (Melee or Ranged; includes all Extra Attacks)
  • Berserk Devour
  • Overdrive
  • Melee Modificatio Ability

You can use this ability once per long rest

Melee Modifications

There are a multitude of weapons in this world but a God Eater must pick a God Arc Modification which reflects the weapon with which they are most accustomed to.


Though many people want to diverge from the traditional weapons with their modification, you see no problem with the classic sword.

Sharp Edge

At 3rd level, your God Arc's blade has become sharper than most. Your God Arc now deals 2d8 slashing damage.

Vicious Knight

At 7th level, you have become deadly with your God Arc. Whenever you roll a 20 on a attack roll, you can add an additional 1d8 to your damage roll. Your God Arc is also now treated as a magical weapon for the purpose of overcoming resistances and immunities.

Plasma Edge

At 12th level, your God Arc has been modified to have a plasma edge. By expending 2 OP you can activate it for one turn. While activated, Your God Arc deals an additional 2d6 shock damage.

Vorpal Champion

At 16th level, you have become a monster on the battlefield. When you Attack a creature and deal critical damage, you may choose to tear off a limb (DC-10). On a success you deal an extra 6d8 slashing damage and sever the limb. On a failure you deal an extra 3d8 slashing damage.

You may use this ability once per long rest.


You mirror the image of death while adopting a style which gives your enemies no chance to escape.

Reaper's Scythe

At 3rd level, your God Arc has been modified to resemble a scythe and now does 2d8 slashing damage. It also has a reach of 10ft.

Death Hook

At 7th level, you can attempt to pull an enemy that is within 10ft of your God Arc in front of you. The target must make a Dexterity saving throw (DC-15). On a successful save, nothing happens. On a failed save, the target is pulled right in front of you and stunned until the end of their next turn. As part of this action, you can use Devour on the stunned target. You can't use this ability on creatures more than one size larger than you or Creatures already within 5ft of you. You can use this ability as a reaction whenever an enemy takes the disengage action to move from you.

No Escape

At 12th level, your God Arc gains access to a 4th temporary form, the naginata. Whenever you miss a melee attack you can spend 2 OP to temporarily transform your God Arc into it's naginata form and reroll the attack. While in this form, it has a reach of 15ft and deals an additional 1d6 slashing damage. You can use this Ability again after a long rest.

Wraith Dance

At 16th level, you can spend 3 OP to target one enemy within 5ft of you, you can make three attacks as a single action.

The first attack knocks the target back 5ft.

When you make the second attack, the God Arc deals 1d6 necrotic damage in addition to the God Arc's damage.

When you make the third attack, your God Arc transforms into it's naginata form and deals 2d8 necrotic damage in addition to the God Arc's damage, and stuns the target until the end of the targets turn.

You may use this ability once per long rest.


Rather than simply cut down your enemies, you find that crushing your foes to be more your style.


At 3rd level, your God Arc has been modified to deal blugeoning damage instead of slashing damage. The damage is 2d8 bludgeoning.

Spiral Smasher

At 7th level, you can swing your God Arc in an arc to hit multiple enemies adjacent to you. You roll the attack roll for all of the adjacent enemies, and roll damage separately.

You can use this ability once per short rest.

Heavy Hitter

At 12th level, your God Arc upgrades further to deal force damage instead of bludgeoning. You can pay any amount of OP to knock back enemies a number of feet equal to 10 x OP ft on a successful hit. On a miss, the target is knocked back half as far.

Hammer of Thor

At 16th level, ou can pay any amount of OP to strike the ground. This effects an area in feet equal to 5 x OP ft in a cone in front of you or a radius around you. All creatures in this area must make a Dexterity saving throw (DC-15). On a failed save they take 3d8 force damage and half as much on a successful one.

Allies caught in the area have advantage if warned.

You can use this ability once per long rest.