Sr6 magic


Spirits dont have a force anymore. Instead they each start with 3 in all physical and mental attributes as well as magic, modified by their spirit type (minimum 1). References to force will use magic instead.

Spirit summoning is a major action threshold test: Magic+ conjuring (2) test. If successful the spirit is summoned and owes the conjurer 1 task. Each net hit increased the services owed by 1.

The conjurer may try to summon a stronger spirit by amping up his summoning. Each amp adds 1 to the spirits physical, mental and magic attribute, as well as the threshold. Summoning amped spirits are more taxing for the conjurer so the drain is increased by +2 for each amp.

Summoning a spirit example

Billy BBQ is having an aggresive negotiation with some halloweeners. He decides to use some stronger arguments and tries to summon a fire spirit. He recons he might as well go for an amped up spirit. He rolls his magic of 6 and 5 in conjuring (he doesnt have any speciality, yet). He go Eachor a twice amped spirit and thus must beat a threshold of (4). He rolls 3 hits, but uses some edge to bring it to 4. The spirit now has 1 task owed to Billy BBQ- and it has Fear as an optional power. Billy rolls his charisma and willpower to resist the drain of 6 (2 base +2*2 for amps). He takes 3 stun dmg, but the halloweeners takes a bunch of elemental damage as Billy uses his one service to order the spirit to roast 'em good. The fire elemental ended up with the following stats: B6 A7 R8 S3 W5 L5 I6 C5 M5 Ess5


Preparations no longer has potency. Drain values together with the enchanters capabilites in determining the strength of preparations.

Step 1 choose spell Choose a spell you know, and apply amps and other factors, if any.

Step 2 choose trigger Choose between the following triggers, and apply their drain modifier in step 4.

  • Contact +1 drain
  • Command +2 drain
  • Timed +2 drain

Step 3 apply reagents You may choose to apply reagents, if any, in any combinations of the following: 1 automatic success on the drain test for each reagent used, increase duration before degredation by 2 hours for each reagent used, increase the treshhold to detect the preparation by one for each reagent used. A maximum of 3 reagents can be used in total.

Step 4 resist drain Roll tradition attribute+ willpower modified by triggers and reagents.

The final product The prepapartion lasts for drain value hours. Each hour after that the activation of the preparation suffers a -1 penalty. When the preparation is activated the enchanter rolls Enchanting+ magic for the effects. If the effect has a sustained duration it sustains itself for 5 minutes for each Drain value it had.

Creating and using a preparation example

Neon mamba wants to create some mojo, and decides for a pink plastic dog chew toy with an increase attribute Agility preparation spell. First of she needs to decide how much agility she wants to enchant the chew toy with, she decides for the maximum of 4. As its a health spell it must have the command trigger. Neon mamba doesnt have any reagents to use, so she instead rolls drain immediatly she must resist 9 (3 base +4 for max agility + 2 command trigger) with her charisma + willpower. She takes 5 damage, luckily its lower than her magic of 6, so its stun. The preparation lasts for 9 hours, before starting to loose its power. When its showdown 4 hours later the chew toy gets activated and Neon mamba rolls har enchanting +magic, getting 3 successes. Sadly she wont get the benefit of the last point of agility, even though she paid for it with drain damage.


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