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Characters infected with CFD are in for a wild ride. They will gain several benefits and new powers as the nanites grow stronger. But the price will be high, it won’t be paid in nuyen, blood or even essence. It will be paid with the characters very personality and self – no refunds. First of all a character with CFD -also known as a head case - will gain the listed benefits below at all times. Furthermore, when the AI is in control the character will have access to more powers once these have been purchased with karma.

CFD Runner 25 karma

A special positive quality available for all CFD eligible characters. The Head case quality costs 25 karma (does not count against the 25 positive quality limit at character generation). The character will have 2 personalities, the original and the invasive nanotechnology embedded AI personality. The character also gains the ”Dissociative Identity Disorder” negative quality. (but gains no bonus karma for it). This quality represents the AI personality of the character, it will grow in strength as the character acquires more head case powers. The negative quality is described later in this document. The following 4 qualities are active at all times. Furthermore special CFD powers that are available to the AI personality are also described later.

Nanosymbiotes Add 3 to dice pools when making tests to heal damage through natural recovery.

Head case resilience All toxins, pathogens and radiation power levels are reduced by 3.

Will of the AI When the character's stun condition monitor is full the character will fall unconscious as normal, but the following round the AI personality will take over and the character awakes again. If the AI personality is already in control when the stun condition monitor is filled the AI can choose to stay awake anyway.

Replicators The threshold to detect nanoware in the character is 5. Even if the character should acquire soft or hard nanoware the normal way- this represents the replicators overwriting the original nanites.

having your cake and eating it too

My character just had his brain eaten by voracious intelligent micromachines- surely he must be dead? Nope, not necessarily. His personality very much is history, but the character himself is in pretty good shape besides that. The character just “changed”. This allows you as a player to both play your characters original personality and you get to “kill” him off slowly. At the same time you get to play a new personality and all the while you get to keep your fancy gear. You still only have one character, you just get to play with 2 personalities.

Room for one more?

If the character has 10 or less karma worth of head case powers the AI personality will only come forth rarely. ½ hour each day or a couple of hours each week. This can be played as blackouts or the player himself.

From 11 to 20 karma worth of powers the AI will take a more active role. It will be active a couple of hours a day, or take control for even longer time in periods.

With 21 to 30 karma worth of powers the 2 personalities has about equal spotlight time.

31-50 worth of karma head case powers: the player can buy of the Dissociative Identity Disorder quality for 20 karma (yes, without having to pay double for it. Lucky you). This represents that either the AI has completely overwritten the original personality, essentially killing of the personality, or the 2 personalities have merged becoming one. The character gains access to all his skills. When buying off the quality the character also looses the extra mental negative qualities gained through it. Depending on which negative mental qualities the player decides to keep and loose the personalities have either merged or destroyed the other.

Note: The GM should try together with the player to control the purchase of head case powers. A character can’t choose to stay at below 10 karma worth of powers for ever, the AI will at some point go for a bigger slice of the juicy brain cake. The override of the original personality should go at the speed of plot – including at character generation.

Dissociative Identity Disorder 20 karma bonus

You are not alone. Gain a second personality. Your personalities don’t have access to all of the characters skills and knowledge. Choose 5 skills points and 5 knowledge skill points that are only available to your primary personality. Your second personality can’t access those. Choose 5 other Skill points and 5 knowledge skill points that are only available to your second personality, the primary personality can’t access those. The remaining active skills and knowledge skills are available to both personalities. Each of the 2 personalities have their own mental negative qualities, if any. During character generation after you have chosen all the mental negative qualities for one of the personalities. You must then choose negative mental qualities for the other personality. You only gain karma for the cheapest mental quality karma pool– but remember only one of them is active at a time. Personality shifts usually occurs in times of stress, sometimes at oppurtune moments, (Trasher the combat junkie personality with superb combat skills taking the lead when a firefight starts). Other times not (5 minutes into negations with Mr. Johnson Thrasher decides to pop out and tell him what he really thinks of Mr. Johnson's mother).

are we both insane?

Example: Trasher the ork punk isn’t a nice trog. He has prejudiced outspoken against humans and elves (7 karma) and combat junkie (7 karma). His punker head also houses another personality: “Friendly” has code of honour avenging angel (7 karma) and social stress (Trashers background) (8 karma). This gives the character 14 karma points (even though Friendly has 15 karma worth of qualities).

Headcase powers

The head case gains the ability to purchase several special CFD powers. These are only available to the AI personality as long as the Dissociative Identity Disorder hasn’t been bought off yet. The maximum karma the character may purchase powers for is 50. Many of these powers can be found in Chrome flesh under the nanotech section.

CFD power name Levels Karma cost
Dynamic handprints 1-6 3 per level
Retinal adjusters 1-6 3 per level
Voice mimic 1-6 3 per level
Armoured skin 1-3 5 per level
Limbic 1-3 12 per level
Neocortial 1-3 12 per level
Replicators 1-3 5 per level
Nanite boost 1-3 5 per level

headcase power descriptions

Dynamic handprints

2xlevel vs device ratingx2 to fool fingerprint scanners. Obtain new prints either wirelessly or by touch.

Retinal adjusters

2xlevel vs device ratingx2 to fool retinal scanners. Obtain new retinal prints either wirelessly or by looking a person closely in the eyes.

Voice mimic

2xlevel vs device ratingx2 to fool voice recognition scanners. Obtain new voices patterns either wirelessly or by listening for a short time to a person’s voice.

Armoured skin

When active gain level in armour. Incompatible with dermal armour. When inactive is innocuous as normal skin. simple action to activate.


Gain +1 to to mental limit and skill pools linked to intuition per level.


Gain +1 to to mental limit and skill pools linked to logic per level.


Gain the ability to shift between various nano-boosted options. Activate any one of the following options below. The option operates at the level of this quality. Changing the option to another one takes about 1 minute: Markers, Nanotattoos, Taggants, Oxyrush. Simple action to activate, but takes 1 minute to take effect.

Nanite boost

Increase one or more physical attributes in any combination by level points for willpower turns. Suffer 1 unresisted stun damage at the end of the duration. 1 free action to activate.

Mental illnesses

List of possible negative mental qualities, although not all of these are purely mental they will work well enough. Remember this list isn’t exhaustive.

Quality name Karma Source
Antipathy 8 CF
Bi-polar 7 RF
Code of honour 15 CRB
Code of honour: Avenging angel 8 RF
Combat junkie 7 CRB
Combat paralysis 12 CRB
Computer illiterate 7 RF
Curiosity killed the cat 7 DT
Cyberpsychosis 10 CF
Data liberator 12 DT
Dead emotion 5 CF
Did you just call me dumb? 3 RF
Dimmer bulb 5-15 RF
Driven 2 RF
Electronic witness 5 RF
Emotional attachment 5 RF
Flashbacks 7-15 CRB
Illiterate 5 RF
Incompetent 5 CRB
Insomnia 10-15 CRB
Lack of focus 6 RF
Leeeroy Jenkins 20 DT
Loss of confidence 10 CRB
Nerdrage 8 DT
Oblivious 6-10 RF
Pacifist 10-15 RF
Paranoia 7 RF
Phobia 5-15 CRB
Pie es lesu domine 2 RF
Poor self-control 4-12 CRB
Prejudiced 3-10 CRB
Social stress 8 CRB


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