The Vessel

With your DM's Permission, You may choose to be a vessel character. When you do so, you gain each of the following features. You may only become a vessel at level one



On your turn or using your action or reaction you may activate your vessel. While your vessel is active, you gain the Vessel's Tools feature and any drawbacks from the Commoner feature are lifted. You may maintain this for an number of turns equalling 3 + your proficiency modifier, and use it once before needing to take a short rest to use it again. This increases to twice at level five, and thrice at level ten.


While your Vessel feature is not active, you gain the following drawbacks: All your stats are replaced with 10 + your racial modifiers + your ability modifier for that ability score, your proficiency bonus is treated as +2 and you do not have access to the features listed in the features collumn on your class table. You can still however gain the full effects of a rest for your class features when you take one; as well you still have access to the benefits of feats, and you can maintain concentration on spells

Vessel's Tools

You have a set of items that you can buy with 6 gear tokens. These items appear equipped to you when you activate your Vessel feature and dissapear when it's effects end. They have special effects, which you can buy and apply to them with 6 effect tokens. Tokens can be spent at any time, but cannot be regained through any means. All weapons with an effect on them are considered magical for the sake of overcoming damage reduction. Only you can use the effects of a magical item that is a part of your Vesel's Tools

Gear Gear token Cost
Simple melee weapons 1
Shield 1
Common Magical Item 2
Simple ranged weapons 2
Light Armor 2
Martial melee weapons 3
Medium Armor 3
Martial ranged weapons 4
Heavy Armor 4
Uncommon Magical Item 4
Rare Magical Item 6
Effect Effect token Cost
This item can be used as a spell focus or to chanel divinity 1
Off-hand attacks with this weapon do not require a bonus action but cannot be preformed more than once per turn 1
This weapon gains the finesse property 2
This weapon is light 2
You may add your ability modifier to attack and damage rolls while wielding this weapon in your off hand 2
This weapon can be wielded with one hand 2
This armor's armor class is one higher 2
This weapon is a +1 magic item 2
The maximum dexterity bonus for this armor increases by 2 3
This weapon deals 2 more damage 3
This armor does not impose disadvantage on stealth checks 3
You may use your bonus action to transform this item into another item of your choosing. it assumes the new stats of this new form and retains all it's magical effects, but you cannot grant it a new magical effect 4
If you have the unarmored defense feature, you can use it while wearing this armor. Replace the 10 + dexterity modifier with this armor's armor class 8
Additional Vessel Effects

Consider how much your character changes when their vessel feature is activated. If the DM will allow it, you could have your character change backgrounds, or even race when they activate their vessel feature

Vessel Feats

Extended transformation

prerequisite: The Vessel class mod

You may activate your vessel feature without expending a use of it. However, at the start of it's duration you must spend at least one turn unable to act in order to transform. Every time you use this feat this time increases by one turn, resetting to one after long rest.

Inherited Weapon

prerequesite: The vessel class mod

Pick one item or armor set provided by your Vessel's tools feature. This weapon is not dismissed when your the effects of your Vessel feature end, and can be called to your hands as an action or by activating your Vessel feature

Better tools

prerequesite: The vessel class mod

You gain four additional effect tokens. You may re-select what effects you gain

Extended Vessel

Prerequesite: vessel class mod

The duration of your vessel feature increases by one round. once per day, as a bonus action, you may extend the duration your vessel feature to an amount of half hours equal to half your proficiency modifier, rounding up

Better Tools

prerequesite: vessel class mod, level 10

pick one item from the gear table and give it one effect from the effect table. this item is now a part of your Vessel's Tools feature