Sr5 Cyberzombie runners

Cyberzombies turned runners are very few. Runner cyberzombies not secretly controlled by a megacorporation are fewer still.

Many runner cyberzombies are "beta" versions. Their 'wares often inherited from "decommissioned" alpha and beta versions. They are often placed in a stressfull environment to test their limits, and to identify factors causing pshychotic break-downs. The runner milieu happens to be perfect for that.

Cyberzombie 25 karma

Creating a cyberzombie requires the highest technology, darkest magic, deepest pockets and a total lack of morality. Becoming a A cyberzombie only requires knowing the wrong people and some bad luck.

Cyberzombies gain several special features, as listed below. Many of these are tied to the subjects essence score.

Essence limit The essence limit for cyber zombies is -1 at start. This can further be increased, to a maximum of -6. Should the essence score fall below -6 the spirit finally leaves the walking corpse, and the cyber zombie dies. A cyberzombie MUST begin play with less than 0 in essence.

Immunity to aging The subjects natural lifespan has been halted, as such it no longer ages.

Magic The subject gains a magic score of one. This score cant be increased in any way and replaces any former magic score or resonance scores, if any. The subject looses all active magical skills, except Assenssing and Astral combat. The character also looses any Adept powers etc.

Dual natured The nature of having its spirit forcefully bound to its near dead body creates a twilight state of its being. This means that all cyber zombies are dual natured. This also means they gain access to the Assenssing and Astral combat skills, though many cyber zombies never manage to learn these skills.

Astral hazing This works as the negative metagenetics quality from Run faster except as follows. The range of the astral hazing is expressed in negative essence, and the cyberzombie counts as being acclimated to its negative effects, thus suffering no dice pool penalties for being a dual natured being in its area.

Immunity to normal weapons For each negative point of essence, or part thereof the subject gains 2x Immunity to normal weapons.

Limit increase The subjects state of being and mind is further altered by the dark rituals. Increase it physical limit according to the table. This increase also improves any and all intimidation checks the cybercombie makes. Furthermore the subject now calculates its social limit as if its essence was 0.

Increased lifestyle cost Numerous esoteric components are used to keep the cyberzombie operational. Both high-tech medicine and magically compounds. This means the lifestyle costs of the cyberzombie is increased by 1.000¥ for each negative essence point or part thereof below 0.

Negative qualities For each point of negative essence or part thereof the subject gains 5 karma worth of negative qualities, these can be bought of as normal during play.

Fatal flaws Each month the subject must make a Willpower+Intuition(1) test. Failure to beat the treshold results in 5 karma points worth of negative qualities. For each full year of existence as a cyberzombie the treshold increases by 1. For each succesive month without the required medication the treshold also increases by 1. The qualites can either be new ones, added to existing ones or even replacing some less delibitating ones.

Invoked Memory Stimulator The subject must have an invoked memory stimulator installed. This works like the flashback system from Chrome Flesh pg.151.

Increasing the essence limit

Each cyber zombie starts with an essence limit of -1. This can be further lowered by dark cybermancy rituals, this takes a toll on the already abused soul of the subject though. For each point below -1 the essence limit is lowered the subject must burn 1 point of edge. This edge can be bought back with karma as usual- and even be burned again during the next cybermancy ritual. Should the subject choose to burn his last point of edge he automatically gains the "borrowed time" negative quality- as the universe itself turns against him.

During character generation the player may convert some or all of his special attribute points into negative essence limit points. Remember maximum negative essence limit is still -6.

Negative essence effect

Essence ItNW Limit increase Monthly Cost Astral hazing
≥-1 2 +1 +1k 1m
≥-2 4 +1 +2k 2m
≥-3 6 +2 +3k 3m
≥-4 8 +2 +4k 4m
≥-5 10 +3 +5k 5m
≥-6 12 +3 +6k 6m

possible Cyberzombie flaws

List of possible negative qualities. Remember this list isn’t exhaustive.

Quality name Karma Source
Antipathy 8 CF
Bi-polar 7 RF
Combat junkie 7 CR
Cyberpsychosis 10 CF
Dead emotion 5 CF
Dimmer bulb 5-15 RF
Driven 2 RF
Emotional attachment 5 RF
Flashbacks 7-15 CRB
Insomnia 10-15 CRB
Lack of focus 6 RF
Leeeroy Jenkins 20 DT
Oblivious 6-10 RF
Paranoia 7 RF
Phobia 5-15 CRB
Pie es lesu domine 2 RF
Poor self-control 4-12 CRB
Prejudiced 3-10 CRB
Social stress 8 CRB

Immunity to normal weapons and armour stacking

ItNW doesn't stack completely with worn armour. The character uses the highest of rating of either his hardened armour value or from his normal worn armour. The automatic successes from ItNW are still in effect


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