Dead Sea Almanac - May 2, 2019

Melanie's Marvelous Brews

Today's brew is an unusual one, though I confess it reminds me of my home. A unique citrus alcohol made with the finest oranges and lemons of Newfoundland, and then laced with the oil of seafloor clams, this aphrodesiac beverage has a slight savory-bitter aftertaste that mellows into a sweet parting note in the accustomed mouth. Served on the rocks or as part of a cocktail, our Newfoundland Merfolk Limited is produced in only the most reserved of quantities - a mere five hundred bottles are being produced as part of the initial run. Sold in our commemorative coconut-wood flask, these nautical delights will be yours for months to come.

Riddle Me This

Four boys go into a bar, but only three boys come out. The bar is then found to be empty, but none of the boys find this concerning in the slightest. Assuming nothing magical or supernatural has transpired, how is this possible?


Four boys entered the bar to celebrate their friend's coming-of-age; he entered the bar a boy and left a man, so only three boys came out. There's even a clue buried in the story: four boys would have no reason to go to a bar in the first place unless one of them was turning old enough to drink. Most Westport citizens will get this one right off the bat, since it's a common tradition for boys to take their buddies to a bar the day of their sixteenth birthday, since the friend is then old enough to buy them a round as a "responsible adult". Bartenders encourage the tradition, but will only ever sell the boys a single round, after which they stamp their hands to mark that they've been drinking.


The color purple is fortuitous, as is the color chartreuse. Avoid the color orange and the number seventeen. The following circumstances will apply to you this week:

  • You will be invited to engage in a tired pastime by an old friend
  • You will encounter a new and exciting opportunity
  • You will find yourself pondering something from your past

Wrapping up May Day

Yesterday's May Day celebrations were a roaring success - we know, because we were there! If you missed the chance to check out any of our booths or wares, there's always next year, and we offer many of the same amenities and saleables at our company headquarters and various trading districts throughout town. Come pick up some miraculous rocks or some enchanted chocolates any time, on us - just be sure to bring your pocket book, because we know you'll be wanting more! With all of that said, if you lost something during the festivities, be sure to stop by our Lost and Found at the Mayor's Office. Remember, today is cleanup, but tomorrow everything goes back to normal, so don't forget the necessities!


Ellen Wraithsform

The notorious Ellen Wraithsform is wanted this week for continued escapades, including the suspected theft of a piece of art from the Mayor's house during the May Day festivities. Captain Dalton is collecting information on her crimes at the City Office this morning during his normal consulting hours, and intends to head up a special task force to investigate the incident and her other, related crimes.

The Jolly Grinsman

A special detatchment from the crown has been sent to investigate the continued activity of the Jolly Grinsman in holding up officials and tax collectors from his residence in Atwood Forest. Eastbrook is now two months overdue on suspected lightly paid taxes, and the Grinsman is to be held responsible, along with any of his affiliates. Those with information are encouraged to reach out to

Captain Cassandra Clarke

The notorious pirate known as Captain Clarke is wanted for crimes against the empire on the high seas. Believed to now be in command of an armada of at least twelve ships, with some sources saying as many as seventeen, the villainous scoundrel is now the subject of an investigative task force led by Commodore Jack Shepard. Anyone with information leading to an engagement with Clarke's Armada should please see the commodore at the docks as promptly as possible for great personal reward.

Wolf's Corner

Since I didn't get to put one in the last Saturday Edition (courtesy of having the flu) I wanted to give you a brief update on where things are going. First, we'll be having our inaugural (non-streamed) session of City of Echoes tomorrow to do some things like character creation and world building. Second, you should join us at the Fox Den, which will also be tomorrow, if you want to know more about that or anything else the company is doing. Third, although we haven't had Silver Soul Renegades in a few weeks, it's definitely not dead, and we're expecting to return this Saturday for our normally scheduled shenanigans.

On a more Almanac-focused note, I've made the decision to prioritize the Almanac over the additional supplements I've been writing, and as such, those will be releasing on a more ad-hoc schedule because most of my energy will be going into this. With that said, you can expect the Almanac to get progressively better as I redouble the amount of time and effort I'm putting into it. You've seen some of that with the mystery earlier in the week and yesterday's special May Day issue, but look for more as time goes forward, rather than just the same rote formula.