The Golden Fox Tavern and Inn

As night approaches and the party looks for someplace warm and friendly to lay their heads, a tavern takes form from the dusk. The windows are lit with firelight, and music and laughter spill through the open door, welcoming travelers inside. at the edge of the small village. The sign outside the tavern is a painted fox head, fur is golden color. Welcome to the Golden Fox Tavern and Inn.

The owners of the establishment are a couple, dwarven in birth, Thunda and Stavers Rockfist.

The tavern is a small one almost resembling a large house, set off to the side of the town, with some nice trees surrounding the area. There is a storage house right outside, along with a place to keep your horse and cart. The owners converted their house into a Tavern and you can tell this place screams small business that cares.

The interior of this tavern, when you walk in is the main room, with three large tables, and few random chairs scattered about for those that want to sit by themselves. The main room is dimly lit and in the evening hours there is normally some type of entertainment, be it a traveling bard or someone reciting the spoken word, it’s happening. From the main room there is door that leads into the kitchen where Thunda cooks the specials of the day on the menu.

Opposite of the kitchen is a hallway that leads down into the guest rooms, of which there are 6 rooms in total. Some of them are private rooms with a large bed, others are more of a room to share with someone else. The fee for the large bedroom is 5 gp a night, the smaller bed room is 1gp a night, the common share room is 5 silver a night. Each private room comes with a small chest to keep your belongings in, and each room has its own key to safely lock things up.

The menu changes every once in a while to keep things fresh and original, but here is their standard menu:

Credit: whatyoumaydo

Item Cost
Stuffed Mushrooms with Thyme & Cream Cheese 3 sp
Pork Knuckle Roasted in Beer 4 sp
Cheese rolls with a filling of nuts, honey and vegetables 6 cp
Braised Oxtails with Mushrooms 7 sp
Breaded Breast of Chicken, Whiskey & Mushroom Sauce 5 sp
Beef in Ginger & Cinnamon 5 sp
Kito's Spiced Potatoes 8 cp
Garlic and Basil Leg of Lamb 7 sp
Roast Goose strewn with Caraway seeds 6 sp
Honey Glazed Carrots and Parsnips 4 sp
Roast Stuffed Leg of Lamb with Mint Sauce 5 sp
Chicken Liver Pate and Bread 5 sp
Grilled Fillet of Salmo 5 sp
Smoked Fresh Trout Fillets 4 sp
Finnell (pale) Ale 4 cp
Yanusa Wine 4 cp
Chanusian Wine 4 cp
Heron Wine 5 cp
Vodka 8 cp
Kharukan (dwarven) Ale 4 cp
Askarus (heavy) Ale 4 cp
Whiskey 8 cp
Dwarven Spirits 8 cp
Fallan (elven) Wine 9 cp



Name (M/F) Race Class Alignment Background Notes
Benland (M) Elf Commoner CN Fisherman Strong, disagreeable and likes to drink
Annise (F) Half-Elf Commoner NE Weaponsmith Always looking to make a quick GP
Demysia (F) Half-Orc Commoner TN Blacksmith Very shy
Veroma (F) Human Commoner CG Merchant Fast talker, sleazy, uses her looks to make a "deal"
Azicy (M) Halfling Commoner LG Tailor Likeable, hyper, can spot fashion a mile away.
Annabelle (F) Human Commoner TN Farmer Soft-spoken, and has lived a typical farmer's life
Damien (M) Half-elf Commoner NG Bard Hasn't been past the next town over, but loves to make up stories that he has
Korrin (M) Dwarf Commoner LN Traveling Salesman Brings the tavern's Kharukan ale, and often stays the night to share stories with the Rockfist's about local happenings


Random Rumors I found:
The priests at the temple of Narlyn know everyone's secrets in this town. They could run this place for all I know.
There are some fireworks planned for tomorrow night in the harbor (or the next town over). That will be fun.
There aren't enough militia or city guards around here to keep the peace. This town is a powder keg.
Do you have any coin you can lend me? I seem to have outspent the copper in my pockets.
If you want to get into a card game ask for Tunivaro there two tables over.
Do you have any coin you can lend me? I seem to have outspent the copper in my pockets.
The King's been through three food tasters this month, from what I here. Not a very secure job. Three cooks too, I s'pose.
I'm looking for travel to Timbukthree. Are you headed there by chance?
There's gonna be war to the east, mark my words. Those people are trouble.
The beds in this place have bugs. Better to try the Battered Blade Inn down the way.