Jarviskjir Players Guide - Races

Dungeon Master Note : The custom rules in this book are designed for Dungeons and Dragons game with a heavy focus on roleplaying and exploration rather than combat. These rules are not designed to be perfectly balanced, instead these rules are designed to give unique play styles that fit the lore and depth of the world. This document is being constantly updated which means anything might be changed and some things might not work perfectly. All content created for Jarviskjir is made in accordance to the Dungeons and Dragons Open Gaming Licence meant as a supplement for existing Dungeons and Dragons content.

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The distant lands of Mothers Horn are a land of sharp rocky cliffs and constant blizzards that only the hardiest of creatures can survive on. One such are the Minotaur, a race of creature’s half man half bull. They travel the harsh lands of The Horn in tribe like bands with a close kinship of community. Seeing a Minotaur on the mainland is often a scary sight as anyone at a glance can tell these huge creatures can do serious damage with their horns and mighty frame.

Minotaur society respect women, particularly those with motherly traits. This is where the continent gets its name and also why most Minotaur bands are led by an older woman wise and keen. It’s because of this and their close ties to the natural world that many Minotaur worship the nature goddess Giera. Its not true to say that Minotaur do not build but most exist in lands where agriculture is impossible. They are hunters, trackers and survivors at any cost.

Minotaur are not a xenophobic people and often do leave their homeland for gold, fame and adventure. While their culture is definitely cruel, they form trusted friendships that make them excellent adventurers and mercenaries.

Ability Score Improvement. Your Constitution Score is Increased by 2.

Age. A Minotaur enters adulthood at the age of 17, and can live beyond 100.

Allignment. Minotaur hold codes of honour high in their culture. Despite that, many of their kind embrace the power and strength that comes with chaos. They have a cruelness inside of them, pushing them towards Evil.

Size. The size of Minotaurs varies. Many are over 6 feet tall and hulking creatures. Your size is Medium.

Speed. Your speed is 30 feet.

Languages. You speak Common and Beastongue. Beastongue is the language of many of the monsterous races of Jarviskjir.

Hammering Horns. When you use the Attack action during your turn to make a melee attack, you can attempt to shove a creature with your horns as a bonus action.

Weapon Honour. You have proficiency with a Martial Weapon of your choice.

Seafarer Minotaur

Over two thousand years ago Elves sought to chart the seas. When they found the land of Mothers Horn they gave the gift of sailing to the inhabitants there as a sign of goodwill. This decision would be a thorn in elvish sides to the modern day. Minotaur took that knowledge and their greed and destructive tendencies lead them to become pirates. Now the West sea is plagued by horned ships that ram into merchant vessels, allowing Seafarer Minotaur to descend into the enemy ship and take all they want.

Seafarer Minotaur do have a sense of honour and don’t kill mindlessly, despite what most sailors assume. The easiest way to tell a Seafarer apart from other Minotaur would be the way they keep their hair in long braids and stain their fur with blues. These Minotaur often spend their entire life on the water, hopping from ship to ship only briefly staying on land when a ship rests at dock.

Ability Score Improvement. Your Wisdom Score is Increased by 1.

Sea Beast. You have proficiency with vehicles (water). In typical Jarviskjir Rules, this translates to one of the duties of a Ship, typically captaining, Piloting, Navigating, Rigging or Engineering.

Ocean Body. A Sea Minotaur can safely drink salt water with no complaints. If a Sea Minotaur has more than half of their Hit Points, they have a Swimming speed of 10 feet.

Mountainlands Minotaur

The hardiest of Minotaur are much bigger than their kin. The mightiest are those of the Mountains who often make it over 10 feet tall. Their size is humongous and their might is evident. The Minotaur of the Mountains have no bounty in their own lands, hunting and raiding other settlements for their fill. There are a multitude of warbands in the mountains that these Minotaur can be loyal to, nearly all lead by a strong matriarch.

It is very common for these Minotaur to worship fiendish powers, particularly Rorcrovar the Furious due to his symbol being a blindfolded bull. Barbarian Minotaur often charge into battle with their eyes covered to gain the boons of the hells as they do.

Ability Score Improvement. Your Strength Score is Increased by 1.

Hulking. Mountain Minotaurs are huge creature. You are size Large, and have all the benefits of a Large creature as of the Jarviskjir Players Guide.

Horns. You are never unarmed. You are proficient with your horns, which are a melee weapon that deals 1d10 piercing damage. Your horns grant you advantage on all checks made to shove a creature, but not to avoid being shoved yourself.

Shinebank Minotaur

When Elves came to Mothers Horn not all Minotaur turned to piracy. Some took a keen interest in gold, trade and knowledge. These Minotaur formed the city of Shinebank where over generations they turned from creatures of huge muscle to smaller, keener and far more cunning individuals. A Shinebank Minotaur has a frame more similar to that of a human, often between 5 feet and 6. While they still keep horns and can use them when needed they use them more as an adornment for gold and trinkets.

Shinebank Minotaur run banks, businesses and assassins guilds. Even other Minotaur need their services, as well as the other creatures of Mothers Horn such as gnomes, beastfolk and dragonkin. They are creatures of greed and worship of the Primevil of Greed, Gandgor the Glorious is openly practiced as well as Sabariel the Flawless the angel of pride.

Ability Score Improvement. Your Intelligence Score is Increased by 1.

Well Learned. You gain a new Language of your choice as well as a Tool Proficiency of your choice.

Well Kept. You gain proficiency in a skill of your choice. If you are not missing any HP, you have Expertise for this skill.


Sirens of the sea, lovers warriors and guides, Merfolk are legends to some and reality to others and live in the seas all around Jarviskjir and beyond.

All merfolk have aquatic features, a strong tail with gills along their cheek and neck. Their bodies are often lined with powerful fins and often spines and hardened scales. The appearances of Mermaids vary greatly from region to region. The tropics of the East Sea have vibrant and colourful merfolk in bright reds, pinks and teals. The merfolk of the south sea come in earthy tones, burnt reds and browns. The West Sea bares merfolk with skins in blues and greens and the North Sea has merfolk coloured whites and greys. Some mermaid clearly take the aspect of a type of fish and mermaid’s appearances are not directly tied to their parentage. Despite many thinking them frail and gentle, the tail of a Mermaid is a long and very muscular thing that can make their bodies sometimes 7 or so feet long, although ‘standing’ they usually reach 5-6 feet.

Merfolk live in family units of around 8 to 12 merfolk. These schools of merfolk are very friendly and trade with others at set meeting points or triton settlements. When a clutch of eggs is laid the tribe works together to raise them, so merfolk have little understanding of parenthood. Siblings however do hold close bonds, merfolk growing up together having intense relationships. Merfolk live short lives compared to other races, due to dangerous lifestyles and homes. They reach adulthood at around 16 years old and usually live until 40 but can live until 80 or so provided good care.

Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity, Constitution and Charisma Scores each increase by 1.

Amphibious You have a swim Speed 40 feet and a ground speed of 15 feet. You can breathe in water and air.

Emissary of the Sea Aquatic beasts have an extraordinary affinity with your people. You can communicate simple ideas with beasts that can breathe water. They can understand the meaning of your words, though you have no special ability to understand them in return.

Guardian of the Depths Adapted to even the most extreme ocean depths, you have resistance to cold damage, and you ignore any of the drawbacks caused by a deep, underwater environment.

Sirens Song As an action you may start to sing an otherworldly song. A single target of your choice within 60 feet must make a Charisma Saving throw vs your charisma spell save DC or become charmed by you. The target idolizes you and will do your bidding although avoids violence. This effect wears off after 5 minutes. You can use this ability once per long rest.

Sun Elves

Birthed by the Sun, the Sun Elves were brought into a world of chaos ruled by Giants and their kin. Now their place in the world is watching over their descendants, the High Elves of Thundral.

The Sun Elves are the ancestors of High Elves that now roam the world. They can only be found in the Fortress Monestry city known as High Thundral that flies above the rest of Thundral. Once their paladin armies traveled the world atop pegasi steeds but now they live in quiet silence, waiting for their God to give them purpose. Elves who have no purpose find life bland and are unable to bare child. This has led the Sun Elves to be a dying breed their number no more than five hundred.

A Sun Elf's features are broader than that of other elves and their skin has a chromatic gloss as if forged from metal. This tint is often gold, silver or copper in colour. Their eyes are keen to seek out crime and their shield arms strong to protect the weak. The youngest remainign Sun Elf is only a century old and most are much older.

The Sun Elves that still roam the world are loyal followers of their twin-faced god, clerics and paladins of the Solar Guard that govern Thundral. In truth they know their time is up. Sun Elves no longer conceive young, most of their kind Faded and fallen. Some of their kind accept this, some call for a rise to glory.

Elf Subrace

As a Solar Elf you gain the following benefits.

Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution score increases by 1.

Elf Weapon Training. You have proficiency with the longsword, greatsword, pike and longbow.

Solar Protection. Once per day you may cast the Bless spell. You may only cast this spell if the sun is up, but you do not need to be able to see it. Your spellcasting modifier for this is Wisdom.

Ancient Blood. You have proficiency in the Religion and History skills.


The Elves of Jarviskjir are immortal, from a certain point of view. While they can still be killed by blade, Elves do not age the same way mortals do. A young elf is strong and resiliant to disease. It is traumatic experiences that cause an elf to Fade. Fading is a slow downfall, where an Elf starts to lose their wits becoming delierious and troubled. When an Elfs mind is gone their body quickly falls after, their body withering away untill it can nolonger sustain itself. As Fading continues it makes it impossible for Elves to conceive young, making Elves already low birth rate even lower. Fading does not occur all at once, each traumatic event Fading an Elf alittle bit more each time. Commonly Elves start to Fade when their soul mate dies. Elves can learn to harness their trance to relive lost memories, which sends them far into Fading Most elves live to 500 before Fading makes them old, sad and forgotten.

Moon Elves

As the Sun forged the first Sun Elves, the Moon's tears gave birth to the first of the Moon Elves. Like their brothers the Moon Elves were made for have soft skin that leans towards blues and gentle lilacs. Their eyes are narrow and sharp as are the points of their ears, and their hair is white like the snow of their homelands. Rumours mutter that the first Drow were Moon Elves who were banished from their kind by attempting to usurp the gods and found solace in the dark tunnels below the world, explaining the dark black and purple skin of the Drow.

Moon Elves are perhaps the most alien of all elves equal only to Eladrin in their strangeness. Opposite to Eladrin Moon Elves appear near emotionless, often casting only an emotion of dower meloncholy. Moon Elves do feel emotions, quite violently infact, but share those only for those they trust beyond all others. They are generous however, their race dedicated to peacekeeping all over the world, focusing on one place at a time.

Moon Elves are on the edge of extinction. Only in the Queendom of Velhiem will you find their true kin. Out in the world a handful Moon Elves can be found that were exiled from their brothers and sisters. In Velhiem those chosen by the Moon Goddess keep the peace between the two warring factions of the vast ancient city. They do this through kind gentle words and mind shattering magic. The first Moon Elf children in hundreds of years are being nursed in this war torn land with the future of the race on their shoulders.

Elf Subrace

As a Moon Elf you gain the following benefits.

Ability Score Increase. Your Wisdom score increases by 1.

Elf Weapon Training. You have proficiency with the shortsword, trident, chakram and longbow.

Lunar Protection. Once per day you may cast the Sanctuary spell. You may only cast this spell if the moon is up, but you do not need to be able to see it.

Charming Blood. You have proficiency in the Persuasion skill. When making peaceful negotiations with the goal of ending conflict you may double your proficiency bonus.

Mountain Elves

Where as the Wood Elves are descended from the fey Eladrin, and the High Elves are descended from the holy Sun Elves, the rare and mysterious Mountain Elves are supposedly the elves most closely linked to their ancestors. In the age of Giants, and perhaps even before, these ‘Primal Elves’ travelled the forests and planes of the world making them their own. They were wanders yet always knew their way around their worlds and tended to life that bloomed there. But the ancient lands of Jarviskjir were a dangerous place for them…

The Mountain Elves are what is left of their kind. They live far from the civilised world of Jarviskjir, but have no desires to return to it. They live simple long happy lives in the mountains of Zalstela. Their settlements are built among the rocky landscapes and travelling elves adore the days of climbing between rest stops and these elves make friends of the spirts of earth and air that inhabit them. These elves fondly follow the elvish gods, particularly keen on The Hunt, their religious culture. Each Mountain Elf is on their Hunt, a life long path towards a distant dream. It drives them and gives them meaning.

Elf Subtype.

As a Mountain Elf you gain the following benefits.

Ability Score Increase. Your Strength Score increases by 1.

Elf WeaponTraining. You have proficiency in the whip, longsword, net and longbow.

Landsense. Attuned to the spirits of the land, and used to tracking long distances, Mountain Elves understand the landscape of the world. They can predict what the weather will be at their location for the next 24 hours. This feature cannot detect magical changes in weather.

Star watcher. A Mountain Elf knows how to observe the stars and learn their way around the world. Assuming that there is no magical protection, a Mountain Elf instead of taking their 8 hour Long Rest at night may observe the stars. If they do this they may learn the direction to their intended location and travel with ease, also gaining advantage on survival rolls relating to any difficult on that journey.


The Breach is an ugly scar in the world that cuts Jarviskjir in half. This dangerous region is close to a distant realm and aberrations and corruption leaks from cracks in reality. This scar in the world is thousands of years old now, and the beings that once lived in the region… became the Breachers.

Breachers are fast, nimble humanoids that are absolutely alien in every way. Their skin comes in shades of teal, purple and blue and is constantly wet and slimy to the touch. In place of hair they have long aberrant tentacles spiralling from the crest of their head. The number and details of the tendrils changes from person to person, but women’s tendrils are far longer, and males often have tendrils on their faces akin to beards. Their eyes are wide, keen and smart, and their features are flat and devious.

These beings live in the Breach in tribal bands, each one led by the strongest member of the group. Strength need not be in muscle, but can also be in the form of magic or wits. These tribes often meet to trade but each one lives hand to mouth scrounging off a world where no crops could grow. With lives of hardship, its not uncommon at all for Breacher Chiefs to chase down mortals from the surface and cook them into delicious stew.

When most folk meet Breachers, the meeting is short. That being said, some Breachers leave their world. Most of their race do not want to be in the desolate Breach. When Breachers leave they are ridiculed as curious beasts. Most find their place as bandits, thieves and pirates, places where their killer instincts find new use. But once in a blue moon, exploring the world you may find a lone, curious Breacher.

Breacher Traits

Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity score increases by 2, and your Wisdom score increases by 1.

Age. A Breacher reaches adulthood at 16, and rarely lives past 60 years.

Alignment. Breachers are inclined towards chaos and neutrality, doing what is best for friends and family and most importantly themselves.

Speed. Your Speed is 35 feet.

Vaulter. Your jumping requires no run up, becoming a Vault. When Vaulting you are able to jump a distance equal to your Strength or Dex score, either up in the air or along the ground. After Vaulting onto verticle surfaces you can cling there for 1d4 turns. While clinging you may perform actions with one free hand. Vaulting takes one movement action in combat.

Abbarant Mind. You have resistance on saving throws against being charmed, and saving throws of spells relating to mind control or psionics.

Languages. You can speak, read and write Common and Deep Speech.

Desert Dwarves

New and interesting resources are deeply valued to Dwarvenkind and there is no shortage of these in the Savage Lands. Dwarven explorers and entrepreneurs from the mainland travelled into the Arid Basin to find a new homeland and new crafts to make. The Dwarves that travelled out this far are a hardy and strong people who can handle the dry heat of the desert without any hesitation. With the birth of airships Desert Dwarves are no longer separated far from their kin and now begins an age of their mercantile mastery.

There are many races in the Savage Lands and Desert Dwarves were genius enough to create lines of communication with many of them. They’re set on learning from the people of the desert, the Tabaxi, Shifters and Monsters, and their settlements become vast hubs of trade. When that trade does go back to the mainland it is translated into glorious glittering wealth.

Desert Dwarves have sun-darkened skin and keep their dark beards cropped much shorter than their kin.

Dwarf Subrace

Being a Desert Dwarf gives you the following benefits.

Ability Score Increase. Your Charisma score increases by 1.

Savage Heat Adaption. You have advantage on any Constitution Save made to withstand extreme heat, and you may never die from exhaustion caused by extreme heat.


When Lichvale fell to the Undead Cults of Orcus every living being in the city was forced into undeath. Men, women, children, city guards and simple peasants alike were turned into haunting dead images of what they once were. Now a good year after the Undead Curse was lifted the corpses in mass graves open their eyes again.

Their skin putrid and leathery, in some places their bones are visible through near translucent skin. But their minds are alive. Most have very few memories of who they once were, perhaps a name and a once enjoyed hobby.

Researchers in Lichvale research these bright eyed Undead. They were summoned to be soldiers that much is clear, and yet no commanders exist for them to follow. They crawl out of the catacombs below Lichvale, seeking purpose. Most seek a place to call their own, but are shunned or attacked in the city they once knew as home.

These lost undead try to band together in small groups, calling themselves the Deadless. They are accepted in no place and many are turning reluctantly to banditry while others travel or attempt to settle their own small hamlets. As a young race in the world they find no home and have no place.

Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution score increases by 2.

Age. Most Undead started rising in the last year. They no longer age but their body will slowly embalm itself and their skin turn leathery as they age.

Alignment. Strangely enough Deadless are natural inclined towards Lawful alignment, being created as loyal soldiers. Many chose new paths in life turning to Evil and few are naturally Good.

Speed. Your Speed is 25 feet.

Needless. An Undead does not need to eat, drink or sleep. They still have the same urges to do all three as other races do and can do so. To complete a Long Rest a Deadless spends 4 hours resting and tending to their slowly rotting body doing the best to repair it they can. With this you are also immune to disease.

Darkvision You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. Your vision is murky shades of red and black and can’t discern true colour.

Languages. You can speak, read and write Common.

Subrace. As an Undead you can be a Deadless Soldier or a Fel’adrin.

Deadless Soldier

The risen corpses of Lichvale long after the curse ended. Technically their bodies are somewhere between that of a Ghoul and an Undead

Ability Scores. Your Strength score goes up by 1.

Risen Talent. You gain proficiency in one martial weapon of your choice and one set of Artisans tools of your choice.

Life Echo. After a Short or Long Rest you gain Temporary Hit Points equal to that of your character level plus your Constitution Modifier.


The Undead Curse of Lichvale stained the Feywild, bleaching the beautiful forests with death. As the Deadless rise so do those on the Fey side of the world, the once beautiful bodies of the Fey Elves rising from their resting places. These creatures are impolitely called Fel’adrin by their bretherin.

While the Deadless are shunned and hated by people around them, many Fey realise that Fel’adrin were risen against their will and have no real choice in the matter. Some Fey Courts even accept Fel’adrin into their ranks. Many Fel’adrin leave their world to join the Deadless, feeling a sense of comradery with them and wanting to build a new life somewhere.

Fel’adrin were once Eladrin of the Feywild. Elves and Fey do not rot like mortals do, so these risen fey have bone white bodies from near translucent skin, every wound visible on their form. They have more grace than the Deadless, but they are no more alive, no less haunting.

Ability Scores. Your Wisdom score goes up by 1.

Fel Scream. You can scream as a full action, the scream including all of the haunting sorrow within your kind. Creatures of your choice in 10 feet of you must succeed on a Charisma saving throw (DC 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Charisma modifier) or become frightened of you for one turn.

Languages. You can speak, read and write Elvish and Sylvan.


Those lucky enough to meet a Shardmind often is told their story. Long ago before the world was inhabited by the mortal races it was ruled by the Elementals. Specifically, it was ruled by the Four Titans. Each one represented a force of elemental nature and they ruled a chaotic world inhospitable for most natural life. After ruling for untold years, Dragons waged war with the Four Titans wishing to rule and reshape the lands. While countless elementals and dragons were destroyed in the fighting, only one Titan fell. The godlike Titan of Earth was destroyed, falling lifeless into the oceans. It was an act so terrible that Dragon and Elemental came to a truce, creating the Elemental Plane where the elementals could live out their days. Supposedly, the three other lost Titan’s never left his side.

Shardminds are, according to their own psionic songs of legends, remnants of the Titan of Earth. Beings of sentient crystal, some red like hot blood others blue like bitter tears. It is a story that has been passed down far before humanity rose, Shardminds are a truly ancient race. They are unlike anything, made even stranger by their rarity. They are hulking beings of living moving crystal. The energy that binds them is in part elemental and in part psionic, and entirely unknown. Their eyes glow with a warm light that puts other beings at ease, softening their flat featureless faces. When a Shardmind is destroyed their essence and crystal body dissipate into motes of light, and eventually they are recreated somewhere new on Jarviskjir. It can take seconds, it can take thousands of years. It is thought that an event in distant ages destroyed the few Shardminds that still existed and only recently are they reforming in the world. It is said that some Shardminds learn to feel echoes of their past lives, and call on them for experience. The entire processes is of unknown magics of extreme potential.

Shardmind have one collective goal, and that is to re-unify themselves. They were shattered. An individual Shardmind is a lonely creature that seeks friendship and commitment. The self imposed mission of a Shardmind is to find others of their kind, to learn from them and become something new. Although often a travelling Shardmind would rather chose to stay with their mortal friends while they can instead of joining a Shardmind collective.

Ability Score Increase. Your Intelligence score increases by 2.

Age. Shardmind do not age as other creatures do. When a Shardmind is formed they are fully mature physically, although do have a childlike innocence at first. A Shardmind can supposedly live eternally although their bodies can eventually wear and break.

Allignment. Shardminds are Lawful by nature, only a great event that breaks their spirit will change that. They prefer neutrality, doing what best serves their goals.

Size. Shardminds are physically imposing creatures, often standing above or beyond 6 foot tall. Your size is medium.

Speed. Your walking speed is 30 feet.

Crystal Construct. A Shardmind cannot eat, drink or sleep through natural means. This makes them immune to non-magical disease. They can still however absorb the magic within potions. A Shardmind must enter a trance like state for 4 hours each day during a long rest.

Tactile Telepathy.

Shardmind cannot naturally talk. A Shardmind can communicate telepathically with a sentient creature it is touching. The creature if it is willing can communicate back to you. If a Shardmind learns a new language, to speak that language the sounds and words are projected into the air around them discordantly.


The Bloodshards are the largest and strongest of all Shardmind, their crystals a fearsome red. Even with such mighty bodies Bloodshards are still peaceful beings at heart. Snapping their Fracture Blades from their body they turn to aid those in need.

Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution score increases by 1.

Fracture Blade.

A Bloodshard can create a weapon from their own body on a bonus action. The Bloodshard created counts as a Dagger, one made of red crystal. These Fracture Blades can be given to others, but will disappear within 12 hours or at your command. You regain this ability after a short rest.


With bodies bordering on crystal clear, the sight of a Mindshard is boggling to the mind. The natural psionics of the Mindshard is greater than those of other Shard Minds, allowing them to touch and when needed destroy the minds of other beings.

Ability Score Increase. Your Wisdom score increases by 1.

Natural Psionics. You have natural psionic spellcasting, allowing you to cast both the Messsage and Psi Tap cantrips. Your spellcasting modifier for Psi Tap is Intelligence.


The blue crystal bodies of the Tearshards can become a swift fluid granting them unparalleled mobility and speed, especially compared to the natural slow hulking shapes of other Shardminds. The forms of Tearshards are constantly moving and flowing like the ebb of the tide.

Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity score increases by 1.

Liquid Crystal. You have advantage on rolls to escape grapples, and to break free from being bound.


Parallel to the world of men, is the world of Fey. A curious place owned by no god, but owned by Courts. Courts of charismatic leaders that carved their Fey world into an intense realm of emotion and magic.

The Court, or smaller band, a Fey finds themselves in will over time warp and change their personality and appearance. Courts are full of likeminded individuals, which is even further noticed within bands. Bands are the smaller groups of a few individuals that cling together, to fey a band is family and friend alike. Not every Fey has a court, but damn near every fey has a Band. Fey are born into their band at first but that does not mean Fey Bands are restricted by race, all Fey getting along and able to join other courts within reason. Even unfey creatures can become bound into bands and courts, sometimes being warped by the fey magics in them. Unfortionately, most mortals are driven mad by this process. Fey are not locked into their court and often switch but those that are most loyal to their Archfey lords find themselves living the best lives.

Fey Courts

If you wish to create a Fey character, or a Fey Warlock, this is a quick guide to the Fey Courts that rule the Feywild, and how it would change your character. This is merely a suggestion as Fey are infinitely changable.

Court Dogma Quirk Fault Nemesis
The Jester Life is worth nothing without showmanship. Fun loving, freedom loving, show offs. Selfish, vain and easily tempted. The Serpent
The Serpent Wealth belongs to those that seize it. Fond of shadows, poisons and crime. Egotistical, backstabbing and noncommitted. The Jester
The Mother All hearts are made to love, and to create. Caring adoring people, teaching and patient. Cowardly, reluctant to fight and too easy to forgive. The Hand
The Hand Life is Labour, Efficiency is Currency. Hard workers, practical and pragmatic. Cruel taskmasters, remorseless and workaholics. The Mother
The Wardancer I weave the dance of war, for it brings life and death. Honourable masters of the wardance, a romantic fluid battle style. Brutal and wild, demanding every meal be hunted and fresh. The Wise
The Wise Through knowledge the weak become the strong. Intelligent and keen, lovers of magic. Disdainful, elitist and off in their own head. The Wardancer
The Lady of the Sea All waves are born by The Lady. Brilliant sailors, master traders and protectors of those at sea. Uncomfortable in land, scared of fire and defensive. The Gemstone Lord
The Gemstone Lord All that shines is rightfully mine. Brilliant gemsmiths, miners and talented thieves. Secretive, unwilling to share, with overly addictive personality The Lady of the Sea
The Hunter Nature is a balance, we are one with it. Brilliant trackers, attuned to the wild and preceptive. Overly competitive, antisocial beasts, with no time to talk. The Miasma
The Miasma The disease is inevitable, and it will spread. ??? Spreaders of plague, corruptors of life.. The Hunter
The Knight Hardy warriors, with a code of honour and glory. Hardy warriors, with a code of honour and glory. Sadistic, masochistic, willing only to help their own The Beast
The Beast We are all beasts inside. Empowered barbarians who will never turn down a fight. Dimwitted, and feral, driven mad by bloodlust. The Knight


Sharing the feywild with creatures like Dryads and Eladrin, the Fairyfolk are keen and brilliant people. Their mastery of charisma and emotion comes with a downside. They are miniscule. Many Fairfolk make that their advantage however, making a Fairyfolk ally a valuable one. Fairyfolk are hugely varied in appearance, taking on features of their Court and band. Most look similar to a gnome or elf that is merely a few inches tall.

Ability Score Improvement. Your Dexterity score is increased by 2, and your Strength score is reduced by 2.

Age. Fairyfolk age quickly to maturity within 4 years. From then on they age similar to elvin kind, fading when depression and sadness hits them eventually turning to nothing but dust. Fairyfolk can live beyond 300 years with luck and skill.

Allignment. Most fey consider themselves to be good and rarely lose sleep about their actions. Fey are deeply connected to their court or band, and lean to wards Lawful or Chaotic dependingly. Of course a feys perspective of good and evil is completely warped compared to that of mortals.

Size. Fairy Folk are around the size of small toys, usually ranging around 4-8 inches tall. Your size is Tiny.

Speed. You have a land speed of 10 feet, and a flying speed of 35 feet. You can hover in place with ease.

Languages. You speak Common and Sylvian.

Hard to See. You have proficiency in the Stealth Skill. If you gain the Stealth skill via other means, you gain double the proficiency bonus.

Rules for Tiny Creatures.

A Tiny creature can be on the same space as a tiny or larger creature. Unless a weapon is specially crafted for them and has the Tiny property, you have disadvantage on attack rolls wielding this weapon. The exception is weapons with the light property, which may be weilded as if they have the two handed trait. For example, you could wield a dagger in two hands similarly to a human wilding a greatsword. Longer rules will be on the Jarviskjir Dungeon Master Guide.



Despite their diminished size, Sprites are hardy warriors with a battle lust and honour in their hand. With a natural stealth and small size they make the perfect protectors for all things Fey, picking off anyone that would trouble their lands. Fey lords and courts send devious Sprites off to fight those that cause them trouble, the tiny beasts cutting throats and fleeing without an issue. A fight between fey is a battle of wits and charm as much as with blades, and with that Sprites are often fast talkers able to understand those they talk to with great intimacy.

Ability Score Improvement. Your Constitution score is increased by 1.

Judge of Character. You gain proficiency in the Insight skill. You may use either Wisdom or Intelligence as opposed to the Charisma score when using your Insight skill.

Spritely Shroud. A Sprite may spend a full action to render themselves invisible, including their weapons, armour and anything they are holding smaller than themselves. This invisibility lasts for 10 minutes and counts as a Wisdom based concentration spell. If a Sprite moves, attacks or casts a spell while Spritely Shroud is active, their invisibility breaks. They may still talk and interact with objects. A Sprite may focus their magic for an extra hour of time, but gain a point of exhaustion doing so.


Pixies are tiny little fey beings fond of playing games and setting tricks. When one thinks of a feys tendency to be jovial trickster it is no more true than in Pixies. That’s not to say Pixies of some courts can’t be serious, but every one of them has a sense of humour even if it may often be dark. The population of the Feywild is almost entirely the Eladrin and Pixies, they are common in both busy courts and the wild enchanted forests of the wilds. Pixies have deep fascinations, often turning that interest towards people and forms of magic. If you gain the affection of a Pixie, you might never find yourself free of them.

Ability Score Improvement. Your Charisma score is increased by 1.

Heart to Heart. As a bonus action you may learn the emotion of a target. The target must take a Charisma saving throw, the DC being 10 plus your charisma modifier, and on failure you learn their current emotional state. Characters you have spent more than a week with have disadvantage on the roll.

Musical Soul. You have proficiency in two musical instruments of your choice. If you can cast spells, you may use these instruments as spellcasting focuses.

Wild Child

In the forests of the Martial Plane are the Wild Children. Fey sprites that curious fey that know very little of the feywild itself. Despite this they are fonts of magical energy, being deeply attuned to the forests and wilds that they call home. Wild Children often make friends with mortals they can find, being able to take a childish form from which they get their name. Wild Children find it hard to get along with other Fey... While yes they have the curiousity and charm of other Fey beings, they find the intense emotions of their cousins hard to handle. Infact, Wild Children have a difficulty with emotions in general, finding them messy and uncomfortable.

Ability Score Improvement. Your Wisdom Score is increased by 1.

Appropriate Form. As a bonus action you may transform into a larger form, your size becoming Small. You may return to your Tiny size as a bonus action. Your clothing changes with you, while other equipment does not. As a Small creature you suffer none of the disadvantages you did as a Tiny creature. While You are a Small creature your walking speed becomes 25 and your fly speed becomes 10.

Tactile Perception. While not in combat, a Wild Child may choose who can see them. They may choose to try and appear invisible to any target they meet, and may declare this as they meet them. That target must make a Wisdom save, the DC being 4 plus twice your Wisdom Modifier (and is unable to go below 4 with negative wisdom), and on failure cannot see or hear you.


Occasionally, a child is born far larger than their kin. In the True North northmen families are often blessed by a young one that grows to be the size of a barn, rarely the Dwarves of the Dwarfholds have a child whose first training shield will be the size of a door. These are Giantblood. Long ago the near extinct Giants ruled the world, and their bloodlines have trickled through the modern races. The Giantblood occur when the exact right situations occur, perhaps even pushed by the will of old giant gods.

When a Giantblood is out in the world, they’re usually from the North, or some distance place nobody has heard of. Some Giant communities are proud of Gaintblood., training those that crop up in slave populations or find to be diplomats for them as they can talk easier with miniscule races.

Most people known as Gaintblood are infact not Half Giant at all. The Giant blood in their veins is diluted over many generations, occasionally lying dormant for some time. Most of these giant bloodlines are from the old days of giants, lasting thousands of years. Gaintblood who realise this and are close to the Giant Size of their ancestry are proud of the fact, learning their old religion and culture.

Ability Score Improvement. Your Strength score is increased by 2, and your Dexterity score is reduced by 2.

Age. Gaintbloods can live for a rather long time. They age as their parental races do until puberty, when they grow to their true size over several years and then their aging slows. Giantbloods can easily live 150 years.

Allignment. In Giant culture, Good and Evil mean something very different. Maat and Maug can often be seen as good and evil, but is not so. Half Giants tend toward these good, Maat, honourable actions, and are lawful by nature if raised by Giant parentage. Those who grow up in human communities are more brutal, tending towards chaotic.

Size. Giant Blood makes Half Giants grow larger than average beings. Most with giantblood crest 8 feet tall, some growing even bigger. Your size is Large.

Speed. Your speed is 30 feet.

Languages. You speak Common and Giant. Thick Bodied. Your unarmoured armour class is 10 + your Constitution modifier if is higher than your dexterity modifier. You may add your Constitution modifier instead of a Dexterity modifier to light or medium armour you are proficient in.



Ability Score Improvement. Your Constitution Score is increased by 1.

Gluttonous. You must eat twice the amount of food than a normal creature consumes each day. You can however eat food that is spoilt or poisoned with no ill effects.

Hurl. As an action you may pluck up a chunk of the ground, and throw it at a target. You may target an enemy within 60 feet and make a Strength ranged attack against that target. That target takes 2d4 bludgeoning damage on hit. You may take this action twice per short rest. This damage increases by 2d4 when you reach 6th, 11th and 16th level.


Ability Score Improvement. Your Wisdom Score is increased by 1.

Snow Sight. You can see through heavy snow and mist. Creatures obscured by these natural or unnaturally effects do not gain any defensive bonus against your attacks.

Bloodline Skill. You have proficiency in Battleaxes and Greataxes.


Ability Score Improvement. Your Intelligence Score is increased by 1.

Bloodline Skill. You have proficiency in the Blacksmithing Tools, as well as in Longswords and Greatswords.

Forged Skin. You have resistance to Fire damage.


Ability Score Improvement. Your Dexterity Score is increased by 1. Darkvision. You have darkvision 60 feet. You are more adept at discerning texture in darkvision than others. Bloodline Skill. You have proficiency in two of the following, Masonry tools, Painters Tools, Caligraphy tools or Woodcarvers tools. Ancient Art. When you write, paint or carve, you may choose to use your natural magic to fold emotions or simple feelings into the work of art. When touched, these emotions are felt by the viewer. If you spend at least 4 hours on a work of art you may fold more complex emotions and short bursts of your own memories.


Ability Score Improvement. Your Charisma Score is increased by 1.

Bloodline Skill. You have proficiency in either the persuasion, intimidation or deception skill. Additionally, you know the cantrip Friends.

Know by Scent. If you have spent at least 24 hours with a person, you have advantage on perception checks to find them via their scent.


Ability Score Improvement. An Ability Score of your choice is increased by 1.

Bloodline Skill. You have proficiency in the arcana and persuasion skills. You additionally know 1 sorcerer cantrip of your choice.

Paramount Blood. Whenever you make a Charisma check when interacting with giants, giantkin or giantblood, your proficiency bonus is doubled if it applies to the check.