Bard - College of the Luchador

Bards from the college of the luchador are wrestlers first and entertainers second. Their identities are known to each other, but jealousy hidden from others outside of the college. To protect that identity, Luchadors don a mask of their own creation before entering into the ring. These masks define who they are as a person and as a wrestler and give mystical strength and power. Some travel in with other luchadors to put on shows for adoring crowds, gaining renown and the love of the people.

Masked Wrestler

At Level 3 you learn to make a luchador mask expressing your masked personality. With 5gp worth of materials and focusing your bardic energies in a 10 minute ritual, you can create a mask that will act as a bardic focus for you.

Additionally, you learn to channel your magical energies into unarmed combat. You gain proficiency and expertise in athletics and when you are not wearing armor, wielding a weapon, or holding a shield you gain a new armor class calculation of 13 + your charisma modifier.

Mocking Rebuke

Also at third level, you learn to make a mocking rebuke, scorning your opponents abilities and reducing their concentration on casting to make their spell less potent. As a reaction to a spell being cast, you can expend one of your uses of Bardic Inspiration to reduce the DC for the save of the spell by the number rolled on your bardic inspiration die. If the spell doesn’t require a save, the use bardic inspiration has no effect and is lost.

Expert Wrestler

At 6th level, your abilities as a wrestler have gone beyond that of a normal human. Your unarmed strikes are considered magical for the sake of overcoming damage resistance and do 1d4+strength damage and you grapple as if you are one size larger.

Finally, you learn the pinning move. If you are grappling someone at the start of your turn you may spend one of your attacks to make an additional grapple check to attempt to pin them. Doing so gives them giving them disadvantage on attacks and preventing spellcasters from casting spells with somatic components.

Mythical Wrestler

Additionally at level 14, your trash talk takes on a magical property. When you succeed on a athletics grapple check to grapple, you may cast vicious mockery as a bonus action. Additionally, if you successfully resist someone attempting to breaking free of a grapple, you may cast vicious mockery as a reaction.

While you are wearing your mask, you may activate a new special ability to modify your physique. When you activate this ability as a bonus action, you are enlarged per the enlarge/reduce spell. Activating this ability does not require concentration. You may use this ability once per long rest.