The Butcher

The Butcher is a hulking, brutish demon, stinking of blood and meat. Being one of the most aggressive monsters in the Cathedral Depths, this demon is possessed by bloodlust, and the smell of fresh meat.

The Butcher's Den

As the party venture through the dungeon, they may stumble upon the Butcher's Den. This room reeks of rotten meat, and is hot and humid. No light emanates from this room.

The first thing the party will notice, when using Darkvision, or torches, is the floor is grated, allowighn for fluids to drain through the floor, and chains haging from the ceiling, with massive hooks on the ends. It won't take long to spot hunks of meat hanging from these hooks, and on spikes around the walls of the room - human flesh. Mutilated corpses, arms, legs and heads.

If you are using the Corruption rules, you can ask any players suffering from Bloodlust to roll a Saving throw in this situation. The DC is 10 + current Corruption points. A failed save incurs 1 corruption point, or 2 on a failure of 10 or more.

As the players discover the room, let them know that the hooks and spikes line the edges of the room, leaving the main area free to move. This room was probably some kind of preparation room, perhaps for embalming originally, but it appears it has been repurposed. After a short time, or when the party reaches the centre of the room introduce the Butcher.

As you listen to the sound of the clinking chains hanging from the ceiling overhead, you realise the sound change. From the back of the room, you can hear the sound of a chain dragging across metal, shortly followed by the heavy, thudding footsteps of something big in the back of the room.

Below you, fires burst into life, lighting the room and revealing a hulking beast; a demon, wearing what appears to be a heavily worn smock, holding a massive cleaver in one hand, and dragging a chain and hook in the other. As the light revelas the party, it grins. "Ahh... Fresh meat!"

At this point, roll initiative. This monster has a couple of abilities that are meant to reposition itself, and the other players. This is meant to force the players to think on their feet, to avoid staying in combat with the Butcher, or to maintain combat. These abilities are not designed to be used repeatedly, however.

You can choose to start the fight with a surprise round, with the use of either the Hook or a Charge ability.

The Butcher

"Fresh Meat!" Large Creature, Chaotic Evil

  • Armor Class 13
  • Hit Points 30
  • Speed 30ft

18 (+4) 10 (+0) 12 (+1) 8 (-1) 14 (+2) 8 (-1)

  • Condition Immunities frigthened, charmed
  • Senses passive Perception 12
  • Languages Abyssal, Common
  • Challenge 2 (-- XP)

Bloodlust. When the Butcher's hit points fall below 15, it can use its reaction to activate Bloodlust. Under the effects of Bloodlust, the Butcher gains the Reckless attack ability. It gains advantage on melee weapon attacks and strength checks, but attacks against it also have advantage.


Butcher's Cleaver. Weapon attack: +6 to hit, reach 5ft, one target. Hit 8 (1d8 + 4)

Butcher's Hook. Melee or Ranged Weapon Attack: +6 to hit, reach 5 ft or range 20/60 ft, one target. Hit 7 (1d6 + 4). Instead of attacking, the Butcher can fling the hook in a line. The first target to make contact with the hook must make a DC12 Dexterity Saving throw, or take 4 (d6) damage, and be pulled up to 20 feet closer to the Butcher.

Charge (Recharge 5-6). The Butcher can charge in a chosen direction, to the edge of the room, or up to 40ft from its starting point. If the Butcher comes into contact with anyone (including in the starting square), they must make a DC12 Dexterity Saving throw. On a failed save, they take 2d8 damage, and are knocked prone. On a successful save they take half damage, and are not knocked prone. Movement does not provoke opportunity attacks.