Rules for Playing Tiny Characters.

Tiny player characters are set apart from small and medium ones like night is from day. Therfor, they deserve their own set of specific rules in the interest of balanced gameplay. These rules overrule contradictory rules in the Player's Handbook and Dungeon Master's Guide.


Tiny characters are often hampered by their diminutive size, hence they interact with certain items and equipment differently than characters of different sizes.

Lightweights. Tiny characters, unless the weapon is Undersized, cannot wield Lances or weapons with the Heavy property. They also require two hands to wield any weapon that isn't Light, or attack at disadvantage. Despite this, they cannot benefit from a Versatile weapon's two-handed damage die. A tiny creature can only use two-weapon fighting if their weapons are Undersized (or Light weapons if they have the Dual Wielder feat .) Weapons that are not Undersized have their damage die reduced by one stage when used by a tiny creature. A weapon does not have its damage reduced if a tiny creature uses two hands to wield it, or has the Dual Wielder feat.

Damage Die Penalty Chart.
Ordinary Damage Die Tiny Creature Damage Die
1d4 1
1d6 1d2
1d8 1d4
1d10 1d6
1d12 1d8
2d6 2d4

Not fooling anyone. A tiny character cannot conceal weapons on its person, unless the weapon is Undersized.

Movement and Combat

On the battlefield, a tiny creature's small size causes some specific interactions with creatures that are at least medium.

Excuse me! A tiny creature does not treat an occupied space as difficult terrain if the occupant is medium or larger.

Peekaboo! When a tiny creature shares its space with a medium or larger creature, it gains three-quarters cover from all sources except the creature it shares its space with.

Undersized Equipment.

Equipment designed specifically to be used by Tiny creatures cannot be worn or wielded by Small or larger creatures, and weighs only a tenth of the usual amount. A weapon with the Undersized property has its damage die reduced by one stage, but retains all its original properties.