The World Of Telaros



Welcome to Telaros

Telaros is a relatively small world that has spent much of its history isolated from the rest of the multiverse. It was the pet project of Elinalore, a very minor god in a very crowded pantheon that grew disillusioned with her lack of influence over a chaotic and often unforgiving world. She created it, populated it with a handful of children she snatched up from other worlds, and hid it away. At first she was very attentive, guiding her people to build a modest, peaceful society. She soon found though that without constant tending, the people would easily splinter into warring factions and curiously delve into arcane secrets that threatened the sanctity and stability of this world. Her relationship with the world grew strained and in a period of absence a number of other deities discovered the oddity of Telaros and took an interest in it to their own individual ends.

In the current age, the world is at more of a renaissance than medieval level of development, simple mechanics and basic chemistry mixed with magic.

The world was without fantastic beasts and horrible monsters for a long time, but they eventually found their way in, though some of them may not be quite as they are in other worlds. Dragons, for example, are not limited to giant lizards, but any number of common beasts that have formed an elemental bond with the primal planes.


The First Age

Once, a minor god who felt frustrated by her lack of influence over major events and disdain for the petty politicking and bickering of the greater pantheon withdrew from the multiverse and created a secret world just for herself. Saddened by the thoughtless, or even cruel way that many of the other gods dealt with their creations, she aimed to create a peaceful and harmonious world. She built a delicately balanced ecosystem, free of the horrors and abominations that inhabited the other planes. She then selected three hundred small children from other planes, chosen for their purity of spirit and innocence of the ways of the world, and brought them to the new world. They were fifty each of Humans, Elves, Orcs, Dwarves, Gnomes and Halflings. Elinalore provided for them, cared for them and taught them. They built a thriving town together, and as the generations passed it grew to be a peaceful and prosperous city. As the population grew, the close, personal, relationship the early inhabitants shared with Elinalore began to fade, until eventually there came a time when no living person could remember interacting with Elinalore directly.

For most people, religion just faded into the background of their lives, but the true believers became more and more devoted to finding the way to properly honor Elinalore and regain her favor. Eventually their proselytizing became a bit much for the less ardent citizens, who began to push back against the zealots, suggesting that perhaps Elinalore had never even existed. As tensions rose, the believers engaged in political maneuvering, gaining influence in important positions. They began to banish those that were branded as heretics. A large group of dissenters banded together in one mass exodus, setting out to set up a new kingdom on the other side of the world.

The new settlement grew quickly and thrived. They attempted to maintain relations with the old kingdom, but it became increasingly oppressive and insular, so they eventually gave up. Before completely closing their borders though, a number of people made their way out. Some joined the new settlement, but others, still believers but more moderate in their faith, formed a second neighboring settlement with the aid of the now thriving city.

As decades passed, the new settlement embraced radical experimentation and exploration. They made a number of advancements in building, crafting, alchemy and even began to dabble in magic. The smaller settlement of followers of Elinalore grew too, but stuck to a simpler way of life, benefiting from the prosperity of their neighbor without adopting the more fringe elements of their society. The old city became a thing of myth that the people outside thought little of, until the day that they attacked.

In secret, the old town had been building an army of the faithful. Having had no need for soldiers before this, the new settlements could do little to defend themselves. The smaller one was quickly overwhelmed and occupied, while the larger city put up a disorganized resistance. Finding the city to be ungovernable, the army pulled back and initiated a siege. After several weeks, a small group of alchemists concocted a plan to drive away the occupying force by unleashing a powerful magical weapon. They concocted a set of alchemical bombs, pouring into them all of the wildest, most advanced magic that they could muster. When they were ready, the resistance force launched them at the surrounding host. The army was absolutely devastated by fire and poison and chaos. In the horrifying aftermath, Elinalore returned.



Distraught by the state of her creation, Elinalore loomed enormous over the entire horizon and addressed the world. She shamed the new city for befouling the idyllic world. She admonished the zealots for committing atrocities in her name. Then, in a fit of rage she struck all writing from existence. Words simply vanished from books and scrolls. In the advanced city, machines broke, vials of alchemical concoctions shattered and experimenters’ memories of formulae and process became muddled. In the old city, temples and monuments crumbled. Weapons and armor rapidly decayed into dust. Only the peaceful little settlement outside the new city was spared.

The Second Age

In the aftermath, relations between the two larger kingdoms were restored, but most people now looked to the smaller town for leadership. Elinalore had made it quite clear that they had the right way of things. People from all over came flooding in and it quickly grew into the clear capital city. Decades of peace and moderate prosperity followed. Elinalore once again became a regular presence, checking in on her creation and helping to guide the people with a gentle touch, now that her initial outrage had passed.

Despite the broad unification brought about by The Purge, as the incident was eventually known, a few small dissident factions arose. They were fiercely rejected by the society at large though, so remained on the fringe. Among them were believers who heard stories of the old fanatical church and developed a fascination with it, allured by its structure and power, hoping to one day restore it. There was a sect that overcorrected for the old church and became obsessed with penance, centered around the belief that the world could never properly atone for their past transgressions. Some denizens of the new kingdom vainly attempted to preserve and restore what little research they could, but with no supporting infrastructure, and needing to conduct themselves in secret, accomplished very little. There were even some who felt such great resentment at the loss of knowledge, or maybe just bristled at the authority of an all powerful god, or perhaps a bit of both, who found each other and spoke in secret about a desire to overthrow Elinalore by some means.

Several decades after The Purge, something happened that Elinalore did not expect. A new type of creature emerged in the world. Various beasts began to grow to remarkable size, imbued with elemental magic. The chaotic magical weapons deployed in [THE WAR] had torn a tiny rift in the fabric of Telaros and traces of magical energy had trickled through and changed these creatures. Despite being unrivaled dangerous predators that did not at all fit into Elinalore’s carefully designed world, she was enchanted with these magnificent beasts. Rather than destroy them, she bound them from doing any harm to the people of Telaros and left them to live in relative peace.

She did not anticipate, though, the combination of curiosity and resentment that still lingered through certain parts of the population. This powerful new source of magic was too alluring. Secretive factions began gathering and studying any parts they could get ahold of - feathers, scales, bones. While this yielded some small results, the greatest breakthrough came when they were able to obtain some eggs. Through relentless experimentation, they were eventually able to hatch a humanoid creature from one and bind it under their control. With this success, a plan was born.

One day, at a routine appearance of Elinalore, [SECRET SOCIETY] made their move. They had hidden their small force of Nezet nearby and as soon as Elinalore appeared, they attacked. It was a moment of desperate chaos. Though Elinalore was quickly able to subdue her attackers and regain control of the situation, in that split second of surprise the unthinkable had happened. She was wounded. The realization shocked both the gathered crowd and Elinalore herself into a stunned silence. After a moment, she vanished. Immediately after, mayhem ensued. [SECRET SOCIETY] weren’t the only ones who had been plotting in secret. Among the crowd, followers of a new incarnation of the old fanatic faith revealed themselves, seeing an opportunity to exact righteous justice on the transgressors. In the wild melee that had emerged, it was unclear what anyone’s allegiances were though, so their pent up fury was unleashed indiscriminately, exacerbating the panic. The Nezet, suddenly finding themselves free of the control of their creators, quickly fled.

The Third Age

Everyone could feel that something had changed in that fateful moment. The world quickly fell into darkness. The various factions that had been operating in secret revealed themselves and tried to take advantage of the unstable situation to seize any power that they could. Mistrust was so rampant that many institutions fell to pieces under the weight of it. Each city and town eventually fell under the control of one of the major factions and anyone not aligned with them was driven out. Relations between the various settlements were tense and strained at best, so most just kept to themselves. The absence of Elinalore was felt not just in the mind of every person in Telaros, but was also reflected in the world itself. It was darker and colder, food was scarce and the beasts of the world grew more aggressive. Worst of all, the dragons were unleashed and began to wreak havoc anywhere they roamed.



In this harsh setting, the absence of Elinalore’s influence allowed something else unexpected to happen. The desperate pleas of the people of Telaros began to slip beyond the bounds of this small world and reach the attention of other deities from places beyond. Eleven such beings took notice and came to the seemingly abandoned Telaros, with various intentions.

Map of Telaros



The People of Telaros

The unique history of Telaros means that you will find it filled with beings unlike anywhere else in the multiverse. Though the main population consists of distant descendants of species common to so many other worlds, only faint echoes of their traits remain. In more recent history, the meddling of gods introduced several new inhabitants into the world. With time, they have all found their place and become integral parts of the world’s ever evolving society.

Nechal (neh-CHALL)

After creating her ideal world, Elinalore needed people to inhabit it. Rather than creating new life, she chose to populate it with the beings of other worlds that were in need of a safe home. She stealthily visited many worlds, taking from them children that were lost, abandoned or otherwise imperiled; poor souls that she knew would not be missed in the worlds that they came from. Mostly, these were Humans, Elves, Dwarves and Orcs, but a few odd outliers made it into the mix. Now, after countless generations, there is no longer any distinction, they are simply one people.

The diverse heritage means that Nechal can vary quite a bit in their appearance. Their builds run the full gamut, from short to tall, and stocky to lithe. Their skin tone ranges from deep, dark browns to porcelain, and might also show moderate hues of green or red. Any of the distinguishing traits of their ancestors may be present in a Nechal, such as pointed ears or prominent teeth, though to a lesser extent.

As the oldest inhabitants of Telaros, Nechal are the most numerous, making up about 70% of the total population. The many cultures that they participate in are so widely varied it is impossible to make many generalizations about the Nechal. The one trait that does seem to unite them though is a relentless ambition, instilled in their ancestors by Elinalore’s close guidance. Even though her relationship with the people of Telaros is now distant, that drive has been passed down, be it for science, theology, or things arcane.

Nechal Traits

Creature Type:
Medium (4 - 7 feet tall)
30 feet
160 years on average
Many of your ancestors had strong Darkvision, and this trait has been passed on to you, though centuries have diluted its acuity a bit. You can see in dim light within 30 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can’t discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.
Echoes of the close tutelage Elinalore offered your ancestors live on in you. Your drive and curiosity have lead you to try your hand at a variety of pursuits. You gain Proficiency in two Skills of your choice.
Whether your relationship with the creator is adoration or resentment, it endows you with a strong will and sense of place in the world. You have advantage on Charisma and Wisdom saving throws.
Having a wide variety of experiences is the easy part, but truly learning from them is an art. Your innate desire to understand things has allowed you to turn a formative experience in your life into a practical asset. You gain a 1st-level feat of your choice.
Recessive Trait.
The diverse ancestry of the Nechal holds some interesting traits that mostly lie dormant now, but will occasionally arise in an individual. Roll from the Recessive Traits table to see what unexpected trait you’ve inherited.
Recessive Traits
d20 Trait
1-5 Hale
6-10 Sharp
11-14 Fortunate
15-18 Unyielding
19-20 Fey Spark
Poison damage you receive is reduced by 2 and you have advantage on saving throws against non-magical diseases.
You gain a +2 bonus to Initiative, and can use a Reaction on your first turn in combat even if you are surprised.
The first time you fail a d20 test after a short or long rest, you may reroll it.
You have half proficiency on death saving throws.
Fey Spark.
Against all odds, some tiny trace of Fey magic found its way to you. You know the Prestidigitation spell.

Nezet (neh-ZEHT)

The Nezet were perhaps the first new sapient species to appear in Telaros. Their origin was not natural though, but brought about with sinister intentions, through the wild experimentation of Nechal arcanists late in the Second Age. The experimenters had hoped to infuse themselves with the power of the newly discovered zet-beasts, but every attempt ended in disaster. They were, however, able to manipulate the unhatched eggs of some zet-beasts and instil them with some aspects of the Nechal. This lead to the creation of intelligent, humanoid creatures that still maintained their elemental affinities and some animal aspects.




The deployment of the Aether Shatter device that ended the first War of Faith left an unknown scar in the barrier isolating Telaros, which allowed the first traces of extraplanar influence into the world. The raw elemental energy that seeped in found a host in various mundane fauna, mutating them into powerful, magical beasts. They are much like the dragons of other worlds, but can take the form of any combination of animal and elemental energy.

At their core, Nezet look much like the Nechal, though they are a bit taller and bulkier than average. They are clearly set apart however by their animalistic features, which can manifest in a wide variety of ways, depending on their heritage. This could mean fur, feathers or scales covering large areas of their body, or the additional growth of wings, antlers, fins, and the like. Due to the magical nature of their origin, the animal aspect they exhibit is not bound by heredity. A newly hatched Nezet may exhibit a new aspect not seen anywhere in their previous lineage. Their elemental affinity however will tend to align closely to one or both of their parents. Nechal’s eyes are the primary part of their appearance that will indicate their affinity, looking like tiny glass spheres containing a wild sample of the raw element. This affinity will also manifest in other parts of their appearance, though far more subtly than the animal aspect. Typically this can be seen in modifications to the patterns, colorations and textures of their animalistic traits.

The unfortunate circumstances of their origin lead the Nezet to spend a long period of history in relative isolation, a state of affairs perpetuated by both sides. They harbored a great deal of resentment for their creators, and the Nechal population at large feared them for their pivotal role in the Ultimate Betrayal. This insular period lead them to develop a strong cultural identity that they hold to this day, even though the passage of time has nearly erased the old prejudices and they are now a common site in every major city. This cultural pride means it is rare to find a Nezet that won’t jump at any opportunity to speak their native language, or show off some traditional art or practice. They are generally especially excited to see other Nezet and swap stories about their family histories.

Nezet Traits

Creature Type
Medium (5 - 7 feet tall)
30 feet
90 years on average
Animal Aspect.
Your magical origins are tied closely to a particular species of animal. Aspects of this animal manifest in your physical appearance and offer your special traits. Choose one from the Animal Aspect table, or come up with one of your own.
Animal Aspect
Animal Action Trait
Bear Bite Tough
Deer Charge Quick
Lizard Bite Armored
Hawk Fly Sharp Vision
Fish Swim Water Breathing
Rabbit Leap Alert
Tiger Claws Climbing
Mouse Hide Alert
Elemental Affinity.
You are bound to the energy of a particular element. You have resistance to the chosen element and it determines what your breath weapon is.
Breath Weapon
When you take the Attack Action on your turn, you can replace one of your attacks with an exhalation of magical energy. Your elemental affinity determines the size, shape, and effect of the exhalation. When you use your breath weapon, each creature in the area of the exhalation must make a saving throw, the type of which is determined by your elemental affinity. The DC for this saving throw equals 8 + your Constitution modifier + your proficiency bonus. You can use this Breath Weapon a number of times equal to your Proficiency Bonus, and you regain all expended uses when you finish a Long Rest.
Breath Weapon Progression
Level Dice
1-4 1
5-10 2
11-14 3
15+ 4



elemental planes

The Elemental Planes

The precise organization of the elemental planes is the subject of much interest among academics in a variety of fields. This is one popular diagram attempting to describe their relationships. While some reputable scholars embrace the idea that there are no true discrete divisions of elements, most theories claim to identify between six and twenty-four, with some wild speculation reaching past one hundred.

While it is at this point generally accepted that the geometry of the planes is something that simply exist outside of the bounds of the mathematical law underpins Telaros, claims to have discovered the “True Shape” are a popular pastime of unskilled charlatans pawning off junk as arcane artifacts.

Nezet Elemental Affinity
Element Resistance Damage Type Shape
Air Thunder Shoving Cone
Ice Cold Cold Cone
Mist Cold Cold Cloud
Poison Poison Poison Cloud
Water Cold Shoving Line
Metal Slashing Slashing Cone
Muck Poison Slowing Cone
Salt Poison Acid Cone
Earth Poison Bludgeoning Cone
Crystal Fire Piercing Cone
Magma Fire Fire Line
Ash Poison Choking Cone
Fire Fire Fire Cone
Lightning Lightning Lightning Line
Radiance Lightning Fire Line
Smoke Poison Choking Cloud
Dust Necrotic Choking Cloud
Acid Acid Acid Line
If a target is shoved into an obstacle, they will take bludgeoning damage.
Targets caught in the effect immediately begin suffocating.
Targets movement speed is reduced and the area becomes difficult terrain.



Brugneth (BRUHG-neth)

A giant like species from the far north. They resemble the Nechal in many ways, but are definitively larger and possess some unique traits. It is uncertain if this is an offshoot of the Nechal that has evolved in isolation, or another species entirely.

Brugneth Traits

Creature Type
Medium (6 - 8 feet tall)
30 feet
120 years on average
You gain one extra HP per level
At Home in the Cold
Resistance to Cold damage and unaffected by non-damaging cold effects.
Powerful Build
You count as size large when calculating how much you can lift or move.
Stone Kindred
Minor stone shape and talk to rocks, advantage against petrification.

Grulem GROOL-em

Refugees from the realm of Kryxin. Having previously spent an unknowable amount of time trapped in torment on an infernal plane, their old lives are long forgotten but with some assistance they’ve managed to recover their minds enough to make a fresh start in Telaros. A bit frightening in appearance, but not sinister by nature.

Grulem Traits

Creature Type
Medium (4 - 8 feet tall)
30 feet
40 years on average
To Hell and Back
Immune to fear, resistant to necrotic and psychic damage.
Troubled Mind
When you are grappled, struck by a creature within 5ft of you, or another creature attempts to read your mind, you can use your reaction to deal 1d4 psychic damage.
Unexpected Knowledge
Sometimes a flash of a memory of your old life will break through, providing information you should have no knowledge of. Rolling a 20 on a History, Arcana, or Religion roll always succeeds.
Terrifying Presence
As an action, you can create any of the following effects:
  • The area within 15 feet of you is reduced to dim light for up to 1 minute.
  • The temperature in the area within 15 feet of you suddenly drops by 20 degrees for up to 1 minute.
  • Create a momentary illusion that distorts the appearance of something to appear sinister, corrupted or decayed.
  • Cause up to one cubic foot of non-magical vegetation to wither and die.
  • Whisper a short phrase and have a target creature you can see within 30 feet hear it as if you were right next to them.
  • Cause someone to recall an upsetting memory.

Dodama doh-DAW-mah

Beings that exist primarily on another plane, creating a projection into this world. Their bodies are composed of whatever materials were available when they manifested.

Dodama Traits

Creature Type
Small (2 - 3 feet tall)
30 feet
Constructed Nature
As an action, you can consume a non-magic item worth at least 1 gold piece and weighing at least 1 pound to spend a hit dice. You can also gain this effect from a Mending spell. You are immune to disease and do not need to eat, drink or breathe. You have resistance to poison damage and advantage on poison saving throws.
Luminous Beings
When a dodama is reduced to 0 hit points, it doesn’t enter the dying state. Instead, it’s constructed body falls to pieces and a 1 foot radius mote of light emerges. If the dodama can not reform a new body within one hour, it will fade away forever. To construct a new body, it needs access to at least 50 pounds of objects, with no individual object being worth less than 1 gold piece. The process takes 15 minutes without any interruptions, such as being attacked. While in its energy form, the dodama can not interact with the physical world and is immune to non-magical attacks. Attacking the material it is using to form a new body will disrupt the process, setting back the progress by 1 minute for each point of damage dealt.
Unconventional Senses
Dodama do not rely on vision to perceive the world, they instead sense various forms of energy within a 30 foot radius around them, even if blocked by up to 1 foot of stone. This means they can not be blinded or deafened by conventional mean, and gives them an advantage on perception checks. In order to perceive things outside of this radius, they can focus their attention in one direction to extend their perception to 300 feet in a 3 foot diameter “beam”, but this requires concentration.
Integrated Storage
You can integrate up the number of your proficiency bonus items into your body without losing their functionality. These items can be brought into your hand at any time and it can not be dropped unless you do so intentionally. The item can be completely concealed within your body and you have advantage on sleight of hand checks when attempting to hide it.



Idym EE-dim

Manifestations of nature that are born to Nechal forging a connection with Idyliana or Lyradala. They take on the general form of their mortal parent, but exhibit accents of the surrounding landscape they are born from., these beings exhibit features of plants or rocks, which increase in intensity as they age. When they sleep, they completely merge with the natural environment.

Idym Traits

Creature Type
Small or Medium (4 - 7 feet tall)
30 feet
80 years on average
You have expertise with the Nature skill. If you are an Ilet, you also have proficiency in Animal Handling. If you are Ryla, you have proficiency in Survival.
Full of Life
The Idym are so connected to the fundamental energies of life that they literally glow, always emitting dim light in a 10 foot radius. They gain 1 additional HP from any source of healing. They can also offer some of this benefit to others, by expending a hit die, a creature they are attending to gains advantage on a death saving throw.

Ilet EE-leht

Idym-Ilet are those born of Idyliana, having a natural bond that is strongest with the land.

Blend with Nature
Give 15 minutes without interruption, an Idym can completely fade into the landscape, becoming detectable only by magic. They are aware of their surroundings during this time, but have no physical presence. They can not be hurt, but likewise they can not affect the world, other than minor actions like rustling branches or insects flitting about. There is no limit to how long they can stay like this, and this effect naturally occurs when they sleep. If they are not in nature, their presence will be obvious as plant life sprouts in unexpected places.
As an action, you can sense poison and disease withing six inches of your hands. Once per long rest, you can expel all non-magical poison and disease from an area no larger than a 1 foot sphere.

Ryla RILL-uh

The Idym-Ryla are the proginey of Lyradala and are connect more closely with the raw and chaotic elements.

Conjure Element
As an action, you manifest a small amount of any of the elements. It will dissipate after a few minutes. You have some control over the shape, but can only produce rough forms. If the conjured element can be damaging, you can use it to attack, expending it and dealing 1d6 damage on a hit (2d6 at level 5, 3d6 at level 11, 4d6 at level 17).
Chaotic Soul
The primal energy in you reacts fiercely to anything attempting control or restrain you. You have advantage on any saving throw to resist an effect that would compel you to action or restrict your movement.

Keldra KEHL-druh

The pet project of Kel, these beings were carefully crafted to be the perfect society in his eyes. Each individual is nearly identical. Some embrace this and stick to their traditional ways, but many have sought to create their own identity and embrace flashy clothing and body modifications to differentiate themselves.

Keldra Traits

Creature Type
Medium (6 feet tall)
30 feet
100 years
Signature Ability
The ability score of your choice gains +1 and you can give yourself advantage on any skill check using that ability a number of times equal to your proficiency bonus per long rest.
You gain +1 to your proficiency bonus.
When you roll a 1 on an attack roll, ability check, or saving throw, you can reroll the die and must use the new roll.
Keldran Communication
You can communicate with other Keldra in such a subtle manner that any non-Keldra observing would not even know that you were having a conversation.




In a desperate act to protect the world from the growing interest of other deific beings, Elinalore did her best to seal the world away. It was mostly effective, but some influence still leaks through the barrier. This is the pantheon that currently looms just beyond the edges of the world:

Elinalore, The Creator


Originally a lesser god of some other world, Telaros was her secret pet project.

Idyliana, Avatar of Pristine Nature


Twin of Lyradala. Embodiment of peace, harmony and natural aesthetic beauty.

Bronhank, The Jovial Provider


God from a world of such abundance most outsiders encountering would consider it a paradise. He seeks only to share food and joy with less fortunate worlds.

Cylipha, The Mourner


An ancient god that watched helplessly as her world died many ages ago. She now wanders the cosmos, drawn to worlds that are nearing their end to serve as a witness to their passing. She offers her grief as an outlet for the inhabitants of the worlds she visits, as well as the consolation that the memory of their world with live on with her.

The chaos that followed Elinalore’s long absence is what initially drew her to Telaros. Now that it has once again been sealed off, its doom seems less imminent, but Cylipha remains present outside the seal, offering herself to those who still despair.

Kel, Architect Supreme


A powerful creator that takes it upon himself to “fix” and maintain any corner of the cosmos no to his high standards.

Sindrefen, Whisperer of Secrets


An inscrutable deity possessing a vast store of arcane knowledge, which she is willing to share to serve her mysterious ends. It is unclear if she is simply drawn to mystery or is the author of it, but either way her presence is inextricably tied to anomaly. Many a researcher has sought her favor in attempting to understand some puzzle of the universe. Those that she has graced with a whisper have often found it to be a mixed blessing, however, as they ended up devoting the rest of their lives to deciphering he cryptic words.

Lyradala, Avatar of Wild Nature


Twin of Idyliana. Embodiment of primal urges and the chaos of storms.

Daxdander, Cosmic Nuisance


A devious trickster expelled from his own pantheon, he takes refuge in unsuspecting worlds, just looking to have some fun. He was the first outsider to find his way into Telaros, taking advantage of a small tear in the planes caused by the first great war. Elinalore’s effort to keep the world secret made it a great place for him to lay low and not worry about what other cosmic beings were out to get him. He mostly tried to avoid notice, though his nature would occasionally get the better of him. It’s impossible to know exactly what events he set in motion, but anytime something went unexpectedly awry, it’s fair to suspect that Daxdander may have introduced a little bit of chaos into the mix.

Kryxin, The Contemptuous


An infernal manifestation of torment, self appointed as the judge of all living things.

The Unspeakable

A mysterious presence that many have felt, but nobody can quite comprehend.

Zaehel, The Infinite Conqueror


A once mortal being that tricked a god into granting him incredible power as a warrior. This came with the curse of immortality that can only be taken in battle. Having grown weary of existence ages ago, he now callously roams the multiverse waging wars against entire

worlds, hoping to find the worthy opponent to finally let him rest.



Skrept, The Devourer of Worlds


Whatever he once may have been, all the remains now is insatiable hunger. His entire existence is seeking out vulnerable worlds and ending them.



The City of Dundarel

Dundarel is moderately sized city nestled deep in the heart of Telaros. It was originally founded during the age of exploration by a nobleman hoping to take advantage of the natural resources in the region to amass a fortune. The assets proved to be a bit less abundant than he had hoped, however, and the remote location made it impossible to establish the thriving trade routes he had hoped for. None the less, the kingdom had everything it needed to support its modest population quite comfortably. After only a few generations, interest in the crown began to wane. Other kingdoms took little interest in Dundarel’s affairs. There was no neighbor near enough to generate conflicts over territory or influence. Everyone was well provided for and so had time to pursue a variety of interests. This desire to create and learn became the essence of the realm. Eventually, there came a time that all potential heirs to the crown abdicated. Management of the city was restructured into a collective government overseen by a rotating council. The castle was repurposed into a university and vast library. The infrastructure was realigned around industry and research, and the city thrived.

When the dark times arrived following the attempt on Elinalore’s life and her subsequent departure, Dundarel fared far better than most of the world, again being well served by its isolation and self sufficiency. Still, this era introduced many new threats to the world as magic, monsters and cosmic deities were drawn to the now vulnerable world. This is when the council formed the organization that would eventually come to be known as

FLAIL, the Formally Licensed Arcane Investigation League. Individuals that possessed the strong character and the special talents were organized in to teams and granted special authority to deal with the biggest (and often, strangest) threats to arise. The city’s rich culture of research was really what set this organization apart, though. Every city boasted an elite guard, but FLAIL agents were known for being able to solve problems that swords and fireballs couldn’t.

In the peaceful time that has followed the re-sealing of Telaros, Dundarel was able to recover quite quickly and return to focussing on the arts and sciences, though with a bit more caution. Access to dangerous technology and artifacts is strictly controlled. Necromancy is strictly outlawed, and Enchantment and Divination are restricted to special authorized uses. The use of spells or other forms of magic above a class 1 power designation requires a license. A network of monitoring towers helps to enforce these rules.

Even while taking this more measured approach to their research, Dundarel still remains at the forefront of innovation. This means that the other kingdoms and cities of Telaros are now looking to Dundarel more than ever for support and larger scale industry has become more of a way of life in the city.

Map of Dundarel



The Council

The council is the ultimate authority over all aspects of life in the city. Its twelve members oversee the numerous civic services of Dundarel, appointing appropriately skilled individuals to direct operations, allocating resources and facilitating collaboration. Every citizen of majority age is offered the opportunity to serve a term on the council. When requesting service, their name is placed on a waiting list until a seat is available. The term length is two years. Twenty years after the completion of a term, citizens are again eligible to serve.

The Library

Dundarel’s library is not the largest in the world of Telaros, but it is unrivaled as a store of knowledge. While the vast collections of other libraries are cluttered with copies of every poorly researched history and ill conceived theses ever published, the carefully curated collection in Dundarel is stocked only with rigorously vetted information. Additionally, the library’s tight security has made it the sole repository if dangerous information.

The Industrial Sector


The Formally Licensed Arcane Investigation League is an elite organization of specially skilled individuals tasked with dealing with

It is one method of fulfilling the civic service required by all citizens. The most intriguing option for service is to be accepted into the mysterious and elite organization known as F.L.A.I.L. (Formally Licensed Arcane Investigation League). FLAIL is well known throughout the kingdoms of Telaros, though not necessarily revered. Most people outside of Dundarel will never have any direct dealings with them and only really know that weird things tend to happen when they are around. But even the largest kingdoms that boast powerful armies and experts in various fields will still put in a call for a FLAIL team when situations get too strange.

The Directors

FLAIL is administered by a team of three council appointed directors. Ultimately, like all things in the city, FLAIL operates under the direct authority of the council, but the directors are well respected and generally are allowed to operate autonomously.


Female Brugnesh Fighter, age 46

Even as Brugnesh go, Serifeya is an imposing figure with mottled gray skin and long silvery hair with just a hint of gold. Her dress is always impeccably tidy, favoring simple garments and keeping her hair tied back as if she could be ready for action at any moment.

It is even rare to see her out of her favorite splint armor, though she has had no need for it in quite some time. Though obviously tall and powerful, even at a distance a certain grace and warmth is apparent. Less obvious is the prosthetic serving as her right arm, the result of an injury in the line of duty.

Though FLAIL has no official command hierarchy, everyone affectionately refers to Serifeya as “Commander”. Her previous tenure as an agent was not especially lengthy, but extraordinarily distinguished.


Male Nezet Wizard, age 68

Wyldrem has a commanding presence, despite being a bit below average height. Part of this is due to a dazzling combination of elemental affinity and animal aspect, crystal porcupine. The piercing, bright lavender light in his eyes give scowl he constantly sports The record keeper of FLAIL. Above all else, he has a deep love and respect for the organization. Nobody is more knowledgeable about it’s history.


Male Nechal Artificer, age 123





Ancient Common
This was the original language Elinalore taught to her people, derived from Celestial, made easier for mortal tongues. By all accounts this is an utterly dead language, eliminated by The Purge.
Middle Common
The antecedent of Modern Common that fell into obscurity during the Dark Ages. It’s not actively spoken anywhere, but may show up in some ancient texts.
Modern Common
The standard language spoken by most of the world.
The language of radiant beings of the outer planes. The original language of Telaros, as spoken by Elinalore. It is not in common use now, but some religious orders favor it.
The language of devils, brought to Telaros by Kryxin.
The language of demons, brought to Telaros by Skrept.
In their period of isolation, the Nezet developed their
An ancient language wrapped up in the mystery of the Brugneth’s origins. Some modern Brugneth are making an effort to revive it, but apart from that it generally only appears in relics recovered from the far North.
The native language of the Dodama sounds like a rapid series of clicks and chirps that most beings can’t really immitate, but some have successfully learn to understand. The Demidoma language is an adaptation using sounds that most beings can produce and native Dodama speakers are able to understand.
The Keldra have a special means of communcation that relies on the precision of their physiology. It has never successfully