Serenity’s Sleepytime Set

Serenity’s Sleepytime Set is a set of four magical sleepwear items, that were crafted by Serenity Valkereeno.

  • Items: Mask of Shadows, Slippers of Whispering Steps, Robe of Twilight, The Moon Baboon
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Value: Priceless
  • Weight: 5 pounds

Collective Powers:

If all four items are held by a single player, their combined magic allows the bearer to summon a magical sanctuary known as Serenity’s Refuge. Within this sanctuary, the bearer and their allies can find a safe haven to rest and sleep soundly, shielded from the dangers of the outside world. Serenity’s Refuge provides protection from the elements and offers a serene atmosphere for uninterrupted rest. (Once per day the set can create Serenity’s Refuge, see Tiny Hut for stats.)

Light Sensitivity:

Each object reacts poorly in well lit rooms. The mask draws attention to the wearer due to the darkness it emanates when wearing it. The toy baboon is just a regular stuffed animal. The robe is just a robe. The slippers are just slippers that easily fall off.

Mask of Shadows

Wondrous item, Legendary (requires attunement)

A silk, padded, rose-colored sleeping mask that emanates an aura of dimness. While wearing this mask, the bearer may cast a frightening visage, which animates creepy glowing eyes on the front of the sleeping mask, striking fear into the hearts of any who look upon it.

Dim Aura:

The area within five feet of the mask becomes dimly lit, if it was well lit prior. The aura of dim light can draw attention if worn in the daylight and will cause disadvantage on stealth checks in well lit locations.

Frightening Visage

Once per encounter as an action, the wearer may cast Frightening Visage. The wearer may concentrate to maintain the Frightening Visage for up to five minutes or until the encounter ends. Any creature looking upon the wearer must pass a DC 15 Wisdom OR Intelligence Save or be frightened. Frightened creatures may attempt to save at the end of their next turn.

Robe of Twilight

Wondrous item, Legendary (requires attunement)

A finely crafted robe that seems to shimmer with the essence of twilight. When worn in dim or no light, the robe provides an additional layer of protection.

Protective Floof

While wearing this robe in dim or no light, you gain a +2 bonus to AC if you are wearing no armor and using no shield.

Slippers of Whispering Steps

*Wondrous item, Legendary

These enchanted slippers grant the wearer unparalleled stealth abilities in the cover of darkness. However, running or sudden movements may cause the slippers to fall off.

Whispering Steps

When moving silently in dim or no light, the bearer gains advantage on all Stealth checks.

Snail’s Pace

If the wearer moves more than 5 feet per round, a slipper falls off and makes a noise.

The Moon Baboon

*Wondrous item, Legendary

This adorable plush baboon holds a secret within. In the absence of light, when summoned it transforms into a loyal and fearsome primate that will aid the bearer in times of need.

Summon Baboon

A player may cast summon baboon as a minor action, once per day. If killed the baboon transforms back into a stuffed animal with stitches where the death blow occurred.