Xeviru’s guide to Zemia

Part 1-Races and Subraces

In the world of Zemia, even more kinds of people exist

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Xeviru’s guide to Zemia

Part 1, Races and Subraces

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Races and Subraces


Humanoid creatures with cow-like features, Bovinites are the main workers, but with their affinity for magic, their potentional becomes unparalleled, rivaled by only the elves. They don’t have their own nations to themselves, and rather perfer to inhabit other nations. This means they have a wide cultural varitey.

As a Bovinite, you gain the following features:

Ability Score Increase

Your Constitution score increases by 2 and your Intelligence or Charisma score increases by 1, showcasing their magical affinity.

Mystical Affinity

Bovinites are naturally attuned to magic. You are proficient in the Arcana skill, and when you make an Intelligence check related to magic, you can add double your proficiency bonus.


You have advantage on saving throws against exhaustion, and you can endure harsh conditions for longer periods than other races.

Strong Stomach

As a Bovinite, your bovine descent has granted you the ability to ingest even the most deadly things with a chance of survival. You are resistant to poison damage and ingested poisons.


Your base walking speed is 30 feet


Your Size is Medium


Cambions, born from the union of humanoids and subbuci, bear a unique heritage that allows them to conceal their human side and attempt to pass off as subbuci. However, this guise is often flawed, as they lack certain distinctive traits, such as wings and the ability to walk in dreams. This creates a sense of identity crisis, leading to subbuci look-alikes who struggle to find their purpose in life. Nevertheless, cambions have the potential to embrace goodness, as extended stays in the mortal plane can lead them away from their inherent evil tendencies. While many cambions form secretive organizations, some manage to resist the allure of darkness entirely.

As a Cambion, your abilities are enhanced by the following traits:

Ability Score Increase

ncrease Your charisma score increases by 2, representing your allure and charm, and your dexterity (DEX) score increases by 1.

Shielded Mind

You have advantage against charming spells and resistance to psychic damage, highlighting your resistance to external manipulation and your innate strength of mind.

Lustful Heritage

You gain proficiency in either deception or persuasion.


You have a walking speed of 30 feet, allowing you to move swiftly and deftly.


Your lineage grants you darkvision, allowing you to see in dim light conditions and darkness up to a distance of 60 feet.


As a Cambion, you belong to the medium size category, similar to other humanoids.


Cambions tend to lean toward neutral evil or neutral alignment, reflecting their inherent struggles between darkness and the potential for redemption.


Crystal Dwarves

Crystal dwarves, one of the rarest and most fascinating kinds of dwarves, possess a lustrous and beautiful quality that sets them apart. Their hair colors span the entire range of possibilities, as do their eyes, with purple being common, while the rarest eyes shimmer like white diamonds, signifying great significance in their hierarchy. Their skin always appears clear, and their beards exude an exquisite beauty that captivates those who behold them. The reason behind their crystalline allure remains a mystery, a unique and enchanting characteristic that truly makes them stand out in any gathering. One legend says that their crystal clear eyes allows them to see magic, too.



As a Crystal Dwarf, your abilities are enhanced by the following traits:

Ability Score Increase

Your charisma score increases by 1.

Crystal Clear

You can cast detect magic a number of times equal to your proficiency bonus per long rest, using your crystal clear eyes to unravel the arcane and perceive the essence of magic without expending a spell slot.

Flame Dwarves

Flame dwarves, distinguished by their fiery and vibrant appearance, are typically adorned with long braided beards and hair in shades of ginger, blonde, or brown. Their time spent in the volcanoes has left its mark, giving them darker skin than their counterparts.

Living in the heart of volcanoes, flame dwarves harness the power of these fiery mountains to fuel their forges. This connection to the fire magic imbued in their creations elevates their craftsmanship to wondrous heights, resulting in masterpieces that bear the signature of dwarf excellence combined with the power of elemental flames.

As a Flame Dwarf, your abilities are enhanced by the following traits:

Ability Score Increase

Your Dexterity score increases by 1.

Heated Adaptability

Due to your time spent in the volcanic environment, you are resistant to fire damage, offering you protection against the intense heat that surrounds you.


You gain proficiency in one additional tool kit, showcasing your adaptability and skillfulness in various crafts and trades.


Healer Dwarves

Healer dwarves, akin to the Raven Elves among dwarves, possess a color spectrum of striking diversity, showcasing hair colors that range from white to black and skin tones of various shades. However, their appearance only becomes evident in old age, and as such, they tend to be beardless or have short beards, as they do not place as much value on facial hair as their other dwarven counterparts. Their eyes exhibit the full spectrum of colors.

More inclined toward intellect than physical prowess, under dwarves share similarities with snow elves, emphasizing their role as healers and intellectuals. Their technological advancements and wondrous forges are celebrated among dwarves, producing marvelous armors, weapons, and magical items that are highly sought after.

As a healer Dwarf, your abilities are enhanced by the following traits:

Ability Score Increase

Your Intelligence score increases by 1.


Once per short rest, you can touch a creature, allowing them to regain 1d8 hit points.

Magic Item Crafting

Your time and expenditure required to craft a magic item is halved.


Draconics, the least dragon of the dragonfolk, are humans who possess dragon-like features, such as horns and wings, making them an intriguing and proud species. They boast an extraordinary range of hair and eye colors, with their eyes being especially unique, as their colors can change when they are under external control, making them highly resistant to being charmed or manipulated. While some Draconics have wings, not all of them possess this ability, resulting in a higher chance of encountering wingless individuals.

Your abilities as a Draconic are as follows:

Ability Score Increase

Your unique nature along with understanding enhance your understanding of the worldwith others, increasing your Wisdom (WIS) score by 2. Additionally, your dragon-like nature contributes to a boost in your Dexterity (DEX) score by 1.

Wings (5th level)

They grant you the incredible ability of flight, enabling you to soar through the skies with a flying speed of 30 feet.


Your keen vision allows you to see in dim light and darkness, providing you with darkvision with a range of 60 feet.


Similar to most humanoid species, you belong to the medium size category.


Your base walking speed is 30 feet, allowing you to move quickly and efficiently on foot.


As a member of the Draconic species, you are fluent in Common, the standard language spoken by most humanoid races, as well as in Draconic, the language of dragons and their kin.




Dreamfolk, also known as dreamwalkers, are noble guardians who stand against malevolent dream invaders like subbuci and voidfaces. Tasked with protecting the realm of dreams, they are often bound to a specific person until that individual’s demise. Some, however, gain liberation and freely roam the world, dedicating themselves to defending the dream realm and its inhabitants from malevolent forces.

The ethereal appearance of Dreamfolk is akin to elves or humans, with light hair and eyes of various shades, accompanied by an aura of eternal essence. This otherworldly aura sets them apart and gives them an air of otherness.

Dreamfolk hold no attachment to mortal possessions, viewing them as impediments to their sacred duty of dream protection. Consequently, should they fall into the clutches of greed, their ability to dreamwalk weakens, making them prioritize the exchange of greed for the fulfillment of their vital task.

As a Dreamfolk, your unique traits are as follows:

Ability Score Increase

Your connection to the realm of dreams enhances your wisdom (WIS) by 2 and your constitution (CON) by 1, granting you insight and fortitude.


Once between long rests, you have the extraordinary ability to enter someone’s subconscious. This empowers you with advantage on insight and investigation checks to uncover vital information.


With a mere point, you can inflict a terrifying nightmare upon a target. The creature must make a Wisdom saving throw or suffer 1d6 psychic damage, a reflection of the Dreamfolk’s potency in their sacred duties.

Shielded Mind

Your role as a guardian has made you resilient against psychic damage, granting you resistance to such harm.


Your base walking speed is 30 feet, allowing you to move swiftly in pursuit of your goals.


Your profound connection to dreams has gifted you the ability to see in darkness, providing darkvision with a range of 60 feet.


Dreamfolk are well-versed in Common, as it is a widely spoken language, and they may also be familiar with another language of their choice.


The noble mission of Dreamfolk often leads them to embody a neutral good alignment, seeking to protect and preserve the dreamscape and its denizens from malevolence.


Dreamfolk belong to the medium size category, making them similar in stature to most humanoid beings.


Fae elves

Fae Elves, a diminutive and enchanting race, possess a slender and shorter stature compared to most elves. They are a diverse people, with their eyes displaying a wide spectrum of colors, including silver, green, purple, and blue. One of the most striking features of Fae Elves is their tendency towards heterochromia, granting them a captivating and unique gaze. Additionally, their pupils often exhibit unusual and mesmerizing shapes, adding to their mystique.

The hallmark ability of Fae Elves is their innate power to turn invisible at will, an ability that surpasses any magical spell or potion. Their invisibility is a formidable advantage, especially considering their smaller size, enabling them to move through the world with grace and stealth. This exceptional trait likely evolved as a survival mechanism, allowing them to navigate their cold, rainy lands and evade potential threats with ease.

As a Fae Elf, your inherent traits are heightened by the following characteristics:

Ability Score Increase

Your charisma score increases by 1, reflecting your enchanting presence and inherent ability to connect with others.


Due to your potent magical gift, you can cast invisibility a number of times equal to your proficiency bonus (P.B) before requiring rest or replenishment. This unparalleled ability allows you to move undetected and remain elusive even in the most challenging situations

Raven Elves

Raven Elves, characterized by their average height and slender build, have a distinctive appearance with grey or purple-grey skin tones. Their eyes display a range of colors, from grey, brown to green or yellow, adding to the air of mystery that surrounds them. Hair colors often include white, silver, brown, or black, and they prefer short hairstyles that complement their dark and moody attire. These elves are typically found dwelling in windy and upland climates, seeking solace in gloomy hills and shadowed landscapes.



Legends and whispers speak of the Raven Elves having glimpses of the future, a gift that sets them apart from others. Whether true or not, this aura of foresight adds to the enigmatic nature of their kind.

As a Raven Elf, your inherent traits are enhanced by the following characteristics:

Ability Score Increase

Your constitution (CON) score increases by 1, reflecting your exceptional endurance and resilience.


You possess the innate ability to cast the Augury spell at will, granting you glimpses of potential outcomes and guiding your decisions with a measure of foresight. You can use this ability once per long rest.

Snow elves

Snow Elves, towering above their elven counterparts, possess a regal and graceful appearance. Their hair is characterized by light shades, and their captivating eyes come in hues of lavender, silver, blue, or brown. Among all elven types, they are the least inclined towards religious practices and favor modest garments that reflect their simple yet elegant lifestyle. Their unique light coloring helps them blend harmoniously into their snowy surroundings. These elves are naturally drawn to living in regions near the poles, where their physical attributes and adaptability to colder climates serve them well.

As a Snow Elf, your abilities are enhanced by the following traits:

Ability Score Increase

Your intelligence score increases by 1, reflecting your natural intellectual prowess and analytical mind.


You are proficient in either medicine, history, or investigation, reflecting your deep understanding of the world and its complexities. Additionally, you are skilled in using the tinkerer’s kit, allowing you to craft intricate inventions and devices.


Due to your affinity for cold climates, you are resistant to cold damage, making you well-suited to endure the harshest of winter conditions.

Winged elves

Winged Elves, known for their ethereal beauty and majestic presence, possess a slender and graceful build. Their striking appearance is further enhanced by their captivating eyes, which can range in color from orange, gold, red, to purple. One of the most distinctive features of Winged Elves is their magnificent feathered wings, which are a symbol of their status and hierarchy within their society.

The color of the wings plays a significant role in Winged Elf culture and signifies their position and role in society. A hierarchy is established based on the wing color, with each hue representing a particular status. Red wings denote rulers and leaders, while blue wings signify nobility and influential figures. Gold wings are associated with individuals who possess great magical or physical strength, and silver wings represent exceptional warriors. Turquoise and green wings are often seen among the working class, while grey wings are indicative of a lower social class. Brown, pink, orange, and yellow wings are commonly found among the religious orders. White wings symbolize those who are without a kingdom or land, while black wings indicate individuals who are either nearing death or hold significant power. Dull-colored wings are associated with traitors and outcasts within the Winged Elf society.

The natural agility and aerial mobility granted by their wings make Winged Elves formidable in combat. As a Winged Elf, your inherent abilities are enhanced by the following traits:

Ability Score Increase

Your intelligence score increases by 1, reflecting your affinity for knowledge and strategic thinking.


You are gifted with a pair of feathered wings, granting you a flying speed of 30 feet.

Aerial Attacker

Due to your natural dexterity and keen eye for precision, you are proficient in the use of ranged weapons. This skill allows you to excel in long-range combat and engage enemies from a safe distance.

Fair Folk

Fair folk

The Fair Folk, distinguished by their breathtaking beauty and adorned with flowers or elegant horns, are prominent members of the Fae courts, often holding the title of Fae Lords. Their appearance spans a vast range of colors, from gentle shades of light pink to deep and enchanting hues of purple and stunning yellows. Their captivating beauty serves as a potent tool to charm and influence those around them.



As a member of the Fair Folk, your abilities and characteristics are as follows:

Ability Score Increase

Your charming nature enhances your interactions with others, increasing your Charisma (CHA) score by 2, and your agility aids you in various endeavors, increasing your Dexterity (DEX) score by 1.


Your senses are heightened with darkvision, allowing you to see in dim light and darkness up to a range of 60 feet.


Your communication skills extend to both Common and Sylvan languages, enabling you to converse fluently with a wide range of beings.


Similar to most humanoids, you belong to the medium size category.


Your natural grace grants you a walking speed of 30 feet, allowing you to move with elegance and swiftness.


Fair Folk are usually True Neutral (TN), exhibiting a balance between benevolence and indifference in their actions and decisions.

Aura of Charming

As a bonus action, you can activate your aura of charming. Any non-friendly creature within your aura must make a Wisdom saving throw or be charmed for 1d4 turns. This charming effect ends prematurely if the charmed creature takes damage. You can use this ability once per long rest, captivating those around you with your irresistible charm.

Fey Ancestry

Like many fae creatures, you possess the Fey Ancestry trait, granting you advantantge on saving throws to being charmed and immune to magical sleep effects.


Felidae, the humanoid cat people, are a diverse and adaptable race, exhibiting a wide variety of cat-like appearances with different fur patterns, eye colors, and textures. They possess a unique charm, often accompanied by a gentle “r” trill in their speech, which makes them all the more endearing.

Felidae have the remarkable ability to thrive in almost any environment, whether it be deserts, rainforests, or any other diverse landscapes. Their exceptional survival skills and adaptability enable them to flourish and prosper in various regions across the world.

A prominent example of Felidae’s prosperity is the nation of Lyshaka, built by Felidae and renowned for its extensive trade and impressive wealth. Through their shrewd trading practices and efficient storage systems, they have become one of the wealthiest species, creating mighty empires solely from their thriving commerce. Their love for accumulating riches is evident in their prosperous civilization.

As a Felidae, your traits are as follows:

Ability Score Increase

Your agile and nimble nature grants you a +2 bonus to your Dexterity (DEX) score and a +1 bonus to your Charisma (CHAR) score, enhancing your grace and charm.


You possess retractable claws, allowing your unarmed strikes to deal 1d4 slashing damage. Additionally, your keen climbing ability provides you with a 30-foot climbing speed.

Cat’s Grace

Your natural agility and balance allow you to take only half the falling damage, and you always land on your feet like a true feline.


Your base walking speed is 30 feet, allowing you to move swiftly on foot.


Your keen cat-like senses grant you the ability to see in low-light conditions and darkness, providing darkvision with a range of 60 feet.


Felidae belong to the medium size category, resembling most humanoid beings .


Felidae commonly use their unique meow and purr-based languages to communicate among themselves. However, due to their interactions with other races, they also tend to speak Common, a widely preferred language in the world.


Felidae often embody a neutral good alignment, tending to value harmony, compassion, and justice in their interactions with other



The world of Zemia is yours

Welcome to Zemia, a realm steeped in conflicts and strife, yet brimming with wondrous magic and untold marvels. As the writer of this world, Xeviru set the foundation for a captivating adventure, but it is you, the player, who will shape its destiny and forge an unforgettable journey.

In this newly expanded edition of the classic game, Zemia awaits your exploration with an array of fresh options and unparalleled style. The possibilities are endless, and nothing can restrain your boundless imagination. With every turn of the page, you will find a treasure trove of character options, from a plethora of diverse races and subraces that inhabit this realm, to exciting new subclasses, backgrounds, and spells that will deepen your connection to this immersive world.

Within these pages, Zemia’s rich lore will come alive, giving you a profound sense of immersion. Learn about its ancient civilizations, powerful factions, and enigmatic beings, as well as the struggles and triumphs that have shaped the very fabric of this land.

Forge alliances, uncover ancient secrets, and battle formidable foes in your quest for greatness. The choices are yours to make, and your actions will echo throughout Zemia’s history. So grab your dice, prepare your character sheet, and prepare to embark on an epic adventure where you wield the power to shape the fate of a world.

Welcome to Zemia, where the journey begins, and your legend awaits. May your path be filled with awe-inspiring magic, unforgettable encounters, and the echoes of your name for generations to come. The world of Zemia is yours to conquer, and within these pages, you hold the key to unlocking its boundless wonders. The time has come to wield your destiny and embrace the magical legacy that awaits you.

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