Dead Sea Almanac - April 25, 2019

That's right, folks - it's time for Thirsty Thursdays once again. Today's brew is a favorite among performers of all varieties, who use it to brighten up their acts with a little well-timed fire! Made from the finest dragon fire, our Dragonbreath Wine will have you breathing fire all night long! Just one swig, and you can set your enemies aflame, along with any hapless spectators who happen to be standing next to them!*

*The Dead Sea Trading Company, Inc. is not responsible for the misues of flame-producing agents which may result in injuries including but not limited to death, disfiguration, disclothification, and/or damage to property, living or otherwise. Please drink (and spew flame) responsibly.


Dragonbreath Wine is delicious and fiery, and sears the gullet on the way down, but it can also be held in the mouth and spat as flame. The liquid itself is flammable, and an enchantment makes it combust when aerosolized in air. When spit as an action, it produces a fifteen-foot cone of flame which functions identically to the breath weapon of a red dragonborn (see the Player's Handbook for details). The alcohol comes in hip flasks which cost 50 GP each; a single flask weighs 1lb. and is good for a single such attack.

A Story From the Frontier

The elusive Ellen Wraithsform has re-appeared this week, stealing a rare gem from under the nose of the Bishop of Argham. He claims the gem was donated to him by the followers of the Church of the Sisters, but he cannot say where or when exactly he obtained it, only that his memory fails him. Were he not a man of such clear character, we would be inclined to disbelieve him! Regardless, the item is clearly too precious to move all at once without reliance on the port, and so we will turn our eyes there to see if it can be recovered by the watch.

Wolf's Corner: The Gem

Ellen has stolen the gem because the bishop is a hypocrite and obtained it unethically when a family inheritance was passed. She intends to sell it to Captain Clarke and return the profits to the once-middle-class family that owned the gem originally.

In Other News

  • The players of a new game involving the flipping of black-and-white disks say anyone can learn the game, but few can master it; they offer 50 GP to anyone who can beat them at a playing rate of 10 GP a game.
  • Malfavhar has apparently returned, as he crashed his glider into the town bell-tower whilst yelling something about his ability to fly.

This Week's Wanted

1d6 Wanted Individual
1 Ellen Wraithsform
2 The Witch Melinda
3 Captain Clarke
4 The Raven
5 The Ferryman
6 Cassandra Eyren
Ellen Wraithsform

The young wall-walker is wanted for her role in the theft of a precious gem and also for violation of indecency laws.

The Witch Melinda

Following our very own Malfavhar's account of the way he was transformed into a frog for forty-eight hours, the witch Melinda is wanted for crimes against the people of Westport, including the withering of crops and the death of the Mayor's dog.

Captain Clarke

The vicious and cutthroat captain of the Black Fleet is said to be at large in the seas around Newfoundland, though other rumors place her in Port Amora and in the Forbidden Isles. Rumors tell that she has now amassed eight ships to her name and is the terror of the high seas.

The Raven

The man known only as The Raven was recently sighted in Port Amora and is reputed to have been asking around about one Captain Clarke, with whom he must surely be in cahoots. He claims she has shown interest in his medical supplies, and that he wishes to return an interest of his own.

The Ferryman

The hideous reaper known as the Ferryman is wanted purified from the land by the High Church of the Unity, which classes him as a dangerous spirit of demonic origin based on his leading of innocent travellers to their deaths.

Cassandra Eyren

A young woman calling herself "Cassandra Eyren" is responsible for damages in the amount of 180 GP at Tom Sanden's inn, where it is said she got into a fight with a young Yuan-Ti over an unknown artifact. The name is clearly falsified, as it belongs to a historical figure of some note.

Aside: Cassandra Eyren

In the history of the Eternal Empire, Cassandra Eyren is a mage responsible for the most recent reshaping of the world at the beginning of the third age. She was reputed to be immortal but is almost certainly long-dead or otherwise removed from play.