Dead Sea Almanac - May 4, 2019

Soul Sword Renegades

There was no Soul Sword Renegades this past week; Vlast and Silver continue to be swamped by the end of school, so for the time being they won't be present on Saturdays. We're planning to be back to our normal schedule tonight, albeit a few players light until the end of the school year.

The Fox Den

There was no Fox Den this week either, again because Vlast has been swamped. We'll be resuming it as things wind down for him in the next couple of weeks.

Magic: The Gathering Podcast

We're in the process of spinning up a podcast to discuss Magic: The Gathering on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Many of our content creators are excited to be playing in the new set, and we'll be unpacking some of that in weeks to come. Watch for updates on the main site.

Changes to the Almanac

As some of you have noticed, we've decided to make some changes to the Almanac as part of our process of continuous evolution. First of all, we'll be putting more effort into individual issues, at the expense of publishing supplements less frequently and on an ad-hoc basis. Secondly, we'll be focusing less on repeated weekly columns in favor of new content each week; we're trying to break up the formulaic feel just a bit.

May Day Issue

On May 1st, we had a special issue to commemorate the start of spring. Check it out if you haven't already!

Introduction of the Fated Four

The Fated Four, heroes of a previous generation, made their first appearance in this week's mystery adventure. Watch for them to come back in upcoming mysteries.

City of Echoes

It wasn't streamed, but we had our session zero for City of Echoes. We'll be starting up the campaign proper in the coming week. The time is a little weird - we'll start at five-thirty central some weeks and at six o'clock central on others, always on a Thursday. We'll let you know which it will be a little bit in advance for scheduling purposes, but hopefully half an hour one way or the other shouldn't be a game changer. In either case, the campaign will run for about three hours at a time, and will leave a decent buffer before Jet's Thursday night stream.

Updated Release Schedule

As part of our ongoing development process, we've decided to de-prioritize longer-format supplements in favor of delivering high quality issues of the Almanac that tell multiple ongoing stories as interwoven threads. As part of that decision, we understand some readers will be disappointed, but we had a serious discussion about time committment and mental health and decided in the end that Wolf's energy is a limited quantity that we have to spend as best we can. One of our commitments as a company is to exist above the normal degenerate health policies of the gaming industry; that's part of who we are, and it starts with taking care of ourselves so that we can continue delivering the content you love while also staying true to our mission.

So, with that said, supplements will be releasing ad-hoc as Wolf has time to write them. We're not committing to formal dates on anything except the Almanac, and we're acknowledging that even the Almanac may have gaps in publication for things like severe illness. In exchange, we'll be putting some of that content into the Almanac as ongoing stories, and we'll be giving Wolf time to focus on things like City of Echoes that we know you're going to love.