Pelurskite King

Medium aberration, chaotic evil

  • Armor Class 17 (natural armour)
  • Hit Points 76 (9d8 + 36)
  • Speed 0ft.

17 (+3) 12 (+1) 19 (+4) 12 (+1) 16 (+3) 18 (+4)

  • Skills Athletics +6, Perception +6
  • Damage Immunities fire
  • Damage Resistances piercing and slashing damage from weapons that aren't adamantine
  • Condition Immunities blinded, exhaustion, prone
  • Senses blindsight 60ft. (blind beyond this radius), tremorsense 120ft., passive Perception 16
  • Languages Common
  • Challenge 5 (1,800 XP)

Legendary Resistance. 1/Day. When the pelurskite king fails a saving throw, he can choose to succeed instead.

Immutable Form. The pelurskite king is immune to any spell or effect that would alter his form.

Rooted in Crystal. The pelurskite king cannot be forcefully moved, nor teleported, from the throne. He also has disadvantage on Dexterity saving throws.

Savour the Blood. While the pelurskite king has half of his maximum hit points (38) or fewer, he can use a bonus action on each of his turns to lick up blood on his form and regain 1d6 hit points.

Searing Touch. A creature that is grappled by the pelurskite king at the end of its turn takes 7 (2d6) fire damage.


Multiattack. The pelurskite king makes two claws attacks. If both attacks hit the same target, he can use a bonus action to make a bite attack.

Claws. Melee Weapon Attack: +6 to hit, reach 5ft., one target.
Hit: 8 (2d4 + 3) slashing damage plus 7 (2d6) fire damage. The pelurskite king can forgo the slashing damage to instead grapple the target.

Bite. Melee Weapon Attack: +6 to hit, reach 5ft., one willing target, or one target that is grappled or incapacitated.
Hit: 6 (1d6 + 3) piercing damage. The pelurskite king regains an amount of hit points equal to the damage dealt.

Piercing Resonance. The pelurskite king emits a shriek of anguish, which is amplified by the pelurskite within the island. Creatures within a 90 foot radius of the pelurskite king must make a DC 15 Intelligence saving throw, taking 13 (3d8) psychic damage on a failure, or half as much damage on a success.

Legendary Actions

The pelurskite king can take 2 legendary actions, choosing from the options below. Only one legendary action option can be used at a time and only at the end of another creature's turn. The pelurskite king regains spend legendary actions at the start of his turn.

Detect. The pelurskite king makes a Wisdom (Perception) check.
Bite. The pelurskite king makes a Bite attack.

Lair Actions

On initiative count 20 (losing initiative ties), the pelurskite king takes a lair action to cause one of the following effects; the pelurskite king can't use the same effect two rounds in a row:

  • Columns of searing-hot pelurskite jut from the ground within 5 feet of up to 3 creatures within the pelurskite king's tremorsense. Each target must make a DC 15 Strength saving throw. On a failure the target takes 4 (1d8) bludgeoning damage plus 3 (1d6) fire damage, and is pushed 10 feet away from the column. On a success the target takes half as much damage.
  • A tremor shakes the lair in a 120-foot radius around the pelurskite king. Each creature other than the pelurskite king on the ground in that area must succeed on a DC 15 Strength saving throw or be knocked prone.
  • The earth beneath one creature in the lair opens up to expose steaming pelurskite crystal in a 10-foot pit. The target must make a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw. It takes 1d10 fire damage and falls prone in the pit on a failure, or takes half as much damage and is shunted to another space within 5 feet of the pit on a success.

    Channeling Pelurskite

    A creature can use a bonus action to make a DC 14 Intelligence (Arcana) check to discern the harmonic signature of the white pelurskite comprising the dais. On a success the creature gains the following option while within 60 feet of the dais:
    When casting a spell that deals bludgeoning, force, or thunder damage, the target can choose to channel the pelurskite signature to deal an extra 2d8 damage of the same type as the spell. Alternatively, if the target casts a spell that allows a creature to regain hit points, they can cause one target to regain an additional 2d8 hit points.
    The mental strain of channeling the pelurskite causes the creature to take 2d8 psychic damage.