Gnome Throwing Rules

A simple set of rules regarding gnome throwing, its techniques, technicalities advantages and caveats. Having a gnome to hurl can be of great advantage to all party members in hard to reach situations or during combat. Remember, the rule of thumb is: "Always ask for consent".

If your character is on friendly terms with the gnome to be thrown, please ask first, as it is rude to just fling a fey fellow across a room without their permission. Also consider if the throw could be fatal, as some gnomes are all to eager to help, despite their own limitations.

Before throwing a gnome

The gentle art of gnome throwing can come in use in many different situations.

When to throw a gnome

When you want to reach an object at the other side of battle field. When you need to reach a high window on a wall you can't climb. Or to prevent the evil wizard from completing a ritual.

When NOT to throw a gnome

When the landing or crash may result in a gnome death. Or to see if the ahead dungeon corridor is full of nasty traps.

Gnome Aerodynamic Factors

Things to consider when gnome throwing are:


Between 32 lb. and 43 lb. for an adult gnome. The average gnome weighs 37.5 lbs.

Thrower's Strength

Strength modifiers add to the distance (and amount of gnomes that can be thrown)


An uncooperative gnome is harder to hurl and can be less aerodynamic. If the gnome is unwilling to be thrown, only one gnome can be thrown at a time.

Gnome Cohesion

After 4 gnomes it can be hard for them to stay together during launch and when airborne. This is why to throw more than 4 willing gnomes the thrower must use a net, rope or some other device to tie the gnomes together.

Unwilling gnomes

An attacker can Grapple a gnome and throw him in the same action.

If the gnome is able to move he can do a break free attempt at +4. Success results in the gnome prone, adjacent to the thrower.

Table & Modifiers

The table bellow depicts the throwing of an unencumbered gnome, to be accurate in your gnome throwing calculations use the modifiers below.

Gnome throwing quick reference

Strength Lift (lbs.) Distance (ft.)
1 10 0
2 20 0
3 30 5
4 40 5
5 50 5
6 60 5
7 70 5
8 80 10
9 90 10
10 100 10
11 115 15
12 130 15
13 150 20
14 175 20
15 200 25
16 230 30
17 260 30
18 300 40
19 350 45
20 400 45
One arm throwing

If the thrower is using only one arm multiply feet by x0.5.

Encumbered gnome

If the gnome carries heavy equipment multiply feet by x0.5 for every 35 lbs. of extra weight.

Running Throw

If you have at least 10 feet to get a running start you get a bonus of +5 feet to the throwing distance for every 10 feet of your speed.

Thrower Size

Large ×2, Huge ×4, Gargantuan ×8, Colossal ×16. Small ×3/4, Tiny ×1/2, Diminutive ×1/4, Fine ×1/8.

The Gentle Art Of Gnome Throwing