Eilar is a mystical nano who works miracles. He has a psionics background and knows the world is filled ancient machines and their creations. He can't conjure energy or warp matter on his own, but he has the rare and spectacular ability to control the invisible nano-machines that do it for him. Is it the result of extreme exposure to technology, the fusion of the biological and mechanical, or the design of a genius architect who manipulated the genes of his family long ago? Eilar trained for a time with a group of Aeon Priest, and they still look upon him with fondness.

Tier Effort XP
1 1 3
Might Speed Intellect
9 9 17
Pool 9 9 17
Edge 0 0 1


  • Onslaught (1 Int): 4P/2I Damage
  • Knife: 2 Damage


  • Armor: 1

Damage Track

  • Impaired: +1 Effort per level. Ignore minor and major effect results on rolls. Combat roll of 17-20 deals only +1 damage.
  • Debilitated: Can move only an immediate distance. Cannot move if Speed Pool is 0.


  • ❑ 1 Action | ❑ 10 Minutes | ❑ 1 Hour | ❑ 10 Hours
  • Recovery Rolls: 1d6+Tier


  • Identify Numenara
  • Understand Numenara


  • Gear: Clothing, 1 weapon, a book about numenera, 0 shins
  • Oddities: Cloak that billows without wind, shirt that reveals internal organs
  • Artifacts: None


  • Trained with Light Weapons: Use light weapons with no penalty. Med suffers 1 step. Heavy suffers 2 step.
  • Numenera Training: You are trained in the Numenara and can attempt to understand and identify it's properties.
  • Hedge Magic (1 Int): You can perform small tricks. Cannot be used to cause harm. Action.
  • Ward: +1 armor from constant energy shield.
  • Onslaught (1 Int): Deal 2 Intellect damage (ignores armor) or 4 physical to target in short range.
  • Sense "Magic": Can sense if Numenara is active even if presence isn't obvious. Req. 1 minute of studying object or location.
  • Healing Touch (1 Int): With a touch, you restore 1d6 points to one stat Pool of any creature. This ability is a difficulty 2 Intellect task. Each time you attempt to heal the same creature, the task difficulty increases by one step. The difficulty returns to 2 after that creature rests for ten hours. Action.
  • Inability: You have a manner or an aura that others find a bit unnerving. The difficulty of any task involving charm, persuasion, or deception is increased by one step.

Cyphers (Limit 3)


Level: 1d6 + 4. Effect: User teleports up to 100 × the cypher level in miles to a location he has previously visited or seen. He arrives safely with his possessions but cannot take anything else with him.

Magnetic Master

Level: 1d6 + 2. Effect: Establishes a connection with one metal object within short range that a human could hold in one hand. The user can then move or manipulate the object anywhere within short range (each movement or manipulation is an action). For example, he could wield a weapon or drag a helm affixed to a foe’s head to and fro. The connection lasts for ten rounds.

Force Screen Projector

Level: 1d6 + 3. Effect: Creates an immobile plane of solid force up to 20 feet by 20 feet (6m by 6m) for one hour. The plane conforms to the space available.


  • Initial Adventure: A dream guided you to this point. The dream included Crish, a friend. So you convinced him to come.
  • Connection: Chris's character quietly suspects that your a messiah or supernatural being. You can choose whether or not you're aware of this.


Eilar Character Sheet

Rules Summary

Special Rolls

Die Result Effect
1 Suffer +2 damage or free GM intrusion
17 +1 damage
18 +2 damage
18 +3 damage or minor effect
20 +4 damage or major effect + no pool cost
  • Initial Cost: Pool cost that must be paid just to attempt the action.
  • Opportunity: Major or minor effect that allows PC to attempt additional task to gain the effect.
  • Retry: Must apply 1 level of effort.

Modifying Tasks

  • Asset: -1 difficulty step (2 asset maximum per task).
  • Inability: +1 difficulty step.
  • Skill/Training: -1 difficulty step.
  • Specialization: -2 difficulty step.
  • Advantage: Adjust difficulty by 1 step in their favor.
  • Disadvantage: Adjust difficulty by 1 step against their favor.
  • Effort: -1 difficulty step or +3 damage.
    • Spend 3 points from stat pool = 1 Effort.
    • Each additional 2 points = +1 Effort.
  • Edge: Reduce matching task’s total pool cost by Edge.

Combat Actions

  • Covering Fire: On successful covering fire attack roll, foe’s next attack suffers disadvantage.
  • Distract: Foe’s attacks suffer disadvantage (multiple distractions do not stack).
  • Draw The Attack: Intellect task (optional), on success NPC attacks you (prominent character suffers +1 difficulty on defense).
  • Guarding: Gain advantage on defense tasks. Can attempt reactive Speed task (-1 difficulty) to prevent characters from getting past or taking the action they’re guarding against. NPCs on guard force PCs to make Speed task (+1 difficulty) to attempt the action.
  • Take The Attack: Speed task (optional), on success attack automatically hits you for +1 damage.
  • Wait: Select a trigger action and resolve your action when the trigger occurs.


  • Increase Capabilities: +4 points into stat Pools.
  • Move Toward Perfection: +1 to the Edge of your choice.
  • Extra Effort: +1 into Effort.
  • Skill Training: Train in a skill or specialize in a trained skill.


Minor Effects

(increase task difficulties by 1 step for 1 round)

  • Ignore armor
  • Strike specific body part
  • Knock back
  • Move past
  • Distract

Major Effects

(increase task difficulties by 1 step for encounter)

  • Knock down
  • Disarm
  • Stun
  • Impair


Einar Character Sheet

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