Duermar Encounter Creation Contest

Name of your horrific Creation

Appearance & Tactics

Write a short description of your monster or NPC, what they look like & how they behave, then let us know how they became what they are today & what motivates them. There are two major threats roaming the lands of Duermar: Fey, distorted creatures of nature that want to make all Gnomes & Humans suffer, & Horrors, creatures that used to be Human but were slowly transformed into whatever they feared the most.

Also, add a small explanation of how your creation operates in a fight: How does it react to enemies, what is its strategy, & what tactics does it use?

Name of your horrific Creation

Level X, X Size, X' speed

HP Guard Toughness Resolve


Attribute X (amount of dX dice), Attribute X (amount of dX dice),...


Feats needed for your creation to operate properly

Favoured Actions

Damage Action (damaging attack): Attribute vs. a Defence. Your creation's damaging attack description.

Inflict some Bane (inflict a Bane of PLX) Attribute vs. a Defence, Does your creation use some signature banes against its enemies?

Invoke some Boon (invoke a Boon): Attribute. Does your creation use some signature boons to enhance itself or to execute a specific tactic?

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