House Rules

Misc. Rules

  • Allowed Books. Core Rulebook and 13 True Ways only.
  • Evocation (Wizard Talent). Removed.
  • Icon Dice. Rolled at the end of sessions.
  • Incremental Advances. Only one IA for Power/Spell.
  • Multiclassing. Removed.
  • Stat Array. 17, 15, 14, 13, 12, 10

Included and Modified Races


Race: Dragonspawn

+2 Str OR +2 Cha

Breath Weapon (Racial Power)

Once per battle, make a close-quarters breath weapon attack as a quick action using your highest ability score against one nearby enemy’s Physical Defense. On a hit, the attack deals 1d6 damage per your level of an energy type that makes sense for your character.

Champion Feat: When you use this power, you may choose to target 1d2+1 nearby enemies in a group or to increase its damage to 1d8 damage per your level against a single target.

Race: Dwarves

+2 Con OR +2 Wis

Toughness. Dwarves gain the Toughness feat for free. They may not swap it out and it does not count against the number of feats they gain

That’s Your Best Shot? (Racial Power)

Once per battle as a free action after you have been hit by an enemy attack, you can heal using a recovery. If the escalation die is less than 2, you only get half the usual healing from the recovery. Unlike other recoveries that might allow you to take an average result, you have to roll this one!

Note that you can’t use this ability if the attack drops you to 0 hp or below. You’ve got to be on your feet to sneer at their attack and recover.

Champion Feat: If the escalation die is 2+ when you use that’s your best shot, the recovery is free.


Race: Half-Elves

+2 Con OR +2 Cha

Surprising (Racial Power)

Once per battle, subtract one from the natural result of one of your d20 rolls.

Champion Feat: You gain an additional use of surprising each battle, but you can only use it to affect a nearby ally.


Dual Heritage (Alternate Racial Power)

You gain the Human Quick to Fight power and a lesser power from your Elven parentage:

Dark Elf: As Cruel but only three times your level

High Elf: As Highborn Teleport but uses a standard action

Wood Elf: As Elven Grace but uses a d8

Champion Feat: You now get the full base Elven power.

Race: Half-Orcs

+2 Str OR +2 Dex

Lethal (Racial Power)

Once per battle, reroll a melee attack, and use the roll you prefer as the result.

Champion Feat: If the lethal attack reroll is a natural 16+, you can use lethal again later this battle.


Death Dealer (Alternate Racial Power)

Once per battle, you may reroll a missed attack against a non-mook enemy that has hit points equal to or under double the hp multiplier for your level (so, 6 HP at level one). If the reroll misses, you don’t expend this power.

Champion Feat: The HP threshhold is now triple the hp multiplier for your level.


Race: Halflings

+2 Con OR +2 Dex

Small: Halflings have a +2 AC bonus against opportunity attacks.

Evasive (Racial Power)

Once per battle, force an enemy that hits you with an attack to reroll the attack and subtract 2 from the natural result.

Champion Feat: After you expend evasive, you can immediately roll a free disengage check if engaged or simply move if not.

Race: Lizardfolk

+2 Dex OR +2 Con

Frenzy (Racial Power)

Once per battle, make a melee attack as a quick action using your highest ability score (item bonuses do not apply) against one engaged enemy’s Armor Class. On a hit, the attack deals 1d8 damage per your level. On a miss, you take damage equal to your level.

Champion Feat: If you miss, you may attack the initial target again. If you hit, you may make a second attack against a different enemy.


Race: Tieflings

+2 Str OR +2 Int

Adventurer Feat (Prehensile Tail): Your tail may hold a single light object (like a torch or small lamp). Also, you may do one simple Quick Action (like those listed on page 162 of the CRB; no spells, attacks or special abilities) as a Free Action each round while your tail is free and not holding anything.

Curse of Chaos (Racial Power)

Once per battle as a free action when a nearby enemy rolls a natural 1–5 on an attack or a save, turn their roll into a natural 1 and improvise a further curse that shows how their attempt backfires horribly.

Champion Feat: Whenever a nearby enemy rolls a natural 1 on an attack against you, you can use curse of chaos against them without expending it.

Race: Wood Elf

+2 Dex OR +2 Wis

Elven Grace (Racial Power)

At the start of each of your turns, roll a die to see if you get an extra standard action. If your roll is equal to or lower than the escalation die, you get an extra standard action that turn.

At the start of battle, you roll a d6. If you get an extra action afterwards, you can’t get any more extra actions that battle.

Champion Feat: Once per day, start a battle rolling a d4 for elven grace instead of a d6. If you successfully gain an extra action rolling a d4, you may then roll a d6 in subsequent rounds as specified above.


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