Delving Deeper Barrowmaze House Rules

Classes: Thieves are not used.

Dual Classing: Is permitted. No character may have more than 2 (hence the word Dual) classes.

Scrolls (Clerics): Clerics can craft spell scroll in the same way Magic-Users can craft Basic Wands (detailed below).

i.e. 1 week of work, and 100 GP/spell level. Scrolls crafted in this manner contain a single spell from the Cleric's current spell list. The scrolls are written in the language holy to their deity (alignment tongue).

Wands (Magic-Users): Magic-Users can craft Basic Wands during downtime between adventures.

Weapons: If wielding a Two-Handed weapon throw 2 dice for damage and take the better result. If wielding two weapons throw a single die for damage, but add +1 to the result. Characters must have Dexterity score of 13 or higher to enjoy this effect, otherwise fighting with two weapons provides no benefit (outside of looking cool!).

Hit-Point Rolls and Leveling Up: When characters gain enough XP to level up they must do so in the safety of a settlement. When leveling players roll all of their Hit-Dice and only take the result if it's better than their previous HP total, otherwise they gain 1 HP (plus any applicable modifiers).

i.e. Hellok has gained enough XP from his last sortie to advance to level 4. He returns to Helix to rest, recover, and reflect. Cody notes Hellok's current HP as 12. He then rolls 4d6 (4 HD) - Result: 9 (adjusted to 10 for his high Con). Cody notes Hellok's new HP total as 13, only gaining 1 since his new roll was lower than his previous HP.

Character Death: When your character reaches 0 HP they are knocked unconscious. After combat the unconscious charactermakes a save versus Death (Poison).
Failure indicates the Reaper claims their soul. Roll a new character with half the total XP of your previous one.

Success indicates they're able to stave off Death, but with a cost. The character regains consciousness with 1 HP and gains a disfiguring injury represented by the permanent loss of 1 point from Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution (player's choice). The player should feel free to describe the injury in detail on their character sheet.

Funerals: If a character falls (dies) and the party can transport the corpse back to a settlement a funeral can be held. Those present can "buy" the deceased's experience points at a 1-for-1 GP-to-XP cost. XP gained in this manner is expressed via remembrances, drinks, ceremonies, and otherwise giving them a proper send off.

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Delving Deeper Barrowmaze House Rules

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