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Lumbering Jack

Appearance & Tactics

Rumors are this was once a human logger, felling trees. This horror now has the top of a tree growing from it's massive hunched back, just a little trunk and then the canopy covering it from above. Feet changed to roots, the stomping and lumbering of this horror can be heard from afar, usually allowing most to keep their distance. The real threat is when it has been resting, for peering into the darkness of a forest, you would think it nothing but a tree.

When close to targets, a sawing noise emits from the creature, a slow, steady back and forth as saw blades cut deeper into a trunk. The noise can be maddening for some. One arm is like a massive club, the other looks like an elongated human arm with a large hand that carries a rusted saw blade.

A mournful face extends from a neck as a body, hardened with bark, remains mostly human in shape. People say the poor soul fell one too many trees, maddening from the destruction caused. Now, as if in penance, this Horror wanders to avenge the forests and trees of the world. Nightmares causing it to attack nearly anything humanoid, and sometimes even animals.

Whispers claim it drops seeds which grow into minor Lumbering Jacks, that can grow into the full horror, Monsterous Horrors that protect the forests.

Encounter Behaviour

Lumbering Jack moves slowly (usually at half or less speed) while wandering, looking very much like a lumbering slow horrow easy to outrun.

  • However, when a humanoid target is spotted, they will run at full speed, typically doing 2 attacks right away. Maddening Sawing Noise followed by Rusty Sawblade attack.
  • If they are not within range, they will do a Focus Charge Attack doing Rusty Sawblade and Tree Branch Revenge, saving Maddening Sawing Noise for the next round.
  • Maddening Sawing Noise will usually target as many as possible up to 5. If unable to charge to a target, will use full Move action, and then just Maddening Sawing Noise at up to 75'.
  • If within, or nearby a Forest, will usually start with either Bolster or Life Drain already going.

Usually will continue to fight and not retreat until all have been cut in twain! Rarely will use Rooted Encouragement in order to keep going, preferring to do damage instead.

Lumbering Jack

Level 16, Large (10x10) Size, 50' ground, 30' climb

HP Guard Toughness Resolve
52 26 25 20


Entropy 10 (4d8), Might 9 (3d10), Will 7 (2d10), Presence 9 (3d10), Fortitude 8 (3d8)


Bane Focus (Demoralized), Potent Bane (Demoralized), Bane Focus (Persistent Damage), Potent Bane (Persistent Damage), Bane Focus (Stunned), Resilient, Multi-Attack Specialist 3, Multi-Target Attack Specialist 3 (Ranged), Attack Specialization 4 (Saw Blade), Attack Specialization 2 (Club)

Favoured Actions

Rusty Sawblade (damaging attack): Might vs. Guard. Muttering 'Timber... tim.. timber.... TIMBER!!!" Adv 5, on 5+ = Potent Persistent Damage

Tree Branch Revenge (damaging attack): Might vs. Guard. Muttering 'No... more... stumps.... stumps... NO MOOOOORE!!" Adv 3, on 5+ = Stunned

Maddening Sawing Noise (inflict Demoralized PL8) Entropy vs. Resolve. Adv 2, Potent. The building of noise seems to impossibly overlap itself as the sawing on wood echoes and cascades over your mind. Alternatively can do Fear minus the Adv 2

Bloodlust (invoke Bolster PL8): Presence. The thrill of revenge building in this Horror as they roar out with bloodlust.

Rooted Encouragement (invoke Heal PL9): Presence. Feeding the roots splayed out at their feet, the Horror feeds on the local area, prolonging their need to avenge the forests.

Special Actions

Multi-Attack (many attacks): Can do 2 attacks with no change in Advantage. Every additional attack after causes all attacks to be at 3 additional disadvantage.

Multi-Targetting (Ranged attacks): Can target up to 3 targets at range with no disadvantage. Usually used with Entropy, specifically Maddening Sawing Noise, and will target up to 5 targets, resulting in advantage 0.

Invigorating Purpose (Life Drain): If within, or nearby a forest, often starts with Life Drain or Bolster.

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