Vex'ahlia DeRolo

Like so many other half-elves, Vex'ahlia has spent most of her life suffering the cool reception of a people who don't fully accept her. Born of a human mother, and an elven father who only later in life took an interest in their existance. Vex'ahlia and her twin brother Vax'ildan quickly realized the only people they could truely rely on in this world was each other.

It was at the age of ten when the two were taken from their mother, and brought to live in Singorn, the isolated elven city for which thier father was an ambassador. He quietly took them in, but always kept an icy distance. After too many years of disdainful looks, the pair decided to leave his indifference behind, and set out on their own.

Vax took to the cities, stealing small trinkets and learning the ways of the thief, while Vex kept to the woods. She preferred the isolation. Always the keen observer, she learned to hunt and to track, to spy and to shoot. And through a series of fateful events, earned herself a companion in the form of a bear, her own stolen Trinket, to fight along side her and protect her fiercely. Also he is adorable and gives excellent massages.

Favored enemy

Vex'ahlia has advantage on survival checks used to track her favored enemies. She also has advantage on intelligence checks to recall information about them.

Natural Explorer

While in favored terrain for more than an hour.

  • Difficult terrain doesn't slow groups travel.
  • Can not become lost except by magical means.
  • Remains alert to danger while tracking, foraging, navigating, etc.
  • If travelling alone she moves stealthily at normal pace.
  • She finds twice as much food as another person would while foraging.
  • While tracking other creatures, she also learns their exact number, their sizes, and how long ago they passed through the area.

Fighting Style: Archery

Vex'ahlia has a +2 bonus to attack rolls made with ranged weapons.

Ranger Archtype: Beast Master

Vex'ahlia has a wonderful animal companion named Trinket, a bear. (See stats to the right.)

Primeval Awareness

Vex'ahlia can use an action to focus on her environment, By spending a spell slot she can sense a certain type of creature out to 1 mile or 6 miles if she is in her favored terrain.

Lands Stride

Vex'ahlia moving through difficult terrain does not slow her. She also gains advantage on saving throws against plants that are magically grown or manipulated to impede movement such as from a Entangle spell.

Hide in Plain Sight

Vex'ahlia can spend 1 minute creating camouflage for herself. She must have access to fresh mud, dirt, plants, soot, and other naturally occurring materials with which to create her camouflage. The camouflage lasts for 4 hours. Once she is camouflaged in this way, she can try to hide by using her camouflage in places that can contain her person, such as hiding against a tree or wall, or in a large bush or hedge, or even on very muddy ground. She gains a +15 to Dexterity (Stealth) checks as long as she remains there without moving or taking actions. Once she moves or take an action or a reaction, she comes out of hiding and must take an action to hide herself again.

Rogue Archtype: Assassin

Stealth, poison, and disguise help Vex'ahlia eliminate her foes with deadly efficiency.

  • Assassinate: Vex'ahlia is at her deadliest when she gets the drop on her enemies. She has advantage on attack rolls against any creature that hasn’t taken a turn in the combat yet. In addition, any hit she scores against a creature that is surprised is a critical hit.


Vex'ahlia doubles her profficiency for Acrobatics and Perception.



Vex'ahlia DeRolo Baroness of the Third House of Whitestone, Grand Mistress of the Grey Hunt

Half Elf, Ranger 13/Rogue 5, Chaotic Good

  • Armor Class 21
  • Hit Points 128(13d10+5d8)
  • Speed 30ft.
  • Initiative +7

7 (-2) 20 (+5) 10 (+0) 14 (+2) 16 (+3) 17 (+3)

  • Senses Passive Perception 28
  • Languages Common, Elvish, Draconic, Undercommon, Abyssal
  • Skill Proficiencies Acrobatics, Athletics, Deception, Insight, Investigation, Perception, Persuasion, Stealth, Survival
  • Feats Observant, Sharp Shooter
  • Challenge 12 (8400 XP)

Fey Ancestry. Has advantage on saves against being charmed and can not be put to sleep by magical means.

Favored Enemy. Dragons, Fiends

Natural Explorer. Favored terrain forest, Underdark, Mountains

Primeval Awareness. Awareness of Creatures

Lands Stride. Ignore difficult terrain if non magical.

Hide in plain sight. Advanced camoflauge

Fighting Style: Archery Vex'ahlia has a +2 bonus to attack rolls made with ranged weapons.

Ranger Archtype: Beast Master Vex'ahlia has a wonderful animal companion named Trinket, a bear. (See stats to the right.)

Rogue Archtype: Assassin Vex has trained with her brother as an assassin.

Sneak Attack. 1d6

Expertise. Acrobatics, Perception

Thieves Cant. As a rogue Vex'ahlia understands a secret language of the thiefs guild.

Cunning Action Starting at 2nd level, your quick thinking and agility allow you to move and act quickly. You can take a bonus action on each of your turns in combat. This action can be used only to take the Dash, Disengage, or Hide action.

Trinket. Can use bonus action to have Trinket make 1 attack. Or spend her action to have Trinket Multi Attack.

Spellcasting. 1st level; 4 Slots; Hunters Mark, Hail of Thorns, Cure Wounds. 2nd Level; 3 Slots; Pass Without a Trace, Protection from Poison. 3rd Level; 3 Slots; Conjure Barrage, Lightning Arrow. 4th Level; 1 Slot; Conjure Woodland Beings, Grasping Vine


Multi Attack. Vex'ahlia makes 2 attacks.

Fenthras Vestige of Divergence longbow of immense power.

Longbow of the Sky Sentinel(has Blazing Bow String). Ranged weapon Attack: +15 to hit, Range 150'/600', Hit 15 (1d10+7 piercing plus 1d6 Lightning) Once per long rest The Longbow of the Sky Sentinel creates two additional magical arrows.

Blazing Bow String: If activated , deals extra 1d10 fire damage on first arrow.

Bloodseeking Bow. Ranged Weapon Attack: +12 to hit, reach 150'/600', Hit 21 (1d8 + 7 piercing) If activated and hits, deals extra 10 damage per round.

Sneak Attack +3d6


Ravens Slumber See description

Bracers of Archery +2 to damage rolls on ranged attacks.

Ring of Protection +2 AC bonus.

+2 White Dragonscale Studded Armor +2 AC bonus, Cold Resistance

Headband of Initiative +2 bonus on initiative checks.

Broom of Flying Fly speed of 50'

Thieves Cant

As a rogue Vex'ahlia understands a secret language of the thiefs guild.

Sneak Attack

Once per turn, Vex'ahlia can deal an extra 3d6 damage to one creature she hits with an attack if she has advantage on the attack roll. The attack must use a finesse or a ranged weapon. She doesn’t need advantage on the attack roll if another enemy of the target is within 5 feet of it, that enemy isn’t incapacitated, and she doesn’t have disadvantage on the attack roll.

Uncanny Dodge

When an attacker that she can see hits her with an Attack, she can use her Reaction to halve the attack's damage against her. Only damage resulting from attack rolls such as melee attacks, ranged attacks, or spells with attack rolls (i.e. firebolt, guiding bolt) qualify for Uncanny Dodge. Due to the restriction of using your Reaction, only one attack per round can qualify for Uncanny Dodge.




Ravens Slumber

The Ravens Slumber is a necklace with a large gem on it. The gem contains a dimensional space that allows one creature to reside within it. The creature can see out of the gem and is not harmed in any way. Vex often uses this to transport Trinket.


A bow that felled titans, Fenthras was lost in the Feywild during the Calamity. It now acts as the heart of a cancerous tree corrupting the verdant land there. The bow was in the possession of Saundor an archfey twisted by betrayal.

Handle is wrapped with very tight, dark brown/black leather. At the cusp of the handle, where the handle is notched, and the caps is nice, golden-bronze metallic inlay. The bow is curved, deep verdant green, with jungle vine-type texture, like it almost builds on itself with a series of natural leaf scales. As it curves into the ends, it flexes and shifts on its own. When the user pulls an arrow, it tightens automatically. When an arrow is fired, it moves with incredible speed. The bow flexes with such intensity that it makes a roaring rush of wind.

  • When a creature is killed by an arrow from this weapon, a single six-foot tall tree grows from their corpse (type of tree may vary).
  • +3 Longbow (Requires Attunement)
  • Damage = 1d10 Piercing + DEX + 3 + 1d6 Lightning.
  • Twice per day, the wielder can declare a Bramble Shot: on a successful hit, the target takes an additional 4d8 piercing damage and must make a Strength saving throw or be restrained.
  • Once per short rest, the wielder can declare an Oracle Shot, allowing them to project their sight through the arrow they fire from the bow for up to 10 minutes.


Medium beast, Chaotic Neutral

  • Armor Class 20 (Bullette Armor +2 AC, half damage from bludgeoning)
  • Hit Points 64
  • Speed 40ft.

19 (+4) 10 (+0) 16 (+3) 4 (-3) 13 (+1) 7 (-2)

  • Senses passive Perception 15
  • Languages None
  • Challenge 5 (1800 XP)

Keen Smell. Trinket has advantage on perception checks that rely on smell.

Bestial Fury. For a single round, Trinket has advantage on his attacks and can crit on a Nat20 or Nat19.

Ravens Slumber. If Trinket falls unconscious within 100 feet of Vex and the Raven’s Slumber is unoccupied, he is immediately stabilized (no death saving throws) and put into the crystal.

Hunters Mark. Trinket now benifits from Vex's Hunters Mark.


Multi Attack. Makes two attacks, one with claws one with bite.

Claw Attack. Melee Attack: +9 to hit, reach 5', Hit 8 (1d8 + 4)

Bite Attack. Melee Attack: +9 to hit, reach 5', Hit 8 (2d6 + 4)

Cannonball. 40' line, DC:16 DEX save. Failed save creature is knocked prone and trinket can make an attack as a bonus action.

Blessing of the Dawnfather

Vex'ahlia has resistance to necrotic damage. As a bonus action, she channels the light of day into her being. For one hour she emits bright light in a 120 foot radius and any evil creature within that 120 foot radius that hits her with an attack or spell immediately suffers 4d6 radiant damage and is knocked prone. Once this blessing ability is used, it can’t be used for seven days.

  • A big thank you to @Mikandii, @TartanKiwi, and @stevethegoblin for giving me permission to use their art for this. They are amazingly talented and I am honored they let me.
  • Also thank you to the Homebrewery for creating all the tools for being able to do this.
  • And thank you to Crit Roll Stats because that is where I got all the information and you guys do amazing work.
  • As a side note I would like to point out that CR 12 does seem low however it was determined using the rules in the DMG. Also IF you put all of Vox Machina together to determine an encounter CR with the whole group it is roughly between a CR 29 and CR 30 encounter.



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