Auriga is filled with mysterious inventions of the Endless, to the point of magic changing the definition of mundane.


Dust is the mysterious substance, creation of highly advanced and enigmatic Endless. It can kill and give life, create and destroy, give minds or take them away, depending on what you do with it. It's magic and money and power, all interwined in one. It is one thing that all societies, regardless of how different they are from each other, want and desire.

Dust is valuable and versatile, and used as currency by many nations of Auriga. A coin made of Dust is equal in cost to 25 gold coins. A coin made of dust can be broken down into 25 units of Dust.

Dust can be extracted from water, plants, animals and sands, with DCs at GM's discretion. Amount of dust that can be extracted from animal or plant is equal to twice their size (1 for Tiny, 2 for Small, 3 for Medium, etc.)+their CR+1d6.

Dust is what makes the magic of Auriga, and so spellcasting has to consume this substance. As a spellcaster, you still have the amount of spell slots your class has, as Dust magic is dangerous and taxing on body and mind. Spell slots consume units of Dust as following:

Spell slot level Dust required
0 ambient Dust
1 3
2 9
3 18
4 54
5 125
6 300
7 750
8 1500
9 4000

Equipment made of Dust has the same rules as normal equipment with +2 enchantments.

Mystical materials

Material To hit/To AC
Titanium +1
Glassteel +1
Adamantian +2
Palladian +2
Mithrite +3
Hyperium +3

Titanium, Glassteel, Palladian, Adamantian, Hyperium and Mithrite are the metals of strategic importance to the people of Auriga. Usage of them can drastically alter armies and win seemingly hopeless wars.

Titanium is a blue metal, light, strong, and resistant to water damage. Weapons, medium and heavy armor can be made from Titanium. Items made of Titanium are immune to rusting. Titanium weapons inflict additional 1d3 damage on hit. Magic talismans from Titanium grant wearers exceptional bravery, allowing to automatically succeed on a save against fear effect, and have 3 charges (restoring 1d3 every day).

Glassteel sprouts in tangled fronds, the vines, and when heated in sealed vats with sundry chemicals, can be drawn out into incredibly strong filaments that have myriad uses, such as garroting wire. Weapons, Light and Medium armor can be made of Glassteel. They all grant a +3 bonus to Initiative.

Palladian is a roseate mineral which expands in geometric-shaped waves, grows from patches of earth rich with fossilized remains. Clever treatments allow the mineral to be transformed into a light, regenerative mail. Wearer of Palladian armor restores 1d4 hit points every turn if has more than 0 hit points left. Palladian weapons grant advantage on Initiative checks.

No material except diamonds comes close the the unbreakable nature of adamantian. Recent advances in smelting now allow craftsmen to extract this metal for many uses. Armor made of this metal turns any critical hit against the wearer a normal hit. Wielder of an Adamantian weapon can sacrifice some of its bonus to-hit and add the same amount to AC as a bonus action.

Mithrite, or "Emerald Lances", once purely used for decorative flourishes in the halls of the exalted, in late era is understood to be a powerful Dust-enhancing substance when prepared in a special crystalline form. Armor made of this substance increases wearer's Dexterity by 2. Mithrite weapons shock the target for 3 turns on hit -- all attack rolls and abiliy checks have disadvantage.

For long ages, perhaps because of the noxious clouds that hung over deposits, Hyperium's amazing fertilizing powers were unknown. Armor made from this substance increases wearer's Strength by 2. Hyperium weapons inflict additional damage die of their weapon on hit. Enchanted rings made of Hyperium grant immunity to disease.

Luxury resources

Luxury name Cost in Dust coins
Blood crystal 15
Moonleaf 15
Redsang 25
Pixie Blood 35
Dust Orchid 45
Raw dustwater 45
Dustwater 50

Addition of Blood Crystal in food elevates one's pain threshold, reducing all incoming damage except psychic, radiant and necrotic by 4.

Moonleaf is a mild stimulant that boosts speed and clarity of thought. Moonleaf extract makes a character proficient in Intelligence saving throws for 3 hours. Daily consumption of Moonleaf extract during downtime reduces length of Research downtime workweek by 1 day.

Dustwater is a hallucinogenic of mind-shattering power -- the province of torturers and madmen. Properly administered, however, the amber liquid endows strong-minded individuals with great insight. Consuming raw Dustwater forces effects of Dust consumption with -20 modifier on the random table. Consuming properly prepared Dustwater grants expertise in all Wisdom and Intelligence checks.

Redsang is used as a spice for food. While you have Redsang in your diet, your experience gain is doubled.

Pixie Blood is exactly what its name suggests. Though the process of extraction can only be described as heart-wrenching, the healing powers of this wondrous material cannot be matched. Potions of healing made from this substance restore 4d6+4 hit points.

Dust Orchids are now considered a miracle of nature that transforms medical, agricultural, and Dust-enhanced technologies. No fucking idea what it actually does.


Mount Cost
Burdemek 100 gp
Setseke 2500 gp
Yirmak 400 gp
Scarab 100 gp
Ryder 250 gp

Speed Carrying Capacity
60 ft. 480 lb
50 ft. Almost unlimited
50 ft. 800 lb
60 ft. 540 lb
50 ft . 500 lb
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