Background: The Disgruntled Parent

As a young child you dreamed of adventure on the open road, but life had other ideas for you. Marriage and children. You love your family, yet you have hit your limit. It all came to a head when your eldest failed to do their chores again, causing the death of one of your hens, while your youngest got ill and barfed in your mouth. With all the pent up frustration of the last several years you tell your spouse “I’m off to get some tobacco, I’ll be back in 14 years.”

Disgruntled Parent

Skill Proficiencies: Insight, Investigation
Languages: None
Equipment: Soiled common clothing, a backpack with straps that can be used to carry someone shorter than 4 feet, a shopping list from three years ago, 2 days of rations (peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches), and a coin purse containing 15 copper.
Tools: Cooks Utensils, Vehicles (land)
Additional: Roll 1d8+2 for the number of children you have.
Feature: Fortitude of the parent: You have advantage against being charmed by cute humanoid creatures, additionally tears have no impact on you. Also, you are so used to dealing with poop, it does not bother you to be covered in it.

Personality Trait
1 I never resist the opportunity for a good pun
2 I tend to take care of those around me, making sure they eat enough and are warm
3 I tend to flee from any prolonged responsibility, a week might even be too much commitment for me
4 I tend to never lose my cool, preferring an air of indifference.
5 I want to live life to the fullest and jump at every new opportunity that comes my way
6 I want to organize everything around me, often telling people what to do and how to do it
1 Adventure: you know your time is borrowed you want to enjoy as much as you can (neutral)
2 Peace and quiet: Can we just do this without arguing?! (neutral)
3 Freedom: I don’t want to be tied down again (neutral)
4 Indifference: I really don’t care what is going on (neutral)
5 Glory: I want to make a name for myself, no matter the risk (neutral)
6 Cleanliness: Now that I am on my own, I like for things to be clean! (neutral)
1 I want to become a hero so my children will respect what I did
2 It is my dearest wish to travel to the locations of the heroes of old
3 I bore hearing of stories, I want to be the story
4 I am looking for a reason to believe in humanity again
5 I want to see if other children are as braindead as my own
6 I’m trying to emulate one of my ancestors, a famous hero
1 I get distracted by my own thoughts and disengage from the world around me
2 I tend to forget myself and will often praise others for remembering to use the privy, more so if they are small.
3 I tend to use inappropriate humor as a shield during battle
4 I feel guilty for leaving my family, so I try to remain intoxicated
5 When I’m lecturing others I tend to go on and on even once the point has been made
6 I pretend to know the answer to everything
Additional Flaws (Only apply if there is a party member a size smaller than the disgruntled parent)
1 I always remind the small one to go to the bathroom before we go anywhere
2 I cut up any food for the small one as soon as it arrives
3 Will always try to hold the hand of the small one when crossing the street
4 Will remind the small one to go to bed soon after sundown
5 Will give the small one arbitrary orders when we are setting up camp (e.g., take out the trash)
6 Always tries to give advice to the small one

The disgruntled parent starts with a known nemesis in the form of their spouse and children. Any disgruntled parent will live with the fear that their spouse and children will one day find them to bring them home.

credit u/Alohameg1

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