Dead Sea Almanac - May 15, 2019

Beads of Summoning

Today's featured item is a necklace manufactured by the barbarian spiritualist known as Sygma. Bearing the ancestral symbols of the twelve tribes, it summons forth great spirits and items that prove most useful in time of need. Worn on a leather band that serves as a good necklace or doubled bracelet, the beads are each inscribed with the mark of a great tribe or a tool common to all of the mountain peoples.


The necklace has twenty beads, each of which may be used once by pulling it from the necklace and speaking a command word. Once used, the bead is forever consumed, and whatever was summoned disappears at the end of the next long rest. The twenty beads are as follows:

Tribes of Light

Bead of the Owl Tribe: Summons a pair of mated owls to scout ahead and explore for the party. The owls are also willing to offer their wisdom, but will not fight.

Bead of the Fox Tribe: Summons a fox who can explore an area silently and steal one item weighing no more than five pounds.

Bead of the Salmon Tribe: Must be used in flowing water, where it summons a large number of salmon that can be used as food.

Bead of the Bear Tribe: Summons a bear, which will fight on the heroes' side in combat.

Bead of the Wolf Tribe: Summons a pack of 2d4 wolves, who will assist the heroes in hunting or fighting.

Bead of the Eagle Tribe: Summons an eagle who will fight, scout, or hunt for the heroes.

Tribes of Darkness

Bead of the Raven Tribe: Summons a raven, who can foretell one event of great disaster which may befall the heroes if they do not heed the warning.

Bead of the Weasel Tribe: Summons a weasel, who will bring the heroes one item they desire at the cost of one item it names.

Bead of the Pike Tribe: Summons a large pike that will fight for the heroes or perform any task for a pound of flesh - it doesn't care whose.

Bead of the Crocodile Tribe: Summons a large crocodile. Roll 1d4; on a 1, the crocodile is hostile to the heroes and attacks them. On a 2-4, it is neutral but obeys their commands.

Bead of the Rat Tribe: Summons 4d4 giant rats to aid the heroes in combat, but requires that they all be able to feast on flesh before they leave; otherwise, they turn on the heroes.

Bead of the Vulture Tribe: Summons a vulture that can heal a single creature to full health, at the cost of consuming the soul of a recently deceased being.

Items of Great Use

Bead of Rope: Summons fifty feet of rope, neatly coiled and ready for throwing. The rope lasts indefinitely.

Bead of a Lantern: Summons a lantern and eight hours worth of oil. The lantern lasts indefinitely.

Bead of Tools: Summons one type of tools of your choice, which must be spoken aloud as part of the command that activates the bead. The tools are of decent quality and last indefinitely.

Bead of Instruments: Summons one musical instrument of your choice, which must be spoken aloud as part of the command that activates the bead. The instrument is of middling quality and lasts indefinitely.

Bead of a Bucket: Summons a bucket that holds two gallons of liquid. The bucket is made of wood and is not fireproof, but lasts indefinitely.

Bead of Knives: Summons a pair of knives: one dagger for throwing and one short sword for holding on to. The knives are of good quality and last indefinitely.

Bead of Firewood: Summons 20 logs of dry, easily splittable firewood perfect for making fires provided that you have a hatchet handy. The firewood lasts indefinitely or until burned as fuel.

Bead of a Bedroll: Summons a warm, dry bedroll, neatly tied and ready to use or carry. The bedroll lasts indefinitely.

Table of Beads

Sometimes, you may want your players to find a partial necklace. Roll a d20 to see how many of the twenty beads remain, then roll on the following table that many times to see which ones. You can roll again if you get duplicates, or choose to allow them for expediency.

1d20 Bead of Summoning 1d20 Bead of Summoning
1 Owl Tribe 11 Rat Tribe
2 Fox Tribe 12 Vulture Tribe
3 Salmon Tribe 13 Rope
4 Bear Tribe 14 Lantern
5 Wolf Tribe 15 Tools
6 Eagle Tribe 16 Instruments
7 Raven Tribe 17 Bucket
8 Weasel Tribe 18 Knives
9 Pike Tribe 19 Firewood
10 Crocodile Tribe 20 Bedroll
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