Barbarian Path of the Bloodied

Barbarians on the path of the bloodied have devoted themselves to taking hits and continuing onwards. They embrace the pain and use it as a fuel to increase their own power. Those preparing to join the path often practice with self flagellation and are usually scared before they join the path. Members of the path of the bloodied usually live hard and don’t last that long, but when you find a grizzled member of the path, they are not to be trifled with.

Blood Rage

Your rage goes way beyond the normal barbarian, they look calm as a summer day compared to you. At level 3 you enter into a Blood Rage instead of a normal rage. Your eyes develop a red glaze over them. Whenever an opponent causes you to lose hit points you also gain a blood rage point (BRP). You cannot have more blood rage points than your Barbarian level and you lose all the points when your rage ends.

When you collect the number of Blood Rage Points below or more you gain the following: 1 BRP: Increase all speeds 5ft

BRP Cookie Type
2 Increase damage from a melee attack by 1d4
4 Gain an additional reaction each turn
6 Increase attack rolls by +1
9 Gain resistance to bludgeon, slashing, and piercing damage from magical sources
12 Increase speed by +10 more (+15 ft total)
16 When you land a critical hit, the target is afflicted with the Frightened condition until the start of your next turn.
19 Gain advantage on all attacks
20 Increase damage and attack rolls to +2 and gain a third attack as part of an attack action.

Frightening Facade

Bloodragers have a reputation in the world for being tough and quick to anger, and just looking at your scars and wounds it is obvious you are one of them. As such, most people are easily swayed to your side rather than risk experiencing your blood rage. At level 3 you may use your constitution modifier in place of your charisma modifier when making a check for persuasion or intimidation, and you gain proficiency in one of the two skills.

Coming Down Gently

By level 6 you are an experienced blood rager, one of the few who has made it this far. Even though your rages are tough on your body, you heal when you calm yourself. When your rage ends, you regain hit points and temporary hit points equal to the amount of current blood rage points. These temporary hit points last until the start of your next rest.

Blood Rage Smash

At level 10, you have learned to channel your rage into a single powerful strike, grinding your weapon into the opponent for extra damage. After you hit, you may choose to spend blood rage points to cause extra damage to a target. Expend any number of blood rage points, when you do add 1d6 damage for each blood rage point spent (a maximum of 10 can be spent on a single strike).

Blood Rage Berserker

You have learned to work yourself into a battle frenzy unbeknownst to all in civilized society and most in uncivilized society. You may be seen frothing at the mouth, howling at the moon, . At level 14, you have learned to cause minor self harm to increase the power of your blood rages. When you enter rage, and as a bonus action on subsequent turns, you can cause self-harm doing 1d6 damage to yourself and increasing your blood rage points by one.

Additionally, when you are damaged by an opponent while in a blood rage you gain two Blood Rage points instead of one.

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