Guild of Adventurers

The Guild of adventurers (AG) is found in most large cities. Adventurers are those who risk life and limb for many different reasons. But they believe the reward outweighs the danger.
The guild was founded in 2133. The guild is a government-sanctioned entity to help govern the acquisition of riches from the realm of the sovereign whose land you are in. Most guilds are loosely run. But the government retains all rights to specific items found within its borders. Most governments only exercise this in extreme cases. They normally just excise a tax on the guilds, and the guild pays that with your dues. The guild is the main exchange for the more obscure gear and items that are needed or traded by adventurers. Also, they carry a wide variety of gear that general stores would not find profitable. The guild also maintains a magical mail system to other AGs around the world. Most people in power have a guild membership so they can communicate privately and securely.
A guild adventurer must have a well-rounded skill set. There are dangers out there. They loom around every corner. The ability to react in any situation is very important. This is why adventures don’t travel alone. They know they can’t do it all.

All adventurers are required to license with the guild but not necessarily become members. You must attain this membership at the end of your 2nd adventure. The Dues are collected annually in January. Only members enjoy the use of the mail system as well as all other guild benefits.


The Life of an Adventurer is a life traveling the world. Going places most people fear, fighting monsters, and surviving it all. These are men and women of action.


Adventurers are screened, but not all that carefully. Some evil guilds do exist. Races: There is no restriction. But each guild can pose its own restrictions. Thus, an elven guild would not generally accept orcs.

Guild Ranks

Rank 0 is Paid after completing 2 adventures, dues are paid on January 1st every year. You must complete a number of adventures before you can move up as well.

Rank Cost Completed Benefit
0 25gc 2 License
1 150gc 4 +2 to handling Mounts
2 150gc 6 Alert Feat, or +1 to one ability Score
3 250gc 8 +5’ Movement, +2 acrobatics skill checks
4 300gc 12 Dungeon Delver feat, World of Weapons
5 500gc 16 Supreme Adventurer

Your membership must be current to move up. Once you have paid the dues for the year, you don’t pay till next year even if you go up in rank.


The Adventurer’s Guild offers many advantages. The guild will pay your loot tax for you. They can find buyers for strange items (consignment only). There are boards for trade and work. They keep records on the local want lists for the nobles and the churches. Any Gather information roll done by a guild member on guild business gains a +5 circumstance bonus. Being licensed allows you to carry weapons in most cities.

World of Weapons

This ability allows you to use any object as a weapon. If you throw it, you can throw it 10'. Damage for each type is D3 Tiny, D4 Small, D6 Medium, D8 Large. You get your base attack bonus plus the applicable ability modifier.

Adventurer Combat

You get your dexterity bonus to your AC while climbing or doing other acrobatic maneuvers. This could be in combat where you are swinging, hanging, or otherwise using 1 hand to hold on to something. Further, you gain a +1 luck bonus anytime you have more than one opponent in melee combat with you. This bonus applies to attacks, damage, saves, and defense.

Supreme Adventurer

The adventure must do everything well. You gain a +1 to your lowest ability score. Further, you choose one saving throw that you are not proficient, and you become proficient in that saving throw.


Training at Rank 1 and 2 is one week, Rank 3 and 4 is two Weeks and Rank 5 takes five weeks.

Created BY Scott Stokes

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