The Iron Prison (quest seed)

The Iron Prison is home to the worlds worst magic criminals. It is surrounded by an anti-magic field, and its walls are fortified with iron rods to suppress magic. Any who enter have their magical items confiscated. Visitation is not allowed.

The prison is on a secluded Island. Gaurds and the rest of the prison watch must shuffle back and forth on a boat in order to take their positions. They tend to work in week-long shifts for this very reason.

Layout: A Repurposed Fortress

The Iron Prison is the only remnant of an ancient fortress, lost to battle. It lies like a scar on an island in the middle of the sea.

Prisoners are kept in their cells, with any time outside heavily guarded or shackled. Those who show good behavior are sometimes moved to more spacious cells, or cells with more sunlight. Those who prove difficult or committed worse crimes are kept in the subterranean levels--closer to the iron that placeates their magic. Some are restrained physically so they cannot even attempt sounds or movement that could produce magic.

  • worse criminals are kept lower down, closer to the iron that holds their magic dormant
  • lots of watchtowers surrounding the area
  • There is a rest area for the guards while they are off of their immediate shift.
  • There are ruins of the rest of the fortress scattered around the island. The guards do not go in them.

The Guards

The guards are armed with weapons to subdue magic and easily restrain prisoners who attempt to escape. They are battle-worn and tough. Only the most trusted guards are sent to watch the Iron Prison.

The Prisoners Within

The mages within the fortress could be improsned for any number of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Illegal experimentation or use of magic on the living or dead
  • Murder
  • Coercion and manipulation of a high offical through the use of magic
  • Laying waste to a town
  • Leading a rebellion
  • Hoarding of illegal substances or creatures
  • Opening a portal to a forbidden realm
  • Enslavement of a large group of people or other races
  • Underground mage fighting
  • Leading a cult and having the cult members harm themselves or others

Some mages may have physical marks of their crimes, including but not limited to:

  • Burns from magic or potions
  • prominent scars
  • Branding of their own or branding from others
  • Missing limbs from experiments gone awry
  • Skin too perfect, as if magically healed over and over so as to leave no imperfection


  • A mage has been wrongfully improsined. The party is hired to free them by an means necessary.
  • A politician believes in reform as opposed to imprisonment. Gather evidence the conditions are unlivable and mages are not improving to strengthen their case.
  • A relative has been recieving cryptic letters from the prison. Go to find out what's happening.
  • You have been improsined there. Escape.
  • Whispers of riots have made their way to your ears of the districts govener. You've been hired as extra protection for the guards there.
  • A resistance to free the mages from the prison is forming on the outside. You've been instructed to infiltrate, gain their trust, and get them to agree to the cause, and then free them.
  • All those confiscated magic items? Who wouldn't want them. Go looting.
  • Signals from the prison have gone dark. No one has returned since the last watch went to relieve them.
  • Recently, more and more mages have been taken to the Iron Prison, even those convicted of minor misdemeanors. You have been called to investigate why.
  • Rumors that inhumane experiments are taking place on the prisoners have been circulating, and the party is hired to investigate.
  • It's been said that the Iron Prison was originally made to house not dangerous mages, but a powerful artifact that if found, could allow its weilder to conquore the world.


Iron Shackles.

When worn, they surpress the wearers magical ability.

Staff of the Elder Mage.

A powerful staff that provides immunity to being silenced and protection from the elements. It can unleash powerful charged attacks.

Gaurds weapons.

Weapons in all forms that can surpres the magic of opponents. Bows, swords, maces, spears, crossbows, etc. All grant the weilder a heightened accuracy.

Blade Staff.

A staff used in close-quarter casting. It is equiped with a blade on the end for decapitating those who get too close. It is embued with magic that allows the weilder to cover their skin in flame, frost, or poison--granting them an aura that deals damage to those in melee range and providing further protection.

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