Psychic Awakening

A traumatic event, a magical experiment, or perhaps a genetic mutation has allowed you to tap into the vast resources of an unfettered mind. As you developed your magic, you were able to project your will upon reality in a way unfamiliar to many other spellcasters and unhindered by common limitations.

Displays of Power

Starting when you choose this origin at 1st level, your mind is the instrument of your magic and is unbound by the limitations of the body. You no longer require verbal or somatic components for your sorcerer spells but instead produce a set of sensory displays while the spell is being cast.

When you gain this feature, choose three displays from auditory, material, mental, olfactory, and visual. Each display is described in the "Power Displays" section below. It is common for displays to be a reflection of the sorcerer’s personality, values, or other defining qualities and serves as a signature of their mental powers.

Due to your power displays, other casters find difficulty determining how to counter your spells. Ability checks made to identify or counter your sorcery spells as you cast them are made with disadvantage.

Psychic Focus

At 1st level, the power of your mind is free from the material constraints of other spellcasters. You don’t require the material components for your sorcerer spells that have no cost indicated.

In addition, you can push yourself beyond your normal limits by devoting more of your mental energy to casting your sorcerer spells. As a bonus action on your turn, you can start concentrating on focusing your psychic power (as if you were concentrating on a spell). You add double your proficiency bonus to saving throws made to maintain your psychic focus. While maintaining your psychic focus, you can cast your sorcerer spells while wearing armor you aren't proficient with.

Augmented Casting

At 6th level, you have gained greater control over your mental powers, allowing you to manipulate the energies you invoke. You gain the following metamagic options.

Suppress. When you cast a sorcerer spell, you can spend 1 sorcery point to cast it without the displays from your Displays of Power feature. You still don't require verbal or somatic components.

Invest. When you expend a spell slot to cast a sorcerer spell and are maintaining psychic focus, you can use your bonus action to raise the level of the spell slot by spending a number of sorcery points equal to 2 + the increase in slot level. The spell’s effects reflect the new level of the slot. You can't increase a spell slot to a level you normally couldn't cast.

For example, a 6th-level sorcerer casting a 1st-level spell with a 1st-level spell slot can use their bonus action to spend 4 sorcery points and cast the spell as though using a 3rd-level spell slot.

Sixth Sense

At 14th level, your mental acuity extends your senses, bestowing upon you a heightened awareness. You can see in lightly obscured areas within 60 feet of you as if they were unobscured, and in heavily obscured areas as if they were lightly obscured.

In addition, while you are maintaining your psychic focus, you have blindsight with a radius of 30 feet.

Expanded Knowledge

Beginning at 18th level, your mind opens to reveal the infinite possibilities of psychic power. You learn one spell of your choice from any spell list. The chosen spell doesn’t count against the number of sorcerer spells you know.

Additionally, when you choose one of the sorcerer spells you know and replace it with another spell as part of gaining a level in this class, you can choose the new spell from any spell list.

Spells chosen as part of the benefits of this feature must be of a level for which you have spell slots and count as sorcerer spells for you.

Power Displays

The power displays are presented in alphabetical order.

Auditory. A sound emanates from you and is as easily heard as a clash of swords. For some, the sound is the chiming of bells, for others, a lion’s roar, the trickle of a stream, or the crackle of electricity.

Material. You are briefly surrounded with formations of matter. The forms are small motes that are easily seen, but provide no distraction or hindrance to subjects in the area. Sometimes manifesters are slicked with incorporeal goo, while others are surrounded by an unobscuring mist or floating geometric shapes.

Mental. A feeling like that of anxiousness or eagerness enters the minds of creatures within 40 feet of you. The feeling is instinctual, and harmlessly affects creatures of every mental capacity.

Olfactory. A subtle aroma fills a 20 foot radius around the target. For some manifesters, using their power produces the scent of brimstone, or of cinnamon, or for others fresh cut grass. The scent is not overwhelming in any way.

Visual. A flash of imagery erupts from the manifester, clearly visible to those in the area, but does not provide a distraction. Some manifesters are outlined in a shimmering silver aura while others might have iridescent halos or bolt-like displays of energy flash around them. Light effects resulting from this display can't illuminate an area.

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