Adventures in McDonaldLand

A tabletop hack of Dungeon World

The Game

Welcome to Fudea: a fantastical land inspired loosely by the McDonaldLand advertising campaign from the fast food chain McDonalds. Here you will go on grand adventures as real dumb shit. Fudea: Adventures in McDonaldLand is a hack of Dungeon World by Adam Koebel and Sage LaTorra. The game follows similar mechanics with actions being ascribed to “moves” which are resolved by rolling two 6-sided dice. This is a game of collaborative world building and narrative. Rules and mechanics should take a backseat to telling a fun and interesting story.

The Players

This game needs at least 3 players: one General Manager, or GM, who runs the campaign, and two players to act as characters. This system is optimized for 5-6 but can be played with greater or lesser numbers.

The GM

The General Manager (here on out referred to as the GM), is the person who runs the show-- sort of. This is a game that shines when the GM and the players are working together to build the story. As the GM your job is to provide interesting hooks but leave blanks to be explored together. It is your job to interpret your players’ actions into the appropriate corresponding moves. It is also up to you to protect the integrity of the narrative and decide when moves are appropriate.

Narrative is King

It is also up to you to protect the integrity of the narrative.

Example: Don't let your player roll to jump a 40 foot chasm with a broken leg-- unless you (or they) can narratively justify what a success looks like. Conversely, if it's an established trait that your character is a skilled climber and they want to climb a low wall covered in vines, there probably does not need to be a roll made for that.

Note to GM: I’d suggest taking some time to read through what the Dungeon World handbook has to say for GMing. I’ve made this booklet mostly for myself and have skipped a lot of extra detail and tools that the original work provides you.

The Dice

Fudea runs on the Powered by the Apocalypse system, which means the majority of rolls will be resolved using two 6-sided die (2d6 for short). There are 3 main categories for resolving these rolls, listed as follows:

  • Success: a Success is classified as a roll of 10 or above. In these cases the action the player is attempting exceeds as they planned, or perhaps with a little additional flair.
  • Mixed: a Mixed (or Mixed Success) is classified as a roll between 7-9. In these cases, the player will usually be able to complete the action, but at a cost. An increase in danger or having to give something up or taking damage. It is up to you to provide the unsavory choices for your players to pick.
  • Failure: a Failure is classified as a roll of 6 or below. In these cases the action the player attempted fails, and the GM is encouraged to take a concrete action against the player, such as reinforcements arriving.

Jericho attempts to fire at the guard with his Flavor Blaster. The GM determines this is a Brule roll. Jericho rolls 2d6 plus his Sour (Sr) modifier, and gets a 9. The GM offers Jericho a choice: You took several shots, and have expended all your ammo, you will have to reload next turn, or you had to reposition to get a clear shot, and now you are out of position and in danger of being surrounded.

The World

The world of Fudea is kept purposefully vague, you and your players should be creating your own unique take on it together! But some “base” material has been provided as a launching point.

  • Fudea: This is the continent itself. At the time of this campaign, we are at a point of great change, as the kingdoms within begin to undergo an industrial revolution. I don’t care how economically improbable it is to go directly from feudalism to industry. It’s make believe.
  • McDonaldLand: This is one of the oldest and largest kingdoms on Fudea. Founded by the Aguni-Frai Ronald McDonald. McDonaldLand can also refer to the capitol city. The surrounding area is mostly farmland and the borders are not strictly enforced, except along the Creme River.

  • The Burger Kingdom: This is the other main kingdom in Fudea. Smaller, they have long looked enviously at their prosperous neighbor.
  • The Alliance of Five: A free city-state in the mountains, an alliance of 5 warlords to resist the imperial powers of the other two powerful kingdoms.
  • Neuhame: The “human capital,” this is a city founded by humans and primarily populated by them.

  • Johnstown: Sometimes known as “pirate town,” this is a thriving coastal trading port off the Silver Coast.

  • The Valley of Wind: A desert valley where sandstorms rage constantly. It is said that somewhere within resides the Windy Witch, a powerful sorceress.

  • The Cold Shores: The kingdom of the dead. See: Religions.

Map of Fudea


Every player-character in Fudea is defined by a set of stats that inform their abilities. If you have played any RPGs or other tabletops, you are familiar with the concept, although this time its incomprehensible food-related stuff because I'm a fucking idiot.

  • Freshness: How fresh your ingredients are. When you are out of Freshness, your character will expire.

  • Savory (Svy): Rich, deep flavor that punches the tastebuds.

  • Sour (Sr): Agile, sharp flavor that makes the tongue want to get out of the way.

  • Bitter (Btr): A harsh body of flavor that resists the palate.

  • Salty (Slt): An essential flavor that brings forth others.

  • Sweet (Swt): A charming flavor that makes friends

Understanding Abbreviations

Attributes can be referred to as their full name (Savory) or an abbrevation (Svy). When an attribute is referred to by its abbrevation it is referring to the modifier that attribute provides. When it uses the full name, it is referring to the actual number that attribute has.

Example: To calculate max Freshness, you add +Bitter, which means you add the full value of your Bitter attribute. But when you If You Can't Take the Heat... you use +Btr, which means you add only your modifier.

There is one additional attribute called Flavor, which functions differently from others. Flavor is representative of your relationships with others in the world. You start with 1 Flavor for each other player in your party, and can earn more as the game progresses. This is essentially a reward system that allows the GM to reward players for good roleplaying moments. Once Flavor is earned, there is no specificty to how it is spent (ie, a Flavor earned by good roleplaying with Rachel can then be spent on an interaction with Marco, even though it was not earned with him. For more on how Flavor is spent, see Basic Moves.


Here are some building blocks for religious systems and deities within Fudea. Feel free to come up with your own.

The Cold Shores: The afterlife is a real, physical place. The frozen kingdom of the dead is ruled by the Blizzard Queen in the far north. It is inaccessible to the living. All major faiths agree, however, that this is merely a holding zone, a limbo where one sits as their soul is judged. Agents of the Blizzard Queen lead you there when you die, and she guides you to where you belong after.

Goldenism: Largely, a religion followed by the Frai, the basic philosophy involves placing the community first. Those that serve the community well are rewarded in the afterlife by having their soul transported to the Golden Sea, looked over by the Friar, a paradise where Frais achieve their true Platonic selves. Frais that damage their community or have no community are destined to the Stale, where they will be chewed on for eternity by the Great Consumer. There are many denominations of Goldenism that can differ wildly in their practices and philosophies, although they are all united by their belief in the Gold Sea and the Stale.

Nestanism: a belief system originating in the Byrd cultures, Nestanu believe that everything was formed by the god-creator, Eyr. A soul is reborn endlessly, until the good they have imparted on the world has outweighed the bad, at which point they can finally leave the Nest (the physical world) and ascend into the Blue Sky, to become a god-creator in their own right and form a new universe. They believe those born into Byrd bodies are the most blessed, the most enlightened souls who are very close to leaving the Nest. They view others with a sort of kind pity.

Grimmanism: A philosophy created by the first Grimace. Life has no intrinsic value and there is no heaven waiting for you in death. All that you can do you must do in this moment. You must create your own purpose and find your own value in this world, everyone has an angle and something they want from you.

Pieceanity: A faith unique to the Nuggen. They believe there used to be a great God, Big Nuggen, and that Big Nuggen broke their body into pieces to create the first of the Nuggen. Thus, all Nuggen carry within them the “internal divine” and all Nuggen are kin to another. There are strict familial hierarchies and the Nuggen practice ancestor worship. Those who are not Nuggen are ultimately not even real, simply soulless constructs that wander the world according to a predetermined script.

Portalism: A minority human religious sect, they believe that some sort of divine figure colloquially referred to as the Portal Maker or Portal Keeper, sent humans here from another place thousands of years ago, although for what reason is hotly debated among Portalites.

The Herbs and Spices: An occult belief that the world is made of and powered by secret, unknowable herbs and spices which give the world it's flavor.


There are six major races in Fudea, and they are as follows.


Humans are one of the “young races,” relatively new additions to Fudea, having only appeared a few thousand years ago. They have quickly adapted however and while they are looked down on by some of the older races, their ingenuity and bravery are not to be underestimated.

Average height: 5’9

Bonus: Start with an additional class move.


The Grimace are an artificial race created a scant 200 years ago. Developed by the Scientific Autonomous Democracy, a secret society within McDonaldLand devoted to the furthering of science at any cost, these strange bulbous furry creatures have immense strength and power. They are rare to see now, due to low birth rates, short life spans (~40 years), and a relentless purging of their species that only stopped after they earned their sovereignty as free people during the Grimace Wars 80 years ago. They are still wary of other races and tend to keep to themselves. Grimace are agender. They come in the following sub-categories: Purple, Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow.

Average height: 5’5

Bonus: +10 max Freshness.


The Frai are one of the oldest races in Fudea. They are the most populous of the races, which has lead to a wide range of ways of life. There are many that take great pride in their long heritage on Foodia, but just as many who couldn’t care less. There are many types of Frai, such as Curly, Waffle, Garlic, Crinkle, Shoestring, Sweet Potato, Wedge, etc.

Average height: 5’0

Bonus: Start with 2 extra Flavor.


Another of the young races, the Byrd are anthropomorphic bird people, who seem to have a knack for machines. There are various types of Byrds, such as Sparrow, Finch, Robin, Falcon, and Crow.

Average height: 5’5

Bonus: When you first enter an important location (your call), you can ask the GM one question about the history of the location.


The Aguni are possibly the first race of Fudea, it is hard to say, their origins are shrouded in mystery. They are a symbiotic creature, capable of living for thousands of years, transferring from host to host, bringing experiences and skills each time but being subsumed into the new host’s personality. They are wide burger-shaped creatures that affix to the cranium of a creature, enveloping it completely. When they are joined with another, the combine the two names with the suffix “Mc” meaning “bonded to”. The Aguni Ronald founded McDonaldland while bonded with the Frai, Donald.

Bonus: When you use Nutritional Facts, treat Failures as Mixed. Choose between this and the bonus provided by your host body. You cannot have both.


Although they are one of the old races, they are often considered a “lesser” race by others. They generally eschew city life, preferring a nomadic scavenging lifestyle. Stereotyped as dumb, filthy, and thieves, they often face persecution when they come in contact with other races.

Average height: 4’5

Bonus: When you If You Can’t Take the Heat… and you use your small size to your advantage, take +1 forward to that roll.

Creating a Character

Creating your character is the first step to starting your adventure! Select a race and class, and begin to build your character's physical traits. How tall are they? Are they muscular, or skeletal, or fat? What kind of hair do they have? What kind of eyes? Cruel? Kind? Once you have a grasp on your character's physicality, the next step is to choose their Secret Ingredient, which will help build the foundations for your character's personality.

Setting up Attributes
Score Modifier
18 +2
17 +2
16 +2
15 +1
14 +1
13 +1
12 0
11 0
10 0
9 -1
8 -1
7 -1
6 -2
5 -2
4 -2

Assign the following scores to your attributes

16 (+2), 13 (+1), 12 (+0), 10(+0), 8 (-1)

Alternatively, you can roll 3d6 5 times to randomly generate attribute points.

Max Freshness and Class Skills

Your starting Max Freshness is determined by added a pre-determined number with your total Bitter (see Character Sheets for more detail). At level 1, you also choose a Class Skill, along with receiving several automatically.

Forward and Ongoing

Throughout moves and skills you will occasionally see bonuses or penalties marked +/- n Forward or +/- n Ongoing. Something that is Forward will lend that bonus/penalty to the next relevant roll, whereas something that is Ongoing will continue to provide that bonus/penalty until the conditions for ending are fulfilled.

Secret Ingredient

Secret Ingredients define an essential philosophy your character holds true. This trait should inform your roleplaying and decisions. If at some point you feel your character has narratively shifted or you find out that the trait you picked does not mesh with how you are playing, talk to your GM about switching ingredients.

  • Kill a defenseless or surrendered enemy
  • Avoid a conflict or defuse a tense situation
  • Spur others to significant and unplanned action
  • Endanger yourself to protect others
  • Endanger yourself following the tenets of your faith
  • Harm another to prove the superiority of your god
  • Harm another to protect someone weaker than you
  • Destroy a symbol of authority
  • Help something or someone grow
  • Defeat a worthy opponent
  • Sacrifice someone or something to achieve a greater purpose
  • Deny mercy to a criminal
  • Free someone from literal or figurative bonds
  • Protect something from the natural world
  • Leap into danger without a plan
  • Avoid detection or infiltrate a location
  • Shift danger or blame from yourself to someone else
  • Steal from the powerful, give to the needy
  • Harm another to achieve profit
  • Destroy a symbol or vessel of technology
  • Make your own with the help of the GM!

Basic Moves

These are the basic moves available to all players. Per the tradition of Dungeon World, you as the player should not be calling out these moves. Instead, describe what it is you wish to accomplish. The GM should be able to determine which move best corresponds and tell you what you'll need to roll.

If You Can't Take the Heat...

When you act in the face of danger. Describe your actions and then roll:

  • +Svy: If you are powering through
  • +Sr: If you are getting out of the way or acting with speed
  • +Btr: If you are withstanding the threat
  • +Slt: If you are using your wits
  • +Swt: If you are leveraging your words or social grace

On a Success, you perform the action. On a Mixed, you hesitate, falter, or flinch. The GM offers you a worse outcome, hard bargain, or ugly choice. On a Failure, the situation worsens and the GM makes a move against you.


When you make a melee attack on an enemy, roll +Svy:

  • Success: You land the blow. Roll damage.
  • Mixed: Choose to either miss, or deal your damage and receive a counter attack.
  • Failure: Your attack misses and you are in a vulnerable position.


When you attack from a distance, roll +Sr:

  • Success: You land the blow. Roll damage.
  • Mixed: Choose one of the following:

  • You have to move to get a clear shot, placing yourself in danger.
  • You take what you can get, -1d6 damage.
  • You unleash a barrage, depleting your ammo.
  • Failure: You miss and are in a vulnerable position.

Mise En Place

When you closely study a situation, roll +Slt. On a Success, as the GM 3 of the following questions. On a Mixed, ask only 1. Take +1 forward when acting on the answers.

  • What happened here recently?
  • What is about to happen?
  • What should I be on the lookout for?
  • What here is useful or valuable to me?
  • Who’s really in control here?
  • What here is not what it appears to be?

Nutritional Facts

When you consult your collective knowledge on something, roll +Slt:

  • Success: The GM will tell you something useful and interesting about the subject
  • Mixed: The GM will tell you something interesting about the subject.

Order Up

When you have leverage on an NPC (something they need or want), and manipulate them, roll +Swt:

  • Success: They will ask for something and do what you want for the promise of that
  • Mixed: They’ll do it, but they need concrete assurances, right now.

Combo Value Meal

When you want to assist or interfere with another player’s roll, declare how many Flavor you want to add or subtract from that roll before the roll is made, then roll +Flavor (your total amount, not what you are wagering). Explain how you are adding or interfering.

  • Success: You succeed in the action. Subtract the amount you wagered and modify the roll accordingly.
  • Mixed: Either influence the roll, but pay double the amount of Flavor wagered, or do not influence the roll and retain the Flavor wagered.
  • Failure: You do not influence the roll. Subtract the Flavor wagered.

Expiration Date

When your character’s Freshness reaches 0 or below, roll 2d6 with no modifiers:

  • Success: Things are not as bad as they look, you are hurt, but not dead. Set your Freshness to 1.
  • Mixed: Your spirit departs your body and you meet an agent of the Blizzard Queen. They will offer you a bargain. Accept it, and stabilize, or refuse and die, your soul guided to the Cold Shore.
  • Failure: You are beyond saving. Your soul departs for the Cold Shore.

Dine In

When you stop to rest for an extended period of time, consume a ration. If you sleep for at least a few hours, heal up to half your maximum Freshness. Sleeping for a full night recovers full Freshness and will clear most debilitations.

Open 24/7

Applies when using Dine In. When you are on watch and a danger approaches your camp, roll +Slt:

  • Success: You alert the camp and have time to prepare, the party takes +1 forward.
  • Mixed: You manage to alert the camp, but only barely; everyone has their weapons and armor, but little else.
  • Failure: You don’t see whatever is out there and they have the drop on you.

Drive Thru

When embarking on a journey through hostile territory, assign a party member as the Quartermaster, the Scout, and the Navigator (the same character cannot have two jobs). If a role is not assigned, treat it as if that role rolled a 6. Each assigned role will roll +Slt. On a Success:

  • The Quartermaster reduces the number of rations needed for the journey by 1.
  • The Scout manages to spot any trouble and you have the drop on that encounter.
  • The Navigator finds a faster route and the travel time is reduced (the GM will say by how much).

On a Mixed, everything proceeds as predicted.

When you go to buy something with money in hand, if it is something readily available or common in the area, pay market price. If it is rare or non-mundane, roll +Swt:

  • Success: You find what you are looking for at a fair price
  • Mixed: You have to pay more or settle for something similar

End of Session

At the end of a session, players can choose to convert however many Flavor they want to experience (1:1 exchange).

If a player fulfilled their Secret Ingredient this session, they mark 1 experience. Then, as a group, answer the following:

  • Did we learn something new and important about the world?
  • Did we overcome a notable foe?
  • Did we loot any memorable treasure?

For each “yes” players mark experience.


During extended downtime, if your character has experience equal to or greater than [your current level + 7], subtract your current level + 7 from your experience and Upgrade your character to the next level. Gain 1 Attribute Point and learn 1 new class skill. Gain Freshness equal to your Bitter.


The Knight is a proud warrior trained in martial skills to defend the kingdom from foreign power. Although the original concept of a specialized heavy-armor warrior strictly tasked with foreign defense originated in the Burger Kingdom, the proud traditions of the Knight have spread all across Fudea.

Damage: d10

Freshness: 12 + Bitter

Starts with: Signature Weapon, Road Rations (5 uses), 10 gold

Starting Armor (choose one):

  • Leather (1 armor, worn)
  • Chainmail (2 armor, clumsy, worn)
  • Fine clothes (worn)

Starting Gear (choose one):

  • Adventuring kit (5 uses)
  • Shield (one-handed, +1 armor)
  • 10 gold


For God, For King, For Glory


Choose one of the following:

  • For God: Select a deity. When acting in accordance to their precepts, take +1 forward.

  • For King: When in acting in the interest of your country, take +1 forward to Order Up.

  • For Glory: When you first enter a settlement, roll +Swt:

  • Success: People have heard of your exploits. Describe one of them. You are met with warmth and things you buy are discounted.
  • Mixed: You are unknown here.
  • Failure: People have heard of your exploits, and there is a bounty on your head here. Describe what the bounty is for.

Signature Weapon


This is your weapon. This is your weapon. There is none quite like it. This weapon is you, and you are this weapon, inextricable.

Choose a base description:

  • Sword
  • Spear
  • Axe
  • Mace
  • Fist

Choose the range that best fits your weapon description:

  • Hand
  • Close
  • Reach

Choose two enhancements:

  • Cruel edge: +1 damage
  • Sharp: +2 piercing
  • Serrated: +1 damage, +messy
  • Perfectly weighted: +precise
  • Huge: +two-handed, +forceful

Choose a look:

  • Ancient
  • Ethereal
  • Ornate
  • Sinister
  • Blood-stained
  • Plain

Level 1-10


As long as you have no armor, gain +1 ongoing to Saute and Brule, and add your level to your damage.

By the King

When you give an order to an NPC who owes fealty to your lord, roll +Swt:

  • Success: Choose one of the effects of Mixed, as well as taking +1 forward against them.
  • Mixed: The NPC selects one of the following:

  • They do what you say.
  • They back away and attempt to flee.
  • They attack you.

Failure: They do what they please, and you take -1 forward against them.

Press the Attack

When you roll a 12+ Saute, deal your damage and choose something physical your target has (their position, their weapon, their limb) and cause them to lose it.


Ignore the clumsy tag on any armor you are wearing.

Fine Steel

If you have at least 2 armor equipped, gain +1 armor.

Battle Veteran

When you Mise En Place during combat, take +1 to that roll.

Living Weapon

When you have several hours downtime, your weapon can absorb other weapons, obtaining their tags or magical properties (maximum number of tags your weapon can have is your level + 2). This destroys the other weapon.

Weapon, Evolved

Select an additional enhancement for your Signature Weapon.

I Want to Speak With Your Manager

When you use the threat of physical violence, you may substitute your +Swt roll with +Svy when using Order Up. Before the roll, you can declare With Intent to add +1 to the roll. However, if that roll fails you must carry out the threat as promised.

Probe for Weakness

When you Saute, your next attack against that creature deals an additional 1d4 damage.


When you take damage, you can choose instead to take a debility and negate that damage.

Combat Student

Select a move from another class. Treat your level as 1 lower when selecting the move.

Level 6-10


When you receive damage that is 3 or less, take only 1 damage instead.

Dominate Foes

Replaces Press the Attack

When you +Saute, your next attack against that creature deals an additional 1d8.

Master Steel

Replaces Fine Steel

When you have at least 2 armor equipped, gain +3 armor.


When you take a debility, gain +1d8 damage forward.

Death Incarnate

When you enter combat, roll +Swt:

  • Success: Hold 2
  • Mixed: Hold 1
  • Failure: Enemies immediately identify you as the biggest threat

During combat, you can spend a hold to look an NPC in the eye. They will flinch or freeze, and be unable to act until you break eye contact.

A Knight’s Vow

When you deal damage, roll your damage die twice and take the higher number.

Combat Scholar

Take another move from a second class. Treat your level as 1 lower when selecting.


Burgerlers live on the outskirts of the law. They deal in shadows and secrets. If something needs to be stolen, a Burgerler is who you want in charge of that operation.

Damage: d6

Freshness: 6 + Bitter

Starts with: Lockpick, Road rations (5 uses), 2 gold

Starting weapons (pick one):

  • Shabby bow (near, far, +1 piercing, two-handed)
  • Hand crossbow (near, +3 piercing, -2 damage, concealed, one-handed, 1 ammo, reload)
  • Wrist blade (hand, precise, concealed, +1 piercing)
  • Stiletto dagger (hand, precise, +1 damage, one-handed), Sling (near, far, 1 ammo, reload)

Starting armor (choose one):

  • Leather (1 armor, worn)
  • Hooded cloak (worn), 3 gold
  • Chainmail (2 armor, clumsy, worn)

Starting Gear (choose two):

  • Adventuring kit (5 uses)
  • Freshness potion (2 uses, heals 2d8)
  • Grappling hook (far)
  • Bloodroot (poison, 3 uses, apply to weapon. Hits cause target to take +1d4 extra damage from all other attacks)




When you have the drop on someone, deal an extra 1d6 damage.



You can pick locks. Roll +Sr:

  • Success: You quickly and quietly pick the lock with ease
  • Mixed: It takes longer than you expected. The GM will offer you a choice between suspicion, danger, and cost.

Level 1-10


When you are in a familiar area, take +1 ongoing to Menu.

Freaky Fast

When you initiate the combat, treat it as having the drop on your target.

Light as a Feather

When you roll If You Can’t Take the Heat… +Sr, take +1 to that roll.


While you are outnumbered, take +1 armor.

Dirty Fighter

Your attacks deal +3 damage.

Instinct for Trouble

When you have broken into or infiltrated a hostile area, roll +Slt:

  • Success: Take 2 hold
  • Mixed: Take 1 hold

At any point you can spend a hold do to the following:

  • Ask a Mise En Place question and have it answered as if you had rolled a Success.
  • When you or a party member would have been discovered, give an explanation on how you avoided it. Those actions occur and you avoid detection.

Twinkle Toes

When you have no armor equipped, take +1 ongoing to +Sr rolls.

Piercing Eyes, Just Plain Piercing

When using a precise or hand weapon, take +1 piercing.


When you obtain gold, you gain an additional 1d10 gold on top of what you found/were paid.

Social Chameleon

When you enter a social setting you don't belong to, roll +Swt:

  • Success: You accurately assess the group and manage to mimic their social cues exactly. Explain why they do not know you and any other inconsistencies (such as clothing). They believe you...for now, and welcome you in.
  • Mixed: You manage a passing impersonation. They accept what you say, but remain suspicious and guarded.

Into the Night

When someone takes their eyes off you, you can roll +Sr:

  • Success: You manage to hide in the shadows before their gaze returns to you. It is as if you vanished. If you attack them, you will have the drop on them.
  • Mixed: They see you moving. You have an opportunity to make an action against them, but they will not be taken by surprise.
  • Failure: You stumble, and they catch you immediately. Take -1 forward.

Move Thief

Take a move from another class. Treat your level as 1 lower for this.

Level 6-10

Freaky Good

Replaces Freaky Fast

Always treat your first attack in combat as having the drop on your target.

Ideal Target

When you Backstab, ignore armor.


When you plan to steal something and have several hours to prepare, outline a plan for stealing that object. Assign concrete tasks to you and your party members. While you and your party members are acting according to plan, everyone takes +1 Ongoing. However, when things go off the rails, or a Failure is rolled, relevant players lose this bonus and take -1 forward.

Get Out

When the situation gets too hot, outline how you will escape, then roll +Sr:

  • Success: You execute your plan and escape.
  • Mixed: You manage to escape, but not cleanly. Leave something behind or take something with you, the GM will let you know what.


Replaces Dirty Fighter

When you attack deal +6 extra damage.

The Smile is Piercing Too

Replaces Piercing Eyes, Just Piercing

When using a precise or hand weapon, take +2 piercing.

Dappy Doo

Replaces Scrappy

While you are outnumbered, take +2 armor.

Master Move Thief

Take another move from another class. Treat your level as 1 lower for this.


The clown is an ancient and prestigious profession. Many would consider the Clown a integral part of the cultural well-being of a civilzation. Over the extensive history of clowning, various schools and styles have been developed, leaving the Clown an incredibly versitle class. See the Clown Appendix for more information on the unique styles of Clown makeup.

Damage: d6

Freshness: 8 + Bitter

Starts with: Road rations (5 use), 5 gold

Starting weapons (choose one):

  • Mace (one-handed, close, forceful), dagger (hand, one-handed, precise, thrown)
  • Halberd (reach, two-handed, +1 damage)
  • Spear (thrown, reach, one-handed), Short sword (one-handed, close, messy)
  • Crossbow (near, far, +1 piercing, +1 damage, reload, 1 ammo)

Starting armor (choose one):

  • Leather (worn, 1 armor)
  • Scale (worn, 2 armor, clumsy)
  • Clowning Outfit (worn, +1 Ongoing to Swt rolls)

Starting Gear (choose one):

  • 20 gold
  • Adventuring kit (5 uses)
  • Bandages (4 uses, slow, heals 1d6), freshness potion (1 uses, heals 2d8), hard bread (2 uses)


Are You Not Entertained?


Choose one of the following:

  • Classic Whiteface: When you use an element of performance in combat, select an ally and one of the following:

  • Heal 1d8 damage
  • +1d4 forward to damage
  • Remove one debility
  • Take +1 forward

Then roll +Swt:

  • Success: Selected ally gains that effect
  • Mixed: Selected ally gains that effect but the power reverberates, garnering unwanted attention or effecting unintended targets as well (GM choice)
  • Failure: Ally receives the inverse of that effect

  • Harlequin: Change your damage die to 1d10. When you first enter combat, roll +Swt:

  • Success: Take 3 hold
  • Mixed: Take 1 hold

During this combat, you can spend hold to gain the following effects:

  • +1d6 forward to damage
  • Change one Saute or Brule roll that you rolled from a Failure to Mixed, or from Mixed to Success
  • +2 forward to piercing
  • Reduce damage taken from 1 attack by 1d6

  • Auguste: Gain 5 max Freshness and +1 Bitter. When you take damage in combat, immediately heal for 1d4+ your level.



You make noise when you move. Stealth is not an option.

Level 1-10

Everyone Loves a Clown

When you first enter a civilized settlement, you will be able to find people willing to treat you with hospitality.

The Truth is in Comedy

When dealing with someone not in combat, you can say a joke or perform a pratfall and roll +Swt:

  • Success: They will answer two questions from the following list truthfully
  • Mixed: They will answer one question from the following list truthfully, but then they will ask you a question and you must answer truthfully in turn.

  • Whom do you serve?
  • What do you wish I would do?
  • How can I get you to _?
  • What are you feeling right now?
  • What do you most desire right now?
  • What do you fear right now?


When you would roll +Svy, you can substitute with +Swt instead.

Punch and Judy

When you roll Saute or Brule, before you roll, choose one of the following:

  • +1 armor forward
  • +3 piercing forward

Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One

Whenever you deal damage, take 1 Joke. When you touch someone you can spend Jokes to heal them for 1d4 per Joke spent.

Prop Bag

Just what’s in there? You always seem to have the perfect tool for the job. Declare what you are pulling out and roll +Swt:

  • Success: You pull out exactly what you needed
  • Mixed: You pull out something similar to what you wanted, but not exactly. The GM will tell you what it is
  • Failure: The object you pulled out has no relevance. Describe what it is.

Things held within the Prop Bag are always common items and cannot be weapons or armor. You might pull out a waiter’s uniform to wear as a disguise, but not chainmail to protect yourself. You could pull flint and tinder or a torch, but not a magical orb that emits light.

Shave and a Haircut

Using the comedy of cartoon logic, turn any roll from a Failure to a Mixed or from a Mixed to a Success. Gain the move Two Bits!. You cannot use this move again while you have Two Bits!.

Two Bits!

You can only gain this move by using Shave and a Haircut. Treat a Success roll as a Failure. The GM will decide what roll.


When you Order Up with someone, on a 7+ take +1 forward with them.

Everyone Laughs

Take a move from another class. Treat your level as 1 lower for this.

Everyone Cries

Take a move from another class. Treat your level as 1 lower for this.

Level 6-10

Is This Not Why You Are Here?

Add the following effects to Are You Not Entertained?

  • Classic Whiteface: Instead of choosing 1 effect, choose 2.
  • Harlequin: Always gain at least 1 hold, even on Failure.
  • Auguste: Increase your max Freshness by 10% of your current max Freshness, rounded up.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

When you heal someone, also heal yourself by that amount.

Abbott and Costello

Replaces Punch and Judy

When you roll Brule or Saute, before you roll, choose one of the following:

  • Take +2 armor forward
  • Take +5 piercing forward
  • Take +1d6 damage forward

The Velvet UnderClown

Remove the move HONK!

In on the Joke

When you heal, or are healed, take half that amount and add it to your damage forward.

Comedy is in Truth

When you use Truth is in Comedy, you may also ask “How are you vulnerable to me?”

Your subject cannot ask you this question.

Everyone Has Feelings Inside

Take a move from another class. Treat your level as 1 lower for this.


Constables were originally a catchall military instituion founded within McDonaldLand. It is only recently with the establishment of the Knights that Constables have been redirected toward strictly civil law and order.

Damage: d10

Freshness: 10 + Bitter

Starts with: Handcuffs, Bandages (2 uses, slow, heals 1d6)

Starting weapon (choose one):

  • Baton (close, one-handed, +1 damage), short sword (close, one-handed, +1 piercing)
  • Tooth-edge dirk (hand, one-handed, messy, +1 damage), hand crossbow (one-handed, 1 ammo, reload, +2 piercing, concealed)
  • Big Hammer (reach, forceful, two-handed, +3 damage, awkward, clumsy)
  • Great Axe (close, one-handed, messy, +1 damage), shock stick (close, one-handed, -3 damage, ignores armor)

Starting armor (choose one):

  • Chainmail (2 armor, clumsy, worn)
  • Plain clothes (worn)
  • Constable’s Uniform (worn, +1 to Order Up)
  • Platemail (3 armor, worn, clumsy)

Starting gear (choose two):

  • Adventuring kit (5 uses)
  • Road rations (5 uses)
  • 10 gold
  • Shield (+1 armor, one-handed)


I am the Law


Whenever you roll a 12+, take 1 Citation.

Johnny 5-0


When acting from a position of authority, take +1 ongoing to Order Up.

Respect the Uniform


The first common item you purchase in a store is always free.

Level 1-10

If you speak to a criminal, explain what crimes they have been arrested for previously, and take +1 ongoing when acting on that information.

Throw the Book at ‘Em

When you deal 5+ damage (before armor is calculated), deal an extra 1d6 damage. Take 1 Citation.


Ignore the Clumsy tag on armor.

You Will Respect My Authority

If an NPC defies a command given by you, take +1 forward and +1d6 damage forward.


When you roll Mixed on Mise En Place, ask 2 questions instead of 1. On a 10+ you can add the following to the question list:

  • Who here is guilty?

Whose Streets?

When you deal damage, take +1 armor forward.

Our Streets!

When you take damage, take +1d6 damage forward.

Monthly Quota

Gain 3 Citations.

Protect and Serve

Heal an ally for an amount of your choosing. Take damage equal to what was healed (ignore armor). Take that amount as bonus damage forward and take +1 forward.

Arrest Warrant

In combat, speak aloud the name of a target and what crimes you are arresting them for. You deal +2d4 extra damage to that target and -4 damage to everyone else. This effect persists until that target is defeated. If you fail to defeat them or give up the fight, take -1 ongoing to a stat of the GM’s choice until you Dine In or defeat them.

Brotherhood of Blue

When you Saute, choose an ally. That ally takes +1d4 damage forward against your target.

Search and Seizure

Take a move from another class. Treat your level as 1 lower for this.

Level 6-10


Replaces Arrest Warrant

In combat, speak aloud the name of a target and what crimes they are being arrested for. You deal +2d8 extra damage to them and -4 to everyone else. This effect persists until they are defeated. If they escape or you give up the fight, take -1 ongoing to a stat of the GM’s choice until you Dine In or defeat them.

The Thin Blue Line

Replaces Brotherhood of Blue

When you Saute, choose an ally. They take +1d8 damage forward against your target.

Necessary Force

If you are below 50% Freshness, take +1d8 extra damage ongoing to your attacks.


When speaking to someone you have legal power over, roll +Svy:

  • Success: They will admit to what you want them to.
  • Mixed: If they are truly guilty, they will admit to it.

Private Dick

When you use Mise En Place, you always get to ask at least 1 question, even on Failures.

Probable Cause

Take a move from another class. Treat your level as 1 lower for this.


These are special moves that cost Citations to use.

  • When you +Saute, spend up to 3 Citations and gain +1 piercing forward for each Citation spent.
  • Spend up to 3 Citations and gain +2 damage forward for each Citation spent.
  • Wind Slash: Strike the air with such force that you create a band of wind that flies forward and strikes targets at a range. Treat this attack as Saute. Spend 1 Citation.
  • When you Dine In, you can spend 1 Citation to heal to full health.
  • When you are about to receive damage, spend up to 2 Citations to gain +1 armor forward for each Citation spent.
  • Spend a Citation to take +1 forward on Order Up or Mise En Place.


Pilots are an entirely new class, devloping in just the past 50 years as Fudea has gone under rapid industrialization. Pilots do more than simply drive vehicles, they learn about them and the mechanics behind them, improving their skills and their rides.

Damage: d6

Freshness: 8 + Bitter

Starts with: Adventuring kit (5 uses), 10 gold, Freshness potion (1 use, heals 2d8)

Starting weapon (choose one):

  • Wrench (close, forceful, one-handed)
  • Cutlass (close, one-handed, +1 damage)
  • Pickaxe (close, two-handed, +1 piercing)
  • Iron gloves (hand, two-handed)

Starting armor (choose one):

  • Denim (worn)
  • Leather (1 armor, worn)
  • Chainmail (2 armor, worn, clumsy)

Starting gear (choose two):

  • Road rations (5 uses)
  • 10 gold
  • Shield (+1 armor, one-handed)
  • Bandages (4 uses, slow, heals 1d6)


Baby Driver


You know how to drive basic vehicles and do not need to roll to do so.

All Shiny and Chrome


You start with a ride.

Select a Frame:

  • Car
  • Truck
  • Bike

Select a Build:

  • +2 Power, +1 Looks, +1 Armor, +1 Weakness
  • +2 Power, +2 Looks, +0 Armor, +1 Weakness
  • +1 Power, +2 Looks, +1 Armor, +1 Weakness
  • +2 Power, +1 Looks, +2 Armor, +2 Weakness

Select the following based on your Build:

  • Looks: New, Clunky, Sleek, Luxury, Advanced, Garish, Nondescript
  • Power: Fast, Quiet, Off-road, Responsive, Powerful, Easily repaired
  • Weakness: Loud, Slow, Fragile, Unreliable, Cramped, Finicky

Level 1-10


Your knowledge of vehicles extends beyond just driving them. When you attempt to access and drive a vehicle that does not belong to you, roll +Sr:

  • Success: You start the vehicle with no problems
  • Mixed: It takes you longer than you expected. The GM will offer you a choice between suspicion, danger, and cost.

On the Go

Take +1 ongoing to If You Can’t Take the Heat… while you are driving a vehicle. If you make an attack using a vehicle, add that vehicle’s Power to your roll. While using a vehicle, your party takes +1 to Drive Thru rolls.


When you are driving in a high pressure situation, roll +Btr:

  • Success: Take 3 hold
  • Mixed: Take 1 hold

You can spend 1 hold for each of the following:

  • Avoid an external obstacle
  • Lose a pursuer
  • Maintain control of the vehicle
  • Impress, dismay, or frighten someone

Steel Plating

Take +1 armor to your vehicle. Your vehicle gains the Look Armored and Conspicuous


When you drive straight toward danger without hedging your bets, take +1 forward.


Your knowledge of machinery is extensive and with several hours time, you can repair broken things. Roll +Slt:

  • Success: Short of scrap metal, you can get even a severely damaged machine running again. Maybe not factory perfect, but it’ll go.
  • Mixed: You can get a moderate-to-lightly damaged piece of machinery running. You can get a severely damaged piece of machinery running, but it stays on its last legs and you aren’t sure when it’ll fail you.

Teen Driver

Enough time around vehicles has given you a sense of how to work even ones you’ve never driven before. When you attempt to operate a foreign or exotic vehicle, roll +Slt:

  • Success: You got this. You’re driving it like a pro.
  • Mixed: You’ve figured out how to make it go and you think you know how to make it stop… Basic operations are figured out, but you can’t do anything fancy.

One Man’s Trash

You know where all the good bits of scrap metal are. If you have some metal or broken armor and several hours down time, you can fashion some crude armor. Roll +Btr:

  • Success: You make a serviceable piece of armor, granting 1 armor to the wearer.
  • Mixed: Well...it’ll stop a sword. Probably. Grants the wearer 1 armor, but contains the tags Clumsy and Brittle.


When you deal damage, add your vehicle’s Power to your damage.

Inner Drive

Take a move from another class. Treat your level as 1 lower for this.

Level 6-10

Adult Driver

You are a master of vehicles. You can drive any vehicle with ease.


Increase your vehicle’s Power by 1 or remove 1 Weakness.

Dark Knight

Take another +1 armor to your vehicle. Gain the Look Intimidating.

Another Man’s Treasure

Replaces One Man’s Trash

When you have some scrap metal and several hours of down time, roll +Slt:

  • Success: You’ve made armor that looks good enough to sell. The armor crafted is either: 2 armor, or 3 armor with the tag Clumsy
  • Mixed: It’s not elegant, but it will protect you. The wearer gains 2 armor with the tag Clumsy.

Cold, Dead Metal

When you would be targeted by a recipe, you can reduce your armor by the recipe’s level (minimum 1) and avoid the effects of that recipe. If an item’s armor rating is reduced to 0, it is destroyed.

Spare Parts

Take a move from another class. Treat your level as 1 lower for this.


Industrialization has lead to a rapid expansion from farming villages to cities, and on the forefront, pushing those boudnaries of the wild, are the Condimenteers. Trained in the difficult-to-use Flavor Blaster firearm, Condimenteers are wild folk, riding the line between order and chaos, ready to shoot first and ask questions later.

Damage: d8

Freshness: 8 + Bitter

Starts with: Muller & Rend’s ATX Flavor Blaster Mini (near, far, 3 ammo, reload, one-handed, +1 piercing, required: Gunslinger), Road rations (5 uses)

Starting weapon (choose one):

  • Dagger (hand, one-handed, precise, concealed)
  • Pocket Sand (near, one-handed, thrown, target is blinded)
  • Rapier (close, one-handed, precise, piercing +1)

Starting armor (choose one):

  • Duster (worn)
  • Leather (1 armor, worn)
  • Cast-iron Plating (2 armor, worn, clumsy)

Starting gear (choose two):

  • Adventuring kit (5 uses)
  • Bandages (4 uses, slow, heals 1d6)
  • 10 gold
  • Large Chamber Mod (+1 ammo, installed)




You know how and can use firearms.

Lost in the Sauce


You can load a variety of sauces into your flavor blasters to achieve different effects. You must reload to switch sauces. Choose two (not including Ketchup):

  • Ketchup: Default. No effect.
  • Mustard: Take +1 ongoing to +Brule, but take -2 ongoing to your damage.
  • Pure Honey: Hitting a target heals them for your damage die.
  • Sweet n’ Sour: Heal for half the damage you deal.
  • Spicy Buffalo: Take +1d4 damage ongoing.
  • Habanero Ranch: Take +1 piercing ongoing.

Level 1-10

Whites of Their Eyes

On a 12+ Brule, you do not expend ammo.


When you use Drive Thru, you can take on two roles instead of one. Make separate rolls for each.

Quick Hands

When you need to reload, you can instead choose to roll +Sr:

  • Success: You reload your flavor blasters with lightning speed. Take an action on this turn as well.
  • Mixed: You reload at a normal pace. It takes your action to do.
  • Failure: You’ve fumbled your sauce packets. Take extra time to reload and draw unwanted attention.

Called Shot

When you have the drop on someone and you attack them from range, you can choose to deal your damage, or name your target and roll +Sr:

  • Head: Success: Deal your damage, and also take the effects of Mixed
  • Mixed: They are stunned, and can do nothing but stand there and drool for several seconds
  • Arms: Success: Deal your damage, and also take the effects of Mixed
  • Mixed: They drop whatever they are holding
  • Legs: Success: Deal your damage, and also take the effects of Mixed
  • Mixed: They are hobbled and have difficulty moving

Guns Blazing

When you Brule you can choose to expend additional ammo and roll your damage die again for each additional ammo spent. You can choose to hit multiple targets. Multiple shots that hit the same target will deal half damage after the first hit.

Rough Livin’

When you Dine In, everyone takes +1 to Open 24/7.

You Are a Saucy Boy

Take an additional sauce from Lost in the Sauce.

Aim to Misbehave

Take +1 forward when acting in direct defiance toward a command from an authority.

Feeling Lucky?

When you roll a 12+ Brule, take +2 piercing forward.

Dug In

If you chose not to move from your position during your last action, take +1 forward to Brule.

Snap Shot

When you take damage, immediately deal 1d4 damage back to the source.


Dedicate yourself to a deity. You gain the Marinate and Cook a Recipe Flavor Doctor moves. When you select this move, treat yourself as a level 1 Flavor Doctor for cooking recipes. Every time you gain a level thereafter, increase your effective Flavor Doctor level by 1.

Level 6-10


If you make a Saute roll with a near or far weapon, use +Sr instead of +Svy for that roll.


When you use Guns Blazing, all your shots deal full damage, regardless of target.

No Clint in These Woods

Replaces Feeling Lucky?

When you roll a 10+ Brule, take +2 piercing forward.

It's High Noon

When an enemy would have the drop on you, you act first instead and take +1 forward.


Replaces Snap Shot

When you take damage, immediately deal 1d6 damage back to the source.

Die Another Day

The first time in a combat your Freshness would be reduced to 0, reduce it to 1 instead.

Die Die Die!

When your Freshness is under 50% or lower than your total Bitter (whichever is lower), take +5 piercing ongoing and +1d8 damage ongoing.


Saucerers are an ancient order of scholars who ride the etheral energies of the hidden Herbs and Spices that power Fudea. Using their minds they can harness immense power and flavor to their will.

Damage: d4

Freshness: 5 + Bitter

Starts with: Cookbook, Adventuring kit (5 uses), Bandages (4 uses, slow, heals 1d6)

Starting weapon:

  • Staff (reach, two-handed)
  • Cane (close, one-handed)
  • Ritual Dagger (hand, concealed, one-handed, precise)
  • Longsword (close, one-handed, +1 damage)

Starting armor (choose one):

  • Occult robes (worn)
  • Leather (1 armor, worn)
  • Chainmail (2 armor, clumsy, worn)

Starting gear (choose one):

  • Road rations (5 uses)
  • 20 gold
  • Freshness potion (2 uses, heals 2d8)
  • M.A.C. powder (1 use, succeed your next Cook a Recipe automatically)


Cook a Recipe


When you unleash a recipe you have prepared, roll +Slt:

  • Success: The recipe cooks as desired and you can cook it again later
  • Mixed: The recipe is cooked, but there are some undesired effects. Choose from the following:

  • You draw unwanted attention. The GM will tell you how.
  • You disturb the fabric of reality. Take -1 ongoing to Cook a Recipe until you Marinate.
  • The recipe burns itself from your mind. You cannot cook this recipe again until you Marinate.

Some recipes are marked Concentration. This means you will take -1 ongoing until you end the recipe. You can only have 2 Ongoing recipes happening at once.



When you spend some uninterrupted time (about an hour) meditating within the rich flow of the Secret Herbs and Spices, you:

  • Lose all recipes you have prepared
  • Prepare new recipes whose total level does not exceed your current level +1
  • Prepare your cantrips



You have mastered several recipes and inscribed them to your cookbook. You start with 3 first level recipes as well as all your cantrips. Whenever you gain a level, inscribe a new recipe of your level or lower.

Arcane Armor


When you would take damage, you can instead choose to forget a prepared recipe and negate that damage.

Level 1-10


Choose a recipe. You prepare that recipe as if it were one level lower.

Runic Skin

As long as you have at least 1 recipe of the first level or higher prepared, take +1 armor.

Magic Eye

When you see the effects of a recipe, roll +Slt:

  • Success: You intuit the recipe. Take the effects of Mixed and also temporarily gain the recipe, if the recipe’s level does not exceed your own + 1.
  • Mixed: The GM will tell you the name and the effects of this recipe


If another player’s character approaches you for advice and you tell them what you think is best, they take +1 forward when acting on that advice. If they act upon it, take 1 experience.


When you use Nutritional Facts on a subject no one else knows anything about, take +1 forward to that roll.


When you roll a 10+ on Cook a Recipe, you can choose to take the effects of a Mixed roll. If you do, choose one of the following:

  • Maximize the recipe’s effect
  • Double the recipe’s targets.

Like a Rod of Ramston Steel

You can have an additional Ongoing recipe active.

Level 6-10

One in the Chamber

The first recipe you cook after you Marinate automatically succeeds.

Signature Dish

Requires Favorite

Select a second recipe and prepare it as if it's level were 1 lower.

Runic Armor

Replaces Runic Skin

As long as you have at least one first level or higher recipe prepared, take +3 armor.

Bad Bake

When you damage a target, you can select a recipe you have prepared and forget it. Add that recipe’s level to your damage.

Ultimate Scholar

When you roll a 12+ on Mise En Place, you can ask the GM any three questions, not limited to the list.

We Have to Cook

When you use magic to control a person’s actions, they will have no memory of it and will hold no ill will toward you.

Like the Ocean

When you have at least 1 Concentration recipe active, take +1 ongoing.

Saucerer's Cookbook

Cantrips (Level 0)


Ongoing. You can create a small ball of light, no bigger than your fist that gives off a moderate, comfortable, level of brilliance. It cannot travel further than a few feet from you. You have complete control over the color.

Saucerer’s Pocket

Ongoing. You have a small pocket dimension that you can fit one or two objects of small size into.

Minor Illusion

You can touch an object and create minor cosmetic changes; make it appear dirty or clean, warm or cool, etc. Without touching, you can form crude illusions that would not fool anyone, but might entertain.

First Level Recipes

Mystic Missile

Fire a magical projectile from your fingertips at a target for 2d4 damage. Struck targets are left with an Arcane Mark. Magical attacks will cause an Arcane Mark to explode dealing an additional 1d6 damage.


Hurl a small ball of electricity at a target and shock them for 1d4 damage. On an 11+ their fingers become numb and they drop whatever they were holding.

Detect Magic

One of your senses becomes briefly attuned to magic. Say which one. The GM will tell you what around you is magical.

Charm Person

Concentration. Ongoing. The person (not beast or monster) you touch while casting this spell regards you as a good friend until they take damage or you prove otherwise.


Concentration. Ongoing. Touching yourself or an ally, make them unseen to the eye. This effect persists until the target is hit by an attack or you cancel it.

Magic Whisper

You can project your thoughts as a silent whisper into the mind of another. They cannot respond back in this manner.


Ongoing. Walk a wide circle as you cast this spell. Until you prepare spells again, if a creature walks past this line you will be magically alerted, even if you are asleep.

Third Level Recipes

Hungry Acid

Conjure and hurl a ball of viscous acid at a target. It destroys 1d4 armor permanently.

Dispel Magic

Choose a recipe or magic effect in your presence; it is ripped apart. Lesser recipes are ended, powerful magic is weakened or dampened in your presence.

Beard of Disguise

Concentration. Ongoing. Magically alter your appearance to that of another person roughly the same shape and size of you. You match their appearance exactly. While this recipe is ongoing, you lose access to your other recipes.

Fire Blast

A wave of flame engulfs your target and those nearby, dealing 2d6 damage and ignores armor.

Grasping Roots

Conjure a magic seed in your hand and hurl it at a target location. The seed explodes into a mass of grasping roots and vines that immobilize nearby creatures or blocks off entrances for several seconds.

Kage Bunshin

Ongoing. You create an illusionary version of yourself. When you are attacked, roll 1d6. On a 4+, your illusion is hit instead and dissipates and the recipe ends.


Take +1d10 damage forward to Saute and Brule.

Fifth Level Recipes


Concentration. Ongoing. Form a bubble of magical energy around a target. Nothing can get in or out of this bubble. The recipe ends when you dismiss it, cook another recipe, or if it is attacked from the outside. You must remain in sight of the bubble to maintain it.

Speak With Dead

Ongoing. On a smooth reflective surface, you can open a window into the realm of the dead. Specify who you would like to contact by location, name, or title. Communication can be ended at any time by you or whoever you have summoned.

Create Construct

Concentration. Ongoing. You create a creature out of earth and shadow and nearby material. It has access to basic moves, 1 Freshness, and +1 to all modifiers. It uses your damage die. The monster gets your choice of 1d6 of the following traits:

  • It has +2 instead of +1 to its modifiers
  • Self contained magic: This is not considered Concentration
  • It does 1d8 damage
  • There is ancient power here: +2 Freshness for each level you have
  • Thick Hide: It has 1 armor
  • It has some useful adaptation

The GM will tell you what kind of creature it is based on the traits you select. It persists until you dismiss it or it is killed.

Pigeon With Warm Foie Gras Sorbet

Create a dish of pigeon with warm foie gras, foie gras sorbet, beetroot, cocoa beans with a protruding pigeon leg immersed in Banyuls sauce. The unique pigeon taste and flavor blends well with the silken foie gras. Consuming this heals you for 1d8 + Btr damage.

Second Skin

Ongoing. Gain your level in temporary armor. This armor is reduced every time you take damage by the amount of damage you take. This recipe ends when you recast it or when your temporary armor is reduced to 0.

Mystic Lance

Hurl a magically constructed lance at a target for 2d8 damage. If they are near a wall they become pinned, unable to move. If they carry an Arcane Mark, it is consumed and this damage ignores armor.

Seventh Level Recipes

Iron Fists

Ongoing. Your fists become imbued with magical energy. Take +1d6 damage forward and ignore armor. This recipe ends when you dismiss it or when you deal double your level in damage.


Choose a 5th level or lower recipe you know. Describe a trigger condition using a number of words equal to your level. The chosen recipe is held until you release it or the trigger conditions are met, whichever comes first. You do not have to roll for the held recipe, it simply takes effect. You can only have one held recipe at a time, if you recast Tupperware it replaces the currently held recipe.

Deadly Spores

Ongoing. A plant bursts from the ground and explodes, showering the immediate area in its spores. When a creature in the area takes damage, it also takes a separate 1d6 damage which ignores armor. The recipe persists as long as you can see the area or until you dismiss it.

True Sight

Concentration. Ongoing. See things as they truly are. This effect persists until you tell a lie or dismiss it.


Concentration. Ongoing. Your touch pushes your mind into another’s. Take 1d4 hold. Spend a hold to make your target do one of the following actions:

  • Speak a few words of your choice
  • Give you something they have
  • Make a concerted attack on a target of your choice
  • Truthfully answer one question

When you run out of hold, this recipe ends. If the target takes damage, lose 1 hold. While this recipe is ongoing, you cannot cook another recipe.

Shadow Walk

The shadows you target become a portal to another place. Name a location, describing it with a number of words equal to your level. Stepping through it will transport you and any allies present to the location you described. Portals may only be used once by each ally.

Ninth Level Recipes


Treat this as the last recipe you cooked. You do not have to roll for this, it always succeeds. Mimic cannot be cooked twice in a row.

Send It Back to the Kitchen

Target an ally and have them re-roll their last roll. No time has passed and their first roll is erased from history, as if it never happened. Take -1 ongoing each time you cook this recipe until you next Marinate.

Soul Cage

You trap the dying soul of a creature in a container of your choosing, which can last up to 1d4 days. The soul is aware of its imprisonment and all moves against the soul take +1. Upon finding a suitable vessel, you can transfer this soul into a new body. This can only occur once per soul and you can only have one Soul Cage active at a time. When the Soul Cage dissipates, the soul is released and enters the afterlife, and cannot be recaptured.

Let’s Do the Time Warp Again

You create a temporary singularity that warps the laws of time around you. You enter into a heightened sense of time, allowing you to Marinate in the span of a few seconds. This causes incredible stress on your body, take half your max Freshness in damage.


Describe an event. The GM will let you know when that event occurs, no matter where you are or how far away it event is. You can only have one Alert active at a time.

Flavor Doctor

Flavor Doctors are an ancient profession and the conduit between mortals and their gods. Using the blessings granted from their deities, they perform miracles and spread their faith.

Damage: d6

Freshness: 10 + Bitter

Starts with: Holy symbol (describe), Bandages (4 uses, slow, heals 1d6), 5 gold

Starting weapon (choose one):

  • Staff (two-handed, reach)
  • Mace (one-handed, close, forceful)
  • Scalpel (one-handed, hand, +1 piercing)
  • Longsword (one-handed, close, +1 damage)

Starting armor (choose one):

  • Holy Vestments (+2 healing, worn)
  • Leather (1 armor, worn)
  • Chainmail (2 armor, clumsy, worn)
  • Platemail (3 armor, clumsy, worn)

Starting gear (choose one):

  • Thick Gambeson (+1 armor, worn)
  • 20 gold
  • Adventuring kit (5 uses)
  • Road rations (5 uses)




You serve and worship a deity or power that grants you power. Give them a name and choose their domain:

  • Healing and Restoration
  • Strength Through Conquest
  • Civilization
  • Knowledge and Hidden Things
  • The Downtrodden and Forgotten
  • The Winds of Change
  • Vengeance for the Wronged
  • The Natural World

Choose one Precept of your religion:

  • It preaches the sanctity of suffering and self-sacrifice. Add: Sanctify: Suffering
  • It’s cultish and insular. Add: Sanctify: Gaining Secrets
  • It observes important rituals and sacrificial rites. Add: Sanctify: Offering
  • It believes in trial by combat. Add: Sanctify: Personal Victory



When you act according to your deity’s precepts and in their name, take 1 Boon.

Cook a Recipe

When you cook a recipe provided by your deity, roll +Slt:

  • Success: The recipe cooks as desired and you can cook it again later
  • Mixed: The recipe is cooked, but there are some undesired effects. Choose from the following:

  • You draw unwanted attention. The GM will tell you how.
  • Cooking this recipe has distanced yourself from your deity. Take -1 ongoing to Cook a Recipe until you Marinate.
  • Your deity has revoked this recipe. You cannot cook this recipe again until you Marinate.

Some recipes are marked Concentration. This means you will take -1 ongoing until you end the recipe. You can only have 2 Ongoing recipes happening at once.



When you spend some uninterrupted time (about an hour) worshipping your deity, you:

  • Lose all recipes you have prepared
  • Prepare new recipes whose total level does not exceed your current level +1
  • Prepare your cantrips

Level 1-10

Divine Favor

Choose one recipe. You are granted that recipe as if its level were 1 lower.

Pumped Up

When you heal someone, they take +2 forward to their damage.

Boon 1: They take +4 forward to their damage.

The Cold Shores

When someone rolls Expiration Date in your presence, they take +1 to that roll.

Boon 3: They take +2 to that roll.


When you take damage, you can choose to embrace the pain and take a separate 1d6 damage (ignoring armor). If you do, take +1 forward to Cook a Recipe.

Boon 1: Add your level to any damage or healing done by your next recipe

Armor of Faith

When you have no armor equipped, gain +2 armor.

Skillful Healer

When you heal someone else of damage, add your level to the amount healed.

Boon 1: Add another additional 1d4 on top of that.


Lesser Heal is considered a cantrip and does not count toward your recipe total.

Boon 1: Lesser Heal succeeds, you do not need to roll this time.


When you heal someone, heal yourself for half that amount (rounded up).


You can have an additional recipe Ongoing.

Prayer on the Lips

When you deal non-magical damage, deal an additional 2 damage for each Ongoing recipe you have active.

Boon 1: Deal an additional 3 per Ongoing instead.


Spend 1 Boon to ignore the Concentration tag on your next recipe this time.

Level 6-10


Select another recipe. You are granted this recipe as if its level were 1 lower.

Touched by an Angel

When you Marinate, take 1 hold. When you or an ally would take damage, you can spend this hold to call upon your deity to intervene with an appropriate manifestation (a gust of wind, a sudden burst of light, etc), and negate that damage.

Boon 2: Take 2 hold instead.

Armor of the Divine

Replaces Armor of Faith

When you wear no armor, gain +4 armor.

Replaces Symbiote

When you heal someone, heal yourself for the same amount.

Medical Professional

Requires Residency

Heal is considered a cantrip and does not count toward your recipe total.

Last Rites

When you take time after a conflict to dedicate your victory to your deity and deal with the dead, take +1 forward.


Choose a Saucerer recipe. You can cook and be granted that recipe as if it were a Flavor Doctor recipe.

Flavor Doctor's Cookbook

Cantrips (Level 0)


Ongoing. An item you touch glows with light, about as bright as a torch. It gives no heat or sound and requires no fuel, but otherwise functions like a mundane torch. It burns in a color that is representative of your deity. It lasts until it leaves your presence or you dismiss it.


Food or drink you touch becomes cleansed of any unnatural poisons as well as natural spoilage.


The symbol of your deity appears before you and gestures toward a direction or course of action your deity wishes you to take, and then fades. The communication is through gesture only.

First Level Recipes

Sense Motive

You become briefly attuned to the hearts of those around you. The GM will let you know if any around you carry malice or ill-will toward you.


Ongoing. Concentration. Your deity fills a combatant of your choice with power. They take +1 Ongoing as long as battle continues and they stand and fight.

Lesser Heal

Heal an organic target you touch for 1d8 damage. On a Mixed, add the following choice: when you heal, the damage is transferred to you.

Holy Weapon

Ongoing. Concentration. A weapon you touch becomes wreathed in holy flame. That weapon deals an additional 1d4 damage until the recipe is dismissed.

Boon 2: The weapon also ignores armor.


Draw a soul back into the body it once inhabited. The spirit is compelled to answer 3 questions to the best of their knowledge. On a Mixed, the spirit may ask you to complete some unfinished business of theirs. You are compelled to do so.

Sacred Ground

Ongoing. Walk in a large circle to consecrate the ground within. As long as you remain within, you will be alerted when someone acts with malice within (this includes entering the circle with intent of malice). Healing is doubled within the circle.


Remove 1 debility from a target. On a Mixed, add the following choice: the damage you heal is transferred to you.

Third Level Spells


A target you touch is healed for 2d8 damage. On a Mixed, add the following choice: the damage you heal is transferred to you.

Raise Shadows

Ongoing. Concentration. You open a gate to the cold shores of the frozen kingdom of death and infuse a shadow with a malicious spirit, giving it physical form. It has 1 Freshness and +1 modifier to all stats and uses your damage die. It can follow simple commands. It also gains your choice of 1d4 of the following traits:

  • It carries the stench of death with it still: attacks ignore armor
  • It has a strong grasp on life: it gains +2 Freshness for every level you have
  • It remembers its past: it can obey complex commands
  • Rage fills it: Choose a stat and give it +2 instead of +1 in that stat

Chains of Faith

Ongoing. Concentration. Choose a person you can see. They are bound in chains of shimmering light. Until you cook another recipe or leave their presence, they cannot act except to speak.

Still Air

Ongoing. Concentration. Thicken the air around you, causing projectiles to slow and become easy to dodge.

Black Mist

Ongoing. Concentration. Wreathe yourself or a target of your choice in the black mists of death, becoming intangible and impervious to physical attacks. Someone under the effects of Black Mist cannot interact with the living world until the recipe ends. This effect ends if you cook another recipe or until you dismiss it.

Fifth Level Recipes

Greater Heal

By your touch a target is healed for 3d8 damage. If you roll a Mixed, add the choice: when you heal, the damage is transferred to you.

Words of Unmaking

Touch an unsophisticated inanimate object and learn its true essence. Speak its true form and the object will fall apart and revert back to the natural component parts that created it.


Concentration. Ongoing. Choose a creature you can see. That creature is infected by a disease of your choice until you end this recipe.


Name a person, place, or thing you want to learn more about. Your deity grants you a vision of that, as clear as if you were there.

True Sight

Concentration. Ongoing. See things as they truly are. This effect persists until you tell a lie or dismiss it.


Ongoing. The holy symbol of your deity appears above a target of your choice. All attacks against the marked target take +1 Ongoing. If an attack lands, the symbol explodes, dealing 1d10 extra damage, which ignores armor. If the target deals damage while this symbol is on them, it explodes for 1d6 extra damage (ignore armor).

Seventh Level Recipes

Instant Sanctuary

The area immediately around you is sanctified and bears the effects of Sacred Ground.


On your touch, deal damage equal to the amount of health you are missing.

Boon 1: This ignores armor.

Word of Recall

Choose a word. The first time after cooking this recipe that you speak the chosen word, you and any allies touching you when this recipe activates are instantly transported back to where you first cooked the recipe. You can only maintain one position; cooking this recipe again replaces the previous one.


Concentration. Ongoing. Choose an appendage on a target (arm, wing, tentacle, etc). That appendage is magically severed from the target. This deals no damage, but hurts as if the appendage had been severed by mundane means. When this recipe ends the appendage reappears where it belongs.

Control Weather

Pray for rain--or sun, wind, or snow. Within a day or so your deity will answer. The weather will change according to your will and will last a few days.

Ninth Level Recipes


The next recipe you cook has +3 forward and if it deals damage or heals, that number is doubled.


Ongoing. Open yourself up to become a divine conduit for your deity. Select an attribute of your deity (wings, claws, eyes, etc) and it manifests on your physical form. You take +3 ongoing, +3 damage ongoing, and +3 armor onging while this is active. Treat all recipes as if you prepared them during Mariante. However, each time you perform a move, take half your current Freshness in damage (ignoring armor). This recipe ends when you dismiss it or if your Freshness is below your level.

King of Kings

Ongoing. Concentration. Be filled with divine authority. Creatures must ask your leave to enter your presence, and you must give verbal permission for them to enter. Any creature that does not ask your leave takes an extra 1d10 damage when they take damage in your presence.

Second Life

Bind the soul of a recently deceased back to their body. Target returns to life in a body that feels no pain. They take +20 to their max Freshness. They retain their personality and memories, but should their body fail again, there is no saving them. The Blizzard Queen will not guide their soul and they will wander the earth for an eternity without cause or respite.


Ongoing. Concentration. Name a city, town, encampment, or any other location where people live. As long as this recipe is active, that area is beset by a plague appropriate to your deity’s domain (locusts, death of first borns, etc).

Tag Appendix

Tags are identifier terms which influence how weapons, armor, and items function. You may have noticed that weapons do not have a damage dice associated with them-- this is because swords don't cut people people cut people. A longsword in the anemic hands of a Saucerer is not going to be as deadly as in the trained martial hands of a Knight. So instead of damage, tags are associated which inform both gameplay and narrative. Here is a short list of commonly used Tags within this game. Feel free to come up with more as the situation calls for it!

  • n Ammo: The amount of shots certain ranged weapons can fire before needing to reload.
  • n Armor: The amount of protection an item gives. Subtract this value from damage you take unless otherwise specified. If you have more than one item with the n-Armor tag, only count the highest value.
  • +n Armor: It protects you, and also stacks with other armor. Add this to your total armor value.
  • Awkward: It is unwieldy and difficult to use.
  • Clumsy: It is difficult to move around with. -1 Ongoing while using it.
  • Concealed: It is small and easy to hide on your person.
  • +n Damage: It is particularly deadly. When using it, add n to your damage.
  • Forceful: It can knock someone back, maybe even off their feet.
  • Innate: A core skill that cannot be learned by another class.
  • Messy: It deals damage in a particularly destructive way, ripping people and things apart.
  • One-Handed: You only need one hand to use this.
  • +n Piercing: It pierces armor. Subtract n from the total armor value when you deal damage.
  • Precise: Designed for precision strikes. Use +Sr for Saute instead of +Svy.
  • Reload: When you deplete the ammo, it takes a moment to reset before you can use it again.
  • Requires n: Certain conditions need to be met for this item to work. Without those conditions, it will work weakly, if at all. -2 Ongoing to rolls involving this tag when conditions are not met.

  • Slow: It takes a minute or more to use.
  • Thrown: It’s designed to be thrown at someone. Once you throw it, it’s gone, unless you take time to recover it.
  • Two-Handed: It requires two hands to use.
  • n Uses: It can only be used n amount of times.
  • Worn: To use it, you must be wearing it.

Range tags (from closest to furthest):

  • Hand: It’s useful for attacking something within your reach, and no further.
  • Close: It’s useful for attacking something at arm’s reach, plus one or two feet.
  • Reach: It’s useful for attacking something further away--perhaps up to 10 feet.
  • Near: It’s useful for attacking when you can see the whites of their eyes.
  • Far: It’s useful for attacking something within shouting distance.
  • Wherever You Are: I just love Celine Dione.
A Note on Ammo

This ammo system works slightly differently than Dungeon World's to compensate for the inclusion of firearms. Essentially, When a weapon that uses ammo attacks, unless otherwise stated, it will always spend 1 ammo, but this is an abstraction of the physical amount of shots you take. For example, a Condiminteer could be dual wielding two Flavor Blasters with a total ammo count of 4, and the action could be "I run along and fire several times at my target." A good roll could result in just one ammo use, and a bad roll could result in several.

Clown Appendix

Clowns have a long and storied tradition in Fudea. Over the centuries clowning has become a regimented art form with specific styles and schools. Most notably, Clowns have developed a visual language in the ritual makeup they apply as part of their profession. No two Clowns wear the same pattern and color combination, and to one skilled in the reading of this visual language, a Clown's training and past are clear as the nose on their face.

Listed here is some more information about the schools of clowning, as well as an example of how a Clown's makeup might signify things about them. There is no officially created language of makeup for this class, it will be up to you and your GM to come up with meaning for your Clown's makeup.

The Schools of Clowning

All of Clowndom falls into three broad schools of clowning. These are both schools of thought as well as physical schools spread throughout the continent. An official Clown will have trained at one of these schools under a master, and impersonating a Clown is a grave offense that these masters do not take lightly. Many a fool thought he could be a Fool, and have paid the price when the enforcers tracked him down.

The Classic Whiteface

This is the modern Clown of prestige; sophisticated, genial, they attend the royal courts and make jests for nobles. A Classic Whiteface's lineage may very well rival the bloodlines of those they entertain. Classic Whiteface is instantly recognized by the thick white greasepaint that covers every inch of their skin, and the elegant lines used in their face.

The Auguste

The Auguste is the least regimented of the schools of clowning. They are sometimes demeaned by their fellow Clowns for pandering to the "common" crowd. The Auguste tends to focus on a slapstick variety of comedy designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator. The Auguste believes laughter is a universal bonding language and has no qualms rubbing elbows with the working man. The Fool, the Buffoon, the Dolt, and the Tramp are all common names and variants of the Auguste. Their makeup tends toward the colorful, but their design and color scheme really covers the entire spectrum, you are much more likely to spot an Auguste by their actions than their dress.

The Harlequin

The Harlequin is the oldest school of clowning. In many ways they are proto-Clowns. Their makeup tends to be subtle, and they often will wear painted masks instead of painting their faces. The original court Clown, they combine the physicality of the Auguste with the acerbic wit of the Whiteface. While the Whiteface's comedy often is cerebral in nature, the Harlequin takes it a step futher, often mocking the guests they are set to entertain. In fact, before Clowns were known as entertainers, one of the primary duties of the Harlequin was to mock the kings of old, jab at them and keep them humble. Their style of clowning has over the years fallen out of favor, and the Harlequin school is the smallest and least influential of the three schools, but well respected among other Clowns for the cultural legacy they carry.

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