Circle of the Forest

When most think of druids, their minds turn immediately to the verdant woodlands and deep forests. And while other druids certainly do exist, magical groves and druidic circles abound in heavily wooded areas - many druids learn their first lessons under the shifting leaves, wandering the ancient forests. Druids who choose to stay in the forest embrace this wandering path, stepping through shadows and leaves to keep their ever watchful eye on the gentle forest.

Circle Spells
Level Spells
2nd entangle, hail of thorns
4th pass without trace, spike growth
6th nondetection , plant growth
8th conjure woodland beings, grasping vine
10th hold monster , tree stride

Natural Regeneration

When you take this circle at 2nd level, you gain the ability to regain spell slots by communing with nature. Over the course of a short rest, you can recover expended spell slots with a combined level equal to or less than half your Druid level. None of these slots may be of 5th level or higher.

Underbrush Stalker

Also at 2nd level, your Wild Shape ability affords you prime opportunities to spy on your enemies. While in Wild Shape, you add an additional bonus to your Stealth, Perception, and Investigation checks. This bonus is equal to your Wisdom modifier.

Additionally, you learn the message cantrip, and can cast it with no components while in Wild Shape form.

Rustling Leaves

Starting at 6th level, you can cast your druid spells using only the barest hint of sound. Whenever you cast a spell with verbal components, you can now choose to make those verbal components sound like innocuous natural ambiance such as wind through the branches, or a far off animal cry. You must still be capable of speech in order to cast the spell.

If a creature is actively listening or searching for you, it must succeed on a Perception check against your spell save DC in order to hear you.


At 10th level, your experience with nature has given you a sure step in almost any enviroment. You are unaffected by difficult terrain, and have advantage on any checks or saves made to resist or escape grappling plants or beasts.

Twisted Roots

Also at 10th level, you can use your magic to cause powerful roots to rise and seek out your foes. As an action, you cause magical roots and vines to burst forth from a solid surface you can see within 60 feet. The vines cover an area with a radius between 5 feet and 20 feet. They can reach away from the surface up to 20 feet, reduced by 10 feet per 5 feet of radius.

The roots immediately seek out any and all creatures within the radius of the effect, grappling them using your Wisdom modifier as their Strength modifier. You can use a bonus action to exempt or re-target a creature within the radius, either freeing it from the vines or causing them to grapple it again.

This effect remains for 1 minute, or until you cancel it as a bonus action. You may use this feature once per short rest.

Step of the Forest

At 14th level, your magic allows you to stride through the very substance of the woodlands just as easily as you cross gnarled roots and fallen branches. As a bonus action, you can step into a tree, bush, or stand of grass and immediately teleport to another such location you have seen within 60 feet. Both the initial location and the destination must be areas that are as large as you or larger.

You can also use this feature to teleport from one area of dim light or darker to another you can see within 30 feet. You can use this feature three times per long rest.

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