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Free spirits are beings native to the mysterious meta-planes. Various paths leads them to the physical realm - some are former bound spirits, now freed from their shackles, while others have found their own way to this world- for their own reasons. The realm of meta-humanity have something every Free spirit crave- Karma. Most Free spirits form a Pact of humanity, in which they bind part of their essence with a concept of the meta-human world - as this is the 6th world its often easier for Free spirits to forms such pacts with the darker and grittier parts of meta-humanity.

Character creation

As beings of the metaplanes character generation differs slightly for Free spirits. Therefore the Special column has been adjusted to accomodate a being made from pure magic - A Free spirit must choose from the modified special column. Special attribute points may be used on Magic or Edge as normal.

priority table
Priority Race Special
A Free spirit(4) 6 Magic, 8 Spells
B Free spirit(1) 4 Magic, 4 Spells
C N/A 3 Magic

Spell points may be used on spells, rituals or preparations.

Free Spirit attributes

Free spirits have physical and mental attributes working as normal. Their Magic score also doubles as their Essence and Force where applicate. For every point of Edge a Free spirit has it also gains 1 power. Should a Free spirit gain or burn a point of Edge during play, it would also gain or loose a power. A lost power can be relearned when the Edge is bought back up- or a different power may be learned instead.

1-6 1-6 1-6 1-6 1-6 1-6 1-6 1-6 1-6 1-6

Abilities and skills

All Free spirits are magicians, though as they dont have a true physical form they cant astrally project.
Free spirits all have the ability to bond with foci as a magician. As spirits they dont have access to the conjuring skill group- that is the purview of mortals only. But they do have access to all other magical skills.

Free spirits gain a +2 bonus on all assensing tests and the Assensing skill can be used untrained. As they have no real physical bodies, they are immune to toxins and pathogens. First-aid and medicine have no effect on Free spirits.

other Free spirit stats

Free spirits have Stun and Physical boxes as normal. But as beings of the astral plane they have no overflow boxes. As Free spirits have no means of entering VR they have no Matrix initiative.

Physical initiative Reaction + Intuition +2d6

Astral initiative Intuition + Intuition +3d6

Matrix initiative Not applicate

Stun condition boxes 8+1/2 Willpower rating.

Physical condition boxes 8+1/2 Body rating.

Physical limit (Strength+Strength+Body+Reaction)/3

Mental limit (Logic+Logic+Willpower+Intuition)/3

Social limit (Charisma+Charisma+Willpower+Essence)/3

Astral limit Highest of Social or Mental limit.


Each Free spirit has a specific metaplane they call their homeplane. They may return to their homeplane in different ways.

  • 1 point of edge as a complex action
  • 1 hour of quiet meditation - no edge is required
  • Suffering overflow damage
  • Use of the Gateway power

When a Free spirit returns to their meta plane because of overflow damage it can't return to the physical plane again for 30 -Magic days. If a Free spirit suffers overflow damage while in their native meta plane, they are destroyed for good.

Difference between PC and NPC spirit Attributes

NPC spirits generally have all their Attributes firmly locked in relation to their Force Attribute - For instance Body = F+2. That feature works very well when a mage needs to summon spirits of different force. A PC Free spirit though is not a summonable short-term discardable servant (unless something goes horribly wrong during the run). For this reason the player gets to assign the attribute points as any other player.

Spirit pact of metahumanity

Free spirits need karma to grow in power and ability, but unlike other characters, they cant earn it on their own. Free spirits can create a pact of metahumanity wherein they gain access to karma, at the cost of some obligations to specific metahumans or a small community or subculture. Furthermore all Free spirits must have a lifestyle (see lifestyle and SIN below).

To represent this the player must choose one of the following negative qualites below, gaining no bonus karma for it. This represents the Free spirits connection to metahumanity and its access to the sweet sweet karma.

  • Dependents (9)
  • Addiction (Moderate) (9)
  • Prejudiced (Common, radical) (10)
  • Creature of comfort (10)
  • Pacifist (10)
  • Phobia (Common, moderate) (10)

Even though a Free spirit lacks a nervous system or even a real biological body it can still for example have a moderate addiction to BTLs. The important part is that the spirit goes through the ritual of purchasing, "slotting" the BTL, hallucinating, getting a bad trip sometimes, and acting irrational if the BTLs arent available. The fact that a dealer could easily sell blank BTLs to the spirit is of no consequence. Other negative qualities can also be chosen with the gamemasters approval.

True name

Each Free spirit has a unique name that encompasses all of its being. This true name takes the form of a complex astral signature. The true name is physically imprinted in an object or person, or even a location. Each Free spirit has atleast one spirit formula in the physical world.

Lifestyle and SIN

As part of their Spirit pact of humanity all Free spirits are required to have a lifestyle (Not necessary a good one though). Few nations or corporations issue SINs to Free spirits, so most Free spirits make due with a fake one. Those with the realistic form spirit power finds this alot easier.

Immunity to normal weapons and mundane armour

Free spirits are allowed to wear mundane armour, like armour jackets etc. This partly stacks with their immunity to normal weapons they get, thanks to their manifestation power. Only the highest armour value is used, either the mundane or the ITNW armour. High AP weapons will still affect the automatic successes from ItNW if it can blast through the mundane armour and decrease ItNW. eg. Free Spirit with armour jacket (12) and magic 5 gets blasted by an AP -6 attack. ItNW is now down to 6.

Spirit Powers

All free spirits starts with Astral form, Manifestation, Sapience and Banishing Resistance. For each Edge point a free spirit has it also gains an extra spirit Power chosen below. Each time its Edge score increases it may choose a new power. Many of the below listed powers required the player to choose a specific version of the power, fire for elemental attack or Rage for compulsion for instance.

Other powers might also be available at the GMs discretion.

Positive Positive
Accident (CRB) Guard (CRB)
Anaphylaxis (SG)* Influence
Animal control (CRB) Mind link (SG)
Astral gateway Movement (CRB)
Aura masking (SG) Mutagen (SG)*
Binding (SG) Noxious breath (SG)
Compulsion Personal domain (SG)
Concealment (CRB) Pestilence (SG)*
Confusion (CRB) Psychokinesis (SG)
Desire reflection (SG) Realistic form (SG)
Elemental attack (CRB) Search (CRB)
Shadow cloak (SG) Silence
Engulf (CRB) Sonic projection (SG)
Fear (SG) Venom

*Spirits with the Dark spirit quality only

Dark spirit 5 karma negative quality

The Free spirit is corrupted by a dark streak. This gives the character 3 notority. It also gives the Free spirit access to any spirit power marked with an *.

Enhanced senses variable karma cost

Low-light vision or Thermographic vision (5 karma), Hearing or smell (3 karma)

Natural weapon 3-6 karma cost

Gain natural weapons, like claws or massive teeths, some spirits with a closer connection to metahumanity even gains weapons looking like spurs or handrazors etc. Choose one of the following attacks.

  • Reach -1 DV S+1 AP -2 3 karma
  • Reach - DV S+3 AP -2. 6 karma
  • Reach +1 DV S AP -3 4 karma


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