Fighting Styles

Sometimes, a few warriors, a tribal champion, or an elite regiment may employ unorthodox fighting styles or methods which allow them to gain the upper hand in a battle.

Knife Fighter:

You are trained with knives. When fighting with a dagger or a knife, you have a +1 bonus to hit. In addition to that, you can throw a dagger an extra 10 feet further than normal.

Unarmed Brawler

When you have a hand free, or you are fighting without weapons, provided your martial damage die/monk weapon die is not already higher, your fists deal 1d4 damage. You also can use a bonus action to make a melee attack with your unarmed strike against an enemy you just hit, but you treat it as a weapon in your off-hand, so you cannot add your ability modifier to hit.

Armor Penetrating

You have a +2 bonus to damage rolls against heavily armored enemies.

Soft Style

When you make an opportunity attack against an enemy with your unarmed strike, and if the attack hits and they are no more than 1 size category larger, they must make a Dexterity saving throw. If they fail, you switch places and the target is knocked prone.


While you have a shield, you have a +1 to your AC. Also, when an ally within 5 feet is targeted with an attack and if the attacker is within 5 feet of you, you make a shield bash attack (1d4 bludgeon) against the attacker. You can still make standard shield bash attacks as your action.

Polearm Master

When you utilize a weapon with reach and either the two handed or versatile property, you have a +1 bonus on the attack or damage roll (your choice). You also have an extra +1 bonus to damage with opportunity attacks relying on your polearm.

Elemental Fighting

Once per turn, when you deal fire, cold, lightning, thunder, acid, necrotic, radiant, or force damage with a melee weapon attack, you can choose to deal 1d4 extra damage of that type to the target or another target within 10 feet.


When you do not have any of your allies within 15 feet of you, you gain a +1 morale bonus to hit and to damage with melee weapons. Also, you can use your reaction to grant advantage on a saving throw against being moved against your will.


Knife Mastery

Requires Dex 15

While knife fighting, or dagger fighting, you have advantage on all Dexterity(Sleigth of Hand) saves in order to conceal your dagger or knife. Also, you can eschew your advantage on an attack roll to deal an extra 1d6 damage of the weapon's type. This stacks with your rogue sneak attack levels. Also, you can make a dagger attack as a bonus action against a surprised enemy.


As an action, you can channel energy into your blade, at the cost of a spell slot. For the next minute, your attacks are magical and you deal an extra 1d4 damage per spell slot level of your choice of acid, fire, cold, force, lightning, thunder, necrotic or radiant damage. Also, you have a +2 bonus to hit with spells or abilities that require a weapon attack as opposed to a spell attack. This bonus is always on and does not require a spell slot to activate.

Shield Charger

Requires shield proficiency

While wearing a shield, once per short rest you can make a shield charge. When you do, you must move up to your speed in a single direction and enter an enemies space. When you do so, make a shield bash (1d4) attack against the enemy you just charged into with advantage. The target must make a Strength saving throw DC 8 + your Strength modifier + your proficiency bonus or be knocked prone. Also, while wearing a shield, you have an additional +1 bonus to AC.

One Man Army

While fighting without any of your allies within 15 feet of you, you have advantage on all saving throws against being knocked prone or frightened. Also, once per turn, you can use a bonus action to stand ground, allowing you to use your reaction to attack enemies ENTERING your range and also granting advantage on Strength saving throws.

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