Random Treasure

The following pages contain tables that you can use to randomly generate treasures carried by mosnters, stashed in their lairs, or otherwise hidden away. The placement of treasure is left at your discretion. The key is to make sure the players feel rewarded for playing, and that their characters are rewarded for overcoming dangerous challenges.

Treasure Tables

Treasure can be randomly allocated based on amonster's challenge rating. There are different tables for different challenge ratings, found here.

Using the Tresaure Hoard Tables

A Treasure Hoard table helps you randomly determine the contents of a large cache of treasure, the accumulated wealth of a large group of creatures (such as an orc tribe or a hobgoblin army), the belongings of a single powerful creature that likes to hoard treasure (such as a dragon), or the reward bestowed upon a party after completing a quest for a benefactor. You can also split up a treasure hoard so that the adventurer's don't find or recieve it all at once.

Magic Items

Magic Items are gleaned from the hoards of conquered monsters or discovered in long-lost vaults. Such items grant capabilities a character could rarely have otherwise, or they complement their owner's capabilities in wondrous ways.


Each magic item has a value assigned to it found here. Magic Items with low values, such as potion of healing, are the most plentiful. Some legendary items, such as the Holy Avenger, are unique. The game assumes that the secrets of creating the most powerful items arose centuries ago and were gradually lost as a result of wars, cataclysm, and mishaps. Even moderately valued items can't be easily created. Thus, many magic items are well-preserved antiquities.

Value provides a rough measure of an item's power realative to other magic items. A character doesn't typically find a 5000gp worth magic item, for example, until after 5th level. That said, value shouldn't get in the way of your campaign's story. If you want a ring of invisibility to fall into the hands of a 1st-level character, so be it. No doubt a great story will arise from that event.

If your campaigns allows for trade in magic items, value can also help you set prices for them. As the DM, you determine the value of an individual magic item.

Random Magic Items

When you use a Treasure Hoard table to randomly determine the contents of a treasure hoard and your roll indicates the presence of one or moremagic items, you can determine the specific magic items by rolling on the appropriate table here.

Magic Item Table A-E: Consumables
d100 Magic Item
01−5 Potion of Poison
06−10 Spell Scroll (cantrip)
11−35 Potion of Healing
36−50 Spell Scroll (1st level)
51−70 Potion of 1d10
1-2 Potion of Fire Breath
3-4 Potion of Greater Healing
5 Elixir of Health
6 Philter of Love
7 Potion of Climbing
8 Potion of Heroism
9 Potion of Mind Reading
10 Potion of Invisibility
70−72 Spell Scroll (2nd level)
73 Scroll of Protection
74 Potion of Animal Friendship
75 Spell Scroll (3rd level)
76 Nolzur's Marvelous Pigment
77 Quaal's Feather Token (whip)
78 Potion of Diminution
79 Potion of Growth
80 Universal Solvent
81 Potion of Resistance
82 Necklace of Fireballs (one bead)
83 Poton of Gaseous Form
84 Dust of Disappearance
85 Spell Scroll (4th level)
86 Keoghtom's Ointment
87 Potion of Speed
88 Sovereign Glue
89 Potion of Superior Healing
90 Horn of Blasting
91 Dust of Sneezing and Choking
92 Necklace of Freballs (two beads)
93 Potion of Flying
94 Arrow of Slaying
95 Spell Scroll (5th level)
96 Bead of Force
97 Elemental Gem
98-00 Necklace of Freballs (three beads)
Magic Item Tables G-I: Combat Items
d100 Magic Item
01−15 Vicious Weapon
16-30 Adamantine Armor (1d10)
1-3 Studded Leather
4-6 Splint
7-8 Breastplate
9 Half-Plate
10 Plate
31-45 Mithral Armor (1d10)
1-3 Studded Leather
4-6 Splint
7-8 Breastplate
9 Half-Plate
10 Plate
46-60 Sword of Life-Stealing
61-65 +1 Weapon
66-70 Wand of the War Mage +1
71 Bracers of Archery
72 Circlet of Blasting
73 Javelin of Lighting
74 Wind Fan
75 Sword of Sharpness
76 Staff of the Adder
77 Dancing Sword
78 Glamoured Studded Leather
79 Pipes of the Sewers
80 Sword of Wounding
81 Frost Brand
82 Dagger of Venom
83 Gloves of Missile Snaring
84 Staff of Withering
85 Cloak of Protection
86 Oathbow
87 Ring of Protection
88 Boots of Speed
89 Dragon Scale Mail
90 Elven Chain
91 Iron Bands of Bilarro
92 Rope of Entanglement
93 Wand of Enemy Detection
94 +2 Weapon
95 Wand of the War Mage +2
96-00 Luckstone

Magic Item Table F: Non-Combat Items
d100 Magic Item
01−04 Helm of Comprehend Languages
05−08 Eversmoking Bottle
09−12 Ring of Warmth
13−16 Goggles of Night
17−20 Mariner's Armor (1d10)
1-3 Studded Leather
4-6 Splint
7-8 Breastplate
9 Half-Plate
10 Plate
21−24 Necklace of Adaption
25−28 Ring of Water Walking
29−32 Wand of Magic Detection
33−36 Wand of Secrets
37−40 Heward's Handy Haversack
41−44 Rope of Climbing
45−48 Ring of Feather Falling
49−52 Boots of Elvenkind
53−56 Eyes of Minute Seeing
57−60 Eyes of the Eagle
61−64 Ring of Jumping
65−68 Dimensional Shackles
69−72 Eyes of Charming
73−76 Medallion of Thoughts
77−80 Bag of Holding
81−84 Boots of Levitation
85−88 Ring of Animal Influence
89−92 Boots of Striding and Springing
93−96 Cloak of Arachnida
97−00 Immovable Rod

Variant: low Magic Settings

For low magic settings , you can limit the Combat and Consumable Magic Item Tables. Making Magic Item Table G-I: Combat Items stop at at 60 removes the coveted +1 weapons, while having Magic Item Table A-E: Consumables stop at 70 removes spell scrolls of 2nd level and higer, to give the feel of magic being extremely rare. To still reward your players for rolling high, you can have the excess "Roll Over".

For example; You roll an 85 on Magic Item Table A-E: Consumables, which would grant you a 4th level spell scroll. In a low-magic setting this table only goes to 70. The additional 15 would "roll over", and the granted loot would be the Goggles of Night from Magic Item Table: F Non-Combat Items.

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