Zodiac of Aviron

The Zodiac of Aviron is broken down over 12 months and the 5 days of the Festival.

Days of the Raven

Raven starts 4/16 and goes through May 15. Those born under the Raven, much like Mysteria, you have an air of mystery that surrounds you. You find and keep secrets easily. A raven has a great gift of prophecy when it lands near you. You should stop and take stock in what is going on around you. Some fear the Raven’s prophetic nature, and are cursed by their ignoring of its presence, but you do not.

Days of the Eagle

Eagle starts on May 16 and goes through June 15. Those born under the eagle, seek the truth. The eagle is said to be the oldest and wisest bird created by Ahk himself. Seeing an eagle is to see the truth. The eagle is blessed with excellent vision. The Eagle can bring healing. Eagles seek knowledge and wisdom. Eagles that ignore the truth will not be able to receive the gifts of healing.

Days of the Beaver

Beaver starts on June 16 and goes through July 15. Those born under the beaver find wisdom in the teachings of family and seek their answers there. The beaver is a persistent builder and a hard worker and will always find friends and family in so doing. Seeing a beaver is an omen that a monster is near. If you work hard you will always have a home to come home to.

Days of the Griffin

Griffin starts on July 16 and goes through August 15. Those that are griffins seek treasure and guard it, it is in this you will find your true treasure. Agates are a sacred gem to griffins. It is said to find an agate on the ground, gives strength and wisdom. It is said that each Tylora Vault of Whispers is sealed with such an agate. Talisman’s with a Griffin Talon when tapped on a glass, will break the glass if there is poison in it.

Days of the Elk

Elk starts on August 16 and goes through September 15. Those that are born at this time are usually gifted with some degree of prophecy and or visions. Ellina followers are especially gifted here. The Elk is the royalty of the forest. The elk has strength, stamina, and a regal bearing full of dignity and integrity. You will find your greatest gifts in groups that you can call family.

Days of the Badger

Badger starts on September 15 and goes through October 15. The stripe represents a clear head and enlightenment. Badgers are fierce leaders and always are at their best as leaders. Badgers need their alone time to keep their thoughts in-line, if they don’t they are looking for an escape and their head is not in the game. They are a guardian animal. Seeing a badger or having one in a vision gives you the power to get up and keep going.

Days of the Panther

Panther starts on 16 October through 15 November. The panther symbolizes courage, valor and power. You are a fierce guardians and stealthy night hunters. When hunting the panther is fearless, and their medicine skills is always reliable. If your courage or valor should falter fear the omens in your life. It is said wearing the fur of a Panther can help you overcome earthly desires and also can allow you to sneak into the Palace of Light. Oddly, dragons never fall for this trick.

Days of the Unicorn

Unicorn starts on 16 November to 15 December. Unicorns represent immortality, dreams and purity. Unicorns are a symbol of healing, magic and a purifying power. If you embrace purity your life will be long and rewarding one. The true spirit of the unicorn is a life filled with little miracles and magic. To say otherwise brings the wrath of lions upon you. Pay attention to things left undone. Days of the Phoenix Phoenix starts on 16 December to 15 January. This is the sign or rebirth. Your path will end in death but know they will be born again and again until they reach paradise. Those who embrace the phoenix will wield a great fiery power to bring good in the world. To do otherwise is to invite death without the hope of rebirth. Phoenixes are the purest form of good. Seeing a death bed is an omen that a rebirth is near. It is important for all to have a good place to rest, this brings the spirit to life.

Days of the Pegasus

Pegasus starts on 16 January to 15 February. As a Pegasus you are an inspiration to others and a hope for a good place in the afterlife. As a Pegasus you are a mission focused individual. Your power gives you the ability to harness power from within to complete your tasks and rise above your hardships. You like to wander when not on a mission. Your gentleness and generosity always pay off. You can lose yourself and your power when you are do not treat others well. You are lucky in finding water.

Days of the Hawk

Hawk starts on 16 February to 15 March. As a hawk many predators steer clear of you. Because of this your children are always safe. Your spirit gives you intuition and wisdom in seeing situations from higher and different perspectives. You seek your true purpose and always follow your dreams. You know doing otherwise invites the evils of the world to destroy you. Sharing your wisdom is the greatest gift.

Days of the Leopard

Leopard starts on 16 March to 15 April. You are bold and stealthy. You are a good listener and hear more than others, you blend in well. You are resourceful and very perceptive, and this helps you navigate life. Leopard tend to be indirect in your approach and attacks. If you embrace the leopard you will have great success in life. These skills and your gracefulness lend well to a very social or political life. You have a good sense of touch and will do well to serve and help others. It is through them your flaws will be shown to you so you can overcome them. Not staying true to the leopard, will show your weaknesses and flaws to the world around you.

Days of the Dragon

Dragons are born during the five days of Festival. Dragons are intellectual, confident and have an aura of dignity.

Water Dragons, Festival Day 1: These people focus on navigating life. They trust in faith to take them to where they need to be to overcome all the hurdles in their life. Water dragons are good at finding lost treasures. Trusting that fate will provide all that they need is at the core of a Water Dragon. When they settle down, they say I have all that I need. Oddly, water dragons do not watch for signs to change their path, they just take the path of least resistance.

Earth/Wood Dragons, Festival Day 2: These people have good foresight and are always ready to deal with unforeseen events. Unlike Water dragons they do not wander. They know eventually all things will come. They can read people quickly and easily and learn who they can trust quickly. This makes them good leaders. They gain riches slowly. Trusting to the earth to provide. Saving for a rainy day is their mantra, to do otherwise brings ruin. These dragons can become good chroniclers and scribes.

Metal Dragons, Festival Day 3: Metal Dragons are simple and direct. They have great virtue and are stalwart in their beliefs. Metal dragons are excellent craftsmen, especially smiths. If they learn runes, they can glean small gifts of prophecy. Like metal their beliefs do not bend. If their beliefs change, they can slowly decay as the chaos corrodes them.

Air/Spirit Dragons, Festival Day 4: Air dragons have insight, inspiration, and vitality. These dragons demand the utmost of respect. These dragons have large flashes of illumination in psyche and intellect. Air/Spirit dragons easily gain hidden knowledge and can predict the weather. These dragons face all obstacles with cool confidence. Rewards to these dragons are supernatural in nature and to turn your back on your dragon will bring a tortured life.

Fire Dragons, Festival Day 5: Fire bring you lessons of self-mastery, creativity, and leadership. Fire dragons have great strength and protect what they love with all the power they have. Fire dragons have an ability to master alchemy. Fire dragons protect the innocent, families, and their homes. Fire Dragons that fail in this will face supernatural hardships.

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