# Tales from Creepy Hollow

This is a homebrew one-shot adventure, based on a Halloween theme.  It is intended to play heavily on such tropes and should not be taken too seriously.  It is aimed at a Level 5 party of between 5 to 9 players.  It should take between 7 to 8 hours to complete.  

## Adventure Introduction

No-one ever plans to visit Creepy Hollow. Ever.

They find themselves there through misfortune, poor judgement or just downright bad luck.

Creepy Hollow is sunken into a valley between Hardtown to the west, Misty Marches to the south and the chasm of DeadMan's Pass to the east.  The steep, barren Shadow Spine Mountains loom imperiously over the settlement, causing sharp, ill-fated winds to rattle down into the valley.  Foul tainted mists roll in from the nearby lake, casting a ghostly pallor over the town.

Very few travellers make it out of Creepy Hollow and those that do struggle to cling to tatters of their sanity.  They babble on about ghostly horsemen, ageless aristocrats with no reflections, folk that change into monsters and eyes that follow them in the dark.

>##### Setting The Scene
> Heavy mists roll through the town, obscuring much of your vision.  Most of the rough, wooden buildings look to be boarded up, and upon first glance you could be mistaken for believing the whole place to be deserted.

>However someone or something must have lit the lanterns that are sporadically hung or placed along the two main cobbled streets that run through the town.  Occasionally you catch a furtive movement in the corner of your eye that makes you certain that you are not alone out here.

>You hear a low tortured moan carried in on the wind, but tonight's full moon is obscured by heavy, ominous clouds which prevent you from locating the source.  The atmosphere is foreboding, and uneasiness pricks at your thumbs.

By a terrible twist of fate, the players have arrived on the Eve of Uktar, commonly known as 'Mischief Night'.  Legend says that on this night the veil between the Material Plane and the Afterlife becomes thin enough for beings to pass between the two.  

The town is roughly split into two halves - in Hightown to the north, the buildings are bigger and generally made of stone.  However, the majority of these are in a obvious state of disrepair or neglect.  These buildings may have once been used for key functions but now they appear to be abandoned.  

Lowtown, by comparison, is made of more modest, wooden buildings whose originally purpose looks to have been residential and agricultural, but these too have rotted with disuse and the passage of time.  

There is no way of knowing when Creepy Hollow was last inhabited - at least by the living.

## Game Hook

Your players can decide as to how they came to be in Creepy Hollow, or you can use the hook below.

> You step into the yellow, flickering light of a single lantern hung from a weathered, wooden cross arm. A black raven perches on the beam and watches you with a singular interest.

>You have no recollection of how you came to be standing at these crossroads.  From the state of your clothes it looks like you survived some misadventure to get here.  Luckily you still have your weapons and a day's worth of rations. 

>As you take stock of your situation, other adventurers step into the light.

## 1. The Crossroads

The players have all their starting equipment intact including weapons and armor.  They are starting with full health and all spellslots available.  

After the players have introduced their characters, read:

> As you look around, you see a cobbled path heading to the north west, another one to the north east and a dirt path directly south.  

>Two stone buildings sit between the northern paths.  The smaller one looks boarded up and deserted, with most of its roof missing. The larger one of the two has hide coverings nailed across the windows and a large wooden door. 

Players that successfully roll a DC10 Perception check notice that there are shadows moving within the larger building.  The door is unlocked, but very stiff to open - in fact, it feels like it hasn't been opened in years...  

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