# Jarviskjir Players Guide - Backgrounds, Items and More

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## The Jarviskjir Guide
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- Classes https://homebrewery.naturalcrit.com/share/BkAG82sMb
- Spells https://homebrewery.naturalcrit.com/share/HkUAmj08V
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# Backgrounds

## Fey Addled
The real world bored you. You found comfort in the arms of the Fey, the strange over the top beings native to the Feywild. Whether it’s the curious court of The Jester, the loving guardian spirits of The Mother or some other Patron you have a link to the Fey. You find sprites and fairies more understandable than tiresome beings like humans and dwarves. Some of their qualities rubbed off on you, and its ever so slightly obvious.

**Skill Proficiencies:** Arcana and Nature 

**Tool Proficiencies:** Sylvian Language and one musical instrument.  

**Equipment:** A musical instrument ( one of your choice), a beautiful fey outfit, a bottle of fey spring water,  a pouch containing 5 gold and a tiny gemstone.
#### Court
Since the fall of the the seelie, the Feywild of Jarviskjir is divided into Courts, each ran by a godlike Fey called a Patron. These beings gain more power as they gain more respect and prayer. Each one is like a Deity to Wood Elves and forest folk, each with their own outlandish purpose.
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| d10| Court |
|  1  |The Mother        |
|  2  | The Jester        |
|  3  | The Serpent       |
|  4  | The Hunter    |
|  5  | The Hand   |


| d10 | Court |
|  6  | The Wardancer    |
|  7  | The Knight      |
|  8  | The Maisma     |
|  9  |The Gemlord  |
|  10 | The Wise    |

#### Feature:  Sense of Fey
Your time with the otherworldly has given you a sense for where the boundaries between worlds are weakest. You have a skill for finding areas where you can slip into the Feywild and can find them with ease in areas you know well. In new areas you can slowly start to see the signs of Fey influence and find a nearby manifestation zone or at least other people who respect the fey.
#### Suggested Characteristics
Spending time in the Feywild makes people over the top and flamboyant to say the least. While it depends on the courts they found themselves in the Fey Addled respect art and beauty. A little of the Fey magic rubbed off on them, and changed them forever.

| d8 | Personality Trait |
| 1 | I can’t resist drawing the face of each new person I meet. |
| 2  | One lover isn’t enough to satisfy me. |
| 3 | My moods change faster than a halfling drinks ale. |
| 4 | I know I’m the best in my field, others just haven’t noticed yet. |
| 5 | I need to tell everyone how much better the Feywild is than here. |
| 6 | Friends are the only currency I need. |
| 7 | I’m a perfectionist, if I’m going to do something it must be done right.  |
| 8 | I like to talk. A lot. |

| d6 | Ideal |
| 1 | Art. On the battlefield, in the workshop and in the bedroom, art is most important. (Neutral) |
| 2  | Pleasure. The world is so huge, I want to experience it all. (Chaotic)  |
| 3 | Friends. I’m on this quest to make friendships that will last a lifetime. (Any) |
| 4 | Freedom. My goals are my own, I do what I want to do. (Chaotic) |
| 5 | Pride. I am the greatest of all, no one will get in my way. (Evil) |
| 6 | Responsibility. Its my duty to show the world how things should be done. (Lawful) |

| d6 | Bond |
| 1 | My Court demands loyalty, I will do anything for the Patron that I serve. |
| 2  | I once lost someone I loved. I won’t go through it again.  |
| 3 | I want people to see me as the hero I think I am. |
| 4 | Even here, nature is worth protecting. |
| 5 | I sold my soul to the fey, I want it back. |
| 6 | My art needs to be shared with the world.  |

| d6 | Flaw |
| 1 | I use people for my own gain. |
| 2  | People say I trust too easily.  |
| 3 | I want to take everyone to bed.|
| 4 | My old family wants nothing to do with me. |
| 5 | Speaking my mind gets me in trouble. |
| 6 | Hard work looks too tiring for me.  |

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## Wildland Punisher

In wild regions of the world, men and women often turn to the tempting profession of banditry. It’s easy money robbing trading caravans blind and mugging adventurers. It’s the job of Punishers like you to destroy the bandit marauders that ugly your homeland with their despicable crime. Punishers are highly trained soldiers adapted to a life of battle, bloodshed and constant hunting. Mercilessly you spent your years hunting down bandit clans and destroying them so that others could live peacefully. You’ve seen the worse side of the world, and wanted to do something about it.

**Skill Proficiencies:** Intimidation and Survival  

**Tool Proficiencies:** Land Vehicles and Herbalism Kits.

**Equipment:** 20 feet of rope, a wanted poster of a criminal, a badge of honour from your kingdom and a pouch containing 10 gold.

#### Feature:  Wildland Trapper
One of the skills of Punishers is the ability to set traps for their prey. During a short rest instead of healing you can set up a simple trap if you are out in a natural environment, requiring no materials but what you can find in the wild. This trap is enough to trap a medium sized creature for a 1d4 hours.

#### Suggested Characteristics

Wildland Punishers are stoic manhunters who take their job seriously. They are dark people, who usually do things for the right reason. Most Punishers prefer to be alone, but respect working in a team when they have to.

| d8 | Personality Trait |
| 1 | I know my weapon better than I know myself. |
| 2  | I am the highest form of justice. |
| 3 | I feel no emotions, not anymore. |
| 4 | Respect must be earned and not freely given. |
| 5 | Charity is a form of disrespect. |
| 6 | I always require payment for a job well done. |
| 7 | Sometimes I feel like darkness follows me.  |
| 8 | I only feel when I am hurting others. |

| d6 | Ideal |
| 1 | Duty. I am just here to do my job. (Neutral) |
| 2  | Destruction. I will tear down what these savages made. (Evil)   |
| 3 | Loyalty. I am loyal to my warband, to my friends and myself. (Lawful) |
| 4 | Freedom. Out here in the wilds I can be myself. (Neutral) |
| 5 | Progress. I’m doing my part to make the world a better place. (Good) |
| 6 | Patriotism. I do my duty for King and Country. (Any)

| d6 | Bond |
| 1 | Im here to finish off every foe cleanly, no suffering. |
| 2  | I driven by something terrible that happened long ago.  |
| 3 | Protecting the weak is my meaning.|
| 4 | No man left behind. |
| 5 | My allies mean everything to me. |
| 6 | I will hurt those that hurt these lands.  |

| d6 | Flaw |
| 1 | I see torture as the only solution. |
| 2  | Trust for me does not come easily, or often.  |
| 3 | I believe that my word is the only truth.|
| 4 | From what I've seen, clearly the gods are dead. Priests are wrong. |
| 5 | Hatred fuels me. |
| 6 | Sometimes I cannot escape the past. |

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## Labourer

Most of your life was not one of grandeur or adventure but one of hard work. You toiled for your coin enough to buy yourself a bed and perhaps protection for your family. Every city and village is filled with hard working individuals like yourself, few of them doing anything ever else with their lives. While your life is now turning down the path of adventure your past isn’t behind you. Your muscles and your wits were hewn from years and years of work.

**Skill Proficiencies:** Athletics, Insight 

**Tool Proficiencies:** Two types of artisans tools  

**Equipment:** A large tool of your trade (an axe, pick or rake that counts as a 1d6 weapon), commoners clothes and a set of travellers clothes, and a pouch containing 5 gp.

#### Profession 

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| d6| Profession |
|  1  | Miner        |
|  2  | Forester        |
|  3  | Farmer       |
|  4  | Builder    |
|  5  | Fisherman   |
|  6  | Hauler   |

#### Feature : Fast Friends

You know how to talk to common folk. In a tavern or workhouse or somewhere similar you can band together a group of friends. Within a night of drinking and/or game playing you get to know a small group of commoners who will happily spill you all sorts of information and come to your aid for simple tasks.

#### Suggested Characteristics

Labourers are often commoners, completely normal people. When a labourer turns to adventure they have no issue getting hard work done and are usually good at working in a team.

| d8 | Personality Trait |
| 1 | If someone doesn’t respect my work I’ll quickly start to hate them. |
| 2  | I don’t understand silly things like art and music. |
| 3 | I’m extremely straightforward in my approach to just about everything. |
| 4 | Taking orders comes naturally to me, I don’t want to lead. |
| 5 | Why would I need to speak to get my job done? |
| 6 | My philosophical and intellectual thoughts surprise people sometimes.|
| 7 | I get completely absorbed in any job I take.|
| 8 | More gold would always help, I seek extra pay whenever I can.|

| d6 | Ideal |
| 1 | Home. I’m earning as much gold as I can to send to those people in need. (Good) |
| 2  | Respect. I respect the rules of the trade, the town and my comrades. (Lawful)  |
| 3 | Experience. Adventuring is a new step in my life, I’m eager to see the world. (Any) |
| 4 | Freedom. Being shackled to my job was torture. I’ll take escape at any cost. (Chaotic) |
| 5 | Self. The world soured me, now I’m only out for myself. (Evil) |
| 6 | Chivalry. I might not be a knight but I follow the knights code. (Good)

| d6 | Bond |
| 1 | My hometown is the most important place in the world to me. |
| 2  | I want to teach people about life using my experiences. |
| 3 | My Mentor earned a great deal of respect for teaching me. |
| 4 | I have to be more than I am to earn my loves hand. |
| 5 | I hate organisations, especially the guilds that spurred me.|
| 6 | I don’t want to ever forget how hard I worked to get here. |

| d6 | Flaw |
| 1 | People say I’m a workaholic. I say I don’t work enough. |
| 2  | I would do terrible things for a little more gold.  |
| 3 | My ambitions get in the way of common sense.
| 4 | I prefer working alone, I don’t want others treading on my feet. |
| 5 | Other hard workers make me nervous. |
| 6 | I have to be in charge of the group. I know best, obviously. |

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## Diplomat 

Some people find the sharpest weapon to be their wits. No one knows this better than a diplomat. With some handshakes and some well-timed jokes diplomats often end a war before its even begun. Nowhere is this more important than the realms of the Wood Elves. Their diplomats are called Feathertalkers, and they are perhaps some of the most respected members of society almost to the level of stardom. But even a talented tongue can’t always talk their way out of every problem, turning to spy work and adventuring.

**Skill Proficiencies:** Persuasion and Deception

**Tool Proficiencies:** Two languages of your choice.

**Equipment:** Equipment: A ticket inviting you to a fancy ball, an ornate walking 

#### Specialty
The path of the diplomat has many silver doorways and paths to venture. Some are better at certain avenues than others.
Romancing a target at ballrooms.

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| d6| Specialty |
|  1  | Stealthily romancing a target in public.      |
|  2  | Rallying up the troops before battle.       |
|  3  | Consorting with Kings and Queens.
|  4  | Quelling rebellious populations.  |
|  5  | Keeping good relations with the monstrous races.   |
|  6  | Huge speeches at festivals.   |

#### Feature : Engaging Conversation
You know exactly how to talk about nothing. When in a small group of people you can enrapture them making sure they focus entirely on you. During a conversation that can be no longer than an hour, you can completely distract up to 2 people in a small group. To distract a person they must have a charisma skill lower than your own. When they are distracted they are unaware of simple things going on behind the scenes, but this is not mind control and the people can be snapped back to attention by say a large noise, (or someone rolling a 1 on stealth.)
#### Suggested Characteristics
A diplomat tries to talk their way out of every problem. A smarter one still tries to talk others into solving their problems for them. Often a diplomat is the face of the party attempting to rally the other adventurers to do exactly as he wishes.

| d8 | Personality Trait |
| 1 | I simply must be the life of the party at all times. |
| 2  | Every single thing I say has multiple meanings. |
| 3 | My face is a mask, one I can change to suit my whims. |
| 4 | Life was meant to be enjoyed, I use my paycheck on the finer things in life. |
| 5 | I love to make others feel happy, and will lie to put a smile on their faces.|
| 6 | I know the value of a network of loyal friends and colleagues.|
| 7 | Life is an unfinished tapestry and I do not want to see how it ends.|
| 8 | I know sometimes it is better not to say anything at all.|

| d6 | Ideal |
| 1 | Fame. One way or another, I want everyone to know my name. (Any) |
| 2  | Honour. If my particular talents can help protect the world, then it is my duty. (Lawful)   |
| 3 | Power. Life is like a game of Dragonchess, I just need to set up my pawns. (Evil)|
| 4 | Independence. I need not rely on others to get what I want. NO one tells me what to do. (Chaotic) |
| 5 | Charity. I give to those in need, I try to spare a coin when I can. (Good) |
| 6 | Love. Lately I seek good friends, and perhaps one day… A spouse. (Good)

| d6 | Bond |
| 1 |Secrets and gossip are the most engaging parts of my life. |
| 2  | My autobiography will be my masterpiece. |
| 3 | I’ve been searching to fill a void in my life. I feel empty… |
| 4 | I adore new people and love getting to know them.|
| 5 | For fame I made some dangerous deals, I now have to repay my debts.|
| 6 | I aspire to have people tell tales about me through the ages. |

| d6 | Flaw |
| 1 | Sometimes I accidentally let secrets slip through my speeches. |
| 2  | Stage fright is a real troubling problem for me. |
| 3 | I hate the nobles that I often have to work with.
| 4 | Gambling is an addicting vice that I can’t help but indulge in. |
| 5 | Speaking my mind gets me in trouble. |
| 6 | Hard work looks too tiring for me. I'd take a comfy chair over a battlefield any day. |

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## Refugee

Not everyone comes from luxury. When a great force wiped out your homeland you had no choice but to find a new home. Not everyone accepted you, but somehow you found your way. Whoever you were before, does not matter. Now you scrape by, be it on the streets or the wild, making the most out of nothing. Some Refugees are the last of their kind, struggling to keep a hold of their old culture while adapting to the people that took them in.

**Skill Proficiencies:** Survival and Insight

**Tool Proficiencies:** One language of your choice and one artisan tool of your choice.  

**Equipment:** A set of travellers clothes, a dagger, a worn dairy, a symbol of your own land, and a pouch containing 5 gold.

#### Fate
Every Refugee has a different story to tell. While may refugees in Jarviskjir are fleeing the destruction of Drakenbraal or Oethenfur, there are many smaller conflicts and fates of the lost and forlorn. 

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| d6| Specialty |
|  1  | The lone survivor of a terrible event.     |
|  2  |	A second-generation refugee, born when your parents escaped to a new home.     |
|  3  | One of thousands who made it to the safety of a nearby city, living in slums.
|  4  |A survivor taken in by a different race and given a home. |
|  5  | One of a group of refugees trying to make a new settlement. |
|  6  | A survivor who adapted to survive in the wild.  |

#### Feature : Long Tale
When people hear of your tale they are filled with interest, horror and pity. Though you may not like to talk of it, explaining your history and lost people can often be a way to open doors. Perhaps you can capture the ear of a prison guard and use it to barter freedom, or to gain counsel with a leading noble. Scholars and storymakers would adore to hear your tale and with it you can gain some name and fame around them.

#### Suggested Characteristics
Refugees are extremely dynamic people that can be found all over the world. After all in a world with magical beasts and rampaging armies, sometimes towns and even entire cultures get destroyed and only some people remain in the rubble. A Refugee should know a lot about their old culture, and try to aim for that not to be forgotten.

| d8 | Personality Trait |
| 1 |I find it very hard to sleep with new people around me. |
| 2  | I go to any lengths to succeed at a goal. |
| 3 | I am a loyal friend to those I make. |
| 4 | Sometimes I prefer the company of animals to people. |
| 5 | Don’t look back. Only forward.|
| 6 | I easily find myself distracted in coin. I let it happen.|
| 7 | Despite everything, I am keen to smile and be merry.|
| 8 | I am still haunted by the horrors of the past.|

| d6 | Ideal |
| 1 | Trust. With an ally I can trust, life will be easier. (Neutral) |
| 2  | Charity. I was in need once. My winnings go to the needy. (Good)  |
| 3 | Triumph. I had my hardship. Now I will take my success by force. (Chaotic)|
| 4 | Society. I want to secure my place back in the world. (Lawful)|
| 5 | Escape. I want to see the world, I want away from it all. (Neutral) |
| 6 | Survival. My survival is the only thing that matters now, damn everyone else. (Evil)

| d6 | Bond |
| 1 |The Gods must have granted me protection, I will prove myself worthy. |
| 2  | I want to not just survive, but thrive. |
| 3 | Some of my people see me as a hero. |
| 4 | I will destroy those that destroyed my home.|
| 5 | I will help others who were in my place long ago.|
| 6 | I search for those I used to know.|

| d6 | Flaw |
| 1 | In combat I make sure my enemies suffer as I have. |
| 2  | I am prone to lashing out in self-defence.  |
| 3 |I do not like to be touched.
| 4 | I do not like to accept gifts. |
| 5 | My survival was a miracle, others should recognise this.|
| 6 | Reckless impulsive actions are the only way to survive. |

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## Wretch

Not every creature in the world is what most would think of as civilised. Some creatures, even if they appear human or perhaps are human, are wretched, lost and monstrous. Beyond monsters sometimes people just take to the wild and live with the beasts. Away from the trappings of society some people live like wolves and those that are strong keen and smart can thrive out in the wildest places in the world. Occasionally these wretched wild folk do return to the world of civil folk. Some are pushed away by monsters. Some are tempted by the urge of adventure. And some hear the voices of the Gods.

**Skill Proficiencies:** Survival and Intimidation.

**Tool Proficiencies:** Herbalism Kit and Carpenters Tools

**Equipment:**  A set of heavy weather travellers clothes, a bone dagger, a piece of jewellery (neckless or bracelet) made of a slain beast, and a pouch containing 10 gp.

#### Feature : Dark Places
You know the safe dark places in the wild. You’re used to being on the move, finding dark caverns and spaces under forests. When travelling in truly wild places, providing you have 4 hours of time searching, you can find a safe place for you and 4 other individuals. This place is safe and relatively hard to find, and if other creatures are in the area they are oblivious to you or entirely harmless.
#### Suggested Characteristics
A wretch to most is a pitiful creature. They are a wild being that does not fit in with the society of the rest of the world. City folk and even village folk find you strange and offputting. Despite this they can have great talents and be extremely useful to others.

| d8 | Personality Trait |
| 1 | I must keep moving. At all time. Stillness kills. |
| 2  | Other people confuse me. I don’t understand them. |
| 3 | I eat my meat raw with my teeth. Its better like this. |
| 4 | One of my best friends is a tree. |
| 5 | My sense of humour is very confusing to others. |
| 6 | I sleep with my weapons in reach and my backpack on. |
| 7 | Babies are the most pure sort of life, and must be protected.|
| 8 | I am a wild beast. Hear me howl! |

| d6 | Ideal |
| 1 | Wilds. Cities are a pox on the world and must be destroyed. (Evil) |
| 2  | Anarchy. Why should their rules control me. (Chaotic)   |
| 3 | Joy. Happiness and success are the things that matter in life. (Good)|
| 4 | Battle. I feel alive in glorious combat, and seek even better thrills. (Neutral) |
| 5 | Nature. There are natural laws in the wild, who am I not to listen. (Lawful) |
| 6 | Beasts. The creatures of the world need protection. (Good)

| d6 | Bond |
| 1 | After a near death experience, I want to change my life around. |
| 2  | There are others like me in the wild. We need a voice.|
| 3 | My family are my number one priority. |
| 4 | I need to survive, no matter what. |
| 5 | There are greater powers, things higher than me, that I obey. |
| 6 | I hold a burning fury to those that wrong me. |

| d6 | Flaw |
| 1 | If I don’t like something, I attack it. |
| 2  | I cling to the shadow of bigger creatures I think will protect me. |
| 3 | I’m quick to change allegiances. |
| 4 | My memory is sparse and foggy. |
| 5 | I challenge those that trouble me. |
| 6 | The civil world has a brilliant thing called ‘ale’. |

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# Items

<div class='classTable wide'>
##### Weapons
| Name | Cost	 | Damage | Weight | Properties | 
| *Simple Melee Weapons* |  | |  |  |
| *Simple Ranged Weapons* |  | |  |  |
|  Boomerang | 10 gp | 1d6 bludgeoning | 1 lb | Finesse, light, thrown (range 20/60), returning |
| *Martial Melee Weapons* |  | |  |  |
|  Spiked Chain| 20 gp | 2d4 slashing | 8 lb | Finesse, reach (10ft) |
| Arming Blade / Dueling Dagger | 20 gp | 1d4 slashing | 3 lb | Finesse, light, versitile (1d6) |
| Tachi / Light Greatsword | 100 gp | 1d10 slashing | 8 lb | Heavy, versitile (2d6) |
| Parrying Dagger | 10 gp | 1d4 slashing | 3 lb | Finesse, light, special |
  | Gnomish Flickmace | 10 gp | 1d4 bludgeoning + 1d4 piercing | 2 lb |  |
    | Ball & chain | 30 gp | 1d8 bludgeoning | 8 lb | Reach, Versatile (1d10) |
| *Martial Ranged Weapons* |  | |  |  |
|  Chakram | 50 gp | 1d8 slashing | 1 lb | Finesse, light, thrown (range 20/60), returning |
| Firepowder Pistol | 200 gp | 1d8 fire | 3 lb | Ammunition (Range30/90), loading, reload (1), nonmagical, light  |
| Firepowder Blunderbus | 300 gp | 1d12 fire | 8 lb | Ammunition (Range120/400), loading, reload (1), nonmagical,  |
| Firepowder Revolver | 500 gp | 1d6 fire | 3 lb | Ammunition (Range30/90), loading, reload (5),  nonmagical, light |
| Firepowder (5) | 1 gp | |
| Gnomish Blast Pistol | 500 gp | 1d6 force | 3 lb | (Range 60), loading, light |
| Energy Caster | 1000 gp | 1d10 force | 6 lb | (Range 100/400), loading |
| War Sling | 20 gp | 1d8 bludgeoning | 1 lb | (Range 30/120), two handed|
  | *Exotic Ranged Weapons* |  | |  |  |
  | Greatbow | 60 gp | 1d10 bludgeoning | 8 lb | (Range 150/600), heavy, two handed|
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##### Returning

Weapons with the Returning property have a chance to return when thrown. After the attack with the weapon you make another attack roll to determine if your character can catch the returning weapon. This is a DC 10 check if your earlier attack hit, or a DC 15 check if your earlier attack missed.

##### Non-magical
Unless the weapon has been enchanted, the damage dealt by this weapon counts as non-magical for the purposes of beating enemy resistances, despite its elemental damage type.

##### Reload
A reload weapon can fire X amount of shots before requiring being loaded as a bonus action. 

##### Firepowder
Firepowder is a strange new alchemical material created by a secret process by the Dwarves of Clan Flamechurl. It's a black powder with a red magical sheen. Firepowder weapons require Firepowder, and metal ball bearings, to fire. When buying Firepowder it comes with relevant ball bearings.

##### Gnomish Blast Pistol
These Gnomish constructs are unreliable at best, dangerous at worst. These pistols fire erratic blasts of raw energy by harnessing a crackling energy crystal. This brand new technology in typical gnomish fashion is tested on the battlefield. So far gnome artificers claim it to be highly effective, with a slight chance of spontaneous explosion.

This weapon is a loading weapon, although it requires no ammo. After each shot the crystal must be manually vented to stop it from overheating. A second shot can be fired without reloading if the user wishes, with a 10% chance of the gun exploding dealing 2d10 force damage in a 5ft radius.
##### Energy Caster

Fey Casters are crossbow like weapons crafted by mad fey weaponsmiths. Condensed within their wooden frames are whispered words of great magical power that can be harnessed in bolts of fey magnificence. When the triggers are pulled in the correct order a Fey Caster sends out a streak of energy that can fell most foes, accompanied with a string of beautiful noise almost like a lute strum. 
While this is a loading weapon it requires no ammo. On the side of the Caster is a handcrank that must be repeatedly spun to reload the weapon effectively. As most Fey, their power greatly chances depending on the crafter and which court they belong to. Some Fey Casters may deal other damage types such as radiant, poison or cold.

##### Parrying Dagger

A Parrying Dagger is weighted perfectly for two weapon combat. When a Parrying Dagger is equipped in the offhand, and the user is proficient in wielding it, that character has +1 AC.

#### War Sling

A War Sling is a usually wooden constructed sling harness that with a handheld grip faster, more accurate and longer range sling usage. The great advantage to slings compared to other weapons is that any simple rock can double as ammunition in the worst case schenario.

#### Exotic Weapons

Exotic Weapons are unique and hard to learn weapons that require specialised training to use.

## General Items
| Item | Cost | Weight |
| Enchanters Tools  | 200gp | 10lb|

##### Enchanters Tools

Enchanters Tools are a combination of various arcane devices that can be used to craft enchantments using a variety of techniques. Some people fold spells into metal. Most commonly adventurers use the souls of defeated monsters, trapped within gemstones, to kickstart their enchantment projects. The Enchanters Tools can and should be used with the spell Essence Trap, which traps souls in gems. Using Enchanters Tools you can decipher the potential magic inside a trapped soul.
## Armour

##### Brigandine

Brigandine are the mainstays of many city guard forces as they are a cheap yet protective armor that can be easily mass produced. Brigandine's are leather armour and gambison with small metal plate attachments. 

<div class='classTable wide'>
| Armour | Cost	 | Armour Class | Strength | Stealth | Weight | 
| *Medium Armor* |  | |  |  |
| Brigandine | 15 gp | 13 + Dex modifier (max 2) | - | Disadvantage |25 lb|

## Tiny Creatures

A Tiny creature can be on the same space as a tiny or larger creature. Unless a weapon is specially crafted for them and has the Tiny property, you have disadvantage on attack rolls wielding this weapon. The exception is weapons with the light property, which may be weilded as if they have the two handed trait. For example, you could wield a dagger in two hands similarly to a human wilding a greatsword.
Tiny Weapons and Armour cost the same as regular weapons and armour, after all it is very difficult to make such small things. Food costs and living costs are reduced by half, due to the less space needed and small portion sizes.

### Tiny Weapons
Tiny weapons deal damage of a dice one dice tier lower than normal sized weapons. If the weapon would normally deal 1d4 damage, it deals 1 damage as a Tiny weapon. Tiny weapons have the same traits as normal weapons, aside from the Heavy rule which is discounted due to their miniscule size. Due to their unwieldiness, Normal sized creatures have disadvantage to use Tiny Weapons, where as Small creatures can do so with ease. 

Tiny Greatsword – 2d4 damage.	
Tiny Longsword – 1d6 or 1d8 damage.
Tiny Shortsowrd 1d4 damage
Tiny Shortbow 1d4 damage
Tiny Longbow 1d6 damage

## Large Creatures
Armour and Weapons for Large Creatures are twice as expensive than their normal costs, as are food and living costs. Their tools require more time and materials to be made, and their portion sizes are huge!

### Large Weapons
Inverse to this, Large weapons for Large creatures have damage dice one dice tier larger than their normal counterpart. If the normal weapon would normally deal 1d12, it now deals 2d8. Only Large creatures can use Large weapons. Medium sized creatures trying to use an Large weapon has disadvantage on attack rolls. Medium creatures with the Large Weapon Fighter Feat, soon to be made, can use Large Weapons with no issue.

Large Greatsword 2d8 damage
Large Longsword d10 or d12 damage
Large Shortsword 1d8 damage
Large Shortbow 1d8 damage
Large Longbow 1d10 damage.

# Feats 

### Feat ; Large Weapon Fighter

With great strength and skill, you have mastered how to weild weapons fit for giants. 

 • Your Strength or Constitution score increases by 1, to a maximum of 20.

•  If you are a medium sized creature you can weild weapons as if you are a Large creature. If you are a Tiny creature, you can wield weapons as if you are a small creature. If you are a small creature, you may wield weapons as if you are a medium creature.
### Feywild Vaulter
*Requirements : Eladrin / Arvorai*

The Arvorai can step through reality effortlessly to travel great distances but it tires their fey form. Older, keener or just luckier fey can learn to leap through the veil over and over without tiring.

· Increase your Wisdom or Charisma score by 1.

· You can now cast Misty Step a number of times a day equal to your Wisdom or Charisma modifier. Additionally you may misty step twice in a row with one bonus action.

### Fairy Growth
*Requirements : Fairyfolk*

Fey natured fairyfolk can alter their magical forms to grow.

· Increase your Charisma score by 1.

· For one hour you can shapeshift into a larger more handy form, increasing your size value by one. Your equipment changes size with you. You can use this ability once per long rest.

### Diehard
*Requirements : Constitution Score of 15 or higher*

Some people are tougher than others. Down in the dirt and bleeding some warriors refuse to go down.

· Increase your Constitution Score by 1.

· When you must make a Death Saving Throw and there are no enemies within 5 feet of you, make that throw with Advantage.

### Therapist
*Requirements : Wisdom or Charisma Score of 15 or higher*

A calm voice at the right time can relax even a terrible tyrant.

· Increase your Wisdom or Charisma score by 1.

· You can cast the spell Calm Emotions once per long rest. When you use this ability it is nonmagical and expends no components.

### Detective Vision
*Requirements : Wisdom Score of 15 or higher*
Your keen eye allows you to spy out threats, secrets and treasure at a moments glance.

· Increase your Wisdom Score by 1

· You can cast the spell Finding at will. When you use this ability it is nonmagical and expends no components.