## Druid, Circle of the Pocket Monster

The multiverse is full of creatures, some hostile, some friendly, some that just want to be left alone. A Druid of the circle of the pocket monster makes it their live's work to capture and study them all. They are taught early on to create and imbue their natural magic into specially crafted balls that provide a safe, secure, and natural environment for their captured monsters. There is a divergence in the circle after that though, some Druids of the circle of pocket monster travel the world challenging and fighting their monsters against other druids of their circle in an effort to see who has the best skills and control over their monsters. Others live a quieter life, studying utilizing the monsters for domestic and farming purposes. Still others focus their life on curing the pocket monsters, spending all their magic and talents in protecting the monsters and keeping them alive.

All Druids of the Circle of the Pocket Monster have a mentor who teaches them the way of the circle. This mentor is always there to give advice and help their students along their journey to be the very best. Also, it is tradition that all mentors give new Druids one pocket monster when they become full members of the circle, these monsters often become more than just allies in battle. They become best friends and companions to the Druid.

#### Catching them All
When a druid reaches level 2 and joins the circle, they are given one monster by their mentor in a specially crafted ball. The Druid can choose any monster of the correct types CR 1/2 or lower to be their starting monster. Additional balls can be crafted with 2 hours of downtime effort, or 1 per long rest using materials costing 5 gp per ball created.

Additionally, as an action you may attempt to make a spell attack to attempt to capture a creature within 30 feet of you of type beasts, constructs, plants, or elementals that has more than 0 HP left. If the creature has more than 10 HP left, this spell attack is an automatic failure. A creature that has just been captured cannot be used until you complete a long rest. At level 2 you can capture a CR 1 or lower creature, at 6th level, you can capture a creature with challenge rating as high as your Druid level divided by 3 (rounded up).

#### You’re my Choice
Additional at level 2, you may use one of your wildshape uses, as an action, to summon one of your captured creatures. You may only summon pocket monster at a time, and if you summon a new one the first is automatically returned to its ball. That creature is under your control and follows all commands given them to the best of their ability. It stays summoned until the start of your next rest or you use a bonus action to call it back into its ball. The creature will regain all lost HP and limited abilities when you take a long rest. If the creature’s hit points are reduced to 0 the creature is destroyed and cannot be resummoned, but you may reuse the ball.


#### Playing to Win
At level 6, your pocket monsters are boosted in power. All attacks from them are considered magical for the sake of overcoming resistance. Additionally, you may use a bonus action to spend a spell slot to heal the pocket monster. The creature gains 1d8 hit points per level of the spell slot expended + your druid level.

#### Sacrificing for a Friend
At level 10, as a reaction to being attacked by a creature within 60 feet of you, you can consume one of the creatures you have previous captured and release its energy in a burst. The attacking creature takes xd8+wisdom mod psychic damage, x being the CR of the monster expended (minimum 1). Additionally, the attacking creature gains disadvantage on all attacks until the beginning of its next turn. 
This ability can be used wisdom modifier times per long rest.

#### Master Catcher
At level 14, you may use your reaction when a creature is knocked unconscious or killed by an ally to capture it. When you use this reaction, you don't need to make a spell attack and you automatically succeed in capturing the creature. That creature is magically kept alive in the ball, and recovers to full hp once you take a long rest.