# Sr6 Vehicles

##### Vehicle control and dicepool chart

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|  Attribute | Dog-brain | Manual/AR| Jumped in/VR |
| Body| Body°| Body°| Body° |
|  Agility| Pilot| Agility| Logic|
|Reaction| Pilot| Reaction|Intuition|
| Strength | Body° | Body°| Body°|
|  Willpower| Sensor| Willpower| Willpower|
| Logic| Pilot | Logic| Logic
| Intuition| Sensor| Intuition |Intuition
| Charisma| Sensor| Charisma|Charisma
| Def pool| Pilot + Evasion autosoft| Reaction+Intuition | Intuition+Data processing
| CM| 8+1/2 body°|8+1/2 body°| 8+1/2 body°
|Matrix CM| 8+1/2 sensor| 8+1/2 sensor| 8+1/2 sensor
| Initiative| Pilot+Sensor+4d6| Physical initiative|Matrix initiative
| Skills| Autosoft |Skills |Skills
| AR|Pilot+Body° | Pilot + body°|Pilot+ body°
|DR|Body°+armour° | Body° + armour°| Body°+ armour°

**Attribute** The attribute column shows a list of various attributes and other stats relevant for vehicles. Some of these will change depending on how the vehicle is controlled. Others like Body or condition monitors will stay the same. 
Body and armour has been marked with a °, those attributes are always the vehicles own body and armour scores. Vehicles dont have any Data processing or firewall attribute, they must rely on a PAN for that.

**Dog-brain**: This column is used when the vehicle is ordered and under no direct control. Vehicles arent sapint, which means some attributes like charisma will have a minimum of effect in game.

**Manual/AR**: This column is used when a character is either in direct physical control of the vehicle or via augmented reality. AR control works by the "control device" matrix action. AR may be influenced by noise.

**Jumped in/VR**
Only characters with a VCR or Machine mind can use the jumped in function. Any character can access VR with a sim module and DNI. Jumped in characters gain a bonus on dicepools according to their VCR rating. Jumped in/VR may be influenced by noise. VR is like AR used by the "control device" matrix action.


**Autosofts** Change the linked attribute of Targeting and electronic warfare to Pilot.

>#### Changes to Defense rating
Originally vehicle defense in  the CRB was calculated with pilot rating and armour value. The new calculation here uses the same logic as for metahumans. This also means that the new defense rating will be very high, as vehicle body ratings tends to be higher than their pilot ratings. A quick fix would be to reduce armour values so  as to get as close as possible to the original defense value.


> ## Credits
> [Homebrewery.naturalcrit.com](https://Homebrewery.naturalcrit.com)
> Layout created by
> [/u/DJPhoenix719](https://reddit.com/u/djphoenix719)


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