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Breland Feats

Makis 675 2 years ago

Citadel Agent


Makis 416 a year ago

Druidic Magic

Sect spells substitute the spells that are granted to Druids from the Circle of the Land Subclass.

Makis 1023 2 years ago

Eberron Spells

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Eldeen Reaches Feats

Makis 259 2 years ago

Holy Silver Flame & Thrane - 5e

Thrane is a nation which follows the religion of the Silver Flame in the world of Eberron.

Makis 1070 a year ago

Knight Templar


Makis 429 2 years ago

Primal Scholar

Wizard Arcane Tradition. A wizard who has studied the ancient and forgotten magic of Xen' drik.

Makis 599 2 years ago

Silver Flame Feats

Makis 660 2 years ago

The Bone Knight

Paladin - Oath of the Bone. A paladin from the world of Eberron that commands undead and maniputlates necrotic energy.

Makis 2111 2 years ago

The Knight Phantom

Wizard Arcane Tradition: A wizard who specializes on skirmishing techniques and speed.

Makis 915 a year ago